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broken before used

bought some bowls to replace cheap IKEA ones. Placed them in the dishwasher, one came out with a big crack and practically could be broken in half. Can't bring it back because too far to travel.

Terrible quality

This dinner set looks great but ... only for about 1 week. The shine quickly fades and it is not long before the plates and bowls start to stain ... esp when they are used to eat fresh fruit from. Bananas and apples leave these plates looking terrible and nothing can remove the stain. And trust me, this happens even if you rinse or wash the plate immediately after using it. I have only ever used dishwasher liquid for these, and it is NOT citrus based either so I cannot see what more could be done to try and preserve them. Forget talking to Maxwell & Williams about it, they do not care and have no solution. They are meant to be an affordable brand but, this is not affordable when it looks terrible after a week of use. Beware and do not waste your money on this product!!

Extremely disappointed

We bought the set because it looked modern and clean. However, many pieces are stained, the sheen has worn off and considering the price I paid it, I am extremely disappointed. It was a considerable amount of money and now I need to start over. Stay away from Maxwell and Williams!

Very Disappointed in Cashmere

Four years ago I purchased three black and white Breeze dinner sets after we moved into our newly renovated kitchen, replacing my White Basics set. I wanted everything to match and it did! This set gave me such pleasure and looked fabulous until I decided I needed a change. I packed up Breeze and kept it as I didn't have the heart to donate it I loved it so much. I went to the New Year sales and purchased three Cashmere Blue Dinner sets and within weeks, they started to craze, stain, cut and look dull. I was so disappointed. I returned to Myer and the sales lady said they had several complaints and they would give me a refund. She said not to use the granular powder in the dishwasher as this was too abrasive and it was my fault. Even though it states dishwasher safe, use liquid instead. I pointed out my trusty Breeze survived four years on powder! I was curious and visited the M&W wholesaler and enquired. She said use liquid too and dishwasher safe meant it wouldn't break in the dishwasher but would craze and lose colour. Hand washing is preferable. What a load of ...... dishes! So, I'm back to my Breeze. If M&W recommend using liquid dishwasher cleaner or preferably hand wash, then say so but then no one would purchase their product. I believe their product is being manufactured to a lower standard as my two previous dinner sets have lasted over four years.


I bought 3 Cashmere dinner sets 12 months ago with some money my Mum left me thinking that the Within months they started to craze, have grey knife marks & scratched and some have lost their sheen. So disappointed. Will never buy M & W again.

Poor quality glaze

My "Cashmere" pieces lost the sheen of the glaze in the first month and became discoloured. This is likely to be a health concern as well as a definite aesthetic concern.

Black staining

Bought set of mugs about 6 months ago. Every mug has developed black staining inside at bottom. Only ever washed by hand. They have never been in a dishwasher. Bleach does not remove the stains. Relatively expensive product which is of inferior quality. Have lodged complaint with M&W and await their response.

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Update : Maxwell & Williams asked for photos of mugs which were duly sent. A couple of weeks later the company then sent 6 new mugs. So far no problems. Correspondence from M&W was extremely polite & professional with sincere apologies. Excellent customer service. Impressed.

Waste of money

I bought two of these Cashmere sets and after less than 6 months they are completely discoloured and feel rough and generally look like crap. I wouldn't recommend these at all.

poor quality

I brought a set 10 years ago, which was way better quality than recent rubbish I embarrassingly purchased as a gift. Maxwell Williams is no longer a good quality product, Target has better quality cheaper, dinner sets

Waste of money and very disappointing

Bought 2 Cashmere dinner sets 3 yrs ago and from the start the deterioration was obvious. The pattern in all of the dishes has lost the feature colour, the cups stain terribly, lots of crazing, some patterns are off centre, glazing has gone blotchy and dull, some are different thicknesses.
In 45 years I have never had this problem with any other set either expensive or cheap.
M & W suggested the dishwasher is probably the problem but no other wares are having any problems, including glassware.

Very disappointed

I have had my three dinners sets since last Sept 2014. It was only a short time and the most used items started to show deterioration on the glaze, some crazing and staining that refused to be washed off. 4 plates were replaced with the supplier placing the blame on my dishwasher and choice of powder. Since then the deterioration has got worse. I am very disappointed as I have had cheaper dinner sets that have lasted for years.

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This is JH Evandale , this is not my review, I have never bought Maxwell & Williams Cashmere, some how it has been put with my review of my Garmin GPS. JH


I bought two sets of the Maxwell & Williams Cashmere dinner set range 8 months ago. To my disappointment the dinner plates crazed badly. Myer kindly replaced the worst of the plates which I took back to the store. I was hoping that we had a bad batch. Unfortunately the glaze on the replacement plates has done the same thing. Previously we had a Maxwell and Williams set for for 10 years with no issues, so very disappointed with the poor quality of the Cashmere range.

Maxwell & Williams - Cashmere and Salt & Pepper EDGE - faulty glaze on side plates and dessert bowl

Very disappointed with these two products. Reputable stores shouldn't be selling these items. Dinner set plates and bowls should not have faulty glazes after a fairly short amount of use. The plates and bowls are only fit for the rubbish bin, once the glaze loses its gloss and goes dull and splotchy. These are not low budget priced items and consumers don't deserve to have these problems with them.

Maxwell & Williams Cashmere

Bought 3 sets of the visually beautiful Cashmere collection. After 2 years of daily use they are now showing a gas like discolouration on the dinner plates not to mention scratch's ! Now they are unuseable and unappealing for setting a table. Very disappointed

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August 2015 -- Update Spoke with a Maxwell & Williams supplier C.A. Paradise in my home town. They went directly to Maxwell & Williams representative with pictures I supplied. Within hours it was requested I bring in all 10 dinner plates and 13 smaller plates for a full replacement. Reason for discolouration was a manufacturing defect in the glazing approximately 2-3 years ago. Will continue to use these new ones daily which have a year warrentee -- will update this post if it becomes necessary.

Maxwell & Williams Cashmere

I too, am very disappointed in my cashmere dinner sets. All my mugs, plates and bowls have the glaze deteriorating. The insides of the mugs always appear dirty. Will never by Maxwell & Williams again. Unfortunately, before I bought, I had recommended my best friend to get these. She did, and hers are doing the same thing.


Within 1-2 years the plate and bowls had a dull dirty look about them. They have marked and chipped very easily....we are a family of 5 and not hard on our things. So disappointing that I threw the whole lot out. I will not be buying any more M&W products.

I love this set. It washes and wears wonderfully.

I have been very impressed with this set. The bowls are a great size. They wash up beautifully and haven't chipped. I got the set with the mugs and I would definitely buy another to supplement my existing set.

Poor Quality

I bought two sets of the Maxwell & Williams Cashmere dinner set range just over 12 months ago and like others who have reviewed this range have found that the glaze has worn and that the dishes mark. I wanted a fine bone china dinner set for everyday use and was assured that it was a quality product. I will never buy another Maxwell & Williams product again!


I bought three of the Cashmere dinner sets for every day use, about 18 months ago, thinking I would upgrade from the white basics. Even though they haven't chipped they seem to have scratched much more quickly. Not sure I would buy this brand again

Glaze not up to standard

Purchased two sets of Maxwell and Williams Cashmere over two years ago. Just a household of two people who entertain occasionally. Over the last year have noticed the glaze slowly deteriorating, giving the set a mother of pearl appearance. The pieces now mark easily and are difficult to clean.

Took the sets back to the store I originally purchased from in Hobart. They contacted the supplier who advised I polish them with Gumption. I did this on a few items and it made little difference. Have taken the set back to the shop and they are contacting the supplier again. They have told me not to get my hope up as it is "out of warranty". I truly believe that I have a reasonable expectation that these sets should have lasted longer and should be entitled to a refund/exchange under Australian consumer law.

This is very disappointing as they're not a super cheap set. Granted, they're not Wedgwood, but they still should be a long-lasting quality product for the price.

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Questions & Answers

I have just purchased a 12 setting Cashmere dinner set. After reading these reviews I'm really disappointed. I destroyed the receipts after purchasing as I never thought I would need them. I have had my last every day dinner set for 45 years (Royal Alma with big family using every day) and apart from a few breakages it never chipped or stained. It was never meant for dishwasher or microwave and has just recently started to craze. I'm now thinking I have done the wrong thing with my purchase of the Cashmere set.
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Mine is from the coloured Enchante range. The yellow and blue pieces have lost their glaze, red and pink pieces still okay ( I purchased a mix of pieces for casual dining) I don’t have white so don’t know if it stands the test of time. I hope this is helpful BabsThank you Suzi K. How disappointing for you! I have never had that happen to any china I have owned! Looks as though I'm going to have to wait and see what happens to my white Cashmere set.

Can you buy side plates to match cashmere floral cups &saucers?
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I believe so. Try Myer they might have stockThank you for your prompt attention to my query

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