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McCulloch H350GC

McCulloch H350GC

2.4 from 7 reviews

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Steel parts are very Good - Plastic wheel gears don't last the journey

cuts a great lawn and the steel parts all work very well and will last. Plastic wheel Gears chewed out after 2 years (Spring lawn cutting only ) I've modified twice with a drill bit to get both wheels engaging again. I also added plastic clip cover so the cuttings don't fly over the back of the catcher. Hopefully they have improved the Lego gear design.

5 years of service without any servicing!

I'm surprised to see there's 4 bad reviews about this mower, but I guess for the 1000s of them mowing yards successfully all over Oz no one thinks to write a good review when they're happy with something. We just expect it.

That said, I got my mower used, don't know how much mowing it had done. I took off the wheels when I first got it and greased up the mechanism. The previous owner did not take the time to set up the cutting blades properly. There was a gap of about 10mm between the striker plate and the blades - the blades should just be touching when mowing. The mower would not have been able to cut anything set like that! You have to think about these mowers as you would a pair of scissors. If the distant between a scissors blades was 10mm, they wouldn't shear.

I use this mower at least twice a week on a smallish back yard. It has turned my yard into lawn, something the Victa never managed to do. Sometimes I use the catcher if the grass gets a bit long, but because I mow so often, I generally don't mow the whole lawn. I only knock the tops off the high bits, basically in passing while having a vino.

It takes me about 10 mins on a big mow to mow the lawn like this and it always looks great. I have grandies and they like to play on it. If you mow in this manner, don't use the catcher, as basically it is doing the same thing as a self mulching mower. My lawn is the thickest it's ever been.

BEST OF ALL - you're not giving any of your hard earned to Woolies or Coles! Why should they prosper out of our lawn, as well as everything else they've got an interest in?

Until we get to the "end of oil", which isn't far away, only use if you have a small yard, don't like breathing fumes, being deafened by mower noise, like a bit of exercise, and wish to save the planet for future generations.

Did I mention it's easy start?

Nylon cogs aren't up to the job.

Same as above. One year old, interior nylon wheel cogs have worn so they no longer engage to spin the blades on either wheel. For $100 plus you'd expect a little better longevity. Now looking for something better. Not recommended if design hasn't changed.

McCulloch H350GC - cheap gears

When I bought this push mower for a small city lawn it worked fine at first. But at the start of the second season it has stopped working completely. I took the drive wheel off and found the gears are made of plastic. The wheel casing has warped very slightly (1mm) and that has been enough for the gear teeth to no longer meet. Now when you push the mower you hear the click click click of slipping gears and the blades don't even turn. A typical example of cheeping out on a critical part to save a few bucks with the consequence that what could have been a good product is now junk. I will not buy a McCulloch after this experience

Cheap n nasty

Had this one for a few years. It spins and cuts grass. That's the only positive thing I can say. The catcher kept falling off, and I spent more time reattaching it than cutting grass. The adjustable height levels need to be tightened very tightly otherwise it will always slip. I gave it a spray with WD40 yesterday and it killed it. The barrel no longer spins when the wheels turn. I'm getting a flymo.

Good for winter trimming of lawns

No problem at all with this mower Good for tidying up winter lawns. Don't know how it would go on longer summer lawns but for tidying up it is perfect and not bad excercise either.I think like anything you would have to give this mower a little bit more maintenance than your normal mower.
Good for cutting low grass

Doesn't really work

The first couple of times I used this mower, it seemed fine. But now the cylinder blade simply stops spinning as soon as I get into medium-length grass. The interior of the wheel is lined with gear teeth, which are supposed to engage with a pinion gear that connects to the cylinder blade. However, the gears are made out of plastic and do not mesh properly, so they easily slip.
Inexpensive, easy to adjust the height and blade distance
Doesn't cut most grass. Hmm.

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Price (RRP)119
Power SourceManual
Cutting Width350
Maximum Cutting Height32
Minimum Cutting Height15
Mulching CapabilityNo

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