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Michelle Bridges 12 Week Body Transformation

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Life Changer!

I have done multiple rounds of 12WBT and it is life changing, if you follow the program! For anyone saying that they followed it 100% and didn't lose any weight, well, they are lying to themselves about that 100%. I used to be that person saying that I really eat well and workout all of the time, but nothing happens. Then, I met Michelle Bridges and she taught me that I was making tons of excuses. Once I owned up and followed the plan (weighing, measuring, counting everything), I looked and felt amazing. I do the program now because it keeps me honest and on track. My family eats the meals along with me and, while I may add extra seasoning (not salt) here and there, we have plenty of tasty options to choose from. There are pages and pages of recipes to try. Workout options: gym, gym classes, home, workout video at home... And, you work to your own level. People who don't get what they want out of this program are not ready to be honest with themselves about what is holding them back. Change is tough, but so is being overweight, unhealthy, and immobile! Time to sign up for the March round!

Didn't work and no support

The exercise program is not individual as stated. It was generic. I couldn't get any support. The food became boring and some if the recipes were gastly didn't lose weight :(

Tasty food but didn't lose any weight

Did 12WBT for 9 weeks then gave up. My wife and I followed it perfectly and never cheated. Did every workout with maximum effort. A lot of time is spent on food prep and things can get expensive when 2 are following the diet. The food was delicious and I would make many of the recipes again. However I found the prescribed portions to be a bit big and we were force feeding ourselves sometimes. After nine weeks we had both put on about half a kilo so just gave up. Later I moved on to low carb and lost 7 kilos in a month.

Changed my life!!!!!!!!

amazing!!! its the most sustainable lifestyle change programme available out there. I lost 20kgs. I finished the 12WBT program 1 1/2 months ago but im still losing. It would make more sense if they gave members life long access to the program rather than making u pay over and over again fr something you've already done, Highly recommend it to everyone


I've been to weigh watchers, and tried countless things and the only way out for me was to do a lot of exercise (easy or hard) whenever I got the chance. I started using foot power instead of the car whenever possible, parked a few bus stops back from normal, run/walked as much as I could on the weekends (I'm not a runner - I just ran until I couldn't then I'd walk for a bit). A key thing was diet. Despite eating well I just wasn't losing weight. Then I came across a scientifically researched book about fasting. It's comprehensively documented and peer reviewed so it's accurate and proven. I'm on this at present and so far I've adapted well and feel hundreds of times better than I used to. Combined with some exercise I've been steadily losing weight without being a failure.. plus it's very cheap!

Food a bit tasteless

I already attend a gym and have a trainer so I have only used the meal plan. Meals are fairly tasteless as they have no salt. Taste much better with some salt added. Meals are also quite small. Unlike weight watchers, there are no"free" foods so if you are still hungry, tough! It is fairly cheap, however, at $200 for 12 weeks of meal and exercise plans.

Life Changing

Started 12WBT in mid Jan this year (2015) and have lost 22kg. My whole mindset towards food has now changed permanently and feeling great! The meals are delicious on 12WBT and the exercise plans are very easy to fit into your lifestyle. Thinking about joining?,don't think about it any longer...sign up today!

Changed my life

I don't usually write reviews but I remembered how much research I did into the 12WBT before I started it and I thought I would pass on my experience to others doing the same.
I did a beginners round for weight loss, and I couldn't recommend it more. It taught me invaluable skills and knowledge to do with my health and fitness, and now that the 12 weeks is over I'm still using them and am healthier than ever.
Like most things, it is what you make it, and if you're not willing to push yourself you won't get the results. But if you're committed and put the effort in - even if you just say "it's only for 12 weeks", you will get to the end and never want to look back.
- Really simple to follow program which outlines everything you eat and all the exercises you should be doing - perfect for noobs like me
- Reasonably easy to adapt the program, i.e. by the end of it I was finding it easy to swap around meals according to my favourites or my schedule that week

- Rather expensive. I found that I was spending a lot more on groceries in the first few weeks in particular. Firstly because I had to stock up my pantry with things I didn't own before, and then because if you follow the program to the letter you have to cook quite a few meals every week. That's great for variety, but not so practical for time consumption/budget. By the end when I was getting used to things I started picking meals I could cook in bulk and freeze, and that saved me a lot of time/money. My advice would be to stick to the program for the first half or so, and then start to design a program that suits you when you have a bit more knowledge. That'll put you in better stead when the program finishes and you're out on your own, too ;)


I found the programme helpful. It introduced me to new ways of looking at my fitness levels and introduced many exercises that should be done on a regular basis. The food choices were interesting and some of the combinations I am still using today. I am not signing up for the next level because while I consider I have paid for the programme you are locked out upon completion so if like me you are not satisfied with your final fitness test you cannot then restart at the same level without dipping into your pocket once again.

I will stick to MyFitnessPal . Free and the support from the forums is awesome. Great ideas and group challenges. Dynamic.

Like others I may put the money saved into something for me.

Awesome Programme

Awesome programme and very structured. It is also a very flexible programme where you can customise your meal plan and change your exercise plan to suit where you want to train. Everything is given to you it is so easy to follow including your weekly shopping list. Love this programme that I have signed up for another round. The members and crew are very supportive and help you along your journey. I just love this programme. I started last round at the intermediate level and am now doing the advanced level and then will be looking at doing the lean and strong programme after this round. I have tried other plans but this one is the best one out there with great information and support and well worth the money. The support team are always there to answer your questions. All you have to do is email them and they answer your questions within 24 hrs. Get on to the forums and post to other members and you will find them extremely positive and helpful. Give it a try. Yes it may not be for everyone but it's what you make it and if you are prepared to stick to the programme you will get results.

The best thing I have ever done!

This program is fantastic. At a cost of $200 you receive 7 days a week (breakfast, lunch, dinner) meal plan that includes recipes for all snacks, exercise plans (which you can do at the gym, at home or outdoors), mindset videos (videos from michelle bridges herself which helps rid of all those bad habits!) and wonderful support from other 12WBT members, and support crew on a number of online forums. If you stick to this program, IT WORKS! I have lost 7 kg (a total of 11 kg over my weight loss journey) with the 12WBT program and am now signing up for a second round. If you are motivated and organised and looking to lose weight this is the program for you. If you're thinking about joining this program- DO IT. You'll be so glad that you did.


I found this overpriced and lacking. I could have joined the gym for the same price and honestly believe I would have gotten more out of it.

I'm very open to different foods but only found about 1/4 of the recipes appetising. Some were nice but most lacked flavour.

Become your best you!

I have fallen in love with this fitness program, notice I call it a fitness program because for me that is what it is. I am now fitter than I have been for years, could not be happier with my figure which is the best it could be and feel terrific. There is no issues with the program. I read negative reviews but really this is more about the people doing it. Every round there are people signing up who have been seriously obese their whole lives. Learning to stop overeating and relying on food for comfort is no doubt very difficult. Very few of these people make it through the first week without going back to their old dietary bad habits and most appear to drop out. Occasionally a few break the barrier and lose the weight they really are heroes. But the program itself cant make you lose the weight if you have it to lose, you have to have the willpower and unfortunately a large number dont. For those without a real food problem this is the best way to become uber fit, get a great figure and feel terrific. I will probably stay on it for ever! $199 for a 3 month personal trainer you are kidding what could be cheaper, I get a new exercise routine everyday.

Best decision I've ever made.

Best money I've ever spent. Yes the workouts are tough and the food size takes a bit of getting used to but once you do it's easy. I didn't stick to the daily planner so much as chose things from the recipe base or other places that fell into the calorie allowance. I no ling crave cake, chocolate, lollies or anything sweet and I have gone from maybe 4 pieces of bread a day to I wrap for lunch. I wasn't a Michelle Bridges fan before and thought it was all a lot of hype about nothing but now I'm her biggest fan. She keeps me motivated especially during the workouts when I'm that sore I can hardly move. About to join round 2 and can't wait. I'm even going to work out Christmas morning!!

WAY overpriced.

As the title says: way overpriced and too inflexible. My Fitness Pal is FREE. Michelle is making multimillions (literally) because of good marketing. Unfortunately I fell for it. There are FAR cheaper ways to lose weight and get healthy.

Not for me

What a great site this review site is. It gives everybody a chance to share their experience of the Michelle Bridges 12 wbt challenge. I would like to say we should all feel safe sharing our opinion, but looking at previous reviews and the judgmental responses it seems some reviewers would like us all to have a positive comment about this 12 week challenge.

Well, here I go, jumping in, and I’ll wait for the criticisms of my reviews because it is an honest personal opinion that some would not agree with.

I found this challenge is designed more for young, fit people, not for the over 50's. Although I am not new to exercise I found the exercise regime quite advanced, even though I was on the easier level.

You have to be fully self motivated, there is no personal encouragement. Video encouragement is to the masses.

The menu plans were not to my taste. Boring mainly.

I would not recommend this to anyone over 50 years of age.

My main concern with this challenge is the message I learnt was - because I was not succeeding, I was a failure.

Frequently we were urged to dump our negative friends and surround ourselves with positive people. Hey guys – this is life, negativity is out there and in some cases in friends who actually may need help, not desertion.

On the other hand my young, fit, not overweight daughter (who recommended I try this), had a very positive experience and thought it was great.

I have also tried The Biggest Loser Club 6 week express weight loss challenge and loved this. It catered for my age, recommending an exercise regime that worked without being extreme. The menu plan was easy to follow and I found the recipes tasty and interesting. It is also half the price.
Really nothing at all
Designed for self motivated young fit people. No encouraging emails to say 'How you going" or "why didn't you weigh in"

I love it!

It's fabulous! As a mother of a toddler, a baby starting solids and myself a diabetic, meal planning, calorie counting, shopping lists all became too hard. This program gave me a meal plan Each week, the opportunity to customise any meals that did not suit me, then a shopping list that I could print and use 4 days before the plan started leaving me plenty of time to get organised. The meals were, for the most part, enjoyable and easy to prepare. The exercise options are great. Each day you can choose a video, a home plan, a gym class, gym machines or outside routine. Whatever I was in the mood for worked. I had no trouble accessing the site, I think that is more to do with people's internet access. The mindset videos are fantastic and really hit home. I am losing on average a kilo a week, sometimes more. The support is great. When I was going out to dinner one of the dieticians looked online at the menu then told me what meals were the best choice. That's fantastic support.
Convenient and it works. The support is great

I had tried lots of online fitness programs before 12WBT

I wasn't going to bother writing a review because I thought enough other people would. I just completed the 3 month Beginner Program and today I received the graduation ebook. This item is so good that I have to post a review of the whole program now, it is too good. I have previously signed up for most of the major USA and Canadian online courses, but they are nothing compared to 12WBT.
The website is extensive and very user friendly - comprehensive in all ways, food - all menus customisable with endless choices to substitute if you don't like something, Fitness with pictures and videos and 10 different programs to choose from, you can print or download for later use, mindset videos,
Nothing - if you are serious it is worth every penny. And why I love the ebook I received today is that it has all the menu plans, recipes and pictures of all the exercises on the website, for me to keep for ever, So even if printing out the exercises would have been too expensive, which it was, you get them all at the end in the ebook anyway, so you never have to forget how to do the exercise. This is the best of all

Programme works if you follow it

I loved doing Michelle's 12wbt , it gives you great recipes and a great choice of exercise programmes to follow. I've done 3 rounds in total, I did 2 back to back and lost 8 kgs and went from a size 12 to size 8 and my weight is the lowest it's been since having children 22 years ago :) I rejoined after Christmas because of mindless snacking and after another round and lots of support on the forums I'm back on track. The programme does work if you follow it.
Recipes, exercise programmes and forums

Lost 12kg

This is the best program. I have lost 12kg. What made it work for me was the twice weekly mindset videos that explained all you're negative self-talk and how to manage it. The recipes are wow and my husband and kids love them too. My teenage son who was a little heavy and he has lost weight just by eating the food. I am not ashamed of myself as a mother now, because my son son looks fit and healthy. He now won't eat take away food and either will I. Thank you so much Michelle xxxxxxxxxxx
Recipes and mindset videos

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How effective 12WBT is and how it help people
1 answer
Great program Great tasty recapies Great efficiency with online shopping makes it easy Great workouts Terrible coustomer service The staff are not there for you as advertised 24 hour support lol I didn’t recover an answer to my last 2 questions and have only asked 3 total in 4 months

How much is the average food shop per week? i have done this before and lost a tonne but I remember thinking it was $$$
1 answer
If your pantry is a healthy one and your regular shop is to , I found it was just really a tighten up on products I don't think it's any more expensive than a regular shop , I still believe this is one of the best deals around , it's not a diet it's a lifestyle change and the food is only turned to energy which I found got me more motivated because I wasn't eating garbage therefore had more energy and lost weight

I am vegetarian. Do you have vegetarian recipes and how will the program work?
1 answer
Yes, Michelle Bridges 12WBT has vegetarian meal options also, the program actually has a lot of vegetarian recipes which is good for me as I am also a vegetarian :)


12 Week Body Transformation
Program TypeDiet and Exercise
Duration12 Weeks
Price (RRP)19.99
SupportOnline and Group
Release dateOct 2012

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