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Excellent bottles!

These bottles are fantastic!
My bub prefers the good old fashioned shaped teat, which these bottles have.
They are easy to assemble, wash well and sterilise well.
Used them with my Medela Swing pump, made everything so easy!!
I've got 3 small bottles and 3 of the larger, wish I had more though, because I'm washing them all the time!
Easy to use. Look nice. Great teat shape.

When did you change your baby from the small to medium size teats?I used them both at the same time. My bubba was a guts, and handled the medium flow well. Even when only a month or so old. I'm sure the Medela website could tell you what their recommendation is for what size teat to age. Hope that helps!

Absolutely Perfect.

We have been using Medela bottles for our daughter since she was 5 months old, and they have been fantastic. We started with the small ones and now she uses the Medium size. They are a little more expensive than some others but they are worth it as they are excellent quality.
They are easy to clean, and fantastic quality, even through hundreds of rounds of sterilising and washing, they are in great shape.

Great feedbackWhen did you move to the medium flow teat?I think it was at around 8 or 9 months (she started on the small ones at around 4 months). I just found that she was getting frustrated and pushing the bottle away (with the small teat)


Love these bottles. The teat is a perfect shape and the flows are really good! We use 1 and 2 teats. My youngest will only take the number 2 teats in this brand and cries if i accidentally put the wrong teat on it. I quite like the look of the bottle. It doesn't need to be pretty. It needs to be easy to use and strong and Medela bottles are both!
Reliable, Great Quality, Decent price!

A very practical product

Excellent to use with the medela breast pump. It's not very pretty but a very practical product. It's simple, easy to assemble and quite strong. Have tried a nuk and advent bottle but decided to stick to medela instead cause they leaked at the sides of bubs mouth.
Simple and easy to use. Has a little cap which is great when carrying bottles around.
Because its narrow it makes it a little more difficult to wash. Boring design compared to other bottles out there.


found these so handy,lidsgo on well, never spill issues. i had the medela portable breast pump too so everything was interchangable.
perfect size 250ml, strong, no scratching easily

Love them

love these bottles. The 250 ml size is perfect for making any size feed, and they still look fantastic through the washes and sterilizing.
reliable product


This is a really good quality bottle. It is convenient as it can fit other standard size teats. They seal well and are as easy to use as a small neck bottle can be.
Strong, good quality plastic that is BPA free which is a really comfort. The seal was really good (compared with some Cherub ones that I had that were also BPA free but not this quality). The bright coloured lid is great for spotting it and is gender neutral which I love as I plan on having a few babies. I had a Medela pump and it fits it perfectly and the pump has a base to balance the bottle with the extra weight of the pump so they are a very convenient bottle for it.

Wonderful - I use this with my pump and I am delighted with them.

I bought the Medela Swing-pump on reviews and as a result took up these bottles - great because they fit the pump so no swapping etc. BPA friendly, baby feeds happily, so that means I am happy. Easy to wash, not only do they have lids, they also have little caps that fit in with the teats that stop them leaking which work well. Had no problems
BPA free, reliable, easy to clean, different flow teats available

These bottles are compact and handy!

I got given these bottles as a gift, and although i wouldn't have picked them for myself (simply because I don't like the look of them as opposed to other bottles), I am quite impressed with them. They are a good size and easy for transporting in my handbag when needed - the little yellow seal on the inside stops it from leaking and means i don't need to worry about spillages and makes it really convienient and handy!
I don't particularly like the teats for these bottles as I haven't been able to find many options for teat flow etc..
My baby drinks from this bottle happily.
Overall, these are good bottles and i would recommend them to others.
No leakage and compact size.

A great product I use everyday

I express breast milk 8 times day and have 9 x 150ml bottles 1 x 250ml.
I have found these bottles easy to use they don't leak I can store them in the fridge or freezer. They don't take up to much same in my baby bag.

I do prefer the bottles that have the aqua and purple lines and dots on them as they are easier to read. The black and yellow lines are harder to read when in a hurry.

These bottles are strong as I have dropped them a few times and they still look like new.
Don't leak, Can keep in fridge or freezer. Not too big, Very Strong
The black and yellow lines on the bottles are harder to read, The bottles that have aqua and purple lines and dots are easier to read.


I needed something that i could take with me when i did some part time study (when my baby was 3 months old) to express breastmilk and store it while i was in class all day, without access to a refrigerator. The kit was perfect for that, the kit was also great as it did not announce to everyone that i was holding breastmilk bottles!
-I purchased these in a kit containing 4X 150mL bottles, black cooler bag and freezer block, it was very compact to take with me, also discreet
-volume markings were very clear, also liked the plastic being clear, some of the Bis-A free bottles i have used look cloudy (ie never look clean)
-The little yellow disc in the lid had a tendency to fall out easily and i found this quite annoying
-I would have liked the opening a bit wider as hand expressing would have been easier


I found these very easy to use and didn't feel so bad about using plastic as they were bisphenol A free. They came with my Medela harmony breast pump and the quality of both seemed really good compared to some other brands I tried. I like the simplicity of Medela products and bottles and found them easy to wash and the covers not too fiddly. I do recommend these.
Bisphenol A free, nice sizes, easy to read numbers and not fiddly or difficult to wash.
They are still plastic, which I don't like so much but sometimes its necessary.


a great little bottle that i received with my breat pump and i sued to express directly into than store and feed babe next feed or freeze and use at a later time. had no problems with it at all
i never purchased these seperately but my breast pump came with one which ive used time and time again..conveient as you can attach to the expressing pump and than simply add teat and feed baby. easy to clean and easy to see the amount of milk stored, i actually used this from tiem to time to freeze my milk in and had no trouble. sturdy material as i did drop it time to time and no cracks or breakage occured.
nothing that i can think of


Wonderful when combining expressing with the Medella pump. You can feed straight from the bottles which saves a lot of messing about.
Great for expressing straight into with the Medella pump and then feeding straight from them.
Nothing. I loved this product and used when full time for storing and feeding expressed breast milk for four months.


Unfortunately they didnt work for me as they leaked and they were really expensive. I ended up buying Cherub Baby and also Grow bottles which were half the price and worked fine.
They have a nice feel to them and design looks good
They leak! I couldn't get them to seal properly so I couldnt use them on my medela breast pump (how ironic!)


Easy to store milk into and only bottles my daughter will use. They are a bit pricey but you get what you paid for. These are great.
Great to store milk and only bottles my daughter will use. I use the Medela Swing pump and it's so easy to pump into the bottle, pop in fridge then I freeze into bags when it's cold. My daughter has started formula feeds too and only drinks out of these bottles, I have tried a few.
None. I love them.


The bottles are very easy to use with their products, and unlike other bottles are easy to assemble even when you are very tired and half asleep.
They screw very tightly onto a Medela pump. The bottle is easy to hold especially when pumping and they best part is that they are BPA free and always have been!
There isn't much I dislike about the product, because of the narrow bottles, they fit easily into the fridge. But on some of the designs they only have measurements every now and then on the bottle. I would love them on every 10 - 20 millilitres, but that is just personal preference.


i'd recommend this to all breastfeeding mums. high quality, very light weight and teats are the best. also i don't need to burp my bub after the feed as the bottle teats are very much similar to nature.
my bub loves this bottle after trying tommee tippee, avante bottles. this bottle helps my breastmilk goes to my little's tommy without a single drop.
design for parents but who cares it's for the little ones.


A good quality baby bottle. Perfect for use with the medela pump. Easy to store, heat & feed. Baby was happy drinking from this bottle.
Easy to use. Lid works well with cap for storage. Small bottle is convenient size for travel. Replacement teats etc readily available. Easy to read measurements. Easy to heat in warm water. Unbreakable & BPA free
Design is a little boring. Otherwise nothing to dislike, very functional


I got some of these to use with my Medela breastpump, and have been pleased with the quality and the ability to get replacement parts, such as faster teats. They do seem expensive but buying bottles complete with teats etc works out cheaper than buying separately. The slim size fits in steriliser easily and is smaller to travel with than a wide bottle, so this suits us.
- Easy to get new parts (eg different flow speed teat)
- Lid (not shown in pic) can be used to collect milk from other breast
- BPA free
- Compatible with medela breastpumps
- Somewhat expensive, but usually cheaper if buying bottles with teat included.

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Questions & Answers

My baby drinks both formula and breast milk from the medela bottles and teats. She is 7 weeks old and im finding she is starting to more frequently pinch the teats when shes drinking... What could this be the cause of? Do i need to go to a M flow teat to stop this? Is it normal as she doesnt do it with the pidgeon teats only the medel. Thanks Ilanda
1 answer
Hello Llanda, My baby started doing the same thing with the size S and I moved him to the size M and it fixed the problem, although he was already 12 weeks. I think it happens when they are trying to get more flow by sucking harder. The only thing I would checm is that the M flow is not to check for her. Hope it helps, Ana

Please what is the diffrent between the normal medela bottles and the calma bottles? I boght calma bottle but my daughter didn't like it iam thinking to try the normal medela bottle
1 answer
The calma bottles are just a different teat that is meant to be similar to breastfeeding. I found my baby hated them as well. You can use alot of different brands teats in the medela bottles. If breastfeeding and using bottle only use a slow flow teat. I use pidgeon small Peristaltic teats in the medela bottle, but you could also try to medela slow flow teats.

Hello there I bought medela bottles but i have a question can i sterilize medela bottles in Avent electric sterilizer? Thank you
1 answer
Yes, that is the steriliser I use. It can fit 6 bottles in it.

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