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Service is terminating as of the 10th of September 2018.

Former Title: Great customer service. Global Service. Best for Europe, UK, USA

** Update on 8th August 2018. I recently received notice from MAXROAM that service will be ending a month from now. This can be confirmed on MAXROAM's website: maxroam.com. Sorry to see them leave the field. **

Useful for voice, simple texting, when travelling. It comes with a UK number for voice & text. You can "rent" a local number for voice. Does not support MMS, eg attachments in text or group text. Service is prepaid. Charge is by the minute. Rates depend upon the countries involved in a particular call. Cheaper for incoming calls. Charges are in Euros. No monthly fee. You can expect the by-minute charges to be expensive compared to a plan with a monthly charge. Customer Support is outstanding: I found it easy to explain a problem, be understood, and see honest, thorough attempts to address the problems. You will probably need to manually change the SMS Center number, per MaxRoam instructions.
...I am told MaxRoam also supports internet. It didn't work with my phone until very recently, as my situation was probably unique (Dual SIM, Microsoft phone, upgraded from Win 8.1 to Win 10 -- somewhere in that process, my internet support didn't sync with MaxRoam's setup). After I factory-reset my phone to Win 10, I was able to reach internet some. However when I'm home, my need for MaxRoam is rare, so I haven't made a thorough test. Customer Support claims most customers have no problems reaching the internet. They even offered to refund my unused balance after I made an extended effort of tinkering. I kept them anyhow, and then had occasion to reset my phone. Voila.

* * * Update on 5th of May, 2018. * * *
.... I've downgraded my review to 3 stars, because: In late May, my subscriber number was changed +44793... (Balliwick of Jersey) to a Lichtenstein +423... number. Not the standard 7-digit number, but a 9-digit number such as used for carriers not native to the country. The impact was that with my USA sim (another company) I have been unable to call my MaxRoam number. I can call that number from my unaffiliated landline. In other words, the problem is not MaxRoam, however, it is possible that someone else's carrier might not be able to dial your 9-digit Lichtenstein number if that what you are also issued. Dialing out from the Lichtenstein number has worked fine. The standard number in the country is 7-digits following the country code. All my services work for the standard condition.
Therefore. I've modified and marked the following paragraph as: [[old example - before mid-April 2018]]//new example-May 2018// except for incidental clarifications.
....[[My phone came with number based in Jersey (Bailiwick of Jersey). Within the 44 country code, it is by no means]] //The Lichtenstein number may not be// a low cost call for UK contacts. You can get a phone # more convenient for locals for additional periodic charge. This allows locals to call you as though the number were within a landline of their area. It does not change your per-minute charges - incoming or outgoing. SMS, however must be made to the original number only. MaxRoam is not unique in this respect - I've not found a prepay plan with looser restrictions. - Some differences are (1) where the local number is based, (2) per minute charges based on your country location, (3) dialing instructions, and (4) . For numbers [[with the 44 country code, for MaxRoam the numbers are dialed starting with the first 0, unless you are within Jersey.]]//within Lichtenstein, dial the full number of 7 to 10 digits - typically 7 or 9(?) without any codes.//

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