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Maxi-Cosi Titan

Maxi-Cosi Titan

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Saved my Sanity

Definitely worth every dollar! The only place my first-born slept was this capsule, and now my second enjoys it too.

I had a tall first born and she fitted into the capsule until 7 months. My second is nearly 6.5 months and still using it. Yes, the capsule is tight as some reviewers have pointed out but that's the point. The babies won't get thrown around in the case of an accident. It's also quite tight around the head which is great because many capsules are completely open on top which defeats the purpose.

It can get hot for bub but generally I've used the capsule for activities like shopping (kids would fall asleep on the way there) which is indoors and airconditioned. If out for a long day of activities the kids need to stretch out in a bassinette or toddler seat anyway so the heat wasn't an issue.

My biggest gripe was the attachment to my Baby Jogger City Select which was clunky and hard to latch (although I have no experience with other capsules so maybe this is normal). The capsule is heavy once bub is inside so getting it attached to the connectors meant I was bending on odd angles. But still worth every dollar to have bub sleep that little bit longer.

Ok for newborn but no good after 6 weeks or so

For longevity and comfort I DO NOT recommend the Maxi Cosi

For my first bub I used a hand-me-down Fisher Price capsule (now Safe n Sound Unity) Which lasted nearly 12months before she grew out of it. We would do road trips and she's fall asleep for hours on end in it. For #2 I wanted one that would easily clip into my pram to save time juggling 2 under 2! Thank god I only hired the Titan as #2 HATES it. At first I thought she just wasn't a traveller, as she'd scream whenever I went to put her in it. Even if she was near sleep time, she'd never fall asleep in the car - just scream the whole journey. At 8 weeks old I switched back to the old capsule. She'll happily sit in it just for somewhere to put her down. And will fall asleep in it no problem.

Fantastic in combination with pram

We used this in combination with a Baby Jogger City Mini and it's been every bit worthwhile. We're at three and a half months, and looking like we'll probably get about four months use out of it. It's been fantastic to be able to settle her into the capsule while we're inside, and then transfer her across to the car, meaning she goes into the car settled and happy - a good start for any car trip! Then, when she falls asleep in the car, I can clip it onto the pram at the destination (eg. shops/ library etc) without her waking up. Coming home, if she's fallen asleep in the car, I can bring her inside and whip around and do stuff while she's still asleep.

Our baby seems to find the seat comfortable enough, after we arrive somewhere she can sleep in it for quite awhile. It also gives somewhere quite cozy to put her down when we are doing short visits at people's places.

The only downside to this is that we found it a little hot. Using it straight through the middle of Perth's summer it could get a bit warm. I would put the air con vents in the car facing up to push cool air over to the back and that seemed to work well. If your car air con is not working or not so good, this seat may be a bit too hot in summer.

Easy to use a great after sales care

Having the Maxi Cosi Titan (same as the Mico as far as I can tell) has made travelling with a baby and toddler much easier as the capsual detaches from the base so you can carry the baby around in that without needing pram/bjorn. We had a couple of wear issues and Maxi Cosi dealt with them really efficiently and with no hassles.

It has its pros and cons

I bought this capsule thinking of how convenient it was to attach it to the pram I got. It was the brand that was compatible with my pram. It has worked for me and it is really useful when baby is asleep in the car and don't want to wake him up, however it is not good to use for more than one or two hours since baby is not comfortable in it. It can get hot as it is very small.
It is also very expensive for the little time you can get use of it, for some babies 6 months would be enough. In my case I have a small baby so I can keep on using it for another few months but that's not the case for most babies.
convenient, reliable
expensive, not comfortable

Good but has issues

I bought this capsule for the convenience to use in the car & connect to my pram (Baby Jogger Mini GT). I found that my son would get swallowed up by the capsule making it difficult to get him out & he would get hot in it. I only used it to connect to the pram twice so it wasn't worthwhile for me.

I also found that it took up a lot of room in the car. I had it in three different cars & the only one it was good in was a Holden Statesman which has lots of room in the backseat. In the Toyota Corolla i had to move the front seat all the way forward making it unusable. While not as bad it we had a similar issue with the Jeep Cherokee.

After 6 weeks I went & bought a convertible car seat instead & prefer it.
Safe, can fit onto selected prams
Hot, takes up too much room

Great, In combination with pram base is very practical and cute

We got Maxi Cosy in combination with Quinny buzz pram. I love the travel system practicality. The fact that you don't have to wake your baby when she fell asleep in the car is great. It is very cosy and I also love the sturdiness of this car seat. Our both girls slept in it very well and I ended up using it instead of a bouncer at home too. We also took it on our holidays overseas, which was great as we didnt have to worry about a carseat or a pram - even when catching a cab.
Everything about this seat is neat and functional
Sunshade could be a bit bigger

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great to hear and thanks for sending this in!

The Best Capsule

We bought this capsule for our first baby, the main reasons being it had 'air protect' side impact protection for maximum safety of our precious little bundle also it would fit (with the appropriate adapters) on our iCandy pram. This worked wonders as I could take him from the house to the car and shopping without waking him up to get him out - a real good thing coz they say you let sleeping dogs lie and I think its true in the case of babies too! We just got 6 months out of it at a pinch - his shoulders were getting a bit cramped as he got older leading to a bit of frustration getting him in and out. Overall an awesome product. The sales lady told me when we were buying it that they have a 5 star safety rating over against Safe-n-Sound and MotherCare having a 1 to 2 star safety rating! Also easy to clean because of the velour fabric.
Safe, compatible with our pram, easy to clean

Hi - I am trying decide between buying this capsule or hiring one? I am a little hesitant only because bub is due smack bang in the middle of the QLD summer. Do you thinks its too hot?Dunno... my bub did get hot in it esp with the head surround - was much better when we took that out (when he was like 2-3 mths old) he was a summer baby too. Only thing is you are mostly inside either a car or a house or a shop with it and usually there is air conditioning to keep even temp. I guess it all depends on how much you are going to be using it - if it will be a lot, and if there is the possibility of another bub in the future - that is why I bought it rather than hire.

Good capsule

It is a good capsule, feels safe and sturdy, primary reason for buying this capsule was to fit with my Bertini IRide pram, with the adapters it works very well. it is easy to clip in and out of place in the base, overall happy with this capsule, although baby us outgrowing it quicker than expected.
easy to use, adapted well with my Bertini I-Ride pram.
a little bit heavy, my baby is 3 months old and is already on the last seat belt so am not confident it will last to 6 months so an expensive endeavour. baby does get sweaty sitting in seat for a longer period of time.

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Anyone selling one please?

Convenient for stroller systems.

I have mixed feelings about this capsule. I bought it in 2012 for my second baby so I could use it with the Baby Jogger City Select. For this purpose it's great. So handy for lifting baby out of car and straight onto the stroller. But she does get very hot in it.

There is a lot of padding around the baby's head, which I guess they need to stop them wobbling, but it made her so hot she was screaming all the time so I had to take this out. Not sure how safe it becomes then. She still gets very hot when she is in it just from the padding behind her. Maybe this is a feature of all capsules, but I don't remember that from our last capsule (a safe n sound).

She's now 11 weeks and her shoulders are almost at the height limit for the capsule use, so I don't know how long she'll be able to stay in it. We definitely won't get six months use out of it, maybe 3 months. Expensive if its only for only 3 months use. But it has been useful for the stroller system and I don't regret buying it.
If you want a stroller system, then this is great. But if you don't, then there are capsules out there that you'll be able to use for longer.
Convenient, fairly light. Easy to get in and out of car.
The tether strap is attached to the back of the capsule and dangles down on the ground if you don't hold it when you are carrying the capsule. Lots of padding, baby gets hot. Probably wont last 6 months.

Best capsule by far!

I used this for my third in conjunction with the baby jogger city select absolutely amazing light weight and the longest one of my kids has ever lasted in a capsule my older two were in a unity for 3 & 4 months so to get 8 months out of this was amazing he could of lasted longer but a 5 month crawler was ready to be sitting up in the car by 8 months. ..their customer service was frustrating witj the entire teather issues but this is resolved now past problem and finally these have awesome resale Value 8 months use and ware and tear after paying $315 new I sold it for $270 in 3 days!!
Light weight
Sunshade needs improvement and customer service bites this guy obviously doesnt have children

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was the customer service negative from maxi cosi or form the sale store?

Happy with the Maxi Cosi Titan

As first time parents we had no idea what to look (apart from safety) in car seats. We went with this as we could get adapters to fit it onto our Joolz pram. (Hired the capsule from "justtakethekids" melbourne)
Turns out it was a good pick.
It's light weight & easy to get in & out of car (even for grandparents).
It's easy to clean (everything can come off & be put into the washing machine).
The "sun shade" isn't very big: but hey - it's better than nothing! (Really handy when using it on the pram base).
Colour (we didn't know if we were having a boy/girl: so it was a good nutral colour)

Maxi Cosi Titan (with air protect)

Decided to buy a capsule this time instead of hiring, as the cost of hiring a Maxi Cosi Mico another 2 times was going to be more than it would be to buy it. We decided on the Maxi Cosi Titan as it now comes with the addition of air protect which increases side impact protection. It also fits with the use of adapters to our Baby Jogger City Select. The Maxi Cosi's now come with a split tether, which is an interesting concept.
fits my pram; air protect for added side impact protection; easy to use
not sure about the split tether yet

Lightweight, easy to install & use, attractive carrier

Bought to be used as a travel system with my new Bugaboo Bee Plus stroller & my Phil & Teds Sports pram. It was the only car seat that had adapters available for both. (I previously used a Safe-n-Sound Unity car capsule which I was also happy with and as such will draw comparisons). Maxi Cosi adapters that fit the Maxi Cosi Mico WILL fit the Maxi Cosi Titan as well.

I found this capsule lighter & less bulky than the Safe-n-Sound Unity I had. The recommended weight goes up to 9kgs (compared to the Safe-n-Sound which was 12kgs). Whilst some people might chafe at the reduced weight capacity compared to other capsules, I personally found it difficult & awkward carrying around babies heavier than this in a capsule. In fact I moved my children out of capsules at 6 months and less than this weight capacity for this reason.

You are more likely to shift your baby out of the capsule because they have outgrown its length than because of their weight. It seems that this capsule has slightly more leg room than what I remember of Safe and Sound capsule. My babies were long but of average weight. The extra length doesn't affect the way it fits in the car though.

The harness needs to be rethreaded to adjust the shoulder height but can be tightened or loosened fairly easily (great for when you've thrown on a couple of extra layers on bub and suddenly find the harness too tight). A word of warning if you are rethreading the harness ensure you have rethreaded the straps back BEHIND the metal bars on the back or you will compromise the safety of the car seat!

The handle gives a nice comfortable grip however in a 'locked' position it does move more freely than I expected. It's nice & long and won't get in the way should you need to access bub in the car.

In a word, unimpressed. I live in sunny Central QLD and this UV 'shadecover' barely comes to a 90 degree angle. Unlike the Safe-n-Sound canopy it cannot be pulled to different angles to hide bub from the sun.

Definitely expensive with the recommended Retail Price of $449 so please shop around for a deal. I found mine online for $339 plus postage online at Baby Care Nursery at an introductory price. The upside is that the Maxi Cosi seems to have excellent resale value. Secondhand Maxi Cosi Mico capsules with six months use were selling for $250 plus on Ebay & Gumtree. It is likely this capsule will follow suit particularly being a newer model.

Not yet rated although remember for this capsule to be available on the Australian market it must meet Australian standards which are quite strict. I was orginally going to get the Maxi Cosi Mico but the Titan version comes with Air Protect Revolutionary Side Impact Technology. Jargon aside I'm hoping that means a similar sort of air cushioning protection that resulted in my Safe-n-Sound AHR Meridian Tilt & Adjust car seat receiving such a high CREP rating :)

Having just installed this in the car, I have a few pointers:
- The lock clip is attached to the back of the seat (had to reread the instructions to find it) and takes a bit of finesse to attach properly.
- There is a line marked 'Level to the Ground' on the car seat which is a nice touch to figure out if you've installed it at the correct angle.
- Push in the release handle to both attach or detach the capsule to the base (It does not 'click in' automatically like the Safe-n-Sound capsule I've discovered).
- We have a mid-sized car (Honda Accord) and cannot move our seats all the way back with car capsule installed. This was also the case with our Safe-n-Sound capsule.

To be honest if you're a parent of big, bouncing bubs (like my sister) don't expect to get more than 4 months use out of these type of capsules. They will simply outgrow it too fast. That said we found the baby capsule absolutely invaluable for easily transporting bub in, out & around without interfering too much with sleep times. I expect we'll get no less use out of this capsule.

I'm extremely pleased that it transports seemlessly between my Bugaboo and car with no fussing or fiddly bits. It seems well made and I find the colour scheme attractive (we got the 'Stone' version). Overall I feel we've made a good buy.
Easy to install, easy to use, can be converted to travel system using adapters
Comparatively expensive, poor shade cover, not yet rated by CREP

Questions & Answers

Baby number 2 is almost due and we were refitting the capsule into my car (a different car then when we had baby number 1). The tether strap seems to be too long and when all tight and fitted the slide part that you use to tighten the anchor strap will be right on top of the car seat or slightly behind where the head rest usually sits. Are we doing something wrong?
1 answer
Hi Amanda, Congratulations on Baby number 2! If you contact our customer service team on Phone: 1300 809 526 (toll free within Australia) someone will be able to help you with installation. Thank you

hi i was just wanting to know if maxi cosi titan has air protection?
1 answer
Hi! Yes it does!

I have received a Quinny pram that came with a Maxi Cosi Cabriofix 2013 as a gift from friends in Singapore. I have since moved to Australia and I am looking to get my capsule fitted. However it only has the Orange Universal Sticker that says made in Netherlands. How do I know/prove that this capsule is approved for use in Australia? Also I'm driving a Subaru XV 2012 that does not appear in your car list.And also, which capsule base should i buy that will fit my car? Pls help 1st time mum
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Hi Grace, you need to ask Maxi Cosi producer or customer service in Australia. Regards, Marketa


Price (RRP)$449
Age Range0-6months

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