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333 reviews
333 reviews
ChrisHobart, TAS

Vulnerable disabled jobseekers are treated very badly

Advised to use facebook marketplace and gumtree for job search (but be careful); nothing support provided at office or online. Repeated requests for regular appts ignored, breaches applied without warning, job search requirements altered without notification, appts cancelled regularly, patronising staff who talk the talk but don't actually do any of the jobs they claim they're going to do to help the people forced to use them.
MYK K.Sydney, NSW5 posts

Whole system burden on the government

more than two years with them they have done nothing more than sending papers for appointments they never call
maybe they doing their job,but such offices come under useless services and government just spending on them
I believe they should be well connected to employers to be able to find jobs
and if they find something, will be cleaning
Customer Service

Worst place to help you with a job search ever

I was in max employment Bankstown with a friend to translate for them, they said I can’t as I’m not a nominee which is ok by me.
When I said I went into the office as my friend was sick and I gave the drs certificate to the person my mates case worker went off at me and abused me for asking for the persons name from reception and then kicked me out.
When I complained to the supervisor he said he would talk to him as my friend left her herd him and the supervisor laugh at the situation.
They don’t help people they abuse them and make it hard for them.
Mind you my friend goes to English classes they told him not to go as they will teach him. What qualifications do they have to teach anyone English.
Nusrat Oni
Nusrat OniSydney, NSW

Majaz Khan (MAX employment)

I found Majaz Khan from the first phone call to be professional and committed to finding me employment. His follow ups and advice throughout the process was outstanding and I would not hesitate to recommend this agency to anyone who needs not just an employee but a person who would be a great fit, loyal and dedicated to your company….keep up the great work Majaz!!!
Jake Y.
Jake Y.Chisholm 2905, ACT2 posts

Disgusting, lazy, useless

Useless, incompetent, incapable, lazy, unfit, careless, trifling, and just plain idiots. Skipping appointments and making no effort to help gain employment. Who are the real leeches? The so called 'dole-bludgers' or these absolute drongos who are taking government money and doing no work. Why would they do work? Once it's done they don't get paid anymore. Do not ever use this disgusting company.
Shaun S.
Shaun S.Greater Melbourne (Outer), VIC3 posts

Exceeded all my expectations, couldn't be happier

As a Centrelink agency i honestly didn't expect any real progress.. however Carly and amy were outstanding from start to finish. I was contacted by Carly with genuine job opportunities and was supported right through the application process, they updated by resume and called me every time a relevant job opportunity became available. I've been out work for over a year, but after just a few weeks of being assigned to Carly and amy, they have found me a job. I could not be happier with these guys. Thank you!

The service left us feeling unsettled…

My parents lost their jobs due to Covid and was assigned to them via Centrelink. The caseworker did a terrible job with their resumes and kept telling them they will be contacted by a hiring manager but this never happened. I fixed up their resumes and we ended up securing a job for them on our own. When the case worker found out about it she requested for the employers contact details so that they can ensure the job is legit and secured, and to update their system. I didn’t think they would need to be involved anymore at that stage, it seemed odd?

Game Changer

Max Employment has been excellent in assisting me with employment and work attire.
Having become unemployed due to the my Hospitality position being terminated, Max has helped me switched industries to transport and logistics.
Massive thanks to Jordan Russell especially during lockdown.

Rang for general help and information

I just rang Max recruitment just to find out general information - the lady that answered was completed unhelpful. Kept asking me my centrelink reference number etc...but I just wanted general informaition
Grace Raffaele
Grace Raffaele


I have been attending Max Employment DES Services in Werribee for quite sometime. I moved from Job Prospects to Max Employment DES Services to follow what I, adamantly consider to be the BEST consultant, Nga Putaranui ... This lady is so respectful, caring, understanding, patient, compassionate, considerate and goes to great lengths to help, assist, guide and listen to her clients' needs. Her professionalism and knowledge is superior. Nga does not pressure or intimidate. She is a woman with a golden heart and an intelligent mind. I have the utmost respect for this wonderful lady and I believe she is a huge asset to Max Employment. I hope Nga goes from strength to strength ... She is very deserving to be recognised by Max Employment.
Mary Saba
Mary SabaGreater Melbourne (Outer), VIC2 posts

Great Help From Bec In The Werribee Office

Today I spoke to Bec from the Max Employment Office in Werribee. I found her to be a very intelligent and professional lady. Our discussion was very informative and clear as to how she would assist me in the future. I would just like to say a big thankyou.
Maria S.
DavidSydney Surrounds, NSW

Dont use Max Employment

In the middle of a Covid Lockdown, had to sign new Job Search Agreement, increasing the number of jobs I have to look for from 15 to now 20, WTH ??? and telling me if I didn’t agree I would be cut off from my benefits, then kept talking over me and not answering my questions.
These people don’t listen and don’t care. Sick of being treated like crap by these people.
I have worked all my life until I lost my job due to the original Covid outbreak last year.
Not a great way to be treating people. Will definitely be changing providers ASAP.
Hugh2 posts

MAX Employment terrible service

Absolutely Terrible. Appalling employment service, kept me there for years and provided nothing. They treat you like a number, and do not care to help you get a job. A complete scam. Do not use MAX Employment under any circumstances.
Marcus B.
Marcus B.

What a disgraceful company to be "looking after" our citizens

I was told by the northbridge branch everything the previous employee of Max wasn't true. And then cut off payments and wont stand by anything they say and leave you in the dark.

Max Employment northbridge are the most disgraceful company to be appointed to the needs of Western Australians. We are nothing but a quota to meet...

DavidGreater Melbourne (Inner), VIC

BRETT from max in Chelsea is a legend he went above and beyond to help me out

BRETT from max in Chelsea is a legend he went above and beyond to help me out Keep up the good work Brett and I really appreciate all that you do for everyone
Emma De'Carli
Emma De'CarliPerth, WA4 posts

Just as useless as Centrelink and AtWork

Want proof of jobsearch or cut off but cannot give us correct email address to complete a simple task. Go on The website and it's a merry go round like the dole to find the email addresd. Call them for the address and it's the wrong one, idiots! You can tell they don't want you to contact them as there is no contact information given. Dont see them doing their part of the deal either!
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Incompetent and heartless

Extremely disorganised and unhelpful. Frustrating to deal with. Never called on time and sometimes not at all. Constantly had to repeat myself. They provided absolutely no assistance and just treated me like a number. Violated my privacy when I thought things could not get any worse! They create mental health issues. I was often left in tears. I’ve now changed Providers and have dodged that oncoming train and can now see the light at the end of the tunnel!

My experience with them has not been good

My experience with them has been terrible. The whole jobseeker, jobactive, centrelink system needs to be reviewed. Maybe it is the system or maybe it is this Company, but something is wrong
LAADarwin, NT

Waste of time!

Never call when there is an appointment or never let me know if appointment is changed. However first to let you know you have missed an appointment by text, even if they haven't called you!

Have told them already I have got a job many times and reporting correctly to Centrelink, yet still expect me to submit jobs each month and attend their phone appointments and get angry and frustrated when I say I can't attend my phone appointment due to working.
Over repeating myself over and over again every time I have to ring through.

Taryn2 posts

Never answer the phone

Max at Charlestown NSW are so hard to get in contact with over the phone I was on hold for nearly an hour before someone finally answered! Terrible so unreliable


I cancelled my jobseeker a few months back for 'Personal' reasons and advised Max Employment of this. I'm still receiving appointment texts from them and I think they are still claming funds for having me on the books although I am no longer on the system. The whole system is one big rort
victoria01Greater Melbourne (Inner), VIC

Unpunctual and nonconstructive

They are ALWAYS late in calling you for your phone appointment. I now try and call them at the start of my time because I know they will take ages. It ruins your day to the point where it is hard to get back on track to go about your day

Isn't the private sector meant to be more efficient?

AbiNorth Queensland, QLD9 posts

No common sense, no listening

What a bunch of nasty people working here. Never had in my life had to deal with such useless ones . I have a lot to say but I don't want to waste my time on writing about these silly ones.
Joanne T
Joanne TAU2 posts

Very late like naomi Campbell

They expect people to wait 2 hours not fair very unpunctual. A 1 hour 20 minute wait nothing. Ruins a person very inconsiderate. Wait no call wait no call. a
Sydney29 posts

cut off as I worked (fully reported to Centrelink) rather than attend "training"

Am in my late 50's with uni quals x 4 and 35 years in Education/Training. On several occasions I have been told by young Max Employment staff members that if I worked (casual employment; always fully reported to Centrelink) rather than attend their "training" I would be cut off ("training" makes them money). Each occasion takes several hours for me to resolve and I'm in the .0001% that has done the same job as Max Employment when it was public sector; I was an Employment Officer in the Commonwealth Employment Service in the 90's.
C HMetropolitan Adelaide, SA24 posts


So my daughter was told she needed to contact this place asap to set up her first job plan. She calls and gets told the woman is at lunch and her call will be returned later. 3 hours later no call so my daughter calls again to be told the woman has gone home and my daughter will have to call back tomorrow. What? So you pressure people to contact you but you can't return a phone call?
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Adam F.
Adam F.Gippsland, VIC

Call centre waiting

Calls go to a call centre not directly to your person. Today so far has been an 8 hr wait to get through to her. Not flexible to individual circumstances
Jamie T.
Jamie T.
TruthfulSouth East Queensland, QLD41 posts
ElizabethGreater Melbourne (Metropolitan), VIC2 posts

Still waiting

Always late. They never ever do anythig on time. I have an appointment today at 9:15. I thought because my booking was first thing in the morning they couldn't possibly be running late. They are, its been over half an hour. I have never waited less than 45 mins. All they are going to ask is "do you have a job". These time waisting "interviews" would be better done as a questionnaire online. These employment companeis do nothing.
wayneGoldfields, WA4 posts

funding for requierd medical and police clearence

secured a position.. as a truck driver.. require a medical.. and online bfm certificate..
was told it would take a week, for a credit card.. as the kalgoorlie branch.. has a manager away..
I can hire a car on line.. and pay for a plane ticket.... from any where in the world.
they cant pay a 100 dollar medical.. and an online bfm at $70.. from perth if they want too.. its not hard.
how long does an employer wait.. to fill a position.
how mutch does employ max get for keeping you unemployed. more to the point

try living in norseman.. they provide work for the dole... and thats it

BiccyGreater Melbourne (Metropolitan), VIC2 posts


I have barriers for employment and I need help working out what jobs I'm suitable for. I've been made to apply for jobs before knowing, and being told just to apply for random jobs and "we'll work it out later"
Completely useless.
GaryCanberra 2600, ACT4 posts
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Zero stars

The worst. This company should not exist. Failed to call me for my first phone appointment. Unreachable. Etc etc. Thankfully I have transferred to another provider who is professional enough to give a minimum of service and dignity to clients. Please transfer via the department of education and leave this company for broke.
Matthew H.
Matthew H.

Doesn’t call me back

Cuts off my payments and asked me to call them, my agent is busy and said she will call me back and it’s been 4 days and nothing, time wasters
Antonio P.
Antonio P.

Terrible service

even though work is picking up in my business that suffered during covid. Max employment insist I put my efforts on their job search program that continually matches me outside of my skill set, whilst offering zero assistance in saving my business in these tough times.
They dont listen nor understand the client, rather the client is rather a tool for their own survival.
Overall a horrible service, with very little use.
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Maree W.
Maree W.Central Queensland, QLD


They don't respond to emails, no call back when requested and impossible to get a hold of when required. I've been trying to speak to someone for 2 months... it's ridiculous.
BillCentral Queensland, QLD3 posts


Absolutely disgraceful performance from these people , they never call or return emails , there computer skills are well below basic , had appointment booked and lady left halfway through to go for lunch
SarahGreater Melbourne (Outer), VIC

Such an amazing support system for me

Roxy (roxanne) from narre warren/pakenham feels like a friend more than a consultant, she always rings me to see how I'm going when she knows i have something work related coming up, she supports me in the decisions I make and is always ready to answer any and all questions I have. I feel so so lucky to have her as my consultant, she makes trying to get back into the work force seem so much less strenuous and stressful. thanks for being amazing Roxy, wouldn't have you any other way!
DebsSouth East Queensland, QLD

Goodna max employment

I can’t say enough positive sentiments for this agency & the most dedicated & inspiring ladies that work there especially MICHELLE Allen, there have been others like Natasha & Annabelle, Michelle just never gives up on her drive to help & support me, she is always upbeat, positive & sooooo hard working in getting jobs. My sincere thanks to her. Debs
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