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Metamucil Powders

Metamucil Powders

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Contains Aspartame or causes cancer!

Buyer beware. Don't be fooled by Metamucil being a sugar free fibre booster. Fact is that it is sweet and sugar free because of aspartame which has been proven to cause brain tumours. Try a plain husk instead.

Lifesaver during pregnancy!

During my pregnancy I have had constipation off and on. My diet has been pretty normal and being able to use the loo only once every few days was taking its toll so I decided to try Metamucil, what a relief when I did! I now take it once a day and I have been able to keep my bowel movements regular. Absolutely a must have, especially during third trimester and even not being pregnant with the struggle to go.

I have found that Metamucil and Benefibre are not usable for me personally...

I have IBS and have recently found that I was gluten, lactose and fructose intolerant...I tried Metamucil and Benefibre and found I couldn't use either...the severe cramping I experienced was worse with these products...I had to stop using them...I believe it was because the product is based on wheat....I was never given any information by my GP or my specialist Gastroenterologist for managing IBS over the years.... except for using BioGlan100 probiotics...even with these I still suffered immensely with the severe cramping and my quality of life was poor.
I was forced to use Panadeine, Panadeine Forte (on script), to just manage the cramping I lived with...
Due to my suffering... in desperation and at my daughter's request I went off wheat and gluten product, lactose, and fructose which was coming from many fruit and vegetables I was eating...
I was introduced to FODMAP the diet....(research the diet derived by a Professor from Monash University)
I followed these principles for a few months and would like to report I am much improved...I can even eat small amounts of fruit now...my life is much better...and I am so relieved that I no longer have to use painkillers all day long for relief...

Good for Gut;Good for Me

I've only just realised that my own biology could have been making Metamucil somewhat useless, so this an amended review. For years I've been taking Metamucil (smooth) , two teaspoons in 125 ml water, once a day just before eating. It does the (Lavatory) job very well at least 90% of the time, that's got to be a good thing, and as far as I can tell it also aids in promoting healthy gut conditions. I can recommend it and I've given it 4 Stars : Go Meta.

Overpriced and oversweet

My doctor suggested psyllium husk for cholesterol management, and directed me toward Metamucil. I tried both the orange and lemon "smooth" (lemon is quite nice) and then switched to the "natural coarse" type. The texture of this takes a bit of getting used to, but what surprised me was how sweet it is. It's basically fake sugar with husks.

I've since switched again to plain psyllium husks from the health food shop (taken in the same way - 2 tea spoons in a glass of water) and not only do these not have much of a taste, they don't stick to the side of the glass like the Metamucil version. Less than half the price as well.

Metamucil does work as advertised for cholesterol and bowel health, but it contains too many extra additives/sweeteners and is over priced.

Metamucil Powders

Very good in absorbing fat from the foold, drinking it half an hour before meal, not even make me feeling a bit full so I don't feel like very hungry but also good for my bowl movement as I have been open my bowl every single day

Helps but it’s disgusting!

I think it has been helping however it is disgusting, thick & gluggy & difficult to swallow. Can’t mix it in a cup of tea as it turns to jelly. ‘Orange’ flavour description is misleading - if it wasn’t so expensive I’d have thrown it out already. Going to try Beneful next time - it claims to be tasteless & you can mix it with food etc.

Sugar infested product

I can't believe I spent over $18 for what is effectively half a tub of sugar. They don't make it obvious on the packaging either. The product promises 100% Natural Psyllium and the nutritional info doesn't even mention carbs.

Like others have mentioned before, save money and get a genuine Natural Psyllium!

The truth about Metamucil

Here are the FACTS:Metamucil contains 51% SUGAR ,49% psyllium husk.For an 80% saving just buy the psyllium husks folks! The taste is nutty and goes down easy.How this is termed a health product is beyond me.

Saved me from the surgeon's knife

Just about to have an operation because of on going bowel problems; constipation is etc. Tried colonic irrigation and a host of other cures but, for some reason never tried Metamucil apart from the granular version which I didn't like and someone had told me it made the condition worse. Eventually after seeing their adverts tried Metamucil again, the non granular version, and it has cured me 100%.

If you're on Opiate Pain Medication, DO NOT USE

I am 21 years old in about a week. I have been on pain relief medication since I was 17 after severe problems that occured. Pain relief medications (opiods/opiates) cause constipation like some people wouldn't believe!!!! This Metamucil actually has written on the back:"Do not use in cases of pain relief or other medication induced constipation." So.. I shouldn't take it. Yet it is ALWAYS reccommended to me by EVERY Doctor I have ever gone to. Doctors are lacking so much knowledge in SO many areas (especially the Opiate Pain Relief area!) They say they have no addiction.. no withdrawals (physical & emotional/mental pain when coming off the meds.) Anyway I thought I'd say - this Metamucil made me sooo big and bloated. Sorry for TMI but.. Made all the crap just bulk up so much so.. that it was sooo big. .. would have destroyed my "exit" if I tried to get it out..it's definitely not for us with chronic constipation. I go to the bathroom maybe once every 5 days on the norm.... sometimes (like more recently) I go weeks without going.. I would love to have a normal system again, oh what I'd give to just be able to crap. I'd feel so much better.. lol sorry for tmi. But it's true. Being CONSTANTLY bloated and big with abdominal pain and gurgling all the time..


I have used this a few times and despite its claim to be a healthy product it is very sweet. it caused bloating. I didn't find any improvement. Aspartame is one of its ingredients and I am not going to be using the product anymore. There are other more natural options.

Game changer

Been using Psyllium for years. Fixes symptoms of diverticular disease. I prefer as natural as possible. Flavour can be added to taste. Capsules are so convenient. The real game changer.

Side effects

After using the powder for a month i found that the pysllium husks caused a lot of gastric issues.Even with the extra water added to my daily routine it caused some awful bloating which has me throw the rest of the container out.

It works well, but the taste? Not so much.

When I was in primary school, I had constant constipation. I took metamucil, it was strawberry flavour then. It was sweeter than a normal strawberry, which I don't have a sweet tooth. I took it anyway.

It took about two weeks to adjust, and I felt lighter (as in not bloating) and I didn't have constipation as bad.

When I was in year seven, a new flavour came to my pharmacist and I asked mum to try it out. Orange flavour is nice.

Now I have finished highschool, the Orange flavour is not as nice as it used to be. It doesn't even taste like orange, so maybe my taste buds are playing up.

I would recommend it to anyone over the age of three who has terrible constipation and has a sweet tooth. Now I am searching for the right laxative for me. If I was in year seven still, I would rate it 5 stars!

It works

But I just read the second ingredient is aspartame and I am not impressed. I have Crohns and I am going to tell absolutely anyone who will listen that is what is in it and it is not a nice additive/chemical. I mean it works but what will the other ingredients do long term. Do your research on all the ingredients including aspartame before you promote Metamucils complete benefits. I reckon a company your size knows you just know how to market it. I AM NOT HAPPY THAT I HAVE BEEN TAKING IT FOR THE LAST 12 MONTHS.

Sweetened with aspartame therefore toxic

Tried it once then read the ingredients and to my horror it is sweetened with aspartame. Why would a company that manufacturers products to improve health use something as toxic as aspartame in their products. I now use 3 teaspoons of raw psyllium husk in a small glass of coconut water (to improve taste) each day with fantastic results. Much cheaper too.

Horrible, buy apple instead

Made the biggest mistake wasting money on metamucil, tastes like crap, can hardly swallow with no advantage what so ever, made my constipation worse than it was. Why not spending money on apple or other natural fibers and get instant result.

Artificial sweetened! Horrible taste!

I bought the wild berry flavour, it was horribly sweet. Almost impossible to drink! I wish there would be less sweetener. I haven't tried the orange flavour, so I can't tell if it is better.

Shocking taste

I like the smooth version for my bowel motions, works great! Tried the wild berry instead of the orange, I know it's artificially sweetened, the wild berry makes me want to throw the empty glass across the room into a brick wall it's so bad. I paid 17bucks for this, can I just throw it and accept my problem has one solution? Hell yes.

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