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Maxi-Cosi Euro NXT

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4.5 from 60 reviews

Good car seat for first time

Indeed very easy to install! And very easy to use. My baby is only 1 month old,and she sleep comfortably, the look on her face is so peaceful.
Cleaning is a simple task. Very easy to maintain! Would recommend this to my family and friends.
All in all, simplicity and worth the value.

Fantastic! So worth the money.

Very easy to install! And very easy to use. My baby is only 4 months old, so he can’t tell me how comfortable he is yet, but the look on his face says it all. He’s always falling asleep in the car, and I swear it’s because of the comfortable car seat!
Cleaning is a breeze. Very easy to maintain! Would buy it again and again!

Offers great peace of mind

This car seat is amazing. Instructions were so straightforward we didn't have to pay for someone to install it and its very easy to remove and install in another car, so quick and easy. Our daughter seems to love it, will happily sit in the car seat for long drives and has remained quite cool despite the hot weather. The fabric is so easy to clean, wipes clean and if need be, is easy to remove to pop in the washing machine.

My little one loves this seat

This is a great seat, it's so comfortable and easy to clean! Great quality materials. Worth the expense. Would recommend for people that do a lot of driving or long distance as other seats don't offer the comfort, also great that you can use this for a baby first if you don't have a capsule.

Comfy for baby. Well made

Not the cheapest but look out for sales

Fabric is good quality though.my rings have a tendency to snag on it. Easy to put child in and out. I like that you can easily adjust the shoulder straps height without needing to remove car seat.

Super easy to install with ISO system.

Baby readily falls asleep on car trips!

Also like that it's rear facing for ages- approx 2 years

Love it so much we have TWO

So easy to install in the car, the iso attachments are handy too - no more accidentally having the bigger kids unbuckle the car seat. The cushioning that can be removed is ideal for newborn through to toddler. No risk of hot seat belts touching delicate skin. Great value for money (often on sale in Baby Bunting too). We have one for each car. Love it.

Exceeded Expectations!

This car seat is amazing! So easy to install yourself with their simple instructions, feels sturdy and our daughter loves car rides. The fabric is breathable and easy to clean as well. I also love that they will replace the car seat if it's involved in an accident. Offers great peace of mind!

Wonderful carseat

I love this carseat, especially because it is convertible and works with my baby from birth. My baby looks very cosy when sitting in the seat. He was a very tiny baby at birth, however he fitted in the seat perfectly. The seat is very easy to use and I can have our baby harnessed in securely pretty quickly.

I have had a couple of incidents where my baby has made a bit of a mess in the seat, however it cleans up lovely with a damp cloth.

Easy to use

Once we got our heads around the weird instruction manual, it is easy to install in the car. Using it is very easy too. as first time parents however took us a while to work out how everything worked. That probably would have happened with any car seat. Baby seems comfortable and can sleep. For an expensive car seat, I didn't like that the fabric could pull so easily, especially when the velco on the strap pads get into contact, now we have pillings. Removing fabric and straps to clean is hard but that could be contributed to our small car and just how they have to be made to comply with Australian standards. I really have nothing else to compare to, so we dont know any better. It does take awhile to dry so if your baby soils the seat, you'll be seatless for at least a day without a tumble dryer. Overall it is an easy and comfortable seat to use. I like that we can rear face for a long time.

Faulty, denied refund from manufacturer

Aside from the fact that my seat was faulty and Maxi Cosi as a whole was absolute appalling to deal with and rejected my request for a refund which was eventually fulfilled by the store I purchased at as they agreed there was definitely a fault... Maxi Cosi seats do not live up to their name, they have lower markers, meaning less value for money in terms of longevity of the seat then seats made by different brands in the same category.
Easy to install except the Isofix always slips into red and has to be adjusted all the time. It's is difficult to tighten the harness to get it tight enough. My baby always seemed comfortable in the seat however did hurt his feet on the rebound/stabiliser bar a few times as it's rough plastic. Cleaning the covers is very easy.

ok but not perfect

Generally it is ok. Got a little trouble when install it on our hatch back car.
The trap/hook is not long enough to reach the anchor point on our car. There is no clear instruction on user manual in our case. Try to ask baby time where we bought it from, but they are not helpful as they don't want take any responsibility for car seat installation. They only suggest us pay someone $50 to install it.
After some research, i figure out issue by myself. I actually need an extension trap which is extra $15 for my car. the problem is quite common for hatch back cars but sadly, it is not addressed in the user manual.

Safe and cosy

Bought the car seat for our first child and we are pleased with it. Bub seems to be happy to be in it since we brought her home. She was a tiny baby and was nicely tucked in, secure and cosy. We had it professionally installed via Baby Bounce, we haven't had any problem with it.

Great car seat..!!

The car seat is easy to install and uses ISO fix point in the car, was pretty easy to install. The baby loves it and goes to sleep when he is in the seat. It's easy to clean and also isn't too bulky in size as some of them in the market. Happy with the purchase..

Fantastic car seat

We bought this car seat for our first child and have been very happy with it. We had it professionally installed through Baby Bunting and it seems very safe and secure. Our baby was a small bub when she was born and she fitted in the seat perfectly (with the newborn comfortable insert). She is now 7 months old and is still very comfortable in the seat.

Safe and secure

Having our first baby I wanted the absolute best car seat available. After doing much research, talking to maxi cosi reps and staff at baby bunting we decided this was the car seat for us.
Easy to install with isofix function. Seat is easy to lift baby in and out of. Appears comfortable and the fabric is soft as well as easy to clean. Available to keep rear facing for a long time which is great for safety. Good value for the price, often on sale. Would recommend to others.

Found really good!! Easy to clean

I bought this brand new for the 1st, very good.
As a family, we travelled every year for a longer period (1 month to 2 months on road occasionally). We have a 4WD so we did quite 4WD with the 1st when she hit 6 months and later around 10-11months up all to the NT and nearly half of the Australia. We've been on the island with rough sandy road and out in the forest with narrow rocky road, we never had any problem with the Euro NXT. My Baby has no problem travelling in this seat, only problem but appear to all baby seaters in the market is that everyone need to get a cooling insert in summer especially in hot time as the cushion of the car seater is slightly puffy and you will find your baby inside sweat a lots, despite we all have the air-con in our car.
Personally, I was 1st time mum, know nothing about baby stuff, so did my homework and went out looking for reviews and any helps. Went the shop and found love in Euro NXT, soft, strong, enough pad insert to get baby a better support than those others baby seaters. After using for 1.5 years, good with my purchase. Most importantly easy to remove and throw into washing machine, hang for 1 day sometimes just over night, then dry and put it on, no problem with the fabric or anything.
I would recommend this to any mum.

This is perfect !

*ISO Fix is a must for every car seat, I'm happy that this one is fitted as such.
*The best Compact convertible car seat available in the market(fits like a glove in our 2012 Suzuki swift sport)
*Fabric quality is second to none (compared to other car seats around $400 price mark)
*My wife and myself fell in love with the color (Argentino)
*We purchased this from Baby Bunting (Auburn) [outstanding customer service] for $469 [sale price]

This is the best car seat for a small car (hatchback); you could fit 3 car seats in the back without a hick-up

And finally Maxi-Cosi are kind enough to provide a seat protector.[included]

-Have a good day-

So safe and secure!

Very easy to install. My baby is so comfortable it and and doesn't move a bit when we are 4WD, her little head is so secure. Nice soft material and nice design. Really happy with our purchase. Cleaning isn't an issue. Is to big or bulky fit in our car very well and others can still sit in the back seat comfortably too.

Safe Travel

I wish this seat had been around when my children were little, I purchased it for my Grandson & it is just a lovely product.
The isofix installation make in & out of the car a breeze & so far removing & washing the cover is no problem.
Bub looks just so comfortable & protected which ultimately is the main objective, it's good to have faith in something as important as car travel.

Can't fault this seat

We purchased this seat mostly for its extended rear facing capability. It also sold us on the bamboo wicking fabric- which keeps my hot bod bub cooler in Australian summers.
I have no issue getting my daughter in and out -we have a small size SUV. six mums in my play group also purchased this seat.
Bub is super comfy-falls asleep easily. We had it installed professionally by kidsafe who strongly advised us to watch rear facing videos on you tube before turning the seat. My daughter is still rear facing comfortably at 20 months (she's also tall).
Easy to clean -the cover is easy to remove (I did it in the dark after a milk spill at 7pm) and is machine washable.
The only thing I haven't quite worked out is the purpose of the Velcro patches on the shoulder strap pads??

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Questions & Answers

Hi In reverse position the tether strap appears to be facing the wrong way at the buckle (where you tighten it), as in, it is facing towards the seat instead of out and towards you. Should this be the case? I saw a video on youtube and it was as how it should be (facing towards you). p.s. There are no tangles in the strap, it is all straight from the seat, up to the tether bolt, and back to the seat. Thanks
1 answer
Hi Dan, Yes you are right about the buckle facing towards the seat in rearward facing position. I too noticed this with our seat and called Dorel who confirmed that is how it is. Slightly hard to get your finger underneath, but can't do anything about it.

Hi there, Is this car seat model compatible with babyzen yoyo+ stroller?
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No, it is a seat not a capsule.

The tether strap is twist on my Euro NXT. Any suggestions on how to fix it??
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Any luck with this Lauren?


Euro NXT
Price (RRP) $729.00
Minimum Age Newborn
Maximum Age 4 years
Dimensions Rearward Facing: 390 x 460 x 640, Forward Facing: 660 x 460 x 450 mm
Colour / Finish Dolce, Gravity
Weight8 kg
ISOFIX CompatibleYes
Manufacturer Warranty10 year(s)

Visit official website - Download manual