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Fitted to a 2008 Toyota Camry. These tyres are awesome. I rave about them to everyone. I have covered about 7 to 10,000k's on them and love them. These things are almost silent. They grip like [censored word removed] to a blanket too, in both wet and dry. I paid around $850 fitted and balanced including a front end alignment.

As mentioned above, I did feel the need to put some extra pressure in them due to having the tyres roll around a bit under very hard cornering. Driving normally the standard pressure will be more than fine.

Average Fuel consumption has dropped from 9.05L per 100km to 8.52L per 100km - this could be partly due to the extra pressures.

I recommend these tyres whleheartedly.
Grip. Very Low noise levels. Comfortable ride. Lower fuel consumption.
Side walls seem to be quite soft, so I added a few extra pounds of pressure into both front and rears. Ride is now a little firmer but the tyres do not roll as much in hard cornering.


Just got two front tyres replaced with Michelin Primacy LC in my local Bob Jane today, I can't tell you how satisfy am I with this tyre, it's just incredible !

I am driving a two years old VW Golf 1.9TDI, now it's just a brand new experience for me, even better than the first day I got the car from dealer.

This tyre is super quite and almost feel no vibration on the road, and smooth control when making the turn. I can't image how good it will be after I replace the rear tyres.
Extremely quite
Less vibration on the road
Better control when making turn
Fuel savings
Can't think of any (now)

very quiet, nice ride, good grip

Fitted 4 of these to my TW Magna about a month ago. Much quieter than the old Bridgestone RE92s, and have a better ride, although it would be surprising if they last as well. About 5% fuel economy improvement on the early figures.
quiet, nice ride, grip well, better fuel economy

Has all the features that define a tyre

I bought three Michelin Primacy LC tyres on a whim (although I intend to buy a fourth tyre in due course), and I am extremely satisfied with the purchase. They perfectly fulfill the basic requirements of tyrehood, but offer so much more.

Of all the tyres I own (around 302) these are amongst the very best; the treads are particularly pleasing from an aesthetic point of view, and very satisfying to touch, the workmanship is immediately evident. They are just the right weight to stack on top of each other in my sitting room without the risk of them falling over, as has happened in the past with other brands of tyre. Exactly what you need to liven up your house, use as make-shift furniture etc.

Sadly, I cannot review the driving qualities of the tyres as I do not own a car, and even if I did I would not use these tyres for fear of spoiling their beautiful threads.
Aesthetically pleasing, comfortable to sit on, very stackable
Simply too gorgeous to ever consider attaching to the wheel of an automobile

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Hey Nuclear Optimism, what year model is your Whim. I own a 1951 model, presumably not as aesthetically pleasing as yours, but without [censored word removed] embedded in the tread.

These are fabulous!

Fitted 4 on C220 CDi Mercedes Benz. Noticeably quieter, outstanding handling in all aspects okn both wet and dry roads as well as city, country and freeway driving. Time will tell on the wear aspect, but I have used Michelin over 50 years and have never had room for complaint as regards wear. Eary stages of keeping accurate fuel usage details indicate an improvement of 4% to 5% fuel savings. Looks like the best of the best at this stage!
Road handling, quiet, smooth ride.


I purchased a set of 4 Michelin Primacy Lc a few weeks back, and I have to say they are the quietest tyres I have ever purchased. I was told that the silence is from the silent rib technology, which minimises vibrations that causes noise.

The tyre shop also informed me that the Primacy Lc tyre will save me on petrol, because of a low rolling resistance. I have yet to see a difference in savings or extra km's, maybe it's too soon?
I have also noticed that they grip well in wet weather.
The Primacy Lc Tyre is very quiet.
None so far.

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Hi Nicola, How many Kms did you get out of these tyres


It's a good tyre and quieter than my previous Michelin Primacy HPs. Dynamics are good. The HPs lasted 50000 kms and I'm hoping these do the same.
Quiet with good dynamics
Price is high, but competitive with other high-end offerings. I'd rather they lower the price than give away promotional stuff.

Time will tell.

Have just bought 4 new Primacy LC tyres to replace the fabulous Michelin MXV8's that lasted well over 70,000 klms. Before buying them, Neil the Michelin Qld rep said the Primacy tyres (if well cared for) will last up to 60,000 klms and I'll also see a reduced fuel bill.I hope he's right as I've just spent $1000 and the parting comment from the Bob Jane dealer was "They should be good for 30,000 Klms!!!!"
Time will tell.

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Questions & Answers

I think my new Michelin Pilot Sport tyres are noisier than my previous Cincturato P1s. Are the Michelin LCs quieter than the Pilot Sports?
1 answer
I am afraid do not have an answer to your question as have not had an experience of these tyres that you are asking about. Regards.

Is michelin Primacy LC better or Primacy 4? Because I already have 2 rear tyre primacy lc and I am very happy and now I need to change front tyres but I cant find Primacy LC . They said Primacy LC has been discontinued and new model is primacy 4. Anyone knows how's Primacy 4. For 215 55 r17?
No answers

I have a 2012 Honda accord euro standard fitment with Michelin Primacy HP 235/45/18R/98/W and except on new hot mix roads, every smallest crack in the road gives a hell of a thump as though all the suspension bushes ha had-it. Is it the tyres, or the car's suspension?
1 answer
I think the Michelin Primacy LC and the Primacy HP are quite different, so not sure I can assist on this one. I've only ever had the LC but did find that I experienced more 'feel' for the road with them (which I preferred). Mazda 6 tends to feel a bit more shock than bigger cars (previously had a futura). Am now using MIchelin Energy XM2 (only because Primary LC was not available in the country when I needed to change my tyres last time). The Energy XM2 are quieter than the Primacy but less road feel and grip in my experience. I'd prioritise grip and responsiveness over shock absorption but that is just a preference.


Primacy LC
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