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Mazda CX-9
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Value for money Cruiser

Recently purchased the Classic 2wd model,for a growing family.Amazingly good driving and the feeling of being quite safe in a car which travels effortlessly around town.Quite easy to get the kids in and out of the car.
It is great to have seperate air conditioning control to the rear passengers.
Was very happy with our Mazda 3,now this Mazda cx9 is also very good.
Steering,handling,brakes,performance and space galore.
A large car to park at shopping centre car parks.


Great car execpt for the fuel consumption.

We have had the 2008 model for 6 years. The only problem we have had is failed front wheel bearing and the third row buckles falling apart. It has mobs of power and excellent handling and looks good. The bumpers are also very tough from the number of low speed speed impacts we have had.
Horrific city fuel consumption. We get over 20l/100km. For this factor alone we would not buy another one unless it was diesel.
Kids have kicked the rear airconditioning controls clean off. (They stick out and are right at toddler kicking height).
The silvered plastics wear (esp left drivers footwell)

Our 2007 model with 200k has done both front wheel bearings, one rear buckle broken, no a/c controls in back due to kids feet, silver plastic very worn, and we are on to our sixth set of tyres at about $2k per set!!!! The mazda mechanic wants to changeover another $1700 worth of parts that are due for replacement or are worn out / leaking...time to move on...In regards to tyres. The 'bob janes' of this world will charge you $500-$600 ea. I ended up getting them from ozzytyres and fitted at my local BP for <$1k. It seems the importers are gouging the traditional retailers, but places like ozzy are cutting out the middlemen with direct importing.I'm with leighb... I fitted 4 brand new Pirelli Scorpion STRs for $260 each fitted - like Leigh I got them delivered from Ozzy (not an entirely painless experience, so give yourself a time buffer of a month) and got them fitted by a local tyre place. Grant, we reached 110K on two sets of tyres - six sets for 200K indicates you might be a bit tough on your gear (sorry, no offence intended mate). We've had three kids in the back for three years now and not a mark on our AC knobs. Silver plastics paneling still looks OK too, but have heard of others complaining about it marking easily. Mind you I'm driving a 2008? Good luck in your search.

A great car if you need the size

Have owned a second hand CX9 2008 model for 3 years now and couldn't be happier. We owned two European cars before this one (VW and BMW) and I will never go back to Euro. I can't understand what people are saying below that its so expensive - they obviously haven't owned a BMW!

Major Services have cost me $523 and $581
Minor services cost me $297 and $279
And that's at Eager Mazda service centre, so there'd be other places that you could get it done cheaper. I don't regard that as being expensive though - not compared to Euro cars... (shudder)... never again.

Fuel consumption is an issue. We do only city driving and live in a hilly area. I am a very gently driver and can achieve 16.5 L/100km - my wife is more of a lead foot and does around 18.25L/100km. (Sandy below if you're doing 22L/100km you've either got something wrong with your engine or your driving). Going from the BMW 320i Touring Wagon on premium unleaded to the CX9 on regular our fuel consumption in dollar terms is only $5 per week more. Considering we are moving 25% more people (since we had our third child!) that's not a bad increase.

I have just replaced all four tyres with Pirelli Scorpion STRs for $260 each fitted - that is $1040 for a full fitted set. Just the same as any other car. Anyone who says this car is expensive for tyres doesn't know how to shop around! Get online, do some research, ring up local places and get them bargaining - don't just accept what the first shop tells you! I really wanted these tyres as I think they're the best - the first place quoted me $450 per tyre - even that would have been $1800 - but I almost halved that with 15 phone calls! Do some work people and stop whinging.

No you don't need special car spaces to park in - its wheel base is only 10cm wider than a normal big car - its mirrors do stick out a bit, but learn to park and you'll be fine. Parking sensors would be handy on this car - but the camera is pretty good (although slightly annoying its mounted off-centre... still, you get used to it)

Its one of the few cars where you can fit 3 full car seats across the back seat (middle row of seats only - no anchor points in the third row). It fits under a lower garage (1.8 m) entrance, which we needed, because it doesn't have an aerial sticking out the roof - its incorporated into the back window - a big selling point for us.

It has scary power - I've only floored it once to get around a truck, and I won't do it again (and don't need to - the pickup is impressive.) But then you pay for it in fuel consumption.

If you can get over the fuel thing its simply a superb car - and sooooo quiet and well finished. I love it, and prey for a diesel model.

Mazda cx9

We bought the mazda cx9 after looking at all the SUV's available where we lived. We had owned a Kia carnival which was good and served its purpose whilst having 4 kids under four!
We purchased the mazda after talking a lot to owners and test drives ect!!! Have to say we love it. It's a comfortable well built value for money car that I feel safe in. Yes it could be better on fuel around town but costs us no more than the 2 people movers we owned previously... Love it!!!!
Roomy car but not bulky.. Fits 4 kids easy great to travel In!! Mazdas service is top class
Little expensive on fuel

You need to be super rich to run and maintain it

20 inch tyres cost me $2800 to replace. I do city driving only 20 ~ 22 L / 100 kms. have to find special parking due to its size. Very expansive to service. Bit off body roll but that expected of vechile of that size.Car's Looks is great and ride is comfortable

Expansive to run / maintain. If you need 3 row seats then only buy

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Don't go to a normal tyre place, as they get ripped off by the importers. I buy them online for about $220ea (ozzy tyres) delivered then get my local service centre to fit them for <$100. Thus it cost me < $1000 to change all 4 on a CX-9 with 20" rims.

Great car but a gas guzzler

This s a great looking car fir a family SUV but had a few negatives that Mazda should fix such ad :
- horrid fuel consumption
- feet room in front passenger seat . Conversion to RHD has left us Aussies we little space in the footwell
- roof a bit low for tall drivers
Style, handling
Fuel use, front footwell space

North American "Truck" of the year 2008

My brother had a CX9, 2008 model until 2012

I drove it quite a bit though so I feel I know it well enough to review it.

Seriously, this was truck of the year 2008. This cannot be classed as a car due to its extreme size and weight.

This was designed for the US market and has a really annoying design issue. There is simply no space for my left knee in the drivers seat. No matter how I adjust the seat my left knee is always against the hard plastic of the dash. I would hate to be in an accident in this car.

The 20 inch wheels are impressive but leave it with horrible ride. The car is easily unsettled on bumps and never feels planted on the road. Jiggly is the best word I can come up with. When the truck was released there was only one brand of tyre for it which was over $800 per wheel. This is a huge problem as you will be lucky to get 20,000km from the tyres (especially if you have a leaded foot). You can now get falken tyres and they are about $500 each.

The interior is pleasant, but the paint that mazda used for the silver highlights comes off very quickly. It has almost no wear resistance. Most people are buying this to transport kids, so be aware that your lovely interior will quickly look second hand due to poor quality materials.

The engine has so much power its ridiculous. You can easily outrun most traffic and scare the kids to death at the same time. The power costs, as it loves to drink heavily. Hopefully you don't have to pay for it. Getting it on a lease through work might be ok...

Only the second row of seats have baby anchors, the third row does not have any anchors. This could be a problem for some people. The third row seats are too tight for adults.

The car has terrible blind spots and it is dangerous when trying to merge onto the motorway. Twisting your head doesn't help the situation. Later model years have a blind spot monitoring system, which tells you if its safe to merge. It should have been standard from the beginning. As should have been reversing sensors. Its incredibly difficult to park the beast.

For some reason people like these trucks, I had people in other cars staring at me with envy at traffic lights whenever I drove it. I just don't get it. Its just too big and too clumsy.
Sunroof is nice, very fast
Where do i start? expensive to buy, expensive to maintain, expensive tyres, thirsty

Great car and highly recommend

This car is excellently resented and drives like a dream. The interior is immaculate with lots of room, seat warmer and sun roof added extras are nice. Fuel economy not too bad for a V6. A very smooth drive. We can fit 3 kids car seats in them - 2 toddler and 1 baby capsule. So plenty of room.
Interior and smooth drive.
It is big but that is half the point.


Great couple car

This car has been a great model for Mazda. I wasn't sure about buying one but have been really happy with it as a city SUV. It sits well on the road. Has many features at not a high price tag, including sunroof, good sound system and speed control. I woud recommend one to any young professional.
Feels like a big car, not not too big.
Rattles abit.


mazda cx-9

Great car, but uses a lot of fuel.
also doesnt fit 2 carseats and alow you to have access to the rear row as the middle seat is raised so is not stable enough to support the baby seat, so you must use the outer seats.
is great for the occasional 7 seater with leg room for a teenager.
Leg room in the 3rd row
Should have been diesel

My favorite!

This is an amazing car. We own the CX9 Luxury '08 model and cannot compliment it enough. With three young children this car is perfect for little spills or bickers. The leather is dark with grey trims and am easily able to mop up any thing that hits it. The comfort and space between each seat allows the children their own space, as well as my husband and myself to drive those long distances in peace.

This car looks superb on the exterior, "Gun metal grey" with those beautiful 20' tyres, it's sleek and superior.
The only thing I can think of is as mentioned in earlier reviews, petrol. However owing we do alot of city driving and school runs, its understanable. When we conciously keep the revs under 2 the fuel will last.

TransmissionSports Auto
Hi can u tell me how much fuel it takes doing school runs and city driving?in the city around 18L/100k, on the highway 12L/100kit s not better than Cx7. I wonder about mazda tech


Not until after I bought the car from Penfolds Burwood did I find out that the 'Cargo Cover' is an optional extra. And a $400 one at that. Every hatch I ever bought has it as standard. To spring that on one after the contract is signed and you are about to drive away is like saying .. oh by the way there is no jack and no spare wheel but you can buy one now if you like. Out and out extortion. I m in the process of trying to get the contract rescinded and the sale cancelled unless they make it standard on all CX-9s.
Most of it BUT
No "Cargo Cover" as standard, and arm rest on centre console is too high, but have only driven it home so far and am trying to cancel the sale

So everything in the car is good, except it doesn't have a cargo cover. And that's only worth 2 stars?i dont think its fair to fault the car if you are only pissed off at the dealer for not providing you all the sales informationThis is a ridiculous review. Quit being a drama queen.


Excellent car with a great drive & performance. The best sound system available with one of the best interiors to match Mazda have raised their game.
It does not look or handle like a standard 7 seater SUV, BOSE sound system can not be beaten, leather interior in immaculate in design/quality & drives like a sports car.
When a 7 seater no room for any luggage & limited colour options.

Beautiful Car

I test drove the CX9 Luxury.

This is a beautiful car to drive and beautiful to look at. Love the big 20" wheels. It's extremely quiet and the steering, engine and transmission combination is fabulous. Could not fault it. It would be great on long journeys and can carry a bucket load of gear.

Inside the cabin is all quality. The leather seats are very supportive and very comfortable in all rows including the seating in the third row. Even I found them comfortable to sit in. What I also liked about the 3rd was was the fact that they deployed with a single action.

Fantastic a/c system, where the passengers in the 2nd row have their own a/c controls. Great idea. Lots and lots of storage.

Not so good. The price of this car, mid to high 50K and it doesn't come with Blue tooth, Satnav or reversing sensors. By the way, the same CX9, but higher spec'd model, sells for under $40K in the US and over $60k here.

Size. Despite looking smallish on the road, it's big. 5100mm long. That's 300mm longer than a Ford Territory. Not that big is a fault, you just mights struggle to get it into a std garage.

Fuel consumption. I suppose if you could afford this car you may not worry about about the fuel, but it's a pity there is no diesel option.
The look, the quality, the ride and handling, third row seats, a/c system, leather seats, bose radio.
Price, no phone connectivity, no satnav, no reverse sensors - all optional. 20" tyres cost a bit to replace. Pls make a diesel engine.

My wife and I and of course the kids , went to have a look for a suv and had 2 in mind first the subura TriBeCa ,well looks good it got some good features in like aircon all throu the roof and the entertainment DVD pack for the kids , but biggest problem is space, it is small inside and not comfortable at all and couldn't believe that the sale man was saying how much room the subura had while I was driving it I made the sale man to sit in the back and continued to ask if he was comfortable and like a sale man he was of cause yeah yeah heaps of room he said while he had his knees in my back and he was a pushy sale man to which I don't like . The best thing was that Mazda cx9 was right next to it and so we took the Mazda for a test drive and we made our mind before we got out of there driveway the Mazda was so so comfortable and room for 7people like they say it is so we can't wait to get our cx9 The new '13 model has great Bluetooth phone connection and reverse camera. I miss the reverse sensors though...

Zoom zoom with room!

Love this car! Needed to upgrade to a larger vehicle to accommodate our growing family. The Mazda CX-9 easily fits three child seats in the second row and with the third row down, can even store two 3-wheel strollers... and a couple of bags of shopping. Like that there is also "hidden" storage in the cargo area - enough room for beach towels and first aid kit. Find it to be really versatile with seating; Rear split fold third row means you can seat six people and still have plenty of storage space (although when using child seats in the second row, the third row passenger has to access their seat via the hatch). All this in a car that drives really well. Have only previously owned hatch backs and sedans and have found this car a surpassingly easy drive, the reversing camera also makes it a breeze to park.
Brilliant family car, fun to drive, good safety features, loads of storage, versatile seating configuration, loads of ports to charge mobile phone iPod etc, looks great!
Is pretty thirsty with fuel consumption up around 19L/100K, annoying bell alarm when you open the driver side door and leave the key in the ignition

You must be driving with a heavy right foot to get that mileage!Hi what sort of child car seats are you using?

Great looking car but have shortcomings. Beware of car dealership's vehicle protection sale pitch.

Great looking car, nice to drive with versatile 2nd and 3rd row seating arrangement. This car is sits high off the ground; good high view. Comes with good vehicle safety features; feels sturdy and safe.

The body paint must be applied thinly as the external paintwork get scratched easily. The siver paintwork inside the doors also get scratched easily. The engine, while is powerful, is also very thirsty. The brochure's stated fuel economy is misleading.

I regretted falling for the car dealership's vehicle protection sales pitch. Paid hundreds $ more in addition to the vehicle drive away price thinking I've got a good deal. Won't name the vehicle protection plan promoted by the car dealership; paid for paint protection, leather/fabric seat protection and minor repair for dents and paintwork chips. The paintwork looks dull after several months of washes; easily scratched. When contacted the third party company to repair a dent, was told that it can't be done - excuse given that its on a location that is hard to reach etc. I should have read the fine print rather than rely soley on the sales pitch. In the end, I got another company to fix the dent.

The car dealership might let you think you got a good drive away price but they will fleece you in other areas such as vehicle protection plan, optional extras for the vehicle and car SERVICING!
Great looking car, versatile 2nd & 3rd row seats and has good safety features.
Thin paintwork, thirsty engine plus misleading and overly expensive vehicle protection plan promoted by the car dealership.

Well built, drives better than competition and can fit a family with 4 kids.

We bought a CX-9 AWD Luxury to replace our 2009 Kluger KX-S. We had the Kluger and were happy with it but after having our 4th child we were forced to use the 3rd row seats on a daily basis. As the Kluger seats in the 3rd row did not split we ended up with no boot and could not even fit in a pram.
The CX-9 is much better in this area with split fold rear seats(as does the latest Kluger) and enough room to fit a decent sized pram behind the back seats. The storage under the floor in the boot is very handy for wet towels and swimmers or to hide things from view.
The runners for the 2nd row seats fill up with dirt and food and are impossible to clean out.
The air conditioning is not as good as the Kluger with only 1 air con unit in the front, unlike the Kluger that has another in the rear and can be controlled from front seats.
Fuel economy is not as good as the Kluger but our CX-9 is AWD and our Kluger was only FWD so maybe thats a factor.
Drives very, very well. Leaves the Kluger for dead in the handling department, I can't believe the thing weighs 2T when you drive it hard. My Nissan Patrol weighs over 2T and feels it but the CX-9 is really built for the driver.

Overall I feel the CX-9 is a better car than the Kluger we had with better build quality and better components. The Kluger was well built but seemed to use cheaper materials. The CX-9 just feels like a quality vehicle. The CX-9 does lack some nice little features that the Kluger had but the way it drives more than makes up for it. Last of all no woodgrain in the luxury models like the Kluger, the CX-9 is a very stylish looking vehicle inside.
Drives very well, well built like most Japenese cars, plenty of room, practical interior and the BOSE sound system in the luxury and GT is very good.
Fuel consumption is higher than Kluger we had before, 2nd row seat runners fill up with dirt, food etc. Rear air conditioning cannot be controlled from the front seats like the Kluger.

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So would you say the kluger is better overall?

Incredible car!

We have a CX-9 Luxury 2008. We can recommend this vehicle in every way.. its extremely quiet comfortable, both as a driver and a passanger. Beautifully finished, with leather interior and seats. Its large enough for the tallest passengers in the rear and in the extra seats. Our 6'2" tall son travelled in the very back for over an hour with no cramped legs!!
We tow our 1 tonne boat, as well, with ease.
I love the width, but at times find parking a bit hard, because the spaces are not wide enough, and other cars have hit the side of the car, which has caused some superficial damage. I try and park as far away from the main carparking areas and then take up 2 spots!!
Well done Mazda!



love it love it love it. we took this car for a test drive and after the windy roads and hills decided this is the car for us. a bit dissapointed that we have to wait till march for delivery but deffinatley deserving of the wait!
lots of room in the back with 7 seats up, 3rd row has less legroom but still doable, woulod be more than comfy for kids under 12. 2nd row seats have ample leg room for a comfy long trip, even with front seats right back. zoned aircon is fabo, we tried and tested it, the kids can set their own temp in the back while each of the front sides has its own controls. stereo system pumps. highly reccomend this car if people are looking for something stylish, powerful and easy to drive, its like parking a normal car, no big feel too it. Turning circle is smaller than my x-trail was!
everything. sticks to the road like sh#t to a blanket, Looks stunning, awesome pickup power, beautiful stylish interior


Fantastic car, checked out lexus, audi, BMW, Merc and VW, this car included most extras as standard for 1/2 the price. Be glad there is no DVD or Sat Nav we saved thousands buying and fitting our own. Looooove this car.
Everything! We purchased the Luxuary modle. Handling, stylish looks (head turner), lots of buttons to push, awsome sterio, the 3rd row has real seats (not just for kids)with enough leg room to move, plenty of room in boot when used as 5 seater, there IS a spare tyre underneath and jack in the hidden compartment in boot, no DVD player (cheaper to purchase (Clarion)and have instaled), no built in sat nav (cheaper to purchase protible and can be multi used), aircon is coooooold, picks up well, pulls up quick, colors (blue), stering wheel is small and yet your not constantly turning it, reversing camera (helps with revers parking expecially due to the larger size of vehicle).
Being very picky as not much to say- seat seatings should incorporate side and rear mirrors, auto access to top half hatch for boot would be good, sunroof back a bit as quite glary, no cargo cover (but you would notice this if you actually looked at the car pre purchase. Extras such as mats,tow bar etc were quite expensive as cops luxary car taxes, many blind spots, can be difficult to park as a bit wider and longer than normal car (blind spots don't help).


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Questions & Answers

Hi, I bought Mazda CX-9 FWD couple of years ago but realising now that I should have bought AWD. Is there a kit that I can upgrade to from FWD to AWD?
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Hi Ryiu not 100% if a kit would be available try a call to Mazda , But i think the cost would not be practical i think it is a $5 upgrade from new so getting one retro fitted would hurt the wallet . all the best

Hi guys I bought a Mazda CX-9 one month ago, the gearbox is broken I took it to the mechanic. My car is in the garage of mechanic. Unfortunately I don’t know is it AWD or FWD! I asked the mechanic he didn’t know too. What can I do?
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Take it to a new mechanic. If he doesn't know this then he is not a very good mechanic.

Hi, I recently bought a 2011 Mazda CX-9 FWD with Sat-nav, ive noticed the map is really out of date (new roads, changes not pick up), any experience of updating the DVD navigation at less expensive dealer update? Thanks.
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