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  • Build Quality
    3.5 (4)
  • Value for Money
    3.3 (4)
  • Noise Level
    4.0 (4)
  • Wet Weather Handling
    4.3 (4)
  • Durability
    2.3 (3)
  • Dry Weather Handling
    4.5 (4)

Perfect everyday tyre

CarSubaru Liberty 2008


Great tyres if you value handling.


I've on my 2nd set of P3's now after the first set lasted me about 55k which is quite impressive for a soft tyre, that being said I read reviews people claiming these only lasted like 2000km or that they have poor grip. Here's what I have to say to them....If I was driving a high powered rear wheel drive and I chose to accelerate into a corner I would most likely fishtail too, especially when the car may weigh about 2t, looking at you older falcons and commodores.

But back to the point. This is a great tyre, I imagine I enjoy longevity more then others because I'm not pushing down 200hp+ on them but all the same these bad boys can take a corner, totally worth the money.

Car2010 Honda Civic

ShaneSydney Surrounds, NSW

  • 4 reviews

Excellent tyres!


Quiet, grippy and lasts. Worth the money. Due for a whole new set soon. Should get another 5k before rego is due. I will stick with these. Tempe tyres are the cheapest. Shop around and price match. Even though tread is worn mostly, it still really well. I don't know how others only get 20k. Maybe drifting?

CarVE SS sport wagon
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  • 2 reviews

best tyres ever


waaaaa amazing best tyres i had in my life the gti is front wheels drive and i always get wheels spin and noise at the traffic light when i put my foot down i had pirelli brigestone... Michelin the best no spinning not noisy!!! they well worth the price i love it very happy with it

Cargolf gti mk6

ned317Greater Melbourne (Metropolitan), VIC

This is just an ordinary tyre. Nothing special.


Just purchased PS3 for my V6 Commodore and when I first got them, they were fantastic. Now that I have put about 1,000km they are nowhere near as good. Now they tend to be 'slippy'. If I need to get away in a hurry, these tires loose traction. In a straight line they just barely hold on under full acceleration. In a corner you can forget it. I'm thinking these tyres must have a thin initial gripy layer from factory. When it wears off, it is no better than any other 'general tyre'. I drive gently, but when I need to move or get out of the way, these tyres tend to let me down.

CarCommodore V6



There's a reason this tyre has so many positive reviews and I'm glad I came across it. The plush ride is outstanding for a sport tyre. It's quiet and the steering is brilliant. Plus they are cheaper then Bridgestones.

I found they had excellent grip in all Aussie weather conditions, especially in the wet. I also found that they had low noise and good tread life.



  • 2 reviews

Brilliant performance, Quiet, acceptable K's for the cost...


Class leading grip in both dry & wet, very quiet -beyond my expectations, keep to higher tyre pressures 40psi. Rotate the tyres every 10K kms if you want any kind of longevity out of them. Looking for a tyre that'll do 50K kms & more, then look else where.
235/45/17 97XL

update: Okay so I've done a little over 10,100kms in 5mths of fitment and have checked the tread depth, measured up at 6.0mm in three places (7.0mm when fitted new). I didn't think they were going to last but that's a great indication of how I'm going. Very happy with that. Just regular driving.

Car2009 Mondeo Zetec TDCI


Nothing short of brilliant thus far.

Car2013 Mazda 3 MPS 235/40/18
Nick Bordo

Nick BordoSouth East Queensland, QLD

  • 7 reviews

Unbelievable handling and a very grippy tyre!

Car2011 Toyota Corolla Ascent Sport Hatchback Automatic
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  • 3 reviews

Simply the best ultimate road tyre

CarFord Focus XR5 Turbo


  • 4 reviews
  • Verified purchase

Michelin's Pilot Sport 3 are exactly what they ARE 'Pilot Sport' 3rd Generation road handling rubber

Car2011 VOLVO C30 T5 Polestar 2.5ltr 227hp-440Hp and 2010 VOLVO V50 T5 Polestar 2.5ltr 330hp
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the-oneMid North Coast, NSW

  • 11 reviews

Michelin Pilot Sport 3 a great choice


I recently fitted four new Michelin Pilot Sport 3 tyres (215/45R17) and they are great. They are relatively quiet (we have some patches of coarse blacktop in Australia where nothing is noiseless). They grip well in both dry and wet conditions, and do not tramline. Would recommend these tyres as great value for money.

Car2013 Kia Cerato Koup


  • 5 reviews

Great tyres for wet or dry


I drive around 30,000 km per year and have tried Maxxis, Toyo and Continental tyres on my 2005 V8 Commodore. Most of my km are on the highway but never got more than 40,000 km per set of tyres. The Michelin PS3 tyres lasted 50k and were cheaper than the other brands I've used. Never had a problem with traction around town or on the highway in wet or dry conditions, they always gripped under spirited driving. Road noise from the tyres is almost non-existent. I may try the Michelin Primacy 3 for my next set but for now have just purchased a second set of PS3's.

Car2005 Holden Calais V8 235/45r17
Todd P

Todd PWollongong, NSW

  • 2 reviews

Good Tyre. Great Value.


Just fitted my second set of PS3 to my Alfa 147 after 4 years. (215/45 17) I got 36000km out of them, and very happy. Good grip and fairly quiet on the road. The last lot were 91W and these are 91V but these are less than half the price I paid 4 years ago! $495 for 4 fitted. Thanks in part to $100 cashback from Michelin through Jax tyres but the base price was still a lot cheaper than when I first got them.

CarAlfa 147
speed racer

speed racerPerth, WA

  • 7 reviews

Sticks to the road like sh$t to a blanket


These tyres are the bomb. Purchased a set of 245/40/R18 97Y for $1100 from Tyreright (John Hughes tyres) and the price included a wheel alignment and a free loan car for the day.

Finally I can get the power down in the DRY without losing traction with these on my XR6T. Not that I'm a hoon, rather the Dunlops and Firestones I had on this car since new provided minimal grip in the DRY and were absolutely useless in the wet.

There's a reason this tyre has so many positive reviews and I'm glad I came across it. Plus they are cheaper then Bridgestones

CarFG Ford Falcon XR6T
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EponymousCanberra 2600, ACT

  • 4 reviews

Quiet, Responsive with Nice Road Feel


I put Michelin Pilot Sport 3's onto my TT and they have been magnificent, even on the crappy roads in the NSW Central West, which are notoriously harsh on road tyres. The ride isn't pure sports tyre, which is a relief. They definitely reduced my perceived NVH (Noise, Vibration and Harshness) in the cabin. It felt like every bump had been softened a hair, but there is no perceptible loss in grip and agility. They're not cheap, but so what? Those few inches of rubber on the road are what's between you and God knows what. Never skimp on tyres!

CarAudi TT Quattro


  • 3 reviews

not bad not the best though


very very grippy have been happy with these tyres over all.
tread wear is not the best as to be expected
they are very quiet
they feel good as a midrange tyre and are better than most oem fitted tyres such as the stock dunlops.
however for the price i guess i expected more.
having had hundreds of tyres in the past they i would rate them a 80/100
good for a spirited daily driver but if you want more id suggest getting something like a semi slick or even the bridgestone re003.
they just dont have the turn in or feedback i desire
if your a saftey concious driver get them no issues
if your a boy racer or have some serious power go grab some hancook rs3's or bridgstone re003's

Carxr6 turbo



Had Michelin Pilot Sport 3's (215x45x17s) fitted to my Subaru Liberty Sports, I took the advice, Sweet As! Will be fitting them to the Outback next (55 profile). Presently converted, thanks Michelin, the reviews are correct about wet and dry, and I"m not a Hoon but I know how to drive after 37yrs. I'd probably like to keep them running for up 3yrs max anyway, upgrade, I like the smell and look of new tyres, beats replacing every 2yrs, and I'd rather the family had good tread under them, bargain :D

Car2009 Subaru Liberty Sports 2.5L Manual
Tim W

Tim WSydney, NSW

  • 22 reviews

Very grippy, quiet and smooth.


Thought I would try some Michelin Pilot Sport 3 as they were on special and way cheaper than the 205/55/16 Dunlop SP Sport 01 which are the factory fitted tyres. Seems that the Dunlops can only be bought from Goodyear or Beaurepaires tyre shops. I wasn't unhappy with them other than they seemed noisy even when half worn.
I upgraded to 215/45/17 on 17x7 inch rims. I wasnt sure whether this was a good idea or not but I gotta say I love the Michelins. Very grippy, quiet and smooth. Time will tell how many kms they last.

Car2012 Toyota Corolla

Forget using Pilot Sport 3 on Mercedes-Benz


I drive a CLK500 and have used Pilot Sport 2&3 in the past. The wear was generally good - roughly 14000 miles per set. The latest set however were dreadful. Same car, same driver and actually more motorway based driving. The mileage? 4500 - absolutely ridiculous. Michelin now refuse to sell these tyres for my car. Yet despite this they checked the tyres and claimed they were overinflated this refusing to replace them. Poor quality and poor support. I'm driving Pirelli MO next time.

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Front tyres, ContiSportContact 265/40/21 on Merc ML350 have lasted about 17,000 km. Scrubbed outer on fronts. Very disappointed. Anyone got ideas what to buy next?

No answers


I've got a Ford XR6 - (245/40 18R 97Y) Need to replace my Pirelli P1 (worn out). Was going for the Pirelli P7 ($279) but have been told that the Michelin Pilot Sport 4 is as good - possibly even quieter & cheaper per tyre ($214). I do country miles & odd dirt rd. Any experience or ideas which way I should go? V V

1 answer

Hi Val, I would strongly advise you to not to go with Michelin. My rear Michelin Pilot Sport' tyres wore down to canvas in less than 2years (-40,000km's). I do similar driving to you in a Camry front wheel drive; so it totally didn't make sense, except these are a bad quality tyre. I requested replacement from supplier, who put me onto Michelin State Manager, he was dismissive and refused replacement. I would never ever buy Michelin Tyres again, these tyres where poor quality and unsafe. Perhaps talk to your mechanic for a recommendation, and spend the extra $ as obviously quality tyres are very important :-)



I am looking at a set of pilot sport 3 tyres for my car. My local tyre shop has asked which type I want? He said they offer an st and a dt version (in Australia) does anyone know the difference between the two. There is a $40 difference between them per tyre.

2 answers

I know ST stands for Slient Technology, not sure what DT stands for. I was not offered options, I got the ST version.

Now PS3 has successor PS4 now, should be he same price!


DT Different Tread Design (slight changes in designed pattern)
DT1 New pattern

and the ST in the tyres title stands for Silence Tuned.

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