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Incredible family home with smooth building process

The building phase was managed perfectly by our Site Manager [name removed]. He was fantastic. We were living interstate for the majority of the time and he was great with communicating and sending photos. The quality and design of our house is fantastic. The only challenges were in Pre construction and selections. It was very delayed. Pricing came within 10% of what we expected. Overall we are thrilled and so happy to be in our wonderful home.

Build LocationSouth Australia
Construction End DateNov 2018
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Hi Heidi Girolamo, Thank you for sharing this 5 Star review with our readers. It’s wonderful to read our Site Manager ensured your construction journey was managed perfectly and whilst being interstate you were kept up to date with regular communication and photos. Heidi Girolamo we are so pleased you’re thrilled with your fantastic new home and hope you ‘Love Where You Live’ for many years to come Kind regards, Metricon

Would Recommend 1000 Times Over

Metricon came recommended to us from friends who had built with them interstate, and to be honest we had never really heard of or looked into them before. From our first contact with the salesperson [name removed], right through to handover, our experience was positive and easy every step of the way. After our first meeting with one of the consultants, we didn't even look at any other builders because we had such a great first impression of Metricon, we knew we had found the one. We built the Erickson 25 and made quite a few changes to suit our home & lifestyle, and although at times I was difficult and sent numerous emails wanting to change this and change that, Metricon were supportive, and offered professional advice and options and made our dream come alive. Metricon helped us find the perfect piece of land, on the perfect street, in the exact area we wanted to live.

Our pre-construction manager [name removed] was fantastic and so helpful and always smiling and friendly. Our site supervisor [name removed] is an asset to the business and we are so thankful to have had such a knowledgeable, friendly, down to earth guy taking control and overseeing our build. [name removed] was always there to answer a text or call, at 7am in the morning, 6pm at night, or even on the weekend when buying new appliances for our home & we couldn't remember dimensions, [name removed] always answered the phone, and always answered our questions. [name removed] was so accommodating to us and our needs and requests and we couldn't have asked for a better site supervisor. If there was one thing that stuck out the most throughout our build with Metricon, it was definitely [name removed]. Working in the public sector and having a strong customer focus in my work life, I recognise the importance of good customer service, and [name removed] not once let me down, nor did Metricon as a whole.

Our home was ready almost 2 months early, we worried about the quality of the home given how quick it had been built, but at handover there was only 4 miniscule issues (tiny paint chip, silicone on rear door, minor change to pot drawer), all but one were addressed and fixed within 4 business days. During and after handover we received numerous communication to ensure we had all the information we needed to start our new lives in our new home - appliance guarantees and warranties. Best methods to maintain our home based on our paint selection/flooring choice/appliances etc. links to online portals for Metricon post-handover issues, every question we could possibly have, they answered, or supplied a link or fact sheet or brochure that would tell us the answer or how to find it. There is honestly not one single thing I can fault Metricon on. We would recommend Metricon 1000 times over to everyone we know, and everyone we don't. So many people say building is a nightmare and always delays, but building with Metricon was such an easy, stress free process & I already can't wait to build with them again!

Build LocationSouth Australia
Construction End DateSep 2018
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Hi alexandra91, This is an absolutely fantastic review - Thank you! We are so proud to read that your friends recommended Metricon to you and after your first meeting with our New Home Advisor you had such a great impression, that you knew Metricon was the right choice :D It's such a pleasure to read that all of the teams at Metricon were very accommodating at each stage of your journey and that there is not one single thing you can fault. Alexandra91, we would like to congratulate you on building your dream home, and we cannot thank you enough for taking the time to write this very kind review. We are very sure you will create many happy memories in your beautiful new home, and we really do hope to work with you again in the future. Wishing you all the best, and thank you for your recommendations. Warmest regards, The Metricon Team

Everything just went right. Couldn't be happier.

From start to finish, my experience with Metricon has been excellent. As a first time home owner, the whole process was made easy with Metricon's clear focus on customer service. All staff I dealt with were excellent in fact I struggle to remember another company with such good response times from my initial consultant, pre-build and finally site manager, which led to a stress free build. Had zero issues in the build, which was completed months before I expected, everything exact to plan and could not be happier with the finished product. Thank you Metricon, I know this will be edited, but thank you to [name removed], [name removed] and [name removed] in particular for the amazing job that you have done.

Build LocationSouth Australia
Construction End DateSep 2018
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Hi Alan, Congratulations on buying your first home! We can imagine it would have been a very exciting time for you and we feel privileged to have been a part of this special journey with you. We are thrilled that your experience with us has been excellent and that the construction of your home was completed months before you anticipated. Alan, we are sure you will create many beautiful memories in your new home, and we thank you for taking the time to write this lovely review regarding your experience. All the best, Metricon

Our Dream Home- Better than Expected

It has been our dream for many years to build a home on our property that is both impressive and functional.
We have been really pleased with the level of service from all of the people we have been involved with during our building process, from [name removed] with the original sales, [name removed] and [name removed] at Head Office, our supervisor [name removed] and [name removed] from the Administration team.
We cant speak highly enough about their professionalism and the service we have received throughout the whole process.
The team were really helpful in every stage of the build.
We made some changes from the original plan and these were implemented with ease and much assistance from [name removed] to get it right.
[name removed] followed through and even though we had variations going back and forth he was patient and very helpful.
[name removed] assistance with the selections and interior design made a daunting task very easy and enjoyable.
Once the build started we were introduced to our supervisor [name removed] who provided regular updates and exemplary service. We found him very friendly and easy to deal with.
Our handover morning was a little bit stressful, only due to our financial institution. We found that [name removed] was very helpful and worked with [name removed], providing updates to ensure our handover happened as planned.
Our dream home is definitely what we thought it would be and more. We have a quality, high standard home which is a delight to live in and highly admired by our friends and family.
Thank you Metricon!

Build LocationSouth Australia
Construction End DateAug 2018
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Hi Sheryl, Firstly, thank you for taking the time to write this lovely 5-star review. We are delighted that after many years of planning you have successfully accomplished building your dream home - Congratulations Sheryl! We are proud that all of our teams have provided you with professional service throughout your Metricon journey... We even got to see photos of the completed home, and it looks absolutely stunning! We are so proud that you are loving your new home, and that it's exceeded your expectations. The Meticon Team would like to thank you, for choosing us to embark on this very special journey with you. Sheryl, we wish you all the best and hope you enjoy your new home for many happy years to come! Regards. The Metricon Team

Bad experiences with Metricom.

1, They applied a wrong street number of my house (which against my new neighbor’s address) from council before started the construction. I pointed the error out to the site manager, and I wrote many emails to all the people I have contacted with in Metricom but none of them checked with council. At the end, I made lots of phone calls to council to get the address amend. Please image if I didn’t do it by myself, after handover, who is the one responsible for the troubles that caused by a wrong address?
2, About storm systerm, The sales of Metricon suggested me to install a pump only to save cost. But after handover I found that I need to install not just a pump but also a small pipe which should be installed under the concrete. Metricom Put it in the contract in a very unclear way that any first home buyer or anyone who has no experience with plumbing can’t work out the meaning!
In this case, Metricon should inform owner to install the pipe before they started doing the concrete around house, but they just did the concrete and left the problem to owner. In the contact that owner is required to get the pipe done after handover , but Metricon put on the concrete before handover which make the job unpractible.
It’s very hard to get help from them to find out a way of solving the problems. I don’t know what I can do now!
I contacted Metricon people by phone call, emails and text messages. So far nothing is happening! I requested a face to face meeting early last week, but they told me they will contact me. The sales contacted me middle of last week said the site manager and customer service Lady will contact me, it didn’t happen! I sent him a message on Friday morning to inform him that no one contact me. He said the site manager will call me Friday afternoon. But But But. It didn’t happen! - This Monday, the site manager rang me and booked a time to see him on Thursday. I will update the outcome on this review if there is any!

3, Since I signed contract with Metricon, some other problems happened during the construction period such as Metricon didn’t want to apply the solar electricity meter when owner inform them that we need solar meter long time ago. Metricon said there is a cost to change the application. But I found out from power SA that the solar meter and general meter is same cost due to power SA hasn’t installed any meter on my property, and there should be no extra cost about it!
After lots of phone calls and emails that I sent to Metricon, Metricon finally applied the solar meter for me but I got it after three months since my solar systerm is installed. That means I had solar panels on the roof but I couldn’t use my own electricity, instead of using my own electricity I have to use the power from the electricity supplier.
4, After moves in my house, I found that Metricon used my water as the water bill showed the usage before handover date. Once again I contacted Metricon, the Customerservice at Metricon told me to email them the bill and their accounts will sort out for me. But, after I sent them email, nothing happened! ( It’s not much money, so I didn’t follow up. It’s kind of waiting time to chase them!)
5, Some small problems those happened with my house: such as foreign item left in the pipe of second bathroom cause slow drainage; cracked tile on roof; some doors and their lock holes on fram were not level, we couldn’t close the doors; the towels rails keep on dropping off; missed painting on front door etc. Those were solved later on.
Some more problems those I haven’t have time to report to Metricon such as : crack on the drive way; wide gaps between the floor wooden boards; loose lock of screen door at back. - I don’t know what else will happen with this house! I don’t know how many times I need to deal with Metricon! All those experiences make me feel so tired!
In the end I would say I received Poor service from the site manager before handover: I found some small problems like missed painting on door, marks on wall, cracked pipe at front; the broken chamber. He agreed to fix those problems up before hand over. Unfortunately some were not fixed up, and I had to rearrange a date of handover. The site manager got very angry with me. He said something made me nearly in tears!
If you ask me how do I rate Metricon, I would give 1 star, some people at Metricon are nice, but when there is any problem, you will find people at Metricon are trying to step back, not willing to help even that is their mistake!

Build LocationSouth Australia
Construction End DateJun 2017
Hi Sue, We appreciate you taking the time to leave us this feedback and we are sorry to read that you have had a bad experience with Metricon. So we can escalate your feedback and concerns, please send us a private message with your contract number and full lot address. We hope to hear from you so we can assist. Regards,Hi Sue, As requested please send a private message for your privacy. Please supply your contract number or full lot address, so we can locate and escalate your file. RegardsHi,May I please know how to send message privately? Thanks

Frustrated and disappointed

Started off well unfortunately we have had to wait more than two months to get post building issues resolved after handover was promised and we are still waiting! Most disappointedly has been the communication and accountability and transparency in ameliorating issues. So disappointed given the significant cost and outlay we have made towards our dream home. We expected better and sadly will not be recommending Metricon to our family or friends

June 6th 2019 Update: After Build Service Non Existent

Our sliding doors that were replaced just before handover are now rubbing on the door frame and are not closing as they should, an independent building inspection informed us that the wall is bowed and would need to be replaced.
6 months, many emails, no resolution.

Customer Service
Build StagePost-Construction
Construction End DateJune 2018
Hi John, We are sorry our service has not met your expectations. As recently communicated: Metricon does not cover for any costs or interests incurred to the customer during the building process. We confirm no further review will be taken for the request for compensation. Should you feel the matter requires further determination, Metricon will correspond upon request from a building authority. We understand your home has now settled and you are now in possession of your new home. We take this opportunity to thank you for building with Metricon and truly hope that you and your family will together enjoy your new family home. Kind Regards, Metricon Customer Care.The issues that arose from the late handover were of no fault of ours. Issues like: Single wall instead of a double wall to the cavity sliding door from ensuite to walk-in-robe with full height floor to ceiling tiles, in my opinion this is not done to the Australian Standards and Codes. I have been advised by a professional in the building profession that the code states studs to be 600mm maximum and that wall linings must be mechanically fixed at either 150mm or 200mm depending on the weight of the tiles. I felt that it was a requirement that Metricon adhere to the code as stated in the building contract. During an invited visit to the property post kitchen cabinet installation it was obvious to us and the Site Manager that the kitchen wall was not straight so we asked for it to be repaired. Frustratingly, even after we had paid for a building inspector who insisted that the wall was not to code did Metricon agree to fix the wall and even then it took 3 attempts for Metricon to adequately repair the wall. According to your Site Manager as well as your Building Support Coordinator, the home was ready for hand-over on Thursday 29th March 2018 at 16:00 therefore they had considered building process complete. Yet was delayed until Early July. Other Metricon building issues needing to be resolved that are past the building phase of our home, included repairs to articulation joint that the Site Manager didn’t think needed to be installed until he was advised by your engineer to put it in. When the task was first attempted by Metricon they had used a concrete cutter to cut a 1cm deep articulation joint into the wall and then used a cut down version of the expansion foam in the resulting cut, the expansion foam only indented the wall by approximately 1cm instead of the full brick depth, I don’t consider this to be a very professional approach to an important structural joint in the building of our home. Bricks to the laundry door to angled in towards the door instead of away from the door to expel water, wall inside one of the bedrooms that was 15mm from plum as well as wall in front entrance that was also not to code, chalking of the windows and doors, ventilation holes in the brick work that were blocked and needed to be scraped, these are a few things that were missed by your Site Manager during the building but brought to attention after the building phase. I would advise anyone to invest in getting a structural inspection completed by a building professional prior to handover as, if an articulation joint was missed in our home perhaps it has been missed in theirs and the cost of remediation could be significant.Back again. On Monday 27th May we got up at 3:00am as we thought that we'd heard a noise outside and went to investigate, it had been quite wet and windy. My wife went to the laundry to check outside the laundry sliding door and slipped and fell injuring her back. There was water on the floor. We looked up and saw that our not even year old house was leaking water through the downstairs laundry ceiling. We contacted Metricon later that morning at 09:00am and were told that they would put priority on this to ensure that no one else would slip and fall. I also followed this up with an email as I wanted to express that our cavity sliding door issue is still outstanding and has been for the 6 months with no resolution. Metricon had organised an independent house inspector and they were informed that the wall needs to be replaced due to how bowed it has become. Still waiting……….. Metricon organised an independent inspector to come out at lunch time on Monday, and a plumber. The plumber confirmed that it was not a cracked or leaking pipe, and concluded that it must be the box gutter. The house inspector returned later that day and removed a considerable part of the ceiling with his hands as it had been so soft that it fell away easily and was coated in mould, leaking for quite a long time. He then also concluded that it must be the box gutter. The roofing team arrived on site on Tuesday lunch time and checked the box gutter and concluded that it was not the cause of the leak, so they sprayed water around the entire area and found that the actual cause of the leak was the upstairs bathroom window. This had also now caused considerable damage to our cladding which now needs to be replaced. We contacted Metricon and enquired as to when reparation works were to occur on Tuesday afternoon with an email and were told that the windows manufacturers would contact us. Still waiting…… We now have a huge hole in our laundry ceiling the light has dislodged just hanging there and whenever it rains water leaking into a bucket on the laundry floor. We haven’t even been in the house a year, so I think it would be prudent to get a professional to check all of our upstairs windows as I don’t wish for this to happen again!

Australia's Professional Builder of the Year??

We built with Metricon as we naively assumed it would be an enjoyable and rewarding experience. How wrong we could've been! I have resisted the urge to vent on this forum for the past 6 months but if just one person reads this and reconsiders before signing on the dotted line then it's been worth my time.

I'm not going to detail every single issue because I really don't have the time to do that. What I would say is that it's apparent that Metricon (at least in Adelaide anyway) have grown too big too fast and that's never a good thing. It comes at the expense of other fundamentals that any sound business or company should be built on. Things such as good customer service, quality workmanship and good communication. Needless to say we rarely experienced any of these.

Time after time we were let down and disappointed, and sadly even lied to on several occasions towards the beginning. From first signing with Metricon to handover, we had 2 diffferent sales consultants, 3 different customer service coordinators, 2 site managers and we've had several different staff allocated to us for service & warranty issues since handover. Hardly a picture of consistency is it?!

To give you an idea of our problems, here's a taste. In the planning stage we decided on upgrading our standard aluminium sliding doors to a wider frame and upgraded "commercial" handle. It wasn't until our first site meeting that we noticed they had just installed the standard doors and handle. We queried this and were told Metricon had changed door/window suppliers. No prior consultation took place, they just assumed we'd be happy with the standard doors or hoped we didn't notice??

It was left up to us to do all of the leg work to identify a suitable replacement, with little or no assistance from Metricon. By the time they agreed to a timber sliding door equivalent, the surrounding brickwork had been completed which has left a gap along the top lintel. This required a tacky looking strip of timber trim across the top to hide.

The new timber doors had to be sent back to Melbourne twice. First occasion they sent doors with the wrong panel configuration, the frames and several panels were also split and damaged. I was told all frames and panels had been replaced and returned for install. Turns out they lied because I'd taken the time to discreetly mark all of the QA stickers from the first delivery. Bit disappointing when I noticed half of the "new" doors were still infact the original ones (and still damaged too!) When our site supervisor assured me they were all new doors I showed him pics I had taken of the QA stickers. He mumbled something inaudible and changed the subject (then resigned 2 days later!)

So, our sliding door saga continues. Not only did Metricon's "professional" painter make an absolute mess of staining the doors, he was generous enough to put some stain on the metal handles as well! After returning twice to try and fix them, he took it upon himself to coat them in a dark glossy interior stain which has almost completely covered the woodgrain. Did I mention this guy's assistant shared with me he was "still learning about painting" on one of their many visits here after handover! WOW!!!

So another painter was then sent to paint the doors with a matt-finish clear coat to dry and reduce the gloss. I honestly think the doors are now at least an inch thicker than when they first left the factory! Ah yes, I nearly forgot to mention that all 6 panels of glass had to be replaced as well because they were all scratched!

But the fun hasn't stopped yet. We identified in mid-Sept that one of the striker plates on the main door handle was the wrong size and the lock didn't engage properly. Yes that's right, 9 months ago. To date we've had 3 phone calls from Dowell trying to arrange a fix (Metricon clearly forgot it wasn't a Dowel door anymore). A Metricon service guy came around to replace it a few m9nths later but brought the wrong handle. When I queried this I was told the handle had been discontinued and no longer available. I checked the suppliers website and confirmed this wasn't the case. Took me maybe 30 seconds to establish that. Their idea of a "fix" was to take the striker from their display home nearby and hey presto it's all good! Errm no it's not, not when it's got stain marks all over it and it's not even the same colour!

So this morning I was waiting at home with the anticipation of the promised new handle to be fitted as arranged. Much to my absolute surprise (I say that because surely things couldn't go wrong again could they?!), another wrong handle turns up and I'm seriously about to set fire to these doors!!!

But you know what's the most frustrating thing with all of this, despite all of my phone calls and emails in a vain attempt to sort this mess out, not once has anyone from Metricon actually said "I'm sorry". They say all the right things though and assure me it won't happen again but guess what, it does!

I'm a huge believer in the expression "actions speak louder than words". Unfortunately all we've been hearing is words.

All I can say is, make sure you consider ALL options before making the mistake we did.

Build LocationSouth Australia
Construction End DateSep 2017
Hi TKB, We are extremely disappointed to hear of your experience. Please allow us the opportunity to raise your concerns with the relevant internal team. If you could please send us a private message with your job number or full lot address, so we can address these concerns. We look forward to hearing from you. Many thanks, MetriconI was anticipating your corporately-worded response Metricon. My post was not intended to illicit anything other than informing other potential Metricon customers of the terrible experience we've had with your company. It is 100% accurate, sadly no embellishment was necessary. Thanks for your offer of assistance, but I'm assured by your Adelaide office that it will be fixed to our satisfaction. There are also a number of other issues that still remain unresolved. I have detailed these in an email to them several weeks ago with no response. I will escalate these in due course as these problems will certainly not fix themselves and ignorance is hardly the answer.Hi TKB, We appreciate you leaving this feedback for us and our readers. We will ensure this is passed on for future business improvements. As requested, we require your full lot address or contract number, so we can fast track and escalate this matter to management for you. We do hope to hear from you, so we can assist and address the outstanding items. Warm regards, Metricon Customer Care.

Extremely happy with our first newly built home!!

From choosing our floor plan to the final completion of the build, we were extremely happy. We went into our first meeting with our sales consultant - [name removed] - knowing what sort of floor plan we wanted and how big a block we needed. [name removed] helped us change the plans to suit our needs and helped us choose the block best suited for us.
When choosing our colours, Metricon had a vast variety to choose from. They had sample selections and we managed to swap a few colours here and there, which essentially combined 2 sample selections. [name removed] helped us with this part of the process and she was very thorough.
The council approval was quite fast, and our only delay was the bank with the valuation - this put us back a few weeks.
Once all this was sorted, we were ready to start building our first home with our site manager on hand - [name removed]. [name removed] was fantastic. We had several viewings of our home at different stages of the build and this allowed us to see the sizes of the rooms at different stages and mark up anything that was incorrect and also make changes as needed.
Metricon has an excellent reputation and we are very very happy that we built with them, especially after seeing some other houses and their finishes. The quality of our home is indescribable.
All the staff we dealt with at Metricon from start to now have been great. They have excellent customer service and are very thorough in their work.
We definitely recommend Metricon and if in the future we decide to build a second house, we will definitely choose Metricon.

Build LocationSouth Australia
Construction End DateMay 2018
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Hi StephD, Thank you for this great 5 Star Review and congratulations on your first newly built home! We are pleased that you have been extremely happy through the entire process with Metricon. It is great to read that your sales consultant was able to create the floor plan suit your needs and also assisted in choosing the best block for you. We are thrilled that you were able to visit your home through various stages to see the progression and now have a home of such high quality. We do hope that you Love where you Live for many years to come! Kind regards, Metricon Customer Care

Careless about the build

The build experience with Metricon started well and we made progress, upto the point of getting financial approval and the disappointment of a valuation shortfall. At this point the experience changed and the pre build manager started to cut corners with requirements for retaining walls and whether these were really necessary, or suggesting in the South Australian climate that air con or a floor were things you didn't really need. The approach was more around Metricon getting the sale and not focussed on the customer and their final house.

A shortfall on the property valuation led to final financial decline and termination of the contract. Metricon were non negotiable on the charges incurred to that point when it was neither Metricon or us who were to blame. We were left with no option but to accept the refund amount. Metricon were not willing to negotiate on anything, and the charges incurred were felt excessive.

What started well, ended with disappointment and frustration.

Build LocationSouth Australia
Construction End DateMay 2018
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Dear Customer, We are sorry that Metricon was not in a position to assist with the shortfall of your valuation which resulted in financial decline which then led to the termination of your contract. We appreciate your feedback and will pass this on for future business improvements. We wish you all the best with your future build plans! Kind regards, Metricon Customer Care

Dreams Come True With Metricon

Metricon's workmanship, professionalism and accountability are truly excellent. My husband and I thought it would be a far and long away dream to have a beautiful house that we can imagine growing a family. But dreams do come true with Metricon.They walk us through in dealing every possibility and challenges and turning them into a sweet reality. Thanks to the customer support of [name removed] and supervision of [name removed].

Build LocationSouth Australia
Construction End DateFeb 2018
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Hi Michelle K, Thank you for this excellent 5 Star Review! We are thrilled to know that our team has been able to make your dream home a reality. We do hope that you Love where you Live! Kind regards, Metricon Customer Care

The Best Experience we've had building with Metricon!

We have had an amazing experience building our house with Metricon, they have delivered all that was promised, we love the attention to detail and the build quality. They always made sure we were informed about the progress and never missed a deadline, interacting with [Name Removed] was also a pleasure and he was very easy going, approachable and pleasure to work with, we recommend Metricon to all our friends and family! We are happy we decided to build with Metricon! They made our experience of building a house a memorable & exciting one! Thank you to the entire team! We would like to specially thank [Name Removed] who made our decision to build a easy one and guided us throughout the selection process of land and home and helped us take the right decision. [Name Removed] who helped us with all the variations and backend support during the whole process.

Build LocationSouth Australia
Construction End DateDec 2017
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Hi Roydin, Thank you for this amazing 5 Star Review! It is great to know that our team always kept you informed and everything went according to schedule. We are pleased to know that your construction manager, sales and pre site manager were all very helpful throughout and ensured that you enjoyed your journey. We do hope that you Love where you Live! Kind regards, Metricon Customer Care

Absolutely loving where we live

Three years ago we built a house with a local high volume builder. The house was built on time and budget and it was exactly what we planned, yet in the end, because of limited consultation and too much interest in closing the deal, we did not get a house that was ideal for our needs.

We are thrilled that our experience with Metricon was a class above the rest. From the sales and support, through to construction and handover, Metricon have been outstanding. Metricon took the time to share insights, challenge our thinking on possibilities and test the design and its fit for our lifestyle. The result is that you really do love where you live because Metricon truly understood they are building you a dream not a home.

Apart from a very attentive and helpful salesperson, Customer Support Co-ordinator and the Studio M consultant, who ensured the pre-construction journey went without a hitch, what impressed us most about our experience was the high level of capability of the construction manager. He wasn’t only highly skilled as a builder, but he was also a highly skilled relationship manager. On our previous build we were locked out of the house until handover so all our choices had to be made up front and on paper. Our Metricon construction manager met us on site very regularly, spent an hour (sometimes longer) taking us through the house, reviewing progress and cross checking if we were comfortable with the decisions and upcoming plans we had made months earlier. Where we realised the house would function better by making small changes, he was flexible and made those happen without hesitation. We felt across the build that we were his priority before the house. As a result, we feel our needs were met. We now have a beautiful home that has the important details we didn’t think about at design stage which functions in the ways we need.

Metricon exceeded our expectations, even stopping by after we moved in to find out how things are going and to encourage us to log the small issues any build inevitably has into their post construction support system. This was an 11 out of 10 build experience and one we would do again in a heartbeat.

Build LocationSouth Australia
Construction End DateFeb 2018
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Hi BM_and_CC_Adelaide, Thank you for this amazing 5 Star Review! It is great to know that our team was able to help you chose a dream home that suited your needs. We are thrilled that your construction manager was very flexible and attentive with you and ensured that your needs were met. Its is a pleasure to read that our team made sure that your expectations were exceeded and have checked in with you since construction finished. We do hope that you Love where you Live for many years to come! Kind regards, Metricon Customer Care

Hillside Home

Our Site Manager & Pre Site Manager were great the entire build, Pre site manager kept us informed the entire time & no question was to hard to answer for us. Site manager was very helpful through out the build & accommodated changes where needed. Quality build excluding the Kitchen supplier this company really put a downer on the experience of enjoying our new home & have tarnished the Metricon standards you expect to see when visiting these beautiful homes, kitchen supplier pushed the rating down to a 4 would have gone lower but the rest of the home didn't deserve this score Kitchen a 1 house as whole 5.

Build LocationSouth Australia
Construction End DateDec 2017
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Hi Vantage 38, Thank you for taking the time to write this great review for our readers! It is great to read that our team was able to keep you thoroughly informed and were always helpful throughout your journey. We appreciate your feedback and will pass it on for future business improvements. We do hope that you Love where you Live! Kind regards, Metricon Customer Care

Love where you live!

Can’t find words to describe our great experience with Metricon everything is positive 

It’s our first home build here in Australia so we can say we have little or no knowledge at all on how build process works in Adelaide. However, from the first day we approached Metricon, the person we have dealt with ([name removed]) was above our expectations.

[name removed] really helped us finding suitable block size with home design we have chosen in the beginning until we landed on the land and location perfect for the home we wanted. Colour and façade selection is stressing for most but Metricon ensure customers will have a beautiful combinations as final product.

When we reached council approvals I thought this was difficult either, but [Name Removed] made this a breeze a process, constant follow-ups were made to ensure we are right on track!

And now for the build process, our Site Manager ([name removed]) was very excellent, he has great attention to details. He is always available whenever we have questions or concerns during the build. He also spends time on sending us text message for progress and will take place on the build which is really great to know what has been done and things to be completed in the next following days, which made me and wife always excited every week 

During the inspection, I would say our Site Manager did an outstanding job on making presentation and inspection at the same time, he has great attention to details even small scratches which needs to be repainted are spot on, this kind of things we as owner may not see this instantly.

The handover was also pretty smooth, all paperworks, keys, warranties are laid to us and organised on a single binder (very neat!). At the end of day, our Site Manager told us that he can be still be instantly contacted if there are concerns or fixes needs to be done.

Been living on the new built house for almost a month and now as we are definitely loving it, we had couple of friends visited us already and envied with the superior build quality of Metricon which we have referred to Metricon too.

Overall, I can prove that quote “love where you live” is true, we are all excited to go home after work and just spend day at home during weekend. I highly recommend building with Metricon, beautiful home, stress free and friendly and professional staff!

Roger & Marichel Cortez

Build LocationSouth Australia
Construction End DateFeb 2018
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Hi ruelcortez78, Congratulations on building your first Australian home and thank you for taking the time to write this great 5 Star Review! It is great to read that our team helped you find the perfect block for your brand new home and reach council approval with no hassle. We are pleased that your site manager kept you thoroughly updated throughout your construction and made the handover process a smooth one. We do hope that you continue to Love where you Live for many years to come! Kindest regards, Metricon Customer Care

Excellent Supervisor!

The process with Metricon at the beginning was a bit tedious, but as soon as the build started there was a huge relief. Our supervisor made the whole experience for us, all that much more enjoyable. He was completely on the ball and ensured everything was done to perfect standards. We would recommend Metricon solely on the supervisor we had. We couldn't recommend him enough! There are a few bits and pieces still incomplete but hoping these will be fixed very shortly.

Build LocationSouth Australia
Construction End DateFeb 2018
1 comment
Hi Claudia and Michael, Thank you so much for taking the time to share your 5 STAR experience! We truly appreciate your feedback and will ensure your review is passed on to Management for consideration. We are pleased to read you had an enjoyable journey, especially due to your Site Manager's efforts. Thank you for choosing us to build your dream home Claudia and Michael. Kindest Regards, Metricon Customer Care.

LOVING my new house!

I was totally and completely happy with the entire Metricon process. From the sales managers' timely email responses to all phone and email queries, to the awesome all round service and friendliness of the Customer Support Co-ordinator, to the knowledgable and friendly Site Supervisor and all the tradies. Choosing all the design items and finishes was made a really easy and organised process by the Studio M staff who are very good at calmly stepping you though the process one product at a time. Each and every process in the build progressed smoothly and even moved ahead of time. The Customer Support Co-ordinator got me council approval in record time, so the build started early and steamed ahead and I ended up with handover 2-3 months ahead of schedule. A few small issues popped up during the build but were sorted quickly and with a minimum of fuss by the Site Supervisor.
If I have one main piece of advice for anyone building a home with Metricon, or any builder, it's to not stress, not constantly be nitpicking and hovering, waiting and expecting something to go majorly wrong. I may be a bit ignorant, a bit naive about the whole process, but perhaps because I just backed off and allowed Metricon and all of their professional trades and contractors to get on with the jobs they are skilled and qualified at, my house build sailed along and I had a "dream build".

Build LocationSouth Australia
Construction End DateDec 2017
1 comment
Hi Debbie, we are very pleased to read that you are loving your new home. It is great to know that you have been happy throughout every stage of your journey. Your feedback will be passed on to the team who assisted with your dream build. Thank you for taking the time to share your experience Debbie. Kind Regards, Metricon Customer Care

loving where i live

Metricon has made our first building experience a real pleasure with only a few little hick ups here and there, but Metricon being the good Australian home building company they are, they resolved the small issues with ease. pain free. the finish on the house is immaculate, and all the detail done to the house has been done with the utter most fine precision and craftsmanship. the house was finished within great time, considering the size of the house and great quality. Lastly customer service was excellent , with any little issues reported fixed and taken care of with in that week. would definitely recommend Metricon, considering the smile it has put on my family's face, living in a brand spanking new Metricon home. yours sincerely- carol.

Build LocationSouth Australia
Construction End DateOct 2017
1 comment
Hi Carol, Thank you for a lovely review. We are so happy to read that you are very happy with all aspects of your home. Congratulations on purchasing your first home Carol, from the team at Metricon we hope you and your family will continue to smile living in your brand new home. Thank you for building with us. Kindest Regards, Metricon Customer Care

Bad workmanship and mixed review customer service

Hi guys,

Please be very careful when selecting Metricon to build your house especially their lackluster customer service and build quality. They do not like to take responsibility for the defects that they have done.

The build quality is around 6/10 but there are quite a few issues that we have noticed when after we moved in.

1) We moved in on February 2017. We were given the 90 days maintenance service to fix things. The list were expired on May and they were supposed to come out after that to fix everything up. However, it's November now and still not everything have been rectified. E.g. Raised carpet, small holes on the ceiling, torn flyscreen, broken kitchen light and etc. All of these were happened prior to handover and they failed to pick this errors up. The building manager then told me to put those items in during our handover day so they could be fixed after 90 days. Since then, I have emailed over and over and over again to the support team which they said they will follow up but it is all obviously an empty promise.

2) Slab overflow (encroachment) - https://imgur.com/a/dBRri Here is a link to some photos to show you how bad the defect and overflow. So, my garage is built on boundary and it looks all good at the beginning. However, when my right hand neighbour has decided to build by excavating to get a retaining wall going, they came to me to notify me about the slab overflow. Apparently, that is considered as an encroachment into my neighbour's land even in the legal term (be it underground footing or not). Therefore, I went and talk to a Metricon building manager, [name removed] who is responsible for my case. What do you know! [Name Removed] called me back and told me that is a common practice and it's the neighbour's reponsibility to fix my encroachment? I was like what?!! I don't think it is my neighbour or my responsibility to rectify this since I have paid Metricon to do a good job in accordance to the contract. A building inspector that I have spoken to was saying the same thing as well and he is prepared to write a report about this. Even the building compliance officer at my local district council has called me up to ask Metricon to fix this encroachment. From what I have gathered on concrete slab pouring on boundary, the concrete specialist should have put a metal sheet prior to slab pouring in the first place to prevent this encroachment. Metricon flat out refused to rectify this issue which is a very big fail on their behalf. I am at loss of word.

Initially, I chose to select Metricon to build my home because of all the research and positive feedbacks that i have gotten and gathered. Metricon have even scored 4.3/5 from this site based on thousands of reviews. That equals to 86% out of 100% which is a high distinction in any standard. TWO thing that stick up the most in those positive feedbacks are the building quality AND outstanding customer service even after the built. I really do hope Metricon can live up to that rating and do what is right.

I really just want to live in a quality built house which Metricon has aspired to, apparently.

Build LocationSouth Australia
Construction End DateFeb 2017
Hi Edwin C, Thank you for contacting us via Product Review and for bringing this to our attention. We take our customer's feedback very seriously and hope you will allow us the opportunity to investigate this matter. If you could please contact our Customer Care team via customercare@metricon.com.au with your Metricon contract number and/or property address, we will escalate your concerns immediately to our Management team for further assistance. Kindest Regards, Metricon Customer Care.Hi Metricon, Thank for the swift response. I have just emailed you and hope these issues can be rectified ASAP. At the meantime, I will update everyone here too on how it goes soon.Hi EdwinC, thank you for your comment. We are in receipt of your email and will ensure your matter is raised immediately with the relevant Management team for further review. We will continue to correspond via email communications to address your concerns. Kindest Regards, Metricon Customer Care.

Do not use Metricon

18 months from signing the contract to completion!
Still waiting (14 months) for liquidated damages due to late completion! Sent numerous emails but get no response??
Very bad workmanship! Many defects both internal and external, it took many months to have most rectified. The rest eg bad brickwork we have to live!!!
The company doesn't know what customer service or support is!! Numerous staff changes was always the excuse!
Please speak to other clients who have built with this company before you sign any contracts!!

Build LocationSouth Australia
Construction End DateAug 2016
1 comment
Hi Dennise, we are sorry to read that you are unhappy with the quality of your build and for the delay in finalising your account. Please email customercare@metricon.com.au referencing your contract number for us to escalate the matter for you. We await your response. Kind Regards, Metricon Customer Care.

4 years on and our Metricon house is still like new!

My wife and I would both like to thank you for your outstanding customer service and support. Since building with Metricon nearly 5 years ago, we have had the usual small warranty problems. You and your team have been fantastic in coming up with a fair and reasonable resolutions for every problem.

We would also like to say that the build quality has been excellent and much thanks must go to Stuart for his attention to detail. I can say that after moving in 4 years ago, the house still looks great and admired by all of our visitors. So much so, that we talked 3 of our friends into building with you. They have also had great experiences. I also forgot to mention Gary, who was great during the initial house selection and design process.

We are selling unfortunately and are hoping to build with you again if we can find the right property to knock over.

I have dropped off a case of wine to share around with your amazing team. Thanks again.

Build LocationSouth Australia
Construction End DateJul 2013
1 comment
Hi Wineguy, We are always thrilled to receive feedback from happy Metricon customer's. It certainly is a credit to our team for continuing to provide outstanding customer service and support since building your home. We are pleased to read that your friends had similar building experiences and thank you for your recommendations. Our team will be delighted to receive your kind words. Thank you for taking the time to share your experience with our readers, we hope to be able to assist you with another build. Kind Regards, Metricon Customer Care.

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Hi there , I bought an old house got it demolished and have two blocks now , I already initiated with a bulilder who made the drawings (two houses)and got them approved by the council in 7 months . If I have to change the builder can I still use those drownings and approval or they are that builder’s property & I have to get new drawings and approval with new builder. Would be really thank full is answered Regards Rohit Rohit2605b@yahoo.com
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Hi Rohit, Thank you for your question. We are unable to speak on behalf of other builders, but we recommend contacting your builder directly for further details on their copyright. Warm regardsThanks for your kind reply. Regards Rohit


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