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Maxxis MT-762 Bighorn

Maxxis MT-762 Bighorn

4.0 from 28 reviews

Great mud tyres.

Had these tyres on my first np300 and they are a great tyre . On road they were a little bit noisy but not to bad for a MT. On road these tyres have been the best in mud that i have ever used . No need to drop tyre pressure's as the grip is outstanding. I would highly recommend them to anyone.


Caravan told the story!!

I bought a new dual axle caravan from the old UNIVERSAL GROUP and it was fitted with MT 762's. After towing for two years around Australia and doing approximately 28,000 kms they looked like new. Honestly with a fully loaded 25' caravan I was amazed. We never had a puncture or blowout during this time and the grip and durability was exceptional. They showed minimal signs of wear and we're still in great condition. We had a big moment down near Wilson's Prom. On an unmarked corner. Half way into the corner which was much sharper than thought the road dropped with reverse chamber and the outside wheels of the van dropped off the shoulder. If it wasn't for the tyres and the way they held in the rocky edge and then found there way back on the shoulder we would have been off in the trees. Since then I have had to replace the tyres on my D-Max and I have fitted it with MT-762's. Great Tyre

Car2015 universal Spartan 25' dual axle caravan. 2014 D-Max 4X4

Happy Customer

I have just purchased a second set of tyres after getting 95000km (4 tyres no spare) out of the first set with no punctures, lost tread blocks, sidewall cuts or bead breaks. Standard size 235/85R16 10 ply at 45/70psi @ 110 hwy front/rear and 35/45 psi @ 80 dirt/gravel. Travelled often at GVM. Used extensively on sand at 12psi and gravel and bush tracks. Can dig in quickly in sand depending on driving style. Many highway kilometers to Sydney too. I avoid mud where possible but I have never been stuck when i have been in mud. They do wear unevenly across the tread so have had to rotate to avoid excessive vibration. Happy repeat customer although the price has gone up.

CarDefender 110

Boghorns are bang for bucks!

You will pay much more for other brands, but on dodgy terrain these tyres stick like glue! You can spend heaps more, but value for money wise these are the duck's guts! Mud, sand, rocks, snow all get eaten by these bad boys. Easy to get hold of, my tyre bloke says they are easy to fit.

Car1997 Nissan Patrol

Maxxis MT 762

Have tried a few brands of mud tyres on the old Lux in 265/75R16 and recently got some 17" rims so decided on the 275/70R17 Maxxis MT762 8ply and straight away found the ride comfort no where near as harsh as the 16" 10plys. You can feel the lugs twist as you apply power down and have increased my pressures to suit my driving style. No noisier than any other mud I've had from Mickey's to Generals. Best wet grip was General Grabber MT. Best steering response is Mickey MTZ's followed by Maxxis MT762.
Never had dramas in sand just air down to suit.
Will see how they go km wise.
Just nice to have some ride comfort instead of the bone jarring ride

Car2002 Hilux TD 4x4 D/C


Are the tyres durable? = they are not as durable as other tyres of the same price, they need that little bit more on the side to make them come up to scratch with other muddies and stop the chaffing of the side wall, but money for value they are very good
How do the tyres impact the performance of your car? = these tyres lack performance in certain conditions that other tyres I have had did not lack --- just like all muddies they are dangerous on wet roads so slow down and don't blame the tyres when you slide of the road especially at roundabouts and yes they are NOISY deal with it

Car1989 toyota 4x4 ute

Amazing tyre

Done 70,000kms on the tyre and still have another 5,000kms left to go. They have been up the Cape (frenchmans and old tele track) and numerous trips to cooktown, creb track and dalbeg in the burdekin. They have had a fair amount of the black bitumen mileage too. Great tyre would recommend to anyone

CarHilux sr5

Excellent value and performance

255/65R17 had these as off-road tires on a second set of rims for my 2006 Grand Cherokee. Excellent value for money, fantastic grip and very hard wearing on all surfaces. Got a couple of plugs in them now from some rough rocks and got them down to 12psi on the sand dunes before one started to leak with sand ion the bead but was going pretty hard and climbing with corners so impressed all the same with the performance. Noisy on the blacktop but that's to be expected when you look at the tread. I reckon probably put 20kms on them and minimal wear so far, maybe 2mm.? All round i would recommend definitely value to money for what you get no question.

Car2006 Grand Cherokee

My favourite MT (Mud Terrain) tyre hands down!

Best value for money Mud Terrain tyres on the market today as far as I'm concerned, I own a Nissan Patrol GU that had the wobbles with other brands, went to the Big Horn's (size LT255/85x16) and got rid of the wobbles significantly!, would recommend these tyres to any Nissan Patrol GU driver that gets that annoying wheel vibration at certain speeds, good looking, great off-road tyres as well! on my 3rd set and still very pleased with them.

CarNissan Patrol GU


For bang for buck I recon they are the best. have been to Frazer Island on the beach in hot dry conditions deep soft sand no problem. I had Patrol loaded so much that the rear was riding on the bump stops. I have found them to be at least 40% better than the Bridgestone rubbish the patrol comes with in the rain. go figure.. a mud tyre that's excellent in the rain. wear is ok, I am getting about 50K out of them mainly on road. they are quiet for muddies but when they wear down they get noisier. grip off road is awesome.

no lockers needed

Big horns best in mud compared to bfg mud/all terrains maxxis for hard core 4x4 blokes not pretenders like alot of bfg mud/all terrain blokes eg Mr Moss all show no go

Great Off-Road Tyre, Excellent Value

I've had my Maxxis Bighorn 762s for 4 years now and I'll be buying them again. Yes they are noisey on road, but mine have gotten quiter as they've worn, and they are much quiter at 32psi then they are at say 40psi, they also grip better at lower psi, I used to think they were a bit slippery on wet road (all mud tyre are) but reducing the pressure helped a lot.

Mine have 40,000km of off-road, dirt and Freeway kms and they have worn nice and evenly. No balance issues for me but my old truck isn't exactly a Rolls Royce, I think all the wheel weights fell off the first time I went off-road but it's no different at 110kph as it is with freshly balanced road tyres.

I have busted one sidewall on a sharp rock but 2 other guys with Mickey Thompsons busted there's on the same spot and mine held air till the next day, where thiers went down straight away.

Great off-road grip in all conditions!

Maxxis m/t-762 big horn

Well I have been running a set of maxxis big horn m/ts 32's on 15/8 rims....on my old rangie for 6 years admittedly only doing about 10,000km per year but highway and off road in the victorian high country
Extremely good value for money do what they are meant to and wear well, value for dollar hands down over ridiculously priced BFG and coopers.
Now put a set of 17" on my mazda bt50.....again very happy at295 a corner vs 450-500 for others.....

Balance problems

I purchased a set about 12 mths ago done 10,000 km they started vibrating balanced them at 3 diff tyre stores sent back to where I bought them for a claim and maxxis will do nothing about it apparently my fault for not rotating them will never buy them again

Bad warranty

Balance issues

Had 33" Big Horns fitted to my Hilux. They were great for the first 10,00km or so then I had vibration issues. Had all the fixes done, wheel alignments, balances, rotations, tail shaft balance, centre bearing chnage etc. Finally I managed a look at the tyres on the balance machine, they were flat spotted in a couple of locations. Finally after spending a fortune on the fixes my tyre retailer managed to get a partial refund.
Good traction in the mud and rocks, not too noisy. No block loss, bag out well for sand but at lower than expected pressures.
Balance issues, uneven wear.

Great for all conditions

Great tyre especially for the price you pay! Great in mud cos they just dig and dig until they find the grip! Not built for sand but once pressures are at 25 or below I traveled Fraser for a week didn't get stuck once. Great in snow, they are harder compound so need to drive appropriately on road in icy conditions, but tell me a tyre that is great in ice....? I got 85k from my last set and they are still going on a trailer, in 33s with at least 90% on road driving. Now onto second set that have 20k on them still looking brand new. If you take the time and adjust the pressures and rotate every 10k they will easily outlast any BFGs or Coopers.... and cost 2/3 the price! Winning!
reliable, cheap, tough looking, hard wearing
Can be a little noisy - motivation to play louder music or Bigger exhaust

Can walk the talk

Had set of 32" on my patol gu the last year and half and they look great and go well. will dig you into the the sand if you spin em too hard (driver error) but well aired down does the trick. great in the mud and those side walls grip well. not too loud on the road. the wear rate looks fine too after 15k of mainly bitumen
Price, wear rate, great in mud n rocks
Avoid digging in on the sand

Overall they are good.

Had these tyres on my patrol for a few years now and they still going well, been across the Simpson desert and never let me down, side walls are tough and bag out when let down. Good grip in the wet compared to other tyres i've tried. Little noisy on the highway but you gotta expect this from a mud tyre.
Using 315/75/16 and they do grip well off road and are pretty good on the beach as long as you let em down to 20 or less.
They need balancing more as they get older like most big tyres.

Tyre Disaster

What a waste of money. These tyres are a good example of how not to make a tyre. They are loud on-road and they don't grip on icy or wet roads. I spoke to the distributer who refused to help in any way with the tyre. Take my advice use these tyres as a swing of the kids, but not on your 4X4.

Noisy, delicate, usless on wet roads.

I would like you to find a mud tyre yet alone any tyre that will do well in ice conditions its a mud tyre not a rally tyreMrX if you needed tires for wet or icy roads that need to be quiet why would you pick a mud tire???

Terrible - Avoid at all costs.

I have a 1998 Pathfinder and I have done over 200,000 is all terrain and my car has never had any handling problems. Since I Have fitted the big horn tyres, my car has become lethal in wet conditions, when driven on road. I have had one accident, where the car simply ran off the road as I cornered on a wet road - the front wheels completely lost traction in the wet. I have had another near miss, again when driving on wet roads, the front wheels aqua-planed and again all steering control was lost. I am very disappointed and consider the tyres at best a complete wast of money and at worst, a death trap waiting to happen.

Absolutely no grip on road in the wet.

Have never had this problem on my Patrol i have run these for a whole winter, i think you need to learn to drive to the conditions. i travel on the freeway and country roads at 100-110kmh never have i aqua planed in heavy rain. off road these tires are awesome never caused me any dramas. Dont listen to reviews where people cant drive to match the conditions, aquaplaining into a corner you must be driving like a absolute ID#OT.Have to agree with NatDe. These tyres are a complete waste of money. Their side walls are delicate and yes, they are completely useless on wet roads. Would rather save my money for second hand re-treds, rather then these pieces of rubbish.if ppl use these tyre for what they are intended no one would be having an issue if you like 4wding i have always had two sets of tyres one set for on road one set for off road you will never have a problem i run 5 tyres of each yes the origional cost is a bit of an out lay but if you rotate the 5 tyres when on road and the 5 tyres when off road then like me you wont have an issue as your using the tyres for their intended purpose i get 6 yrs out of my tyres how i run them how many yrs do you guys get

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How this will performs on my forester ? On 235/75r15
2 answers
I personally would not put this type of tyre on that carYou could elaborate a little more on the answer. given that I'm evaluating installing that pneumatic measure, to get out of the tires rim 17

How do the side wall handle sticks,rocks etc has anyone experienced any issues in this area.
2 answers
Honestly they are ok but a little soft they need more tread on the side walls like the 4x4 TRA6873R especially in mud, the tread on the side also protects the tyre from sticks, rocks slashing them.I had one speared and penetrated through the wall by a twig about the diameter of a pencil. The tyre stayed up and got me home. I don't know how any other tyre would have managed in the circumstances.

How do these tyres perform on 4 x 4 trailers?
4 answers
Have had no trouble 4wding it's just if something goes wrong with the tyres maxxis have a terrible warranty won't honer their claimsGood to know that, thanks. I just recently acquired a pre owned trailer and it had these Maxxis 753 Bravos fitted. I guess ill use them till they need to be replaced. Paul MooreI haven't had them on a trailer, but I imagine that the would be great though. They have performed well for me on a 4wd ute, 4wd Wagon and also a short wheelbase 4wd, and varied loads from nothing to fully loaded with over a ton on the ute.


MT-762 Bighorn
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