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Meguiar's NXT Generation Insane Shine Tire Coating

Meguiar's NXT Generation Insane Shine Tire Coating

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No labeling in 06 to keep off wheels

My mother used Meguiars back in the day so when I bought my new 06 Silverado, I decided to give their products a try. Don't remember the exact name of the "tire shine" product that I bought and used. Anyhow after I applied it to my tires and cleaned my wheels afterwards, within a month I began noticing some funny streaking on my rims... come to find out, the "tire shine product" of Meguiars that I used took the clear coat off my rims. Contacted the company about this and even sent pictures to show the damage done by this product, only to have them ask for the remainder of the bottle so they could "test it"... more like get rid of the evidence, after that all communication STOPPED from them and would no longer acknowledge my existence or the fact my wheels were now scarred for life... So be very cautious people, if this is how they stand behind their product, take your hard earned money and save yourself the anguish by using someone else's product that actually stands behind their product and is there to seriously help if something like this happens to you...

This product has a brilliant shine

I use a lot of Meguire’s products on my vehicles. The one I get the most comets about is the NXT Generation Insane Shine Tire Coating. It has a brilliant shine that always looks wet.

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