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Will a maxi cosi air (MCM 2010) fit a bugaboo camelion? Thanks
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I would contact the manufacturer.I'm not sure but I have contacted maxi cosi Australia by message on their Facebook page and have always found them very helpfulIt should fit any pram that takes Maxi Cosi adapters.

is the maxi cost mico adequately restrained using just the seat belt through the base? I am reluctant to use the extra anchorage point in the rear odf the vehicle, a hatchback, as it will severely restrict putting the pram into that area.
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The top tether (rear anchor point) must be used. It is not tested for use without the top tether, and could result in severe injuries to your child in the the event of a car accident.

What prams can it be clipped into?
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Hi Matt, Lovely to hear from you. The Mico is compatible with most prams on the market. You will need to check with your pram manufacturer if they stock adaptors for the Mico AP. Some companies that we know 100% are, Joolz, Uppa BABY, Bugaboo, City Select, Safety 1st, Silver Cross, and plenty others. Hope this helps. Maxi-Cosi

Hi I purchased a maxi cosi mico Ap isofix however the bottom connector strap (for the isofix) seems to be missing? Is this something that is supposed to come with the car seat or is it something you have to purchase separately?
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Hi Karls, yes this is supposed to come with your seat. Please call our customer service team on Phone: 1300 809 526 (toll free within Australia) and a member of our team will be able to sort this situation out for you. Many thanks, Maxi-Cosi

Hi I am wanting to purchase a maxi cosi ap isofix capsule but I have a 2008 Nissan dualis that doesn't look like its on the list of compatible cars. Can it still be installed or is this capsule not suitable ?
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All isofix capsules and car seats can also be installed with a seatbelt (as an alternative method of installation to isofix). The top tether will still need to be used.

Are there any differences between the 2014 and 2015 maxi cosi mico-with Isofix?
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Not really. They haven't changed the design.

Hi! I have a maxi cosi mico ap 2010 model but I am having a lot of trouble clicking the capsule into the base. Are there any tricks/tips to this? Also, is my 2010 capsule compatible with the newer model base? Thanks!
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Hi Shellew, Thank you for your question. A couple of tips is to make sure that the top tether strap and the harness straps are away from the base at all times as this will make it harder to snap in place. Unfortunately the newer base isn't compatible with the 2010 model. If you have any questions or would like some to take you through the tips please call the customer service number on Phone: 1300 809 526 (toll free within Australia). Thank youPull the lever outwards, ensuring that the red line is not visible. The capsule should then click into the base. This is a common fault with Maxi Cosi capsules of this age, just ensure that the release isn't stuck, and always give the capsule a gently tug to ensure it has clicked into the base prior to travel.

Where can I get an upper tether strap for my MCM 2010 baby capsule?
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Please call our Customer Service team on 1300 809 526 (toll free within Australia) Mon-Fri 8.30am - 4.30pm (AEST). Thank you.

How much is this one & where can I pick one up from?
1 answer
We paid $350 from baby bunting in sale

Do all maxi cosi capsules fit into the same base? I have been given a 2010 maxi cosi air in excellent condition for use in grandparents car.. What base is required for this capsule? Do all capsules fit into the same base?
1 answer
No. Your capsule uses the older style base attachment system. The newer Maxi cosi capsule bases won't fit. If the capsule doesn't have a base it can't be used. Maybe look at getting a 0-4 car seat for the grandparents car if there is no base?

Hi there, I purchased the maxi cosi mico AP isofix and had it anstalled by a professional today. When I asked him why he was not connecting it with the isofix connections he explained that the straps were made a little too long and wasn't as secure as the normal way of installing it. Once he showed me both ways of installing I did see a difference in the amount of movement in the bottom fixed part of the capsul so decided to not connect via isofix connection and just connect normally.. I do feel a little frustrated as we did spend $50 more to get the isofix version due to it being advertised as safer and easier however it did not look safer when seeing the amount of movement the capsule had compared to using the belt system. The guy that installed mentioned that maxi cosi does know about the issue with the isofix connections being too long. i just wanted to get a response if I may. Many thanks
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This is a known issue across a number of vehicles. Some vehicles are just not compatible with the isofix attachments on this capsule.

Will maxi cosi mcm capsule work on mountain buggy cosmopolitan with adapter ts21?
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Hello, thank you for your question. You will need to ask the lovely team at Mountain Buggy this question. Thank you

Hi, my 4-week-old gets very distressed in the capsule and constantly gets a bit of sick come up every time she's in that position for even a short car trip and she never falls asleep in the car due to discomfort in the capsule. Is there something I can do to help give her a bit more support in the seat so she's not so slumped forward putting pressure on her tummy?
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Hi Mrs M, Thank you for your message. We haven't heard of this problem before but all bubbas are different. Does your Mico AP have it's infant insert in? This will help position your baby in the correct position. If you are unsure please contact our customer service line on Phone: 1300 809 526 (toll free within Australia). Thank you

Hi, Purchased a maxi cosi non ISOFIX capsule and base to install in a vehicle with ISOFIX fittings. The base connects fine with the lap/sash belt but the tether strap that comes with the unit has a bolt to connect to an anchor point that my vehicle doesn't have. Instead my anchor point is a bar on the back of the seat that needs a hook fitting to attach to it. I suspect I need to purchase a separate strap with a hook on each end to connect between my anchor point and the cable that holds the capsule in place. Has anyone else had to do this? Thank you!
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Hi Andy, thank you for your question. The bolt is actually removable. We keep it attached just encase our customers have older model vehicles. Simply un-clip it and you are ready to go. In your manual it explains this step on pages 1 through to 3. Please call our customer service team if you have any questions. Thank you.Haha yep thanks for this, I found that out as soon as I stepped out of the dimly lit garage into some proper light. Thanks for the quick reply though.

We have 2 cars - one with Isofix anchor points and one without. If I get a Maxi Cosi Mico for my car that doesn't have Isofix anchors, will the capsule also work in the standalone Isofix compatible base that is available to buy separately? Or are the capsules themselves different for Isofix and non-Isofix models?
1 answer
We have used the capsule in both our cars and didn't use the isofix anchors for one of them as didn't have the anchors (these are the ones in the seat, yes?) We just used the seatbelt and the clip to secure the base and used the anchor point at the back of the seat with the strap on the capsule when the capsule was clipped in the base. I hope I answered what you were asking, apologises if I haven't.

What is the difference in safety/features between the MCM 2010 and MCM 2014? We are looking at purchasing a second hand Maxi Cosi Mico but want to ensure it has the highest safety if there were any updates between models.
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I would definitely check out CREP.com.au for this answer. They are endorsed by How Safe is Your Car and RACV, TAC, Vicroads etc. They crash test and rate most of the popular seats on the market. Looks like the most recent seat has improved to three out of five stars. There are definitely safer seats out there. If you order the list of all capsules on the CREP website from the highest safety rating, the three Micos tested sit in the bottom 5 seats (of 13 listed). I hope this helps.

I would like to confirm that the maxi cosi Titan is the same as the maxi cosi mico? Because we are about to buy a pram (mountain buggy terrain) which has adaptors compatible with the maxi cosi mico, the Titan is not listed. Just want to check before we purchase. Thanks, Sarah
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Hi Sarah, Thank you for reaching out. Yes, your Maxi-Cosi Titan will fit on the adaptors provided by Mountain Buggy. The capsule will fit in the Maxi-Cosi Mico adaptors. If you have any other questions please don't hesitate to ask. Many thanks, Maxi-Cosi

Just wondering what you do with the strap when you get the carrier out of the car, there doesn't seem to be anywhere to put it. I bought it from baby buntings and asked them and they said they did not know either. I have read the on the website that you Can roll it up and put it in the pocket in the hood, which is very annoying when you get your baby out of the car when it is raining or you are in a hurry and if you don't have the hood attached. To all the mothers that say they love this capsule Can you please tell me what you do with this strap? because surely you can't love this part of it.
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I roll it up and tuck it into the hood but it often just falls into my baby's face. It's very annoying! Not having anywhere to put it is a huge design flaw.

Hi I bought a maxi cosi cabrio capsule second hand with no base for a quinny but it looks like I can strap it on the car with seat belt is this legal in Austrslia?
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Hi Di, thank you for your question. In Australia you must anchor a capsule into your car with a base. This is an Australian legal requirement. The Cabrio is a European model capsule. If you have any other questions please contact our customer service team on: Phone: 1300 809 526 (toll free within Australia). Thank you

We have a maxi cosi ap and was wondering if you can turn it around after 6 months?or do you have to buy a different seat?
1 answer
Hi Joseph, thank you for your question. With the Mico AP, or any capsule for that matter, as soon as your baby reaches the height marker you must change them into a convertible car seat. There isn't an option to turn the seat around unfortunately. If you have any further questions please don't' hesitate to contact our customer service line on 1300 809 526 (toll free within Australia).

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