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Mickey Thompson ATZ P3

Mickey Thompson ATZ P3

4.3 from 21 reviews

Lasted 1 day! DO NOT BUY

Bought a set of these 35" tyres (315 70R17) for my Jeep Wrangler JK after hearing so many good things about them. Got them installed last Friday afternoon and went on a camping trip in Kangaroo Valley, NSW the next day. The campsite was surrounded by a few dirt roads, nothing serious. Nevertheless, I lowered the tyre pressure and disconnected the sway bars to be prepared just in case. Not even 1 hour on the dirt road I heard a PPFFFF sound and my tyre pressure monitoring system went off indicating that I lost the rear left tyre. I couldn't believe it and thought it was a malfunction of the monitoring device. When I got out of the car I saw the tyre sliced open around 6cm and completely flat caused by a small stick on the side of the road which went through the tyre like butter. Had to put on the spare wheel to drive back to Sydney. I deeply regret to have spent over $2k on the ATZ P3 tyres for 1 day of dirt road fun. Selling the remaining 4 tyres now and go back to the Coopers ST Maxx which I used to have before for 4.5 years and never had any issues - not even a single puncture and that after serious rock crawls and several outback trips. Don't buy these rubbish Mickey Thompson Tyres!

Purchased in April 2019 for $2,400.00.

Build Quality
Value for Money
Noise Level
Tyre Mileage 100 km
Car ModelJeep Wrangler JK Sport
Tyre Pressure Used40 PSI
Off-Roading FrequencyMonthly
Wet Weather Handling
Dry Weather Handling

Previous model BAJA ATZ 4 rib

First I would say I’ve never used ATZ P3 tyres but saying that I have and still use one set of the former ATZ tyre BAJA ATZ 4 rib...so why would I review a tyre I haven’t use? Because I’m almost ready for new tyres and after getting 140’000km out of BAJA ATZ 4rib and that 140k is hard work and many a time making my own tracks and only rotating them twice.. These ATZ P3 are the updated improved BAJA 4rib so with no doubt I know what I’ll be buying to replace my 10yr old BAJA 4rib

Car2001 Toyota 100 series landcruiser

Best A/Ts I've ever had on a 4wd, over100,000klms and counting

The ATZ P3s are by far the best all terrain tyre I've had on a 4wd yet.
Over the years ive had most of the big brands but nothing has come close to the performance of these tyres.
Ive had these on my Landcruiser for 5yrs now ( in 265/75R16 size ) and have done just over 100,000klm on them so I thought it was time for a review.
They have seen rock, sand, mud, snow and highway driving and have not been able to fault them yet and zero punctures.
The handling in both wet and dry conditions is excellent.
I rotate them (inc. the spare) every 10,000klms and they have approx 6mm of tread left so still have a little life in them yet.
Initially they were very quiet on the road but lately as they have a few years on them and getting low on tread there is a little noise coming from them at hwy speeds but nothing to annoying.
Highly recommended if you are after a reliable long lasting tyre for all conditions.

Car2012 76 series GXL Landcruiser


These tyres out lasted anything I have ever had before not that I am a lead foot or anything but the next time I went back to get tyres I had to go somewhere else as they didn't have any mickey thompson a in stock so I went elsewhere they are a great brand that we'll at lasted the rest.
Wouldn't go with anything else now


Do not take these off the bitumen!

All these other reviewers must not have ever driven off the black top, cause I thought these were fine until then too.
I’ve just driven through some of SA & NT back roads, nothing too serious just major dirt roads, gravel and a bit rocky. Driving to the conditions, lower pressures, slower speeds etc all the normal precautions. In around 1500 kms I’ve had 1 literally blow out and 3 slow leak punctures.
Absolute rubbish. I certainly won’t be replacing them with the same again.

Car100 Series Landcruiser

Very happy

120,000 klm's and still have maybe another 10/15000 kays left. Rotated every 5000. Not one flat. Very happy with these tyres except for the scolloping edges as there nearing there life span and they are 35 inche tyres. Thinking of going back to 33's. Hopefully they will last just as long.

Car2004 4.2tdi Nissan Patrol

A good all round tyre

Was running these tyres and then whent to different brand but arfter having multiple problems with other brand costing hundreds I have come back to Mickys witch give me excerlant mileage up to 80000k with little or no problems and won’t use anything else know with the vehical wich is 4 tons and running high pressures at 48 PSI I get grate fuel economy and ride with limited noes

CarFord F 250 Super Duty

Best aggressive a/t tyre out

These are the best tyre if you want an aggressive all terrain tyre... quite on the road and long life on and off road, they have never let me down although they do have a hefty price tag but you do pay for what you get. Car still feels safe on the road in the wet but extremly good Offroad!

CarJeep wrangler

Money well spent

We had these tyres fitted to my wife car after having good results with the same brand in the 4 wheel drive tyres and it’s has been proven we did the right thing they r so quite on the high way no road noise at all and with the right tyre pressure we seem to get better fuel economy I would recommend these tyres to anyone one for everything on the farm or in the city

CarNissan dualis

Flat spot after 1 off road trip

Ill never buy a micky again used these tyers for the first time of my 4wd carrie. Always wanted to use them any ways hit a decent track about medium level got back on bitumen had bad shake at first i thought i lost a weight i got them rebalance didnt solve it i got them rotated didnt work i changed the rims didnt work. Then found out ive damged 2 tyers some how and they havent even done 3k yet. Crap micky never again

CarN80 hilux

Sturdy and reliable

The last set I had on my Prado was also my first set. I travelled mostly on sealed roads towing a caravan and the tyres were a little noisy. On the tracks through the Victorian high country and throughout the Kimberlies and Pilberra regions they were in a class of their own. I had travelled 107000 ks with them and not one flat tyre. They still had legal tread when I sold the vehicle

Car2002 Prado

Uncompromising tires

Micky Thompson has made one of the all time great tyres. This is my second set of p3s, the first set i travelled 90000km out of them this was not all hwy travel they spent a lot of time on the beach and mountains they were fitted to a 80 series land cruisers and never had a flat . My new set have been fitted to a jk wrangler. They have travelled 30000km and i am still over the moon with the ride and cornering. The 285/70/17 has a 10 ply rap usually equates to a hard ride but it doesn't . The large blocks usually means lots of noise but they are quiet and wearing very well with rotation every 10000km. I would recommend these tyres to any one that has a 4wd and wants to drive mud ,sand & roads safely and with comfort. Anyone who buys the Micky Thompson p3s will not be disappointed.

CarToyota Land cruisers & JK wrangler

From city driving to the outback of Australia without fail

There tires and then the the ATZ’s, I went through a set of maxis tires after 4mths, went to the local tyre place and they recommended the M/T’s and I have to say they might cost more but the ride is better, fuel consumption is better and they have been to the outback and back over (10,000km) and have not missed a beat. These the perfect tire.


Make sure this is the right tyre for what you do

I bought six of these tyres and have done about 30k on them now, and they seem to be holding up very well on a mixture of bitumen, sand and gravel roads, including a Canning Stock Route trip. Certainly no damage or leaks, they are tough and resilient. They are however harsh and noisy on the bitumen, noisy to the point of fatigue on a long trip on the blacktop. And don't bother with the sound system, you won't hear it once you get above 80 km/hr. The other downsides are the weight when you have to handle them (twice the weight of passenger rated tyres) and the spare won't fit under the car. If you do a lot of off bitumen driving however, these are very robust tyres that actually ride much better on a gravel road than bitumen, particularly if you've let the pressure down to compensate. I ran at 15/18 psi on sand and gravel for hundreds of km without any damage to the tyres at all, but you need to keep the speed down.

Car2014 Amarok


215 km ago I put some rubber on a renovated 92 SWB Pajero with a factory Lift. Just got back from the 100km off road test. The terrain varied from deep dry sand to steep uneven inclines and declines including river rocks , sharp granites and washy gravels over river beds.
My main test was to climb as steeply as possible up a smooth rock face which leads over a sharp apex then flattens out to a steady gravel incline.
Granted , the SWB Paj is in its element in this test.
With no slip of these tyres at all, I can say they are amazing.
These tyres are incredibly comfortable off road and surprisingly quite on the asphalt.
I would use the word predictable to describe the performance of these tyres. The Paj, loved them, my crew loved them. I love them enough to actually write this review to assist anyone seeking the best tyre in the world.
Stone and dust dispersion is exceptional. I did pick up 1 small triangular rock that wedged in the tread which was easily flicked out with a small stone flicker.
As far as I can research and test , these 50/50 are remarkable.
The most amazing thing to me is they should perform to this standard for another 80,000km with the usual rotations and sensible driving.
Totally recommend this product.

Car1992 SWB Pajero

Good all round but not the best on grassy areas.

These tyres are quiet on the road as long as you make sure that you have your wheel alignment done & have them balanced and rotated regularly. I was very sceptical early in the piece that I would get over 80k from them but know that they are at 95k & still going, pleases me no end & I would buy again.

CarMitsubishi triton mn 2010 201k. 2" lift & heavier suspension

Excellent tyres

Very happy with these tyres so far, they grip really well to the road and aren't too noisy, even though they are an all terrain the tread pattern is comparable to the mtzs on our other car. I've found Mickey thompsons to wear well on our other car and I'm expecting the same result from these tyres.

CarNissan patrol

Different to the old Baja's but still great

Im running 315/75/16 on a lifted FJ Cruiser.
The new Baja's ATZ are a different ride to the old ones and a few things have improved.
The side wall is firmer and does not bulge/bag out as much at low pressures, which is a good thing for front to back grip and general support.
Just like the old ones, they go great in mud, and they really are the most aggressive AT you can get for mud. They eject the mud well and don't slick up.
Balancing was difficult. It always needs a bit for 35's but this was far worse than the last set.
Compound seems softer and grippier on road, but on road manners have never been the strong point of this tyre. If 99% of your driving is on road then choose a less aggressive AT.
I am not sure the tyre wear would have improved but it wont be much worse. I got over 90,000 klm from the old 4 rib ATZ Bajas and these seem to wear a little more. I'd still expect 80,000klm (and still be able to perform.... not 80,000klm and completely stuffed.

I do 1,000's of off-road klms each year and really push my treads to the limits at all tyre pressures. Mickeys are great value and well worth the premium.

Car2012 Toyota FJ Cruiser

The best offroad biased aggresive AT you could have

Having a set of 265/70/17 on the Amarok, went beach and bush tracks couple of times had no problem. Haven't been to deep muds but All4Adventure guys took them through lots of bog holes in Cape York I reckon they are closed to proper mud tyres, if not quite equal (they change to MTZ in the new season).

Dry road handling is good enough, very closed to the best road biased AT (697 or ATR), wet roads are a little more slippery but not too bad, certainly better than some less aggressive big brands. They are by far the strongest AT I've even seen, very heavy carcass, deep tread (14mm new, normal ATs would be around 10-11mm). I have same size Toyo AT2 on my other Rok the ATZ is a lot heavier, also performs better on road than the Toyo (a surprise also a disappointment to the Toyos). The only downside is the noise. They are clearly noisier than those road biased ATs but a lot better than proper mud tyres, on par with other aggressive ATs e.g. Cooper St Maxx (basically the same tyres as ATZ). But with such aggressive tread pattern you'd expect this or you'd go something smoother. They are also the most expensive ATs but if you can afford the price they certainly worth it.

CarVw Amarok
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Extended review : been to swan gully 4wd park with sharp rocks. Went up a black line (by accident) horrified steep hill climb with sharp rocks. Couldnt even walk down. GHM mud run for a day medium mud spent 1hr in car wash. These tyres had no problem. I cant see the needs for a muddy. Started to have few cut n chips on the blocks. Reasonable given the abuse they've came through.

Great tyres

On an FJ Cruiser. Been on for 30,000km so far an I reckon I'll get at least 80,000km. Deep tread wearing very well with regular rotations. Good grip in all conditions. Great chunky all terrain. Look the part. Priced around $380 a tyre in Mackay 2015. More noise than the factory tyres but to be expected given the aggressive tread. Recommended. I'll be buying them again.


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What is the lowest air pressure you can run in these tyres?
1 answer
Not sure on the lowest or what your requirements are but I always ran them at 15psi on the beach and never had an issue.

What size Tyre would be best for a NP300 navara with 2inch lift nothing to crazy just to make it look abit chunky
2 answers
265 /75 R 16Will this Tyre fit without any lift?

compared with the BF Goodrich how in mickey thompson on the road is it smooth?
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