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Members Own Health Funds

Members Own Health Funds

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A Pleasure to do Business With

After many years of being with another health provider, my wife and I have just signed up with Members Own Health Funds and in the process saved a considerable amount on our health contributions
We were very impressed with the professionalism shown by Melissa, at Members Own
Her product knowledge, pleasant personality, clear and precise explanations made the whole process extremely easy. Highly recommended.
Thank you Melissa !!

Great Service

Very happy to have been helped to find health insurance with better extras limits, better refunds when it is used, more hospitals available (though hope I never need them) - and substantially cheaper per year!

Simply honest

I was reviewing my private health cover and received a call back from Members Own. After giving details of my current health cover I was instantly informed that I should not change as my current cover was so much better than anything now available. Apparently my cover is so good that the company I am with no longer offers this level of cover at anything like the price I am paying.

The company I am with is not part of the Members Own Health fund group so it is obvious to me that the advice proffered was simply genuine and honest.

If you have any questions about health cover I highly recommend contacting Members Own Health Funds.

Amazing service

Received amazing service, focused specifically on providing a service that provides the best service for my needs. I am extremely happy to have utilised this service and will now receive more for less. Thank you

Hmmm bit pushy

I received a call back that I did not request. She was aggressive and off putting. Are your consultants paid by nos of new sign ups they get? No use highlighting funds that may not be eligible. That is not a service. Its a complex area that requires careful consideration. So callbacks need to say I've reviewed your current cover and have NFP funds that provide same cover at less cost. I will send info to you to review!!!

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Hi Paul, really sorry you have had a staff member be aggressive and pushy it's not the way we wish to provide our service to customers. Can you please private message me you email address so I can investigate further. Private Health Insurance is a complex area, we take the time to understand you needs, what you are currently using, what you might need in the future and also if you are eligible for any of the restricted funds. From there we would see if we had an option from any of our funds that achieves your goal and send you out a quote with the relevant information. Whether that be the same cover and a lower premium, increase your level of cover because you are under insured for what you need or even downgrade your cover as you are paying for things you don't need. If we don't have something that is going to leave you better off, we will actually let you know that as well. If you'd like I would be more than happy to review your insurance. Once again I do apologise that you have had a poor experience and please private message me with some further details so I can investigate. Cheers, Ben

Don't let them push you around

The lady I spoke to was over-efficient and had me signed up before I could double check if it was truly a better deal. She said it was, but I will now be paying more than my old fund when the prices increase in April. I can only hope that the money paid back to me is better than my previous fund. No one checks if you truly are a nurse/defence personnel/rail employee/member of a union so people could lie to take advantage of certain funds.

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Hi DeborahB, Sorry you didn't have a great experience with us. I'd really like to take a look into why you have been signed up to a fund before you agreed to be. Can you please private message me your full name and email address. We pride ourselves on not having a pushy sales experience. Cheers, Ben

Rip Off

My Current health insurance is cheaper than your funds and they offer my something extra that your funds dont
Your funds are only for employees of the fund that your web site advertisers

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Hi Robert, sorry you didn’t find a cheaper health insurance policy with us. At least you know you’re getting a good deal with your current fund and at the end of the day that’s all that really matters. We have both restricted funds (a fund where you become eligible through either your own or a family connection to the industry that fund supports) and open funds (a fund which anyone can join). Cheers, Ben

Great Australian service

Very helpful and clear and easy information about options and a great understanding of my needs. They were able assist me with access to a restricted fund and save money as well as get better return payback

This is much better than my previous Health fund and cheaper to boot.

Elle from Member's Own Health Funds was extremely knowledgeable and very helpful. Nothing was too much problem for her to answer all my questions. Saved me money for a better product.

Medical insurance review.

The process was simple and easy and the people were extremely helpful. There was no pressure and the outcome for me was very beneficial. There were many improvements from the previous policy that I had been using for many years.

Very Happy with the service provided

After 4 decades with one Health Fund we have been considering finding an alternative as there were no incentives to stay, and premiums just kept getting higher. Members Own contacted us after we had done some preliminary research and were able to steer us to a fund with more benefits, a slightly lower premium, and loyalty rewards after 5 years. So much better than our previous fund which had always purported to give us the best deal available.
Thank you Melissa for your friendly and professional approach, and Members Own. We are glad to have you on our side, supporting Australian owned funds as well.

Excellent Service

I found the service, contact and followup easy. I would recommend this service to anyone thinking about investigating better options for private health cover.
I have changed to a new private health cover provider without fuss.

Fantastic Service

The consultant was very friendly and knew the products she was informing me about. The whole process was stress free and completed in a professional manner. All my questions were answered promptly and she also provided information I hadn’t thought to ask.

Great service

The service was great. They phoned straight away after looking online which was on the weekend. After lisitening to what l required from a health fund the young guy was able to come back with a great option and saved me money. Thank you

Same quality with lower premium

Consultant called me up the next morning after I filled in the online form. Talked through what I wanted in my cover and provided me with the cheapest product that meets my requirement. No upsell.

This is a must have insurance.

I have just been with AU for only about 3 months now. I hope to have a long association with them. So far their staff have been friendly and knowledgeable to me.

Very impressed with level of service & final product

The young lady with whom I spoke asked the pertinent questions to be able to source the best available insurance products for my family. I hadn't heard of the companies that we ended up signing up with - but they have both been around for many decades (they just aren't one of those advertising everywhere), and their premiums/products were far better than our current policy.
Very pleased I investigated Members Own.

Really Great Advise For Health Insurance

The Advice given and help to get better than I have ever had was Aaawesoomme. I now have a better and cheaper health insurance. The best thing is it not for profit that goes back to the members

Changing Health Funds

With the Government changing private health insurance it was time to review our cover. Members Own website was great for comparing funds and products. After our "homework" I rang for more information and Chris confirmed what we thought was the best deal for us. We are now members of Teachers Health Fund with improved cover and a nice cash saving. More spending money for our cruise next fortnight! Thanks.

Clear and easy process

Well informed and easy to follow. Takes all the hard work of comparing health cover. Excellent outcome with perfect solutions for my needs. can seriously recommend to others to consider

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Questions & Answers

hi, my family has been with CUA forever, but like other people,finding premiums are just so high. We pay twelve monthly so want to pay 2018 price before end of March. It is now just my husband and I at home. We are born 1961 and 1964. Also want a price for my 77 year old mother who is with CUA as well. We at present have hospital and extras. My mother only has hospital.
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Some of your members health funds have less than 100,000 members paying premiums, would that be a problem in case(you know what I mean, like a bank getting a run).
2 answers
Hi Raymond, thanks for the question. Regardless of any health funds size, all funds are bound by APRA's (Australian Prudential Regulation Authority ) financial regulations which require they hold enough capital to ensure all claims can be paid. All funds need to report their financials to APRA on a quarterly basis. Cheers, BenThanks very much, Ben. I am pleased to be given to understand this.

Which is the best vision health insurance- Visa no 600?
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