Michelin Pilot Sport 4

Michelin Pilot Sport 4

Michelin Pilot Sport 4

109 reviews

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109 reviews
109 reviews
Danny W.
Danny W.Peel, WA9 posts

Best Tyres I've Ever Had

Bought a Peugeot 308 wagon new, it came with Michelin Pilot Sport 3's. Loved those tyres, held the road like glue and lasted well. Replaced them with Michelin Pilot Sport 4's - even better. Feel incredibly safe and looking forward to a long and happy use of them. Show details
JessFalconSydney, NSW7 posts

good tyres

got these put on recently and they're great - recommended in the wet and the dry, safe with the kids and don't have to worry about what to put on next Show details
WazCanberra Central 2602, ACT

Not for light sports cars

I totally agree with Tassie Lorenzo.

To be honest the factory standard Primacy tyres on the Toyota 86 felt better to drive on.
With the pilot sport 4 cornering seems to run wide. If I turn the wheel more they hang on fine .. but not what I was looking for in a tyre on a light weight sports orientated car.
They may be good on a heavier car for highway driving. Show details

Build Quality
Value for Money
Noise Level
DavidGreater Melbourne (Inner), VIC5 posts
Nick Bordo
Nick BordoSouth East Queensland, QLD21 posts
robinitdee why20 posts

Good but not great

Purchased 225/40/18 tyres.
Good in dry conditions and the wet. Jax inflated tyres to 35 psi. When cornering it felt as though there was too much tyre sidewall roll, as if they weren't inflated enough. Took it up to 38psi, much better.
Tyres are not as quiet as other reviewers have mentioned.
I think the continental MC5 tyres I had previously were better in the handling, especially cornering and were much quieter. Those tyres lasted me 56000 klms.
I don't think these Michelins will last anywhere near as long as the rubber is a softer compound than the Continentals.
I wouldn't purchase these tyres again.
I feel the Continentals were superior in every aspect. Show details
Wet Weather Handling
Dry Weather Handling
SamSpadeSydney, NSW11 posts

Great all rounder

Good in wet and dry. I only drove about 15k on the PS4s and they were still in great condition when I sold the BRZ. I also used them on a track day at Wakefield and they were excellent giving plenty of warning prior to letting go which is something I appreciate in a tire. I would highly recommend them with the only issue being the price but I guess you get what you pay for. There are regular offers like buy 3 get one free etc. so if you are not in a hurry this would be worth waiting for. My prior tyres were Bridgestone Potenza RE003 which were also great. The lap on the PS4s was slightly better but they were 10mm wider so it is a hard call as to which was actually faster. I prefer the PS4s in the wet.

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BrownyWollongong7 posts

Great Tyres

Coming from pirelli p-zero’s I’m really happy with these tyres. They’ve got better grip, they’re quieter and from what I have read I expect them to last a fair bit longer than my old set. A little on the expensive side (in my size particularly) but I see them as well worth it if they live up to their longevity reputation while providing the grip that they do.

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ErskieBrisbane13 posts

Transformed the car - now points and steers - great wet weather and quiet

Purchased a Falcon G6E with 30,000 km’s on it - “fitted with Brand new tyres” they were Hi Fly HF 805 Challengers. Feel was poor wet grip low. I bought four new tyres and had them fitted balanced and aligned. Difference was felt driving out of the car park. I haven’t managed to break grip in the wet or dry, and traction from start never breaks - it’s only the 196kw na engine. Braking is as good as I can hope for, they are quiet with good ride quality. Well worth the $780 I paid for the set

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AlbervinWollongong27 posts

The ultimate tyre for a mid range sports/touring car

Michelin Pilot Sport tyres have been the coach for touring motorcycles and cars for several years. They have, probably, the best wet weather performance of any tyre on the market. What that means is that braking and cornering can be safely managed whether it is wet or dry. The Continental tyres are also good but these are a step above. If you value passenger safety and car performance above price and distance then these are the only option.

They are quiet riding in my Audi so no downside there. The grip is prodigious!

The downside is that they wear quicker than most tyres.

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Value for Money
Noise Level
Steve Blackbird
Steve BlackbirdSydney, NSW10 posts
Alan Dunn
Alan DunnMAITLAND25 posts

Michelin tyres

They don’t feel any different in weather or road surfaces they are very quiet on all surfaces and especially on wet roads the performance on my bmw convertible is great I tried another tyre before purchasing the sport tyres they were terrible on same road. I wish to thank Michelin for making such a great tyre sourced from bob Jane tyres. Gordon

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Miguel Freitas
Miguel Freitas7 posts

Premium Tyres

Bought these as the shop didn't have the ones I wanted available and they gave me a good discount, still cost me $680 for 4 tyres mind you!! Excellent performance in both dry and wet, they're one step down from proper racing tyres. They're very highly rated, but as for durability I'll have to get back to you on this as I've only done about 5k kms on them.

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IJay7 posts


Amazing, best tyre for the best price. The feedback off the road is amazing. The grip in all conditions is amazing. The road noise is minimal. The price is not exuberant for what you are getting. It really is quality at a cost that isnt going to break the bank. I have had conti's and they wore down after 25,000km. These are still strong at 40,000km.

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KasparovSydney54 posts
Quest kings
Quest kingsEdwards town4 posts

Excellent tyre for bmw sports

I have a very expensive bmw sports i class and had to replace the wheels a few months back and went on this brand because they matched what I had on the car and have always loved this brand and make of tyre. They handle well on wet roads and look great which is what I was after

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PaulPerth4 posts

Amazing !

I’ve had these tyres for three months.

The first thing I noticed was a big reduction in road noise once they were fitted.

The most significant thing is the grip in wet weather. It’s amazing and better than any tyre I’ve ever owned.

I can’t comment re how long they'll last as it’s still early days, but even they don’t last quite as long as other tyres, the wet weather grip and improvement in safety would make them worthwhile.

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FakenamePerth7 posts

Amazing performance for a reasonable price

The first thing I noticed with these tyres is how quiet they are- almost silent. More importantly, although they’re only a little bit better in every way compared to PS3s, those are such good tyres themselves that even small improvements are still appreciable.

Most impressive with the PS4 is wet weather grip- there have been a few times when I thought I’d braked a bit too late or was slightly too quick going into corners, yet these tyres simply held on with no dramas. Dry grip is very good as well. Highly recommend them!

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Tassie Lorenzo
Tassie LorenzoAdelaide
Slammer4 posts

1st trial Michelin Ps 4 st..Value for money

Awesome grip be it wet or dry...Grip well in cornering, braking and surprising very comfortable for performance tyre. Been using Michelin Primacy 3 St and 1 of my quietest tyre but you won"t go wrong with this Michelin Pilot Sport 4 St. Good Job Michelin ... People can say what they want but i made up my mind. This is my view but up to individual to decide.... Novice driver only maaa

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Self Funded Retiree
Self Funded RetireeCentral Queensland, QLD19 posts

Very happy with my tyres

Purchased the Mitchelin Pilot Sport 4 tyres, 245/45 ZR 18, from Jax Tyres for my VE Commodore. They have great grip in both wet weather conditions and normal driving conditions. The tyres have low road noise; however, I think my old tyres were slightly quieter but ever so negliable. The ride they provide and driver comfort is excellent. Overall very happy with the tyres.

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AndypooLane cove51 posts

The best

Big Michelin fan and these have been superb so far on Audi S3, just a quick google search and you'll see the hype is justified, have tried many many brands over the years, sportmaxx RT2 were also very good and perhaps slightly quieter but these have sublime all-round grip and feel. Worth paying the extra $$$.

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Mazda ND MX5

Theses tyres haves been great. Once warmed up they are grippy , quite and improved handling. They are wearing well and have improved cornering and braking. Feel thevtyres are good in the dry and the wet. Fitted a 205 as I could not get a 195 for the car. No adverse effects.

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deandownunderSouth East Queensland, QLD72 posts

These tyres are the best you can buy as a replacement for runflats

Having just replaced a set of Pilot Sport 3's on my Mercedes-Benz B200 with these new tyres I was anxious to see if they were as good. They are! I priced around and ended up getting them at Costco. They could not be beaten. Costco rotate the tyres for free every 10000klms for the life of the tyres

Pilot Sport 4 tyres are quiet, soft and smooth riding with great grip. They might cost a bit more but total satisfaction is assured.

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AndrewCentral Queensland, QLD257 posts
Dangerous DAN
Dangerous DAN

The best tyres I have put on My Wagon

After having horrible tyres on my wagon that would aqua plane with no input. Yes PS4s are pricey but you get what you pay for. I'm a spirited driver who demands a good tyre. They corner well at speed, they brake well for such heavy car, grip in wet is unbelievable. The rate of wear is good.

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BellakelpieSouthwest, VIC34 posts

Very grippy tyre

I replaced the worn out Michelin Primacy 3 Tyres on my 2012 Honda Accord Euro with a set of these Pilot Sport 4 tyres. I got 65,000 km from the Primacy 3's. The Pilot Sport 4's are quieter than the Primacy 3's, grip better and the cars steering is more precise. Fuel economy is also better. So far I have only driven 12,000 kms on them, so time will tell as to tyre life.

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DeanoMetropolitan Adelaide, SA8 posts

Michelin pilot sport

Value for money. Very grippy on Aussie windey roads. Excellent grip in the wet and dry. I used to have Yokohama tyres in uk. But after moving to Aus, these were special order only and very expensive. So I went for the Michelin. One set did over 60000klm. So very impressed.

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Old Patto
Old PattoSydney6 posts
ChristopherGreater Melbourne (Inner), VIC2 posts

Long lasting quiet and grippy tyres

These tyres lasted me > 45,000km and more than 1 year. Normally I go through tyres every 30000km or so. I'm looking to buy more tyres, and will probably get these ones again. No complaints.

My previous tyres included Pirelli, Continental, Hancook and Yokohama to name a few. The Michelin are pretty good all around!

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CremastaPerth6 posts

Better than the PS3!

I recently upgraded from the Michelin PS3, which I was a big fan of.
These are a much better tyre all round. They have an outstanding level of grip without the softness of the PS3 which sometimes felt a little bit spongy.
I don't push these too hard, and have only had them for about 5,000km. Haven't used them in really wet weather yet, but so far they have done everything beautifully.
245/45 R18 on a decent sized car with 210kw.

Seriously good tyre!

I've had these for around 20,000 km now.
Less than half worn and no noticeable change in grip, wet or dry.

Still very impressed! Show details

Darren S
Darren S2 posts

I am a Convert !!!

Have you ever heard the term to a blanket well this sums up these tyres,I have been known to push my car thru corners from time to time and these PS4 tyres give me the confidence in a Ute. Low road noise too which is great.The price most definitely reflects the quality of these tryes.When it comes time to change down the track these will be the first ones I look at again.

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VaishSydney4 posts

Good Quality tyres

Exceptional quality and amazing grip tyres for my Bmw. This tyres comfortably sits with very good pattern all around. Though the price is slightly higher, it will last long. I always recommend this product to all. Good deal and buy. After the tyre change, i really enjoy driving my car.

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reddySydney, NSW5 posts

great tyres

I brought these tyres form costco for my mazda three, they very on special buy three get one free.

very good tyres and good fuel economy i staright away notice.

less road noise then my previous kumo tyres and smooth ride. highly recom tyres . they have long lasting life as well.

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FunkySydney, NSW17 posts

Top of the range tyre

On of my cars recently needed tyres and with a driving holiday planned for Christmas I wanted to make sure I replace all 4 tyres before I went. There were great deals for buying 4 though Jax Tyres (save $100) so I decided to purchase. I'm really impressed by the low noise and grip in both wet and dry conditions. The car seems so much more stable when cornering. I cant talk about durability yet but I hope they will outlast previous sets on the same car.

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ThanhthanhMelb7 posts


Firstly, these tyres aren't cheap. But for the price you pay, it is definitely worth it. These tyres are very grippy whether in sun or rain and i have driven 40000 km on them with no issues what so ever. The low profile of these also gives your car a nice look.

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PlihaYoung5 posts

Great tires

Great tires so far, have great experience for the last 10k km. Excellent drive in wet weather, good performance in dry conditions. Not too noisy, a bit expensive but its worth it. Plus it’s Michelin and it’s mean good quality and safety on the road all the time. Enjoy them!

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NancyBaulkham hills9 posts

Outstanding Performance Tyres!

The tyres are durable and reliable and will last longer. The performance of the car has improved after changing the tyres. It runs smoothly on the road without making any screeching noise. I am glad i chose the best brand that i can trust. This was a very good buy.

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