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Maxwell & Williams Microstoven

Maxwell & Williams Microstoven

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Never had a problem with my round casserole

My round casserole with lid has been used many times for gas top cooking of rice-pudding - great - never sticks. Also used in the oven uncovered many, many times to roast my whole chickens (semi upright) and does a marvellous job. Never had a problem, easy to clean. I have owned this put for several years. I note that they are now quite hard to find - maybe some products were faulty and removed from sale??

Date PurchasedApr 2013

Reasonable cookware that looks nice until it breaks

Looks nice in the the shops. Works okay until it chips on the lightest impact or cracks when you use it on a hotplate. Two expensive casserole dishes now broken through reasonable use in line with the manufacturer's instructions. Not happy, and probably off warranty.

Date PurchasedMay 2015

Perfect ... really can't live without it !

I have had my Microstoven pot for eight years until I dropped it tonight. It has performed perfectly for the entire time and I really have to replace it ... and buy a couple more as well. So sorry for users who have had problems with the product as my experience has been faultless. I will re-review when I have put my new pots to work for a while.

Date PurchasedSep 2009

Very disappointed

Brought the chef du minds in December, always wanted one got the red of it, but it cracked in two once I put it in the oven... had a big mess to clean up, very disappointing... maxwell Williams you need to sort this out please...

Date PurchasedDec 2017

Terrible smell

I loved my microstoven at first but now I get a terrible smell from it which permeates into everything cooked in it. Wished I had never bought it and I am about to toss in the garbage bin. Seemed to happen after I stewed some rhubarb in it on the stovetop - was OK before then.

Date PurchasedMar 2015


I have a microstoven only used about 12 times.
Browning meat in it today and the bottom fell out whilst I was cooking on the stove. I was in disbelief that an expensive pot like this could do this. I have sent a complaint to Maxwell and Williams!!!

Date PurchasedJun 2016


i have heard many good things about this bake ware. my husband gave this to me as a gift because i was hinting him to buy this for ages. basically, this is like an all purpose pot. i use on the stove to cook curries and the meat turns out to be very tender. also, i use it to bake as well.

Date PurchasedMay 2016

Breaks too easily

I was very excited when I bought 3 new Maxwell Williams oven-to-table-to-fridge bake ware dishes. On the FIRST use in the oven, the one dish cracked. I heard this bang and thought it may have been the pork crackling. When I took the cooked food out of the oven, I noticed the crack and the oil from the food had leaked all over my oven. I am taking these dishes back tomorrow for a refund. How sad, as this is the first time I have had an issue with Maxwell Williams products. I have noticed from the reviews that I am not the first one to complain about the dishes breaking in heat.

Date PurchasedJun 2017

I broke mine

I've had my red lasagna dish with the non-stick surface for years. I used it tonight and dropped it in the floor and broke it! I was online trying to find a replacement and came across all of these negative reviews. I'm sorry for the horrific experiences because mine was wonderful, I only have the pie plate left. I used mine on the oven to bake my meats and the I would use it on the stove to make my gravy and never had any bad experiences.

Date PurchasedAug 2012

Good product until it cracked during cooking

I bought the lasagne/ baking dish three ago for its dual cooking purposes e g: stove top to oven. It had been working fine until this week when half way through cooking, the dish cracked! Two other friends I told had a similar thing happen. The microstoven product is not as multi functional as suggested.

Date PurchasedJul 2013

I would buy more of the same - Lasagna Dish

I bought it in red to replace my old ceramic large lasagne dish. After using it repeatedly at home, I made a lasagna to take for dinner to my friend's home and she loved it so much - the aesthetics, large size, ease of cleaning - that I had to give her one. It's worthwhile mentioning she is not very expressive at all. I've had it for nearly 4 years now and it's the go to favourite baking dish (cakes, lasagna, cannelloni, roast, etc.)
I used mine for baking too and never had a problem with smell or flavour transfers. The surface allows the even heating of the bottom and sides making it a bit faster to bake than the regular tin pans. I laugh remembering I doubted about buying my wonderful Maxwell&Williams Microstoven or a traditional Pyrex.
Although it says it's dishwasher safe, my baking dish hasn't been into the dishwasher, it's so easy to clean that usually got washed and put away immediately.

Loved it to start with, but non stick doesnt last

When i first bought one of the dishes I loved it. So much that I went back and bought several other sizes and they got used several times a week. However soon after my casserole dish ( which I had been very careful about correct heat use and cleaning) had the non stick coating start to come off where the edge of my stew had cooked onto the sides. Thinking this was an uncommon fault and still loving the dishes I took this back to the store ( it was only a month or so after purchase) and got a replacement. Now I find that the non stick coating on the pie dish is also bubbling off.
These are fantastic dishes when they work but the durability of the non stick coating is a major disappointment.
Don't think I would bother going back to buy any more.

terrible smell that now filters into my food

I bought the casserole dish two years ago, I don't use it that often. However, the last two times I have used it, there has been an offensive smell that I cant get rid off and now it's in my bolognese sauce. I seriously wont be using it again. I have only ever used it for simmering, so heat shouldn't have been an issue. anyone else has this?

Excellent all purpose baker

I got the lasagne dish (large rectangular) as a gift and have loved using it. I have had it now for about 3 years and use it for lasagne, scallop potatoes, roasts, etc. I have mainly used it in the oven and only recently tried it on the stove top to make gravy in it after a roast was cooked in it. You do need to be careful as it is only usable to max 200C so I only used it on low with the gas cooktop as I have no idea how hot the stovetop gets. It can be a little annoying if you want to hurry up the browning as you can't crank up the oven any more than 200C but apart from that, it is great versatile baker that is super easy to clean (it goes in the dishwasher and comes out clean). Would definitely replace it if it broke.
Easy to clean. Lasagne dish is a great all-purpose size.
Only need to be careful about excess temperatures.

Great product

I've had this for a couple of years and love it. It works well on the stove for browning and then you can bung it straight into the oven for braising. We have gas so pretty hot and It has been fine. The non stick interior makes it super easy to clean
Versatile, great value, easy to use.
In general I find non-stick makes it hard to brown things properly.

Casserole Dish cracks on hotplate

Be very careful with these as I have two that were fine in the oven but cracked on the hotplate. Very disappointing as they seemed to be so versatile, particularly for caravans where space is at a premium. I have other Microstoven products which I will not put anywhere near a hotplate.
Light weight, easy to clean and works in oven and microwave
Not suitable for hotplates. There should be a warning about this.

Watch your heat setting...

I bought one of these as I had been to Vietnam and did a cooking class there. I wanted a clay baker but couldn't fine ione and this was the closest I could get. I bought it on sale and loved it the minute I used it. Able to be used on stovetop, in oven and to microwave...perfect I thought. I used it many times in the fiorst couple of weeks and it was sghreat. Cleaned so well and things really do not stick to it... Until one day I forgot to turn the heat down on the electric stovetop and I heard a laoud bang and here was my lovely dish cracked in two. I quickly slavaged the meal from the top part and had to throw the rest out. it is an expensive mistake to make. I have now bought another one on special and will use it when I install my new gas stove top. I find it hard to regulate electric elements so I think it was due to excessive heat..
Fodd does not stick. You can brown the meat on the stove then put it in the oven and reheat in the microwave and serve at the table all in one dish.
Anyw excessive heat will crack it very quickly... hard to use on electric if it is hard to determine heat setting. They say it can be used on electric stove but be very very careful if you do as it will crack in a second if it is too hot.

Excellent Value and good quality

I have now purchased several Microstoven items. Fantastic in that it can be used on the stovetop as well as in the oven. Can't fault the product. It is extremely easy to clean as well as being dishwasher safe. Great range of colours also available. I did purchase whilst item was on sale.
Very easy to clean and good value

Absolute junk. Don't wast your money. Easily breakable and gives of some kind of chemical smell after a few washes as of the nonstick coating is coming off. Terribleabsolutley fantastic, great stuff!

Questions & Answers

Where in Melbourne do you buy it? And how much?
2 answers
I bought it at Myers and I think it was around $60, I think they're cheaper now.I bought it at Myers and I think it was around $60, I think they're cheaper now.

How to care for the non stick surface?
1 answer
I wash it with dishwashing liquid, let it dry or dry it with kitchen cloth or paper towel. Then... I wipe a tiny bit of coconut oil into it. I guess it's working, as many years of use later the non stick stays non stick and black, by the way.

What is microstoven made out of?
1 answer
Hi Andrea, It is made from stonewear and is dishwasher, microwave, stove, oven and freezer safe.


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