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4.0 (33)
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4.0 (33)
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4.3 (33)
Noise Level
3.9 (32)
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95 reviews
LeroySydney3 posts

You will love it

This vacuum cleaner is so amazing. so robust and powerful. all the functions and the build, don't mention the quality build. everything works so well. I can't say enough compliments. Something you worth to own as retreat to yourself. We love it so much that we even give it a name. LOL. This Germany made machine is unbelievable!!!!!!!!

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HillyMelbourne4 posts

Very good

We purchased it from harvey norman last year . The suction and performance is so good nit too heavy and quite it is easy to maneuver . I have a big thick carpet . I had an issue with the machine as something was stuck in it (in the hose) then the company fixed it otherwise i had no issues

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JohnSydney4 posts

Very hygienic and I would highly recommend it

I am happy with his vacuum that I have purchased a couple of months ago from Bing Lee Online. It is very powerful and reliable, has many attachments that are used for cleaning different surfaces. The power cord is also extra long and I only need to plug it in once and I can vacuum my whole apartment. It is a good allrounder and I would highly recommend it. It comes with disposable bags and the whole process of changing bags is very hygienic.

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Summer Rose
Summer RoseNSWSydney, NSW26 posts

5 years on and only gave up on me now

Have had this for over 5 years now, only the other day the handle broke, obviously just wear and tear.

Have always loved it, I got the cheapest of the Miele range at the time as I was a newlywed and short for money but regardless it is the best vacuum in my biased opinion.

Had used miele while living at my mums my whole life and now every sibling of mine who has gotten married and moved out has purchased one. Only vacuum brand my family owns. My Mum is over 50 and only on her third Miele of her life.

They last a long time, great suction and just a strongly built machine.

Have ordered a new Miele which is now on its way, would never use anything else to be honest.

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Not Great

Suction is ok. Vacuum head gets tangled every time I use it. Spits anything but dust back out behind the head and across the floor, where you have already vacuumed (such as Fairy Bread Sprinkles). And after the 5th time I used it the cord retractor broke and now the cord is constantly being sucked back into its reel. Too expensive, least useful vacuum I have used.

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Another opinion
Another opinionMelbourne4 posts
PaulSAMetropolitan Adelaide, SA5 posts

Great suction

I've had the C1 for only a week or so but I'm thoroughly impressed. This little thing has more suction than any vacuum I've used previously and is a pleasure to use. It feels solid and well made and maneuvers easily around the place. I don't find it particularly quiet and the reduced volume setting does little to help, it's probably on par with your average vacuum in this respect. I use the C1 mostly on wood floors but it does a great job on the one short pile carpet I have. Overall I love it.

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Chrisperth5 posts

Does what it’s supposed to do, clean my floor

The vacuum works well on my timber floors, suction is good & it moves about reasonably well . 2 things I would like improvement on - I would prefer an on/off switch on the top of the handle instead of trying to hit the start button with my foot & I’d like the cable to be longer. It’s not bulky or heavy, pretty good for the price.

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UnhappyPerth6 posts

Good vacuum

Had this vacuum for a while now never had any problems with it. Does the job. Good length cord and vacuum head. Not the quietest but I don’t think any vacuum cleaner is. Emptying the vacuum cleaner is very easy. Head collects a lot of hair but that’s also very easy to clean

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Rachaustralia5 posts

Love it

My mum uses this vacuum cleaner daily to clean our carpets and floors. It has good suction and is very quiet. Great colour and also easy to maneuver. The interchangeable heads work well to reach tough spots and are convenient to access (just lift the lid of the vacuum) highly recommend this product

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ScooterAdelaide9 posts

If you look all the old vacuum cleaners have 5 stars they are the best the rest may look nice but ne

Hands down the old looking vacuum cleaners are number one they may not look as good but they will last a lot longer then the other brands I have had a hoover and a dicen all so a wet vac but all of then have only lasted one or two months

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Jeee2NSWSydney, NSW25 posts

Wow Millie

Let me start by saying this is a great product and really hold and it is not quite and really great to move around and it is a good for carpets and floors. The only bad thing is the bags they such a rip and so expensive but you try third party website.

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WonsterLIDCOMBE4 posts

Very good vacuum cleaner

Got this on sale from Harvey Norman - pretty decent, house is mixed with timber flooring and carpet. Options available to suit your needs. Bought it 2yrs ago still working great without any issues. The head needs cleaning once in awhile. The cord is long enough to reach living room to the bedroom in the unit I live.

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Em Tee
Em TeeTasmania10 posts

Sshhh - it's so quiet

I'm very happy with this little vac. It is easy to tug around, and certainly picks up all the bits from the carpets, right up to the edges. I've had four cylinder vacs in the last four years, and this is the only one I've been pleased with. It is exceptionally quiet. The standard power head that comes with it is fine for carpets and hard floors, and the bags (a bit expensive) are very easy to replace.

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ToneMelbourne9 posts

This one Exceeding Expectations!

When people think of vacuum cleaners, they think of Dyson. But Miele is an underrated brand with good range of vacuum cleaners for a much cheaper price. Value for money! I love this model. Light and easy to move around on all floor surfaces. Great suction. Reasonable price compare to Dyson but does the job just as good, if not... better! My Dyson broke down but this is still going after a few years. Comes with extra attachments which are all very handy.

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AndrewSydney6 posts

Easy to use and good price

Purchased mine through Myer when they were doing a sale but I believe it can be found even cheaper. Fantastic vacuum cleaner to use but only issue for me is the storage solution isn't the best. It has been very reliable so far and I hope it continues that way

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Good Value - love it!!

Very happy with the power and performance. Its easy to use, a few different settings, great suction, easy to maneuver, keeps up with huge 4 bedroom 2 lounge room family home. Value for money, was discounted to $199. I have had it for 11 months now and its used very frequently without any issues at all. the setting vary from high to low suction, I use it on curtains, hard floors, carpet, couches and even my wooden shutters with the brush attachment with absolute ease. I purchased extended warrantee of 3 years for only $38.. BARGAIN of the year :)

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MJ KAdelaide49 posts
GinaSydney4 posts

Great reliable brand built to last

I was very excited when I first got this vacuum home. My old one was purchased 16 years ago and vacuums went a long way since that. I was very surprised that the vacuum is very light and so easy to maneuver. It is easy to clean and I love the hygienic bags it comes with. I can see my house is already spotless and very clean. Thank you Miela.

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caroline85GLOSSODIA9 posts


Fantastic vacuum! I was a bit apprehensive spending a lot of money, as my last expensive vacuum was terrible (a different brand). I am so happy with this purchase! My carpets are actually clean, and look like they have been professionally done! The vacuum is sturdy, easy enough to get around, although does bang into walls sometimes due to my poor steering! Sucks everything up first go. Can be a bit on the noisy side, but that doesn't bother me! Would buy this brand again in a heartbeat!

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OlyaSydney5 posts

Good quality and works well

When we first brought this vacuum home we were a little surprised how light it feels in comparison to our old one. I love the extra long cord and only need to pug in once and I can vacuum the whole apartment at a glace without changing the electrical socket. The vaccum is very powerful and the suction is amazing. My house is very clean and tidy!

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RubyMelbourne5 posts

Love this brand Vacuum!

The suction on this thing was surprising, before this i went through a few cheap vacuums. This is definitely worth the money. You can adjust the suction level, it comes with filters and you can use it right away. It also comes with special nozzles for different occasions. Just love it!

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Jules M
Jules M6 posts

Vacuums like a beast

Have had this vacuum for a good 3 years. Still no complaints. Super easy to manoeuvre. Great suction. Relatively quiet. We have a two bedroom townhouse and the cord reaches all areas without trouble. Fast retract makes for quick easy storage and bags are easily replaced with little mess. Great vacuum!

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EmmawiiMelbourne9 posts

Good quality German brand!

Well it's German so it's by default reliable? :P I drag it around an am very rough with it. I got water in the cleaner & although it smelled like "burnt motor" for a few days it's still kicking! :D It's worth the extra $ for something that solid and lasts. My old housemate had one that still worked after 10 years.

Miele is the gold standard.

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amu2Melbourne5 posts

Great vacuum,

Had this for over an year now and works without a glitch. Suction is so great and it makes it somewhat difficult to lift off the floor, especially on tiled. We use this on tiled floor, carpets as well as to clean the car. Easy to change bags. I own a Dyson too and this performs much better than the dyson. Fully worth the money spent.

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DavidNVICGreater Melbourne (Metropolitan), VIC193 posts

Great, reliable yet strong little vacuum

Always though Miele is expensive but we spotted one that was going at really great discount so we took the plunge to get it. What we found and learnt from it was great. While everyone are into Dyson / bagless / cyclone vacs, this is a standard bagged vacuum. The difference is that you don't tip the rubbish out which we hate. Perhaps we are careless, we always see dust cloud rushing back up the bucket when we try to empty one. You have no such worries with bagged vacuum cleaners.

This unit has strong suction power and tubes are clicked into place rather than wedged in by force. Everything screams quality with this unit compared with similar priced units. Imagine my shock having always thought Miele is expensive.

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Gary S
Gary SSydney4 posts

Love it!

Wanted to get a Miele vacuum for a long time, and when our last vacuum broke, we finally made a decision to get the Miele vacuum that we always wanted. Really love this product! Solid built, and great suction and very good at picking up hair. I like the simple design. The long cord length is quite handy as well, which means that I do not have to stop, unplug and plug it in again, it saves a lot of time and bending over. The only downside I have is that the bags are quite expensive. Definitely recommend the product and worth every penny!

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Yik5 posts

Great little vacuum!

Great vacuum! Solid build quality for its price. Very strong! Have been pleased with it so far from 6 months of regular use. Comes with basic yet adequate accessories to vacuum your home and cars. Unfortunately I do not have pets so not sure if it will fare well with animal hair but great for general use.

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CindyWAPerth, WA8 posts

Great product

We got this vacuum to help getting sand out of carpets it's great strong suction picks up pet hair well and great to use on to vacuum you mattress and couch gets a lot of dirt out would recommend it to others people want to borrow it to use on there carpets as they vacuumes don't to as good

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David MOULD3081VIC, 30812 posts

As a pet rescue/foster parent, I find this keeps my carpets clean when my cats have other ideas!

The suction is excellent, also variable depending on the specific situation which gives you greater control. The noise is still a bit loud so you can't listen to an ipod simultaneously.

I have four rooms, carpet and lino, that are shared with many rescue animals who constantly trek in dirt, shed fur or feathers or generally make a mess. This vacuum cleaner makes short work of that, thankfully. I find the Miele pretty good to manouver around the house but you can still get caught going round corners.

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EchoVICGreater Melbourne (Metropolitan), VIC7 posts

Good as a traditional vacuum

We got this before we had a dyson V6. It's powerful but bulky as other traditional vacuum. Bags are expensive but you don't have to change everyday so it's alright. However it's already in our garage now since we had a dyson V6 which is much easier to handle with. Keep it and think we will still use it if we need to do major clean but it seems unneccesary as V6 does quite good job in everyday clean.

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noodleMelbourne20 posts


We bought this vacuum cleaner to replace our old one which we purchased from Aldi (it is still working but very noisy and doesn't vacuum well).

This one is sooo much quieter and very easy to move around, the suction is great on all settings and cleans well on both carpet and wooden floors.

The only compliant is that it does not have a telescopic rod so it might take up more space in your cupboard but i can live with that!

Thank you Miele!

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Jessica3 posts

Great vacc just a touch heavy

We have dogs, children, cats, mostly hardwood but some rugs too and this vacuum has been brilliant for all, including cleaning up after renovations. Love he quiet mode although I don't find the 'loud' to be too loud. Work is brilliantly on the hard wood (with hardwood floor attachment) and even with this attachment still on does the rugs great too. A little in the heavy side but as I use it at least twice every day it usually left out anyway and doesn't require much moving. Oh and it's very pretty!

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Pete H
Pete H7008Tasmania, 70088 posts

One of the best Vacuum Cleaners I've Owned

This is the first Miele vac I've purchased and I'm very happy with it's performance over a range of different surfaces. The best thing is that the suction on the lower settings is great meaning you don't get a great deal of noise. Would definitely recommend as a great value entry level vac.

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B Tosh
B Tosh4 posts

Great Suction Power, only 1 drawback

This vacuum has plenty of power with 6 levels, will be able to do thick carpet without many issues. Relatively light and easy to use, swivels quite well. The only downside my wife and I have found is that with the standard vacuum head that comes with this model, you cannot take out the inner wheels to clean it. This is somewhat of an issue for us as my wife has long hair and it gets caught easily in the head, and we have to resort to using tweezerss to clean it once in a while... Anyone with long hair or pets that shed hair, I would recommend a different model or buy a different vacuum head

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Perfect product

Performance and suctions are perfect as the moter is really powerful

not very quiet but same others.

Has many functions and it means I can use it many different situations.

It is good for floor or flat mat as it has small brush which I can convert whenever I can.

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BaaciNewcastle5 posts

Best Vacuum I have EVER used

Before I purchased this, I had an old 2nd hand hoover vacuum which worked well too except it was getting smelly. Then I switched over to this new baby and it been such an easy tool to use around the house! Sucks in all the dirt you want gone and noise is fairly quiet compared to other ones I have used. The power cord is also long so I don't have to keep unplugging and looking for power plugs every time I change position. It is pricey if you get it without a discount but still worth it in my opinion. Overall I would recommend this vacuum to anyone looking for a sleek powerful cleaning tool for the house.

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Qurratu R.
Qurratu R.7248TAS, 72483 posts

Sucking all hair in my bedroom!

I am very satisfied with this vacuum cleaner. it has strong suction which can be used either floor or carpet. The price to this vacuum cleaner is very reasonable compare to the performance. all my previous vacuum cleaner always stuck to clean the tenant hairs in my house. very highly recommended!

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SadiaSydney4 posts


This machine is powerful, and serves the purpose. We have changed the bags and the filters, which are quite expensive. I would possible prefer to replace the whole unit within next couple of years rather than spending 80 bucks for the accessories. It looks good, and less noisy. Overall satisfied with the service

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LinisaMelbourne11 posts

The best vacuum cleaner ever!

The price to this vacuum cleaner is very reasonable and yet it's performance outperforms all vacuums I have ever owned. I have moved quite a bit and owned a few vacuum cleaners in my time including a Dyson. This Miele classic c1 out performs all of them.

Very easy to use. No parts which are difficult to detach and reattach when changing parts to vacuum different parts of the house / car.

I have always used the standard vacuum head to vacuum my carpets and they come out very clean. The power head is not necessary for my carpets.

Extremely happy with this vacuum cleaner I gave a few family members using it now.

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