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Robstar72South East Queensland, QLD

Offering as little as possible in Kippa Ring


Twice I have been through this organisation and twice have found employment on my own. Basically just a watch dog for Centrelink now, these agencies offer little in the way of timely and effective communication, often notifying me after the event of supposedly scheduled requirements I was supposed to fulfill. Only really interested in ticking boxes rather than offering legitimate assistance.

Robert Milne

Robert MilneMelbourne

Max Employment Frankston


If they can inconvience someone enough to extend their lunchbreak they will, hope you all meet a very untimely end and sooner than later would be preferable, what a waste of time and tax payer money



No Idea of actual requirements!


Max Employment Woy Woy. Tried to tell me I needed to look for 20 jobs per month. Even though the law clearly stated as single parent and undertaking full-time study for 6 months that this satisfies my job search requirements. [name removed] was not interested in the law and threatened to suspend my payments. I moved job providers. Max needs to be REMOVED as a Government Job Provider!! http://guides.dss.gov.au/guide-social-security-law/3/2/9/100


ManagerSouth-Eastern Region, NSW

Unprofessional treatment Transgender


My tenant and worker has been treated unprofessionally by a Manager to the extent that I will be submitting a formal complaint. There was discriminatory treatment and a dismissive attitude.


CarlSydney, NSW

Don’t answer my phone calls


For some reason max employment in blacktown never answer my calls & ive called them many times at various times !. I can’t even leave a message because the call just cuts off!


AnonymousSouth East Queensland, QLD

Not good if you have 'invisible illness'


They were clueless about common mental illness, even though they are a DES. They treated me like a liar and fake. They reported me for misconduct when my health condition meant that I couldn't perform all the tasks in a job I was offered. The way they treated me aggravated my mental illness. I am no longer with them but I worry that they will treat other clients the same as they did me.

Consultant made false allegations against me to get me thrown out of office after threatening me


Incompetent staff!


ME, Narre Warren. 3 weeks and no money admitted the Christmas period has made things a bit difficult however the incompetence of a certain staff member beggars belief! I have received multiple appointments some within a day or two of each other when I ring and question the response is “oh that’s just a reminder for me so when you see an appointment around the 2-3pm time just ignore it”. Also so rude treating everyone with distain!

MAX Employment Salisbury is the Worst agency place. Period!!!!




  • 4 reviews

Couldn't care less


I was sent to Max Employment Maroubra as part of my job search requirement and found the office to be very unprofessional. There are only about 4 staff in the entire office and only 2 of them actually deal with clients and even then they can't seem to do it alone they are always working together on the one client while the others wait. They are constantly running behind schedule for appointments and then blame it on Centrelink for double booking them which is garbage. Meanwhile they stroll around with cups of of coffee and sit at their desks while offering no assistance. If you are serious about wanting to find work I would steer well clear of this lot they are a joke.

QLD Logan Max Employment




Require you find 20 jobs and apply whilst currently being trained and attending a job site... Suspended twice in one week while attending training and work experience because I didn't attend their crayons and colouring book "job ready meetings, to tell me things adults should already know...Could be good if they improved their system, but for me, just a heap of unnecessary pressure...



Review of my Case Manager, Alana Poutama. Wynnum, office.
Alanas attitude towards my medical conditions was and still is being handled extremely professionally and her understanding of my situation has not differed from day one,Alana hasnt mothered me nor has she given me any special treatment to which im extremely grateful, sympathy is the last thing people in my situaton need. Aiana realised this early in the peace, henceforth my greatest admoration and respect for her.You are welcome to view my files or to discuss this with Alana with my express permission. Finally,Ican honestly state and hereby do that Alanas Professionalism in dealing with myself and my case is truly Impecciable. Regards, Peter Gealy.

Max Kilkenny Adl is the worst!


ReneeWynnum north

Could not return to work without Max.


The support, understanding, kindness,guidance, and acceptance I have recieved has given me the confidence and motivation within myself to step out of my comfort zone and make progress to feel confident enough to believe in myself and that I will be able to transition back into the work force. So Thankyou to all the team at Wynnum Max Employment.

Zero stars if possible!!


I have never had a single appointment with these idiots, yet they suspend my payment, which was reduced to near nothing after I found full time employment!!. So rude and made my anxiety really bad! They talked to me like crap and treated as if i was a stray dog. Think about this, how can someone go to an appointment when they work 9 to 5.30 5 days a week! Impossible!! Bunch of morons!!

Job seeker

Job seekerWerribee

Werribee branch exceptionally helpful & supportive of life & work balance


I am a indigenous job seeker and I would like to acknowledge and appreciate my case worker Yashna, for helping me address my barriers and believing in me, I have been out of the workforce for sometime and needed to brush up on my existing skills and new skills and she has given me the support to do this as well as helping me address my barriers to help me back in the workforce. There are times where I feel like giving up but Yashna always picks me back up and encourages me to move forward and motivates me. I am now ready and determined to get back into the workforce. Very much appreciated!..


BriannaBlair athol sa

  • 5 reviews

Doesn't even deserve a star


Max employment Enfield are beyond useless constantly go back on their words even though I have it in writing and they have signed it they still call me a liar.

Getting sick of this


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Questions & Answers

Michelle O.

Michelle O.asked

Hi I'm threw max employment and would like could they.help with for my gla

1 answer

what is a gla???

Mark S.

Mark S.asked

How many jobs per fortnight do i have to report, i am 64

4 answers

no job search requirements for any one over 60 No work for the dole requirements for anyone over 60. its the law the job active agency cant force anyone to do it. so the answer is 0 jobs per fortnight

Baldy beaver
Baldy beaver

Zero jobs per fortnight for anybody over 60 If you are going thru Max employment they will try to force you to do job search & threaten to cut off your payments if you dont do it. Its the law they cant force anybody over 60 to do job search or WFTD. Max only does it so can get their commission off the Govt. They really need to be reported & shut down.

elmer fudd
elmer fudd

You dont need to report any jobs if over 60 just sit back & do nothing until you reach pension age.



Who can I go to to make a complaint about Max Employment and how incompetent they are ???

5 answers
Oliver G.
Oliver G.

Right here: https://www.jobaccess.gov.au/complaints. Also, avoid these employment agencies: The O.R.S. Group Limited employment agency, Olympus Solutions Limited, and Ability Options. The last two employment agencies are conjoined together. O:-|


Go to your local federal member of parliment ^& complain to him/her in writing. there has been so many complaints about Max to the job access complaints & nothing gets done so take the next step. or contact a current affair they need to be shut down.

elmer fudd
elmer fudd

Iam waiting for the day that somebody ACTUALLY reports them a lot of whinging on here but nobody has the balls to actually report them. jobaccess/complaints.gov.au or your local memberof parliment

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