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Hi In reverse position the tether strap appears to be facing the wrong way at the buckle (where you tighten it), as in, it is facing towards the seat instead of out and towards you. Should this be the case? I saw a video on youtube and it was as how it should be (facing towards you). p.s. There are no tangles in the strap, it is all straight from the seat, up to the tether bolt, and back to the seat. Thanks
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Hi Dan, Yes you are right about the buckle facing towards the seat in rearward facing position. I too noticed this with our seat and called Dorel who confirmed that is how it is. Slightly hard to get your finger underneath, but can't do anything about it.

Hi there, Is this car seat model compatible with babyzen yoyo+ stroller?
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No, it is a seat not a capsule.

The tether strap is twist on my Euro NXT. Any suggestions on how to fix it??
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Any luck with this Lauren?

When this carseat is forward facing does it recline enough for the child to sleep comfortably without their head flopping forward. Have read a few reviews (I think it was the older model) where there were quite a few people complaining that the seat did not recline enough. Any feedback on this?
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yes. the recline is not enough and yes your baby's head will flopping forward no mater which car seater you pick , they all have the same problem. The new Maxi Cosi Car Seater( I think it's the booster seater as I am pregnant with the 2ed , so we decide to pass the Euro Next to the newborn and get a booster seat for my 15 months old baby so we went to baby mode had the look ). The new Maxi Cosi has the new feature of the head support which kind of knock the head in by pushing a clicker on the side . I put my older one in, personally she doesn't like it as it's weird to have something around your head and it made her nervous even its a nicer design. In the end , as We were looking for getting a booster seater , there are 2 popular booster seater in baby bode considering the forward facing is the Britax Safe-n-Sound and the new Maxi Cosi which I was talking about (with the head support) , similar price , I tried the recline and found the safe-n-sound one has better recline than the Maxi Cosi , so we decide to go with the Sade-n-Sound , such a shame as I am the fan of Maxi Cosi , and originally went baby mode to get a another Maxi Cosi) I hope it helps , and if you worries about head flopping forward go online and you can easy purchase those straps which designed to help kids flopping during traveling in the car seater .

Hi! Just wondering if this can be used from Newborn? I really want to purchase this, but wanted to check that i can use it from when my wee girl is a newborn. Thank you!!!
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You can buy the car seat 0+, but I think better to take a newborn capsule for the first months... We used a capsule for almost 6 months with our girl. It's convenient because newborn babies sleep all the time, you don't have to wake them up. Our girl usually wakes up and complains XD when I try to take her out from this car seat)))The Euro NXT can be used from newborn up to four years old. I used it to bring my bub home from the hospital with no issues at all.Thank you very much!!!!

I have an older model car (Ford Falcon XR6 2005) - will Maxi-Cosi A4 Euro NXT in an older model like this? I don't think we actually have a manual for the car, in order to check. Thanks!
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Hi Romi, The Euro NXT can be installed with our without ISOFIX. We would recommend asking your friendly retailer to see how the seat will fit into your car. They should be able to show you. Phone: 1300 809 526 (toll free within Australia)Hi there, thanks very much for getting back to me so quickly. I'll be going to the retailer on the weekend, so I'll definitely ask about that. Looking forward to getting this car seat, have read many good things and want the safest choice for my baby. Thanks again!Hi Romi, Just wondering how you got on with this seat in your falcon? I also have a falcon and don't know what seat to bloody buy to fit our car nicely! Thanks in advance (I recognise this was a year ago now haha). Thanks, Dani :)

HI There just bought a euro nxt for my 6month old. Currently in rearward facing. Is there a reason that the theather strap buckle is facing wrong way when in rearwad facing? The buckle button is on the reverse side facing the seat shell. I have to flip it over which means the webbing is twisted. Also to tighten the harness it uses a ratcheting system when u can only pull it 1 cm at a time. This can be very time consuming when fastening. Can this be bypassed or do i have a faulty seat.? TIA
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Hi Digsy, Thank you for your message. Please give our customer service team a call at Phone: 1300 809 526 (toll free within Australia) Someone will be able to help you with the above. Thank you.I could be wrong but my take on this after I installed it in the rearward position is that the strap was designed for forward facing as it is where the seat will be most of the time after the baby grows out of the rearward facing stage. Having two of the same seats, I installed the other one in the forward facing position to test my theory and the buckle is facing the correct way (Outside facing). Perhaps Maxi Cosi can verify if this is the case? Cheers!~Hi Niklaus. Yes called maxi cosi has verified this.

Can this only be used with isofix or can it also be used in cars that don't have it? Also, is it possible to love the tether adjusted to the other side if I want the seat on the driver side? Thanks
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I believe that the seat can be used on vehicles without the ISOFIX anchorage as the ISOGO is a modified version of a standard seat belt + top tether Euro with ISOFIX clips. If you look at the back of the seat, it actually shows where the seat belt is supposed to go. Perhaps Maxi Cosi can verify this to confirm. Cheers

Hi, how would this car seat fit into a Mazda 3 hatchback?
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Hi Sam - I'm sure it will but I would just check at the store first!

Hi Will this fit into my Holden captiva 2015 model? Cheers Phil
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Hi Phil, The Euro Nxt features ISOFIX connectors so make sure your car has Isofix fittings. The best way of doing this is to check your manual. Most relatively new cars will have them. Remember that the location of Isofix fittings varies between cars, and they are sometimes concealed. You will need to find: 1) Two metal fixing points between the seat and the backrest 2) A third fixing point for the top tether strap, if provided in your car. For seat specifications, visit maxi-cosi.com.au Alternatively, if you would you like to speak to one of our knowledgeable Customer Service Team members, please call 1300 809 526 (Mon-Fri 8.30 - 5pm). Thank you.

Is this unit different to Maxi-Cosi Euro? Is the NXT a newer model or the same?
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NXT is a newer modelHi Leah, Lovely to hear from you. The Euro NXT is a newer model. Please do let us know if you have any other questions. Thank you

What is the difference between this car seat and the ones posted in this reveiw http://www.productreview.com.au/p/maxi-cosi-euro.html?
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The NXT is the new version, I'm not sure what the differences are in terms of functionality as I have never owned the previous version

I have been looking at this car seat for my new born that I am expecting, is this the safest option or should I look at a capsule for the first few months of birth? Which is safer?
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I went with the safe n sound capsule for the first 12 months as it can clip onto both of my prams which saves having to wake baby up when getting out of the car. Also because you are taking the capsule inside home, shops etc. baby isn't being placed in a hot car seat when you get into the car. I wish I'd have spent the money on a capsule for my older 2 kids it's so practical and saves a lot of hassle waking baby.

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