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Michelle Bridges 12 Week Body Transformation

Michelle Bridges 12 Week Body Transformation Questions & Answers

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How effective 12WBT is and how it help people
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Great program Great tasty recapies Great efficiency with online shopping makes it easy Great workouts Terrible coustomer service The staff are not there for you as advertised 24 hour support lol I didn’t recover an answer to my last 2 questions and have only asked 3 total in 4 months

How much is the average food shop per week? i have done this before and lost a tonne but I remember thinking it was $$$
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If your pantry is a healthy one and your regular shop is to , I found it was just really a tighten up on products I don't think it's any more expensive than a regular shop , I still believe this is one of the best deals around , it's not a diet it's a lifestyle change and the food is only turned to energy which I found got me more motivated because I wasn't eating garbage therefore had more energy and lost weight

I am vegetarian. Do you have vegetarian recipes and how will the program work?
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Yes, Michelle Bridges 12WBT has vegetarian meal options also, the program actually has a lot of vegetarian recipes which is good for me as I am also a vegetarian :)

Are there Thermomix recipes available in the program? I want to join up but am very short on time for food preparation so having Thermomix recipes available would be a big plus - thanks Kim
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Yes, there are loads of Thermomix recipe's available!

I have 4 bulged discs in my lower back can I still do you 12 week program?
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Hi Cazz, best to email the 12wbt support crew for any medical questions. Good luck :)

Like Geet asked, 'I have hypo thyroid due to which I am overweight . Is this possible for me to do this programme? '. The answer wasn't enough satisfactory. I have hyp thyroid too. I can control my calories and can exercise as well. But will this programme still help me loose weight or do I have to do more than this?? TIA
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Hi! I'm sorry but I don't think I am in a position to answer your question as it is medically related. I would suggest emailing the 12wbt support crew who you can contact on Facebook or over the website. Ask them and they should be able to answer your questions :) good luck.I also have hypothyroidism and don't have a problem losing the weight but in saying that you have to stick to the programme with your calorie count and exercise and you shouldn't have a problem with losing weight. If you do then there could be another reason which you would have to discuss with your GP. Some people use this condition as an excuse that they can't lose any weight. As long as you are on medication and follow a strict programme you will succeed. This is an awesome programme so at least give it a try. But remember it's what you make it and it may not be for everyone.

I have back problems and my neurosurgeon has advised only walking . Is this program suitable for me?
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Hi Angela, I'm not a physician and if his said only walking is suitable for you then you won't be able to do a lot of the exercises that are in the intermediate or advance level. However I'm not sure what the other programmes might offer like the move or beginner programme. You could always email the support crew and ask them what is involved with those programmes and whether one would be suitable for you however you could still follow the diet plan as your nutrition is 80% and exercise is 20% and still continue to just walk as your specialist has advised you. I hope that I have been of some help however I would be following the advice of your neurosurgeon and what he suggests.Hi Angela! I completed the beginner program with my mum and she was only completed walking as the exercise. She still lost about 5 kg! Even just with the nutrition I am sure you would still lose weight. Add walking to that daily and you should see results :) best of luck.

I have hypo thyroid due to which I am overweight . Is this possible for me to do this programme? Thanks Geet
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Geet - this program involves limiting your calorie intake to 1200 with vigorous exercise 6 days of the week - ask your doctor what he/she thinks about that with your medical condition(s).

Is it okay for a fourteen year old to try this program? I do tennis six days a week but I also eat a lot. I want to tone up and lose about 7kg.
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It's really up to you. I used to go to the gym 4-5 times per week and do strenuous personal training sessions - so I thought this exercise routine would be a piece of cake... Didn't work out well for me, the meal plans are great - but the "at home" exercises are ridiculous. The type of exercises she gets you to do, are the type of exercises you need to be closely monitored by a professional to make sure your posture and everything is right.A 14 year old who does tennis 6 days a week should eat a HUGE amount of good healthy food. At 14 both your body and your brain are undergoing an enormous growth and development spurt and I do not think this program is appropriate for you. If you think you are overweight speak to either your parents or doctor to find out if you really are (all teenagers think they are overweight but usually are not), and if you are it is more likely to be the type of food not the amount. Enjoy these years!

Hello when does the next one start please?
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Unsure. check the 12wbt website.The next one starts on 3rd feb :)

I am 20 and weigh about 80kjs But I'm very short I haven't been this overweight for a long time. I feel disgusted in myself and I don't even want my partner looking at me. Is this product doable ? Am I wasting my money ? I'm more determined then ever to loose this excess wait but I just need some guidence.
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Hi Boovaah, I'm the same age as you and did it earlier this year. It can be a lot of money but if you stick to it and you will get results. Print your fave recipes and exercises and you can use them again in the future. It is all online and no one will pull you out of bed in the mornings or drag your butt to gym but if you keep at it you'll see some changes! I pinned my favourite bikini on my pin board as motivation and also had pictures of me at a healthier weight and some encouraging quotes. There is mindset classes to address your weight/food habits and also it makes you make serious goals. Clear out the junk/temptation join a gym if you can (not entirely necessary for 12wbt though) and maybe even do it with a friend! (Split costs or exercise together) Have faith in yourself, it's a really good time to do it and I have learnt good habits for life.Boovaah - only you know whether you will do this or end up wasting your money. The program gives you recipes and a fitness program to follow and the forums give you support but one of the first lessons of this program is that only you can do it and only you are responsible. I am not into motivation boards and pictures but I thought the message of eat healthy and get moving was pretty sensible. The only real issue might be whether you are able to shop and prepare your own food - if yes then it will work if you put in the effort to follow as much as you can. I stuck to the calorie intake but made my own food (got a calorie counter book) and started well on the exercise but must confess to dropping off after about 4 weeks - I still lost 10kg and was pretty happy with that and will try to continue what I learnt without joining up again. By the way I chose the outdoor exercise program (which you can change any time and any day) and that keeps costs down.The only person who can do this is you - the 12wbt program just gives you the tools to use to help get there. The best part of it is that the habits you will learn (exercise and healthy eating) will stay with you after it's over and can become a permanent part of your life - unlike fad diets. An important part of it is the pre-season tasks, like listing your excuses and finding solutions to them; cleaning out the pantry; organising your calendar to make sure you can fit in the program etc. Michelle's videos each week are also important to help you think in a way that will help you succeed, but in the end the only person who can push through the hard parts or control your thoughts, is you. Be kind to yourself whatever you decide to do.

What is the average cost per week?
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So, you can either choose weekly payments of $19.99 or pay $199.00 upfront (which is about $17/week and saves you $39.88 overall).

I would like to join,how?
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Do a search in google for Michelle bridges 12 week body transformation and her site will come up. The next round is starting next week so the sooner you join the better! :-)

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