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Does the x30 come with a seven day timer option on the power pack
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Hi Maytronics. What does the limited warranty cover on the X30. Bit concerned as most have 2 year warranty. Are all parts replaceable.
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Hi Kehani. The limited warranty covers all parts in the first year and the robot's power supply, the blue cable and the motor in the second year. Please contact us on 1300 693 657 option 2 or at customercareau@maytronics.com for any further enquiries.Thankyou. Was making enquiries before purchase. Have since bought the x30. Works great so far.

Does the X30 have memory of the pool so it covers all area of our pool?
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It seems to map out the pool to start with each time. It covers the entire pool during each cycle, with the exception of the small area behind the steps which it can't get into. It also cleans the walls and the 'tide mark', the latter now non-existent.Hi Sandi. Thank you for your enquiry. The Dolphin X30 has scanning software enabled so that it scans the pool each time it is in use. As this robot has an idea pool length of 12 metres, it will clean the floor, walls and waterline during its cycle.

Can the x30 be fitted with the same lead as the s200 so the swivel is in the lead if its the same machine as stated by Maytronics in the Dec 14 post in reply to Chris question?
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Hello. The Dolphin X30 is able to be fit with the same cable as the S200. If you would like more information regarding this, please contact us on 1300 693 657 or at customercareau@maytronics.com and we will do our best to assist.

is the x30 series the same as the s 200 series
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Hi Chris, Thank you for your message. The Dolphin X-Series X30 and the Dolphin S-Series S200 are the same machine with regards their ability to provide an excellent clean. The differences between the robots are are that the S200 has the option of a weekly timer and its 18m cable comes with a swivel feature whereas the X30 does not. The X30 still however, does have an 18m cable and does clean the floor, walls and waterline like its S200 counterpart. Please call us on 1300 693 657 or email customercareau@maytronics.com should you require further assistance.

I have a Dolphin X30 pool cleaner. When I turn it on it goes for about 5 seconds and stops. i have turnedoff and back on again. Tried several times but still encounter the same problem. Any ideas?
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Best option is to call us at Maytronics on 1300 693 657 so we can identify exactly what is going on and provide you with product support to get your Dolphin performing well.

DOLPHIN X30 Do you have to dismantle the finer debri basket by unscrewing everytime you use it or is it possible to lift ithe basket out intact and squirt it clean with the hose?
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No screwdriver required, Denise. The basket just lifts out for emptying and cleaning. The four filter panels are easily removed and replaced, they push out and click back into place. Just be aware that they are not all the same shape (they are not rectangles) and must be removed and replaced in a sequence. Child's play once you've done it twice. It takes a minute or two, no more.Hi Denise, here is a short You Tube clip on how to clean your filters: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=qjI68D2Ib4Q&index=4&list=PLMpoplyyIgHF6Be_bG-wZoCSAHIUr46A2 (may need to copy and paste the complete link). If you still experience trouble or can't view the video, please call us at Maytronics on 1300 693 657 and we will gladly step you through the process of cleaning the filters.

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