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Mercedes-Benz SLK-Class Roadster

Mercedes-Benz SLK-Class Roadster

R170 (1997-2004), R171 (2004-2011) and R172 (2011-Present)
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SLK Class 2009

Purchased it from the local Car dealer with a great deal and 2 years Full Services Complimentary. i had it for the last 7 years with no issues at all. The car runs quite economy in fuel and powerful with supercharged turbo even on the 3.0. i reckon it is 2 seater with small size to make it sufficient at low cost for petrol.
i am using it as my second car cruising around in the summer. It has never disappointed me to impress my neighbour. i recently sold it to reduce the running cost and only keep my everyday car.

Date PurchasedJul 2009

2006 SLK350 Probably the best Roadster I have had since my Porsche Boxter S

So I ordered my vehicle in Sydney after test driving an SLK280 and an SLK 55 AMG. I liked the idea of the SLK280 because of the 3 liter engine would be fuel efficient and it felt powerful, and then I test drove the SLK 55 AMG and I found although it was powerful, it would use up much more fuel than the SLK280. In addition, the SLK55 AMG steering seemed heavier, probably due to the bigger engine at the front, however, I was very happy with the interior refinements but because I needed an every day reliable work vehicle to get between meetings, I chose the SLK350 as a compromise. It started off with a base price of $115,900 at the time, and after the options I added to it, it ended up being $160,000. More than the base price SLK55 AMG at the time. I did have to wait a little longer, as I added unique options, it Looking back at it, would I change my mind and just get the SLK55 AMG? No. I have no regrets. The car has been amazing. It still looks great like the first day I bought it and delivered. I did add sports suspension to the front and added amg wheels, the handling felt much easier to live with than 55. It doesn't have the overall straight line speed of the 55 AMG, but it does have grunt and can push almost as hard but not use as much fuel. Sure, the sound of the V6 can never be compared to that of the V8 in the SLK55AMG, however, I am always delighted to hear the unique naturally aspirated roar of the 350 engine. After 80,000 KM, which also happened to be 3.5 years of driving, I was out of my warranty period for 6 months. I was told there was a big issue with the wheel balance shaft and it would have to be replaced. However, after I rang Mercedes Benz, they agreed within 1 hour of the call to head office, to assist me and paid most of the bill and parts, which amounted to around $15,000 at the time. The difference I have found between being a Porsche Owner and a Mercedes- Benz owner has been that Mercedes Benz will always look after you to maintain their cars, as their cars, especially ones that originally cost over $100 K , must try to make sure you are looked after. Porsche I have not experienced that same level of service. I am not sure if that is because I don't own a 911 or more expensive model.

So after almost 10 years of owning it, how does it fair? It is now at 150,000 KM and it still drives just as well as the first day I had it. The engine and exhaust still sound amazing and still packs that oomph. I haven't driven it as hard for the past 4 years, possibly related to losing my license driving this car too often. In regards to servicing, it is really important that you service it at the correct intervals. Mercedes Benz dealers will charge you an arm and a leg, if you can find cheaper service places that are reputable like a Ultra Tune, I would highly recommend it.

Obvious things like keeping it garaged is a must. I did get an additional "permanent wax" installed by a boutique Mercedes appointed body shop, and it helped my paint work look great for almost 4 years without having to wax a single day.

Looks like it's time, that I might have to sell this car soon due to getting married. That will be the only decision I will regret (selling the car that is).


Two cars in one

Ordered the R172 SLK350 model to be made to my specs and optioned up AMG styling and handling. I have had all three models of SLK (170, 171 & 172) and I believe my 2006 171 SLK350 was the truest driver's car of the lot. This one has the adjustable electronic suspension and is the most comfortable to drive considering low profile Pirellis and the sports suspension. I love having the hard top with a moon roof plus the convertible option - with 225kw and 370nm - it is made for an open road. No issues ever with the roof mechanism with any of my 3 SLKs - and I always allow 1% of purchase cost for each service (which is only once every 25,000km or once a year for me). A fun indulgence as a second vehicle.


Just wonderful

The Slk 350 is a surprise to drive has heaps of get up and go and is good and light with terrific road feel due to it's low ride. The engine has a beautiful note unlike any V6 on the market in any make in today's motoring. Vehicle had heated seats, Dual Climate control, Sequential shift auto with Paddle shifters on the wheel. Seats are power assisted and drop right down low for taller drivers, Not a car for boot space though but a very enjoyable drive none the less also comes with electronic suspension adjustment on the centre console comfort setting is ok but this machine rides firm so be warned.
Handling and quality build with Go cart direct steering and feel.
Real low and no Boot space

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I have the slk 200 Kompressor very happy could do with a bit more tourqe under the 2500rpm range but would only update for a slk55 amg. Only thing could be changed is the paddle shift right for up left for down There is probably a reason why they are not but.


Great car to drive, a lot of fun.. Parts and service can be expensive.. But then again if you shop around you can find anything for a good price!
Looks mean, has enough power to get you out of a sticky situation, Hardtop, simple yet sporty/elegant interiors, great value for money, 29 sec to get the roof down !!
Drive is a bit loose for a sports car, can go through fuel if you have a lead foot, interior can get chipped

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