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Members Own Health Funds

Members Own Health Funds

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comparison to policy

I was enquiring to Members Own to have a comparative policy to that which I already have at HCF
Julia was so helpful and answered correctly every question I asked , so much so Ive suggested a friend of mine also change to Members own.


Great Service

Great service, understood what I was getting. Explained very well. Very happy with the service from Ben. Very happy with the quote & will be going ahead with the policy. Thank you


So helpful and massive savings

Chris was super helpful, I wanted to see what other health funds were offering as I had just received notification that my current provider was increasing our fund again. Chris provided me with details of another fund with the same coverage and I am saving about $70 per month. Thank you, I recommend Members Own to everyone.


Very good response

Dale was very helpful and explained all aspects of our product which helped us to make our decision. Thanks very much, we recommend Members own to family and friends thanks again

Everything I needed to know in one phone call

I received a phone call and sorted everything out within minutes. I've had many questions in relation to health insurance policies, what I need/don't need, which one to chose and how to get the best policy for me without paying a fortune. Chantelle was absolutely amazing with answering all my questions and finding the right health fund for me I can't thank her enough.


The saving is too good to be true!

My wife and I were stunned at the saving of about $100 per fortnight and our thoughts were "its too good to be true, there must be a catch"! I did some due diligence and as Elle of Members Own said the suggested cover with Uni Health was virtually identical to our existing policy. We made the switch which was easy as Elle did it all, a fantastic quick and easy way to negotiate "health fund speak"! Thanks to Elle and Members Own.


Great service

The agent took the time to show me how to get the best out of private health insurance...what the tiers meant, how to compare like to like and how to select doctor/hospital.

Great Service

Melissa was very knowledgeable and easy to understand. I had no idea that there were so many options. I have recommended Members Own to my parents who have also joined. Spread the word.

People Who Really Care

I am impressed and relieved by the customer service received by my consultant. She explained policy options in detail with no pressure and was able to walk me through the product. Thank you Elle for all your help! I have already recommended Members Own Health Funds to my family and friends.

Changing Health Funds

Completely satisfied with Julia who helped me through the whole process of changing from one Health
Company to another. She helped me with phone Nos from previous health companies and advised me every step of the way. Lovely lady. Thank you Julia

Excellent Customer Service

The Members Own representative gave us some great options, which were far more attractive than our previous provider. She gave us the time to consider our options without pressure and followed up later to make sure we were happy with our selection.

So quick and easy

The consultant was knowledgeable, quick and no fuss. Within minutes she knew what I needed, why I needed it and acted accordingly. She told me exactly what to do post phone call and this is exactly what happened. She can be highly recommended to listen, understand and act wisely and knowledgably

Great Experience dealing with Members Own

Due to being unhappy with our current health fund, I decided to do research on other private health insurance companies and came across Members Own Health Funds. Casey from Members Own Health Funds was extremely helpful, knowledgeable and honest. Casey helped find a Health Fund that was suitable for my husband and I. The company Casey found had better coverage and was cheaper than the current cover we had. I would definitely recommend Members Own Health Funds to anyone needing health cover or looking for a new health care provider. Thank you Casey and Members Own. Very happy with the service we received!

You focus on the Gold or premium levels what happened to the Mid or silver options

you cannot compare policies that only look at the Gold or Premium levels, there is supposed to be bronze, silver and gold levels under the Federal government updated rules. If your not prepared to offer all policies you should close down the website as it is not giving the information people need

Great outcome for Health Insurance

Best dealings with customer service in a long time. Factual, easy to understand options. Ended up splitting hospital and extras. Fabulous price reduction. So long Medibank after 30yrs +. Thanks Elle

good follow up and patience

obtained a competitive premium plus good cover designed to suit our age group

was patient in awaiting our response and understood where we were coming from

service was great with instant responses

Great outcome health insurance switch

I wasn’t sure they could find a cover I needed with price restraints I have but I was happy they did and the service was amazing thank you very happy

Great Service

Very happy to have been helped to find health insurance with better extras limits, better refunds when it is used, more hospitals available (though hope I never need them) - and substantially cheaper per year!

Simply honest

I was reviewing my private health cover and received a call back from Members Own. After giving details of my current health cover I was instantly informed that I should not change as my current cover was so much better than anything now available. Apparently my cover is so good that the company I am with no longer offers this level of cover at anything like the price I am paying.

The company I am with is not part of the Members Own Health fund group so it is obvious to me that the advice proffered was simply genuine and honest.

If you have any questions about health cover I highly recommend contacting Members Own Health Funds.

Amazing service

Received amazing service, focused specifically on providing a service that provides the best service for my needs. I am extremely happy to have utilised this service and will now receive more for less. Thank you

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Questions & Answers

with westfund what do you get back in one year on a dental tooth implant.
1 answer
Hi Scott, thanks for the question, Westfund isn't part of the Members Own group of funds. You'd need to get in contact with them to get an answer for that one. Cheers, Ben

How much me and wife we have to pay a month we are over 60
2 answers
How much me and wife we have to pay a month we are over 60Hi Mahadevan Member Own Health Funds represent numerous health funds which supply different products at varying costs. The only way to really have your question answered is to call Members Own on 1300 34 34 36. They will determine what you need and advise the best health fund for you to join. It is a free service and there is no obligation. These people know their product and will advise you accordingly. We found it well worth the phone call. The lady we spoke to was Melissa and we were well pleased with her service and product knowledge. I am unable to help you any more than that as I am only a customer, like yourself Good Luck !! Cheers Jess

Some of your members health funds have less than 100,000 members paying premiums, would that be a problem in case(you know what I mean, like a bank getting a run).
2 answers
Hi Raymond, thanks for the question. Regardless of any health funds size, all funds are bound by APRA's (Australian Prudential Regulation Authority ) financial regulations which require they hold enough capital to ensure all claims can be paid. All funds need to report their financials to APRA on a quarterly basis. Cheers, BenThanks very much, Ben. I am pleased to be given to understand this.

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