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Mazda CX-9
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Good but not great- Struggling to enjoy and like the car

Went from Kia Sorento to this and after 3 weeks I preferred my KIA

Things that annoy me
1/. No road side assistance with new car purchase "unless you pay"
2/. Sun roof makes wind buffering noise as no net at front of sunroof. So very noisy and have to close when over 80kms
3/. No radio station indicator of channel or station when in NAV on screen
4/. Very easy to wheel spin front wheels for over 4 seconds. for AWD I expect much better
5/. uses 12-14kms per 100... nowhere near the 8 in brochure
6/. Fuel cap indicator icon around wrong way
7/. Bluetooth on phone gets choppy noise like a popping noise regularly
8/. No cigarette power adaptor in center console or middle.. only on left passenger side.
9/. android auto constantly locks up and freezes for 5-8 seconds when using voice commands.
10/. MP3's always goto next track 2 seconds before end or track.
11/. Heated steering wheel very slow to heat up.. around 4-6 mins. and only very small portion on sides are heated.
12/. No lumbar support
13/. arrangement of lights on dash very hard to see as most below steering wheel line of site
14/. steering wheel very heavy and makes gear noises when turning.
15/. Also had issues with lane keep assist in rain. constantly kept trying to stear the car back into lane and was very unnerving.. until I figured out howto turn off. Even Mazda dealer didn't relise the car did this!

Overall not very impressed and having buyers regret wishing I got the Santa FE or Sorento.
Very thirsty and lacking that design layout thats practical. Find myself getting annoyed by the very front wheel dominance drive and layout and functionality.

I was very excited to get a top of the line Azami but after 3 weeks not feeling enthusiastic for brand.
Im hoping it grows on me.

Edit: 2 months in and still hating the car more than ever.
Things Im hating
* No pollen or air filter in cabin - constant exhaust fumes when stuck in traffic unless you put on recirculate
* Dash / speed surrounds so flimsy
* Cruise control has to be set 2-3 kms above what you want to sit on
* Car uses 12-15 ltrs/100kms nowhere near the 8 in brochure
* back tail gate doesn't open and close smoothly. also sometimes closes as soon as you hit button with no delay
* android auto freezes constantly
* they fixed the little wind buffer thing on sunroof apparently was stuck down
* no roadside assistance
* position of seat buttons in really bad location and also dont light up so very hard to see at night
* many important buttons etc dont illuminate
* no 12v adapter near driver that can easily access..
* Sound through Boss system is horrendous.
* Car stops in traffic and sometimes big delay when starting back up again.. 1-2 seconds if you need to move fast is annoying

Already thinking of selling the car and having buyers regret. Every week something else that annoys me.
Missing my KIA sorento and thinking probably should have got anything else other than the Mazda CX9 azami le

Disappointing as was really looking forward to getting car but not loving it and dont think I ever will

BadgeAzami LE
Date PurchasedSep 2018

First and last Mazda

This is our first Mazda and it will be our last.

The transfer case on our 2008 CX9 failed at 100,000Km. I have never heard of cars having the transfer case fail at this early stage. I was advised by Mazda that this was "normal were and tear" and parts wear out.

I would not have bought this vehicle should I have known that "normal wear and tear" means a couple of thousand $ to repair at 100,000km due being out of warranty.

Fuel consumption is very poor. Started around 18l/100km when new, now sits around 15.5l/100km.

On the good side, it is a comfortable roomy 7 seater and drives nicely (when it works).

I would probably give it a higher rating if the transfer case had not failed - but in the circumstances and lack of support from Mazda I have no option but to give it a very poor rating.

Not a flagship car

Over this car. The car looks good and the engine although thirsty is actually quite good and the safety tech and heads up display are great and that is where the praise ends. Paint if you look at it wrong scratches and we paid for the Soul Red, Interior surfaces scratch far too easy and they look cheap and unsightly. MZ Connect is the worst infotainment system we have had it firmware updated and reset and still it freezes and does not sync contacts until halfway to your destination. "Where the heck is Carplay Mazda" . The front passenger seat rubs on the centre console and we have been waiting at least 6 months for an idea of a fix, Sungalsses holder has rattled since day one and they state it has been fixed twice but still rattling and now has scratches from their fixes. In terms of the Kodo design practical design would have been much better. They cabin is quiet and they state this and they are correct however you hear every rattle including the loud metallic clang and knock in the front end. This was apparently identified as in the front right hand brake area and the caliper was replaced. but noise came back a day later louder. Issue still not fixed after going in again and Technical request has been sent to Mazda. I do not think we will hear anything back as we are still waiting on the seat issue. In terms of service its first 10k service the dealer reversed a BT-50 ute into the front of the car and stated they would fix it. We had to chase for 6 weeks to get this done and even when the bumper was fitted they removed paint from the freshly painted bumper refitting it which should have been picked up on inspection; We are so very over this car and regret buying it we very much want to get rid of it but have a fair amount to payout over the trade in or private sale cost of the vehicle due to Mazda releasing a new model with more features a few more months after this car was purchased. I will be talking with consumer affairs in regards to what can be done eg Mazda footing some of the payout as this car is not a the quality for the price. I would advise to look at other cars out there first as we will hopefully be getting one of the new Volvo SUV's as the quality is much better.

BadgeAzami AWD
Date PurchasedMay 2017

Love the CX-9

I have a 2010 Mazda CX-9 Luxury (bought brand new in 2010). It is a wonderful car to drive, comfortable, loads of room, never had any problems with it. Doing a combination of suburban and rural driving my fuel consumption is 12.8L/100km (I always fill up with Premium 98 ULP). As a family of only 3 this is still such a great size car, sit high on the road never have to worry about things not fitting in the boot (I recently fit 2x 75cm suitcases - large, 1x 68cm suitcase - medium and 2x 55cm suitcases - carry on size in to the boot with no dramas at all) The 3rd row of seats have plenty of room for two adults to sit comfortably, my parents in law often compliment the car on the amount of room they have in the 3rd row and how comfortable the ride is. The sound system sounds awesome. The AC is fantastic, I often forget to shut the sunroof on really hot days but i don't worry as the AC has blasted the car full of cold air almost straight away (in my previous car a holden cruze the AC had minimal effect during summer). I honestly love my CX-9 and would definitely buy again.


A great car if you need the size

Have owned a second hand CX9 2008 model for 3 years now and couldn't be happier. We owned two European cars before this one (VW and BMW) and I will never go back to Euro. I can't understand what people are saying below that its so expensive - they obviously haven't owned a BMW!

Major Services have cost me $523 and $581
Minor services cost me $297 and $279
And that's at Eager Mazda service centre, so there'd be other places that you could get it done cheaper. I don't regard that as being expensive though - not compared to Euro cars... (shudder)... never again.

Fuel consumption is an issue. We do only city driving and live in a hilly area. I am a very gently driver and can achieve 16.5 L/100km - my wife is more of a lead foot and does around 18.25L/100km. (Sandy below if you're doing 22L/100km you've either got something wrong with your engine or your driving). Going from the BMW 320i Touring Wagon on premium unleaded to the CX9 on regular our fuel consumption in dollar terms is only $5 per week more. Considering we are moving 25% more people (since we had our third child!) that's not a bad increase.

I have just replaced all four tyres with Pirelli Scorpion STRs for $260 each fitted - that is $1040 for a full fitted set. Just the same as any other car. Anyone who says this car is expensive for tyres doesn't know how to shop around! Get online, do some research, ring up local places and get them bargaining - don't just accept what the first shop tells you! I really wanted these tyres as I think they're the best - the first place quoted me $450 per tyre - even that would have been $1800 - but I almost halved that with 15 phone calls! Do some work people and stop whinging.

No you don't need special car spaces to park in - its wheel base is only 10cm wider than a normal big car - its mirrors do stick out a bit, but learn to park and you'll be fine. Parking sensors would be handy on this car - but the camera is pretty good (although slightly annoying its mounted off-centre... still, you get used to it)

Its one of the few cars where you can fit 3 full car seats across the back seat (middle row of seats only - no anchor points in the third row). It fits under a lower garage (1.8 m) entrance, which we needed, because it doesn't have an aerial sticking out the roof - its incorporated into the back window - a big selling point for us.

It has scary power - I've only floored it once to get around a truck, and I won't do it again (and don't need to - the pickup is impressive.) But then you pay for it in fuel consumption.

If you can get over the fuel thing its simply a superb car - and sooooo quiet and well finished. I love it, and prey for a diesel model.

My favorite!

This is an amazing car. We own the CX9 Luxury '08 model and cannot compliment it enough. With three young children this car is perfect for little spills or bickers. The leather is dark with grey trims and am easily able to mop up any thing that hits it. The comfort and space between each seat allows the children their own space, as well as my husband and myself to drive those long distances in peace.

This car looks superb on the exterior, "Gun metal grey" with those beautiful 20' tyres, it's sleek and superior.
The only thing I can think of is as mentioned in earlier reviews, petrol. However owing we do alot of city driving and school runs, its understanable. When we conciously keep the revs under 2 the fuel will last.

TransmissionSports Auto
Hi can u tell me how much fuel it takes doing school runs and city driving?in the city around 18L/100k, on the highway 12L/100kit s not better than Cx7. I wonder about mazda tech

Worst Bluetooth system

Drives smoothly although the engine is very noisy, besides being a thirsty beast. The Bluetooth system has had issues since we bought the car. Mazda replaced the Bluetooth module but has had no effect. Voice recognition is the worst. If you have an iPhone stay away from this car. It does not work. Very frustrating for A car worth $50k Mazda can do better. I cannot believe Mazda has sold me a lemon. Stay away not sure how good the new 2016-18 Bluetooth system is. There are better options for the sort of money Mazda seeks for this car. Have had 3 CX9 in the family but I believe I have bought my last Cx9. Not recommended does not meet expectations and definitely does not do justice to the Luxury model.

Recommended to Check Bluetooth infotainment system prior to purchase even on the newer model. Check phone compatibility

Date PurchasedNov 2015

Love it!

We have had this car for 6 months now and I absolutely love it. It drives like a car, very smooth and quiet. Great for taking the family on holidays, we have done 3 trips in it so far, one being all the way to Victoria and back full of two kids and two 20kg dogs and it handled very well.

Date PurchasedSep 2016

A great, large family cruiser

A terrific touring vehicle that has already saved us a fortune in flying away for long weekends - we now take the car. I said wow the first time I saw the sand interior, and I still feel that way when I jump in each morning. I have had lots of cars in a very short time, and at this stage, the only reason this CX-9 will go, is to replace it with another CX-9 that has those niggles above sorted out.
To pick up on some of the earlier cons... I'm glad it doesn't have built in SatNav - it forced me to buy a handheld unit that can be swapped between cars. Eventhough I rarely have the back seats up, but unlike the Toyota Kluger there is nowhere to store a cargo cover if you suddenly don't need it away from home - I got the windows tinted more heavily at the rear so no one can see in. The petrol filler cap has enough strap/chain to thread through a little hook on the lower edge of the filler door so it doesn't rest on the bodywork.
The performance, the handling, the quality, the comfort, the sound system, the 20 inch rims (this may change when I have to buy tyres?!), the sand colour interior, the split third row seat, the space behind the third row seat when they are up.
According to the kids, there should be a rear seat dvd player. I don't like how the tracks for the middle row are exposed and fill up with sand, dirt (no food allowed in my car, but it would end up there too) - see current Toyota Kluger as one way to do it. Sunglasses holder doesn't hold my relatively small pair of sunglasses. No little spot for the garage door remote (so mine is in the sunglasses holder). The drink holders could do with some sort of material in their base so that drink bottles don't rattle around when driving.


Nice car when it goes

very nice to drive, horrible at the bowser, I get average of 16-18 l/100k every tank and I drive slow.
have had brakes replaced 4 times, front wheel bearings 5 times and this week brake booster. apart from all that I love driving it.

Great car execpt for the fuel consumption.

We have had the 2008 model for 6 years. The only problem we have had is failed front wheel bearing and the third row buckles falling apart. It has mobs of power and excellent handling and looks good. The bumpers are also very tough from the number of low speed speed impacts we have had.
Horrific city fuel consumption. We get over 20l/100km. For this factor alone we would not buy another one unless it was diesel.
Kids have kicked the rear airconditioning controls clean off. (They stick out and are right at toddler kicking height).
The silvered plastics wear (esp left drivers footwell)

Our 2007 model with 200k has done both front wheel bearings, one rear buckle broken, no a/c controls in back due to kids feet, silver plastic very worn, and we are on to our sixth set of tyres at about $2k per set!!!! The mazda mechanic wants to changeover another $1700 worth of parts that are due for replacement or are worn out / leaking...time to move on...In regards to tyres. The 'bob janes' of this world will charge you $500-$600 ea. I ended up getting them from ozzytyres and fitted at my local BP for <$1k. It seems the importers are gouging the traditional retailers, but places like ozzy are cutting out the middlemen with direct importing.I'm with leighb... I fitted 4 brand new Pirelli Scorpion STRs for $260 each fitted - like Leigh I got them delivered from Ozzy (not an entirely painless experience, so give yourself a time buffer of a month) and got them fitted by a local tyre place. Grant, we reached 110K on two sets of tyres - six sets for 200K indicates you might be a bit tough on your gear (sorry, no offence intended mate). We've had three kids in the back for three years now and not a mark on our AC knobs. Silver plastics paneling still looks OK too, but have heard of others complaining about it marking easily. Mind you I'm driving a 2008? Good luck in your search.

Great car and highly recommend

This car is excellently resented and drives like a dream. The interior is immaculate with lots of room, seat warmer and sun roof added extras are nice. Fuel economy not too bad for a V6. A very smooth drive. We can fit 3 kids car seats in them - 2 toddler and 1 baby capsule. So plenty of room.
Interior and smooth drive.
It is big but that is half the point.



Not until after I bought the car from Penfolds Burwood did I find out that the 'Cargo Cover' is an optional extra. And a $400 one at that. Every hatch I ever bought has it as standard. To spring that on one after the contract is signed and you are about to drive away is like saying .. oh by the way there is no jack and no spare wheel but you can buy one now if you like. Out and out extortion. I m in the process of trying to get the contract rescinded and the sale cancelled unless they make it standard on all CX-9s.
Most of it BUT
No "Cargo Cover" as standard, and arm rest on centre console is too high, but have only driven it home so far and am trying to cancel the sale

So everything in the car is good, except it doesn't have a cargo cover. And that's only worth 2 stars?i dont think its fair to fault the car if you are only pissed off at the dealer for not providing you all the sales informationThis is a ridiculous review. Quit being a drama queen.

Great engine and gearbox, internal storage a let down

Great engine and gearbox so smooth and lots of torque. Gearbox shifts so nicely, would be nice if was 8 speed, but seems to work just great as a 6 speed. Interior is nice, however it does lack storage compartments compared to other vehicles in its class. Find receipts, tickets etc, difficult to find a home while driving. The boot is huge, however the heavily raked rear window does hold it back when the 3rd row seating is up. It is also a very big car. If you have trouble parking and you park a lot in tight sydney CBD parking, then look for a smaller car, this one will drive you crazy. My one pet hate is the lack of proper day driving led lights. For a 60k car, this should be standard, not something only on the top model, cars in 20k range have led day lights. On the open road it great on fuel for such a big car. i-stop in traffic can sometimes be a bit slow to react. 12 months service @ 15ks would be nice, don't know why mazda refuse to offer this.

Date PurchasedJul 2018

Amazing car!

Spacious car for a growing family! Drives well, looks great and has plenty of power! The mod cons are spot on and make driving, parking and reversing a breeze! Annual service costs are fixed and afford able. All rear seats have anchor points as well!! I absolutely love this car!!

BadgeGrand Touring
Date PurchasedJul 2018

CX 9 Lemona

Brakes make a crunching and grinding noise, it has continuously been back to Mt Gravatt Mazda for over 18 months. Still not fixed, plenty of excuses and and hyperbole about this and that. This car has been back to the dealership on over 30 occasions, with plenty of other issues. I am tempted to spray paint a big lemon on the back of it and park it out the front. Stay away

Date PurchasedOct 2016

Great car overall but there are some small problems.

Performance is good with 3 adults and 2 kids. You can feel the car is working very hard when adding 2 more adults to the back. It is not a proper people mover with .
Handling and corning ability are great for its size and height. Mazda did a good job here. If people are aftering real handling car they shouldn't buy any SUV.
Mazda did a good job with road noise and it is very quiet inside. Much better than the new Mazda 6
It is very reliable and mechnical sound. It is also cheap to run. Much cheaper than the 2015 Toyota Kluger we replaced.

Bad things:

Centre console gets really hot when 2nd air-con for the back is not turned on which is rubbish engineering. Tempertare can reach up to about 50 degrees depending on length of driving time. Mazda's fix is very rubbish by puting better heat shield. 2nd air-con should not generating heat when it is not in use. 2nd air-con should have cooling when geting hot. Mazda doesnt have a proper solution yet.

Piano black interior panels are bad and so easy to scratch.

Problematic NAV / multimedia system before the software updates.

Rear power door is very noisy to open and shut. More noisier when the weather is hot.

Steering wheel plastic fitting is very rubbish and so easy to move the centre picece plastic (loose). But they fix the problem in the new CX-5.

Blind spot monitoring system is not 100%. It works most of time and it wont work properly sometimes. Keep the head checking.

Driver side sunvisor rattles when it is down.

Overall it is a great car for family. But Mazda Australia is not very prompt to fix problems they created at the first place just like the disel problems.

BadgeAzami 4WD
Date PurchasedMar 2017

MY2017 model Mazda CX-9 Touring - Fantastic family car, very impressive and comfortable!

Hubby and I purchased this car in December 2017 after our family had oit grown our X-Trail. Purchasing the ne model CX9 Grand Touring was a bit of a, “No Brainer” for us. We have purchased several Mazda’s over the years and have a Mazda 3 (2011) as our family runabout. The only reason we purchased the X-Trail was because we wanted a medium size car, at the time, with 7 seats.
Fast forward 4 years and our family needed a larger vehicle. The car drives like a dream and has plenty of guts with the new 2.5L turbo engine, both around town and on the Highway. The Grand Touring model comes with the leather option which, is very convenient with small kids. Technology wise, it is very user friendly and has everything you would expect from a vehicle of this caliber. We have had the car for just over two months now and I am yet to find a fault with the car or an addition we would have liked. I do a lot of running around with the kids and I have to say that I have been very impressed with the fuel economy on such a big car.
The kids are loving the aircon in the back seats and riding a bit higher on the road. Another feature they love is the auxiliary plug in the middle of the passenger seats, to ensure the IPAD stays charged during long trips. Hubby and I are pretty happy about that too!
If you get a chance to drive the new CX9 Grand Touring, you will see why it has won so many awards and deservedly so.
We purchased our vehicle through Penfolds Mazda in Burwood and as long as we continue servicing with them, we will maintain a 5 year warranty which, we were very pleased with. Overall, we are extremely happy with the CX9 and are loving the extra space to drive around the kids with all their gear.

BadgeGrand Touring
Date PurchasedDec 2017

Smart looking but over rated

I love the look of our Mazda CX-9 Only 55.000 km
The interior is lever though after only 5 years has cracked also the steering wheel
To be honest it’s not as comfortable as I thought I the middle & back seats
The air con doesn’t travel to the back

The air con flooded once
And now it sounds like it’s in over drive with gear issues

Date PurchasedNov 2013

The Sports model seats are extremely uncomfortable

Having owned my new CX9 Sports for approx 3 months I have finally figured out why I am so uncomfortable in the vehicle when driving for anymore than 30mins. The seats are 3cm narrower than the high model vehicles, and 3cm narrower than both the mazda 3 and a corolla. For a car worth over 45k this is really disappointing. DO NOT buy a Sports model.

BadgeCX9 Sports
Date PurchasedJan 2017

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Questions & Answers

Hi, I bought Mazda CX-9 FWD couple of years ago but realising now that I should have bought AWD. Is there a kit that I can upgrade to from FWD to AWD?
1 answer
Hi Ryiu not 100% if a kit would be available try a call to Mazda , But i think the cost would not be practical i think it is a $5 upgrade from new so getting one retro fitted would hurt the wallet . all the best

Hi guys I bought a Mazda CX-9 one month ago, the gearbox is broken I took it to the mechanic. My car is in the garage of mechanic. Unfortunately I don’t know is it AWD or FWD! I asked the mechanic he didn’t know too. What can I do?
1 answer
Take it to a new mechanic. If he doesn't know this then he is not a very good mechanic.

Hi, I recently bought a 2011 Mazda CX-9 FWD with Sat-nav, ive noticed the map is really out of date (new roads, changes not pick up), any experience of updating the DVD navigation at less expensive dealer update? Thanks.
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