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Michelin Pilot Sport 3

Michelin Pilot Sport 3

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  • Build Quality
    3.0 (1)
  • Value for Money
    2.0 (1)
  • Noise Level
    5.0 (1)
  • Wet Weather Handling
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  • Durability
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  • Dry Weather Handling
    4.0 (1)

LukaMetropolitan Adelaide, SA

+++ for grip, low noise, excellent response --- durability, cost


i was happy with this tyre but and the performance regarding it but will not buy michellin again due to durability. I bought these in 2014 for my golf gti and they lasted me 28,000KM. poor durability and too costly...

Purchased in March 2014 at Kmart Retail Stores.

Build Quality
Value for Money
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  • 8 reviews

Long wearing front tyres.


Long lasting front tyres although I have nitrogen in my tyres. My back tyres however did not last anywhere that long. Regardless, I would recommend. I recently tried to replace one of my rear tyres only to be told that they are no longer produced according to the tyre outlet I use. It would be useful to know if that is true or not. Does anyone know ?

Car2009 Lexus IS250


  • 6 reviews

Not bad


Ive had these on my car for 45,000km now. haven't had any major problems, they weren't noisy and wear great. Handle well in wet and dry. I have rotated twice only, as these have been wearing great. Were expensive compared to the Goodyear NCTs i had on before but these PS3's offered superior performance and reasonable longevity. Have just reached the tread indicator now and will be replacing with Michelin Primacy as I have been told that the Primacy offers more high mileage ( i only do freeway kms) and the Pilot Sport 3s are for sport/performance handling.

CarFord BF XR6 Series 2
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  • 10 reviews

Now updated to PS 4s.


Check out www. Tyrereviews.co.uk. FANTASTIC tyre review site. A wealth of reviewed info under one umbrella! Bob Janes always seems to give me good rapid service. Discounts for regulars too.... Smart b/c we all need tyres sooner or later!
Haven't had any significant wear probs yet on PS3s. True- the new PS3 tread is Not esp deep. Don't forget to put Nitrogen in your tyres ( I like 38psi) expected free c your nxt new set!
Enjoy your driving- Safely!

CarG6E. Tiguan, Octavia RS, XR8. 528

Perfect tyres but poor durability


Great handling on wet and dry. Very sporty feel. Comfort level 4/5. Not noisy. Overall i am very happy this tyre. Biggest problem is they lasted only for 20k.so not durable. I had to replace with pilot sport 4 and hoping that will last longer. I highly recommenc this tyre if you dont care about replacing early.

CarAudi A4 2010

damian.armitage.37Sydney, Australia

  • 2 reviews

Good performance, terrible tread wear

Car2010 VW Passat R36


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I brought these tyres and love them tyres and very durable and definitely make the ride better, go through slot of tyres and these seem to last the longest. The tyres impact the car in a good way and it inhances the performance of the car can't go wrong ..

Car2016 Holden SUV


  • 37 reviews

Noisy tyre


Great handling and good for some 40,000 km but noisy.
It is a shame because I like this tyre for it's fairly good grip in the wet and solid cornering. Unfortunately it is a little nosy for me at low speeds and up to 60 km. Above that speed the noise tends to reduce.
I will try another tyre this time round and will opt for the Goodyear Eagle F1 Directional5.

CarKia Proceed GT

ned317Greater Melbourne (Metropolitan), VIC

This is just an ordinary tyre. Nothing special.


Just purchased PS3 for my V6 Commodore and when I first got them, they were fantastic. Now that I have put about 1,000km they are nowhere near as good. Now they tend to be 'slippy'. If I need to get away in a hurry, these tires loose traction. In a straight line they just barely hold on under full acceleration. In a corner you can forget it. I'm thinking these tyres must have a thin initial gripy layer from factory. When it wears off, it is no better than any other 'general tyre'. I drive gently, but when I need to move or get out of the way, these tyres tend to let me down.

CarCommodore V6
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There's a reason this tyre has so many positive reviews and I'm glad I came across it. The plush ride is outstanding for a sport tyre. It's quiet and the steering is brilliant. Plus they are cheaper then Bridgestones.

I found they had excellent grip in all Aussie weather conditions, especially in the wet. I also found that they had low noise and good tread life.



  • 3 reviews

not bad not the best though


very very grippy have been happy with these tyres over all.
tread wear is not the best as to be expected
they are very quiet
they feel good as a midrange tyre and are better than most oem fitted tyres such as the stock dunlops.
however for the price i guess i expected more.
having had hundreds of tyres in the past they i would rate them a 80/100
good for a spirited daily driver but if you want more id suggest getting something like a semi slick or even the bridgestone re003.
they just dont have the turn in or feedback i desire
if your a saftey concious driver get them no issues
if your a boy racer or have some serious power go grab some hancook rs3's or bridgstone re003's

Carxr6 turbo

BowenSydney, Australia

  • 6 reviews

Michelin PS3


I have bought these for my Lexus IS250 and i can only rate it neutral. The tyre is superior in terms of its performance, it is very grippy in wet weather and very quiet. However these tyres did not last very long, I have only managed to get roughly about 25000KM out of them(suburban and city driving), and the front tyre is quite bald already. I have also had two flat tyre occurring with these tyres, first was from a nail but the second one was actually from mounting the side curb. Overall I would recommend this tyre to performance users whose looking for superior drivability but i would not recommend this tyre to economy orientated users.

Nicer drive than the old PS2 but thats it!

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Front tyres, ContiSportContact 265/40/21 on Merc ML350 have lasted about 17,000 km. Scrubbed outer on fronts. Very disappointed. Anyone got ideas what to buy next?

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I've got a Ford XR6 - (245/40 18R 97Y) Need to replace my Pirelli P1 (worn out). Was going for the Pirelli P7 ($279) but have been told that the Michelin Pilot Sport 4 is as good - possibly even quieter & cheaper per tyre ($214). I do country miles & odd dirt rd. Any experience or ideas which way I should go? V V

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Hi Val, I would strongly advise you to not to go with Michelin. My rear Michelin Pilot Sport' tyres wore down to canvas in less than 2years (-40,000km's). I do similar driving to you in a Camry front wheel drive; so it totally didn't make sense, except these are a bad quality tyre. I requested replacement from supplier, who put me onto Michelin State Manager, he was dismissive and refused replacement. I would never ever buy Michelin Tyres again, these tyres where poor quality and unsafe. Perhaps talk to your mechanic for a recommendation, and spend the extra $ as obviously quality tyres are very important :-)



I am looking at a set of pilot sport 3 tyres for my car. My local tyre shop has asked which type I want? He said they offer an st and a dt version (in Australia) does anyone know the difference between the two. There is a $40 difference between them per tyre.

2 answers

I know ST stands for Slient Technology, not sure what DT stands for. I was not offered options, I got the ST version.

Now PS3 has successor PS4 now, should be he same price!


DT Different Tread Design (slight changes in designed pattern)
DT1 New pattern

and the ST in the tyres title stands for Silence Tuned.

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