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Meguiar's Ultimate Compound

Meguiar's Ultimate Compound

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Wrecked my Lexus bonnet

Was recommended this product after the bonnet of my wifes Lexus started to look a bit splotchy and felt a bit rough. I described as best i could to the sales guy who said this was the best product on the market. i followed instructions, picked a small patch to start, and immediately felt the product was too abrasive. When I polished off the same area my bonnet had an awful grey patch with swirls!, it seemed to completely knock of the shine it had. I have since used two more products (one carbura wax and the other diamond wax) to try and fix things up, but its only partially better. I know Lexus auto paint is soft, it scratches very easily, but the bottle said it was safe on clear coats, and it appears this paint has done irreparable damage to the final coat. So this is a warning to anyone trying this product, certainly if you use it try it on a very small area first.

Purchased in April 2019 for $29.00.

Great product

This is the best polishing product I have come across so far. I have used two other final polishing compounds from turtle and when compared difference is obvious. Meguiar's does not need additional cutting compound and it does all the work. I found newly painted clearcoat is easier to cut and polish in seconds. However the old clearcoat on my BMW took 2 to three minutes.

Best all in one product available

Ultimate compound is not a highly aggressive polish but is sufficient to bring neglected paint work back to a shine. For very hard clear coats sometimes found on european vehicles, it might not be aggressive enough for removing some scratches. It is a fantastic all in one polish negating the need in many cases for using a cutting compound and then a finishing polish. It's pretty hard to do any damage with this product which makes it good for those without a lot of paint correcting experience.

Good for scratches

Good for scratches, doesn't fully remove etchings from bird poo esp if deeper. Note: this product is to help take off some of the top clear coat to remove* the imperfections. It's not a filler. Have to put a good effort into deeper scratches to remove the top coat down
It works well for scratches better than scratch x? (As it's more abrasive)
Doesn't fill, takes 2-3 passes to remove scratches

Number 1 on my detailing list

This is without a doubt the easiest and most fool proof product out there. It gets rid of most of my swirls on my black car first time. A second pass usually gets the rest. I use this with a dual action random orbital polisher/sander. No longer will I ever polish a car by hand.
I like how it doesn't leave white residue stain on black plastic. Some older weathered black plastic may leave staining on.

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Ultimate Compound
Release dateJan 2011
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