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My Swash CL get stuck at every edge of the pool and maintain at this positions for many minutes. If it happens at the corner of the poll it will stay there till the end of the program. Any suggestion?
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Hi Shimon. When a robot gets stuck on the edge of a step or ledge, it may be due to these areas being too narrow for the robot to then climb back down. If this happens, gently guide the robot off from where it is stuck and it should be able to then manage on its own. Please do not hesitate to contact us on 1300 693 657 option 2 for via reply email to customercareau@maytronics.com for further assistance.

Have had my dolphin swash for 4 years now. It has not been working very well. Have replaced the blade and Had it serviced earlier in the year. Supposedly it should be working again but unfortunately not. Is this normal and is there somewhere I can take the cleaner to be serviced once again? Thank you Jane Bennett ( West End) Brisbane QLD
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I would call the manufacturer and request repair under the Australian consumer law. This is an expensive item and should last a reasonable time.Good Morning Jane, We are sorry to hear that your Swash is not functioning the way that it should be. It is not normal for any robot to still be experiencing difficulties after repair/service. We do have a dealer located close by to your West End location, in Norman Park. Please call us on 1300 693 657 or email customercareau@maytronics.com and we can connect you quickly Prior to taking the robot in to a dealer for assessment, could you please advise as to what you mean by it not working well? Thank you.

Hi, bought a swash dolphin and the suction seems inadequate to suck up the debris in my pool, is there a tip to improve the suction? I hose the bag out each time, thanks Jon
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Hi Jon, please call us on 1300 693 657 and we will run through some options with you.I had the same problem. The dealer Poolside in Wangaratta, who sold it to my client, kept on stalling making excuses. So finally the Maytronics Breaside team were alerted online by email. This resulted in me carefully filing a report on what I observed and they then suggested bringing it to them from as far as Wangaratta Victoria, a distance of some 300 kilometers. I was acting for someone else and asked him about it. It was going to cost quite a bit of time and cost for fuel to get it there. It was never pointed out to me that the seller was responsible for the transport to and from Wangaratta. After suggesting a new filter pack instead of the bag (I had cleaned it and it got blocked (not full) after some ten minutes) which I felt could solve it it was sent of. It has been working fine after the whole unit was sent of for the conversion. It runs much better and I feel that the condition of the pool as far as chemicals go is not the problem as is stated in Matronics literature. It may have been designed for a pool under those conditions but electronically and mechanically it would not make any difference on its performance. A dirty pool is another matter however, as these units are only able to keep a pool clean, not to actually clean a very neglected pool. This pool cleaner with the new filter works well and the bag system should be abandoned. Yet the dealer locally contends that she has had no problems with them. I wonder about the truth of this matter.... Kudos to Maytronics for fixing it, but brickbats for not alerting me to the dealers responsibility for freight back to the technical department.

Can someone please help me i have had this swash pool cleaner 2years was working fine now it has completely stopped wont turn on ...what do i do...thank you
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Hi Therese, can you please call our national support line on 1300 693 657, we can then provide local service support. It sounds like an issue with your power supply's RCD. Our local service agent will be able to diagnose the issue very quickly via the analyser.If it's not under warranty I would take it to the local pool shop to see what they can do. Hopefully, it is a simple problem.

I have a swash dolphin and I find that it doesn't clean the deep end of the pool. It climbs my fiber glass pool in the shallow end well but it never seems to do the deep end or even go there? The bag is clean and I even put it in the deep end. Just a thought King as well, they do sell hard mesh bags, around 200 dollars, Iv'e looked into it as well as I have lots of leaves. Hope someone can help. Ian
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Hi Ian, I've not experienced any such issues with my Swash. Are you starting off by putting it in the middle of your pool and ensuring the blue cord is fully unrolled with as much as possible of the cord in the water so the Swash can move freely throughout its cycle? Otherwise I can only suggest discuss with your retailer as there is obviously something not right with the sensors/programming. My Swash did not start at all recently and through APS, I sent it back under warranty to Dolphin who fixed the issue -only took a bit over a week and has been working fine since then. Best of luck! Sue.

Hi I have recently purchased a Swash TC model I find it cleans the pool very well but have to empty the filter bag about every half hour when the light comes on the power unit. This is frustrating . Is this normal or am I doing something wrong ? Thank you King
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Hi King, I have not (yet?) had to empty the bag on my Swash during a cleaning cycle. However, the first time I used it in the pool, by the end of the cycle the bag was VERY full (a lot of sandy/silt type content and gum flower "fluff" - things you can't really scoop up manually). It may well have been near alerting to needing an empty, and the cycle finished...(?) Also, check that the bag is in the unit correctly and is not caught up somehow preventing the bag from expanding to cope with the volume of debris being sucked up. There is a bit of a 'knack' to getting the bag over the frame & in the groove around the base & the rubber keepers in place so it all fits in & locks into the base of the unit without restriction. If you are still not sure if you've got the hang of operating your Swash, do talk to staff from your place of purchase - they may even be able to come and do a site visit for a small fee and assist with any practical operational issues you may still have. Cheers, Sue

I have a firbeglass pool what would be best cleaner to get a Dolphin swash or swash cl or Dolphin supreme m3.or m4 what is the difference between the two?
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Hi John, my pool has a pebblecrete surface and the Swash has been great. I don't specifically recall the other Dolphin models I looked at, however the staff member at APS was very knowledgeable across the range and advised me which would be best suited for my pool size, surface, environment etc and my budget! :) So I would really recommend talking to your local stockist and having a look at the various models in person. I do remember the more expensive models had the ability to climb right up the walls, and the more powerful/larger models also had a shorter time for their cleaning cycle. I have found my Swash is able to get vertical as well (though not right to the top) as well as onto the stairs and has a 3 hour cleaning cycle. Cheers, Sue.The swash range comes with filter bags and the supreme range uses cartridge filters. The swash and M3 are floor only models while the M4 and swash CL does the wall as well. The supreme range also has a longer warranty coverage.

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