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Max Kilkenny Adl is the worst!

I was there for 2 years and in that time they helped me look for 4 jobs! Every other interview I looked or got myself. My first case manager was without a doubt one of the most incompetent ppl I've ever encountered, she was also a liar, I also found out by coincidence that she stole money from the place I did WFTD for, her name rhymes with Scare Her, so it's not hard to figure out who she is?
The other case manager I had was an even worse scammer, I was on level C and only had to look for 10 jobs a month, it stated that in my job plan, she tried to force me to look for 7 jobs extra a week, which wasn't stated in my plan and they couldn't be online applications either, I had to supply phone numbers, which is beyond redundant because most of the applications in my field are online.
Quite honestly they are dumbest mob I've ever encountered, they always forgot my name and who I was, point in case one week I signed for a new job plan, the next time I went in they tried making sign the exact same one again, one day they cancelled my pay saying I didn't come in, I wasn't even scheduled to come in that week, when I went in to get a re-enagement they realized it wasn't the person they thought it was, they didn't even apologize to me for stuffing me around or take ownership for their mistake! IDIOTS!!!!!

Could not return to work without Max.

The support, understanding, kindness,guidance, and acceptance I have recieved has given me the confidence and motivation within myself to step out of my comfort zone and make progress to feel confident enough to believe in myself and that I will be able to transition back into the work force. So Thankyou to all the team at Wynnum Max Employment.

Zero stars if possible!!

I have never had a single appointment with these idiots, yet they suspend my payment, which was reduced to near nothing after I found full time employment!!. So rude and made my anxiety really bad! They talked to me like crap and treated as if i was a stray dog. Think about this, how can someone go to an appointment when they work 9 to 5.30 5 days a week! Impossible!! Bunch of morons!!

Werribee branch exceptionally helpful & supportive of life & work balance

I am a indigenous job seeker and I would like to acknowledge and appreciate my case worker Yashna, for helping me address my barriers and believing in me, I have been out of the workforce for sometime and needed to brush up on my existing skills and new skills and she has given me the support to do this as well as helping me address my barriers to help me back in the workforce. There are times where I feel like giving up but Yashna always picks me back up and encourages me to move forward and motivates me. I am now ready and determined to get back into the workforce. Very much appreciated!..

Doesn't even deserve a star

Max employment Enfield are beyond useless constantly go back on their words even though I have it in writing and they have signed it they still call me a liar.

Getting sick of this

The old [name removed] from max employment in watergarden she done all her best to make sure that my payment been suspended, why? Because I go back to my old job and she was tell me that I still have to look for job, so I only was getting $20 fortnight for my new start, but no, she wasn’t happy, because she wanted me to fund a new job that not exists or else she’s not gonna get money over my old job, she even tell me that I can work in my old job only in till I don’t fund a new one, so when I said I’m ok with this job and I need 6 months course which was 1 night per week to get certificate and get full time job, she refused and don’t listening anymore what I want to say, I call Centrelink and told them about it, and they said to contact my provider to update my information, when I done that she said yes yes not problem but no, she makes a problem, I was more than 5 years maybe 8 with them and they only sent me to waste my time in stupid interviews that was nothing to do with my search and my experience, now because I got back to my old job myself they not happy, why again? Become those people they not there to help you getting permanent job in base your experience, they send you anywhere just because they know you won’t last 1 month because that job got nothing to do with you but doing that they get extra money every time they fund a new job, this is what happened to me, she get frustrated because she couldn’t get money over it this time,
Pathetic government chuck money to this unworkable company instead of close them off and use those money for training and get jobs, but anyway now
[name removed] ... remember all this years you always covered me up about reporting income etc. etc, you fixed straight away all my mistakes or whatever because you was happy that I listened to you, now in sick to wait I needed I job, and I went to please my old boss to help me, and thanks to him I got job not you, government please, give more money to Vic police to getting all this criminals around and close this waste time andò money of max employment!

I almost lost my job due to this very unprofessional company.

I have been working for the last 3 months and yesterday I got called to the office about an email that they had gotten from my Max Employment agent saying that I was planning on quitting. I had mentioned that I had gotten a second job and that I may resign at the end of the year but I don't see why she needed to tell them that information. It is very rude and unprofessional. I now work under someone that does not trust me and my head chef no longer puts in the effort to train me. This was a very bad move and I honestly think that they need to fire some staff.
Very disappointed.

Worst place to be

Worst place to be staff are busy with their own conversations making people wait for nothing i have been waiting for more then half an hours so as some other people they just ask you sit and they disappear.

You're in breach of not knowing you're in breach?

Was contacted a day before i was meant to start work for the dole. At a place i couldn't afford to get to, to a role that needed a police & working with children check, which i have neither. When i insisted that i could not possibly do that, she answered ok & then hung up. She then reported me to centrelink claiming i abused her & hung up the phone. I went into the office & asked for the manager. Who then informed me i had been breached twice before that. Something that i was completely unaware of. Luckily centrelink saw through it & dismissed two of them. This is just one of many stories. I could also talk about the 7 different case workers i had in the space of 18 months or the time i was forced to walk 3 hours in 36° degree summer heat or face being cut off, but there is enough people commenting here that no further evidence is required. This staff is here for a paycheck & nothing more. I'd go back to telemarketing before I'd deal with them again.

fantastic, enthusiastic place

Max employment has been so far very helpful , energetic , gracious and kind I have nothing bad too say about them except the Townsville team is really doing well and ringing bells .

Pathetic Liverpool Max

One of the worst providers I have ever come across, I have come in early morning sitting waiting having a coffee in reception whilst listening to the what’s looks to be the manager in morning meetings, they clearly are not interested in people but pushing meeting targets and making money of people, this mob are whipped to perform.

Useless provider

This place is worthless, unorganised and they never listen to the customer. Do what they want, this is the worst provider. They don't have anything to support the customer to apply a job. I asked for help to prepare for job interview and they gave me a piece of paper with a tips which that what I was not looking for. Some of workers was very aggressive and anger manner toward the customers.

useless provider

This place is worthless, the workers dont organise properly and they dont listen what customer want. They dont reply to you when you send them a email. I didnt received any message about the appointment that they suddenly set it up and all they do suspended my account that i dont know about my appointment. They dont cared about your situation, all they do is just know how to suspended you. this is not the first time they did that to me... they should have just call and said got appointment. i never have my account suspended so many times before with other provider. this is the worst provider i have had, they will gave you a bad name on your account to centrelink. dont recommend anyone to used this provider. i am really sick of this provider, bad service they gave you...

November 15th 2018 Update: Front desk women fail

The brown plain in max employment reception girl she got a attitude problem, if you dont like what you are doing you better find other job rather then gave a bad service at the front desk when people ask question. cant wait to change to other provider. hate this max employment provider....

Useless mob

Absolute joke of a place..misleading information.doesnt return any calls back when they say,miss a phone appoitment from them which was never made to me and i have to chase up their mistakes...ABSOLUTE JOKE OF A PLACE,

Excellent very helpful

MAX narre warren have been very helpful and very friendly and I am very happy.
They have helped me with courses and finding a job


Kerrie has been the most supportive and caring consultant in helping me find a job. I can't thank her enough for all her time and everything she does for me.

Pathetically useless

I had an appointment today, due to the bus running late they almost didn't even see me when I got there, even though I always have to wait near on half an hour every time for them even when I'm early, they put me on work for the dole, but none of them really had any idea how to do it, one staff member even admitted she just put's people into online courses because it's easier for her, they never put you forward for jobs, the 'job vacancy' board had nothing on it, no newspapers out, they HATE you if you come in after 4pm (with a closing time of 5pm), they are rude and demoralising and treat you like you aren't worth their time. The kilkenny office is the worst 'provider' I have ever had to deal with, avoid at all cost.

Spent 1st appointment Alone for 1 hr

I spent the hour appointment navigating the system ALONE .. Workers all too busy on the phones to help me except fleetingly.. Music in office too Loud to concentrate.

Uncaring heartless people

Spoke to a ugly hearted woman named [name removed]. She did not care that i was going through grief of a loss of a close family member and that i suffer from depression or the fact that its too hard to deal with things right now and she persisted to tell me that i had to do things, breached me, then hung up on me. So over max employment, i hope she suffers a painful horrible thing in her life and has nothing but heartless people to kick her while shes down.


Bad service go elsewhere if you need help staff could not be bothered. I will be going elsewhere to get some genuine help.

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Questions & Answers

How many jobs per fortnight do i have to report, i am 64
5 answers
none. no job search for anyone over 60 if Max empolyment tells you any different which they may so they get the commission off the Govt check with centrelink They cant force anyone over 60 to do job search its the law. but knowing Max they will try to force you. plus appointments can be either in person or by phone once a month.again max will tell you different check with center link or check center links web site all the correct information is on thereno job search requirements for any one over 60 No work for the dole requirements for anyone over 60. its the law the job active agency cant force anyone to do it. so the answer is 0 jobs per fortnightZero jobs per fortnight for anybody over 60 If you are going thru Max employment they will try to force you to do job search & threaten to cut off your payments if you dont do it. Its the law they cant force anybody over 60 to do job search or WFTD. Max only does it so can get their commission off the Govt. They really need to be reported & shut down.

Who can I go to to make a complaint about Max Employment and how incompetent they are ???
4 answers
Right here: https://www.jobaccess.gov.au/complaints. Also, avoid these employment agencies: The O.R.S. Group Limited employment agency, Olympus Solutions Limited, and Ability Options. The last two employment agencies are conjoined together. O:-|Go to your local federal member of parliment ^& complain to him/her in writing. there has been so many complaints about Max to the job access complaints & nothing gets done so take the next step. or contact a current affair they need to be shut down.Iam waiting for the day that somebody ACTUALLY reports them a lot of whinging on here but nobody has the balls to actually report them. jobaccess/complaints.gov.au or your local memberof parliment

How much money does max employment make
2 answers
Millions a year for doing nothingThe average pay for a (job search) consultant is AU$24.71 per hour.

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