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Miele G 1243 SC / G 1243 SCi / G 1243 SCU

Miele G 1243 SC / G 1243 SCi / G 1243 SCU

G 1243 SC, G 1243 SCi and G 1243 SCU
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We have had this dishwasher for 6 years & up until 5 months ago, we were extremely happy with it. It cleaned really well without the need to pre-rinse, was super quiet and dried the dishes extremely well. I did treat it like a baby though - it only ever had "Finish" powder & rinse aid and I put a dishwasher cleaner through it once a month. So all was going swimmingly and I expected, like the ad, that my children would leave home before the dishwasher. This was not the case. 5 months ago, it came up with an F85 error code. We called the repairman out (which is NOT cheap) and he replaced a part - at a cost of $625. Expensive, I know, but if we got another 10 years out of it........WRONG!!!! Last week, the F11 code came up & it wouldn't drain properly. I considered getting it repaired, but really, what is the point? For a machine that costs over $2000, I would reasonably expect to get 15 years out of it without a hitch. When I rang the Miele "help" line, they wanted $$$$ to come & look at it because "it's no longer under warranty". Well I know the consumer law states that, but I would have expected that the Brand name would have wanted to keep me happy. Why spend that sort of money, when you can get an El-cheapo that will last the same amount of time? Yes, it was made in Germany, but I will never waste my money on Miele products again. Ever. VERY disappointed, Miele - your marketing may be good, but if you aren't willing to stand by your products, then why should the consumer pay you for a premium product at substandard quality. Stay away, people!


Have had my Miele dishwasher for about 6 year. I turn it on after lunch for a quick wash or sensor and then at night for pots and pans. Fantastic would never buy a different dishwasher. We ended up buying a second for our rental property and took out a very long extended warranty to ensure no problems. The second dishwasher has been going for 3 years now with no problems. Quick wash setting doesn't dry the dishes, so I open the door when it's finished it cycle. Every other setting dries.

F13 fault

Had dishwasher for 3 years and last night the drain/intake light went on along with an F13 message right at the start of the cycle. I tested the pump by adding water manually and restarted the dishwaher. It flushed the water out so no problem with the pump. I cleaned the filter and checked for kinks. Everything checked out OK. So now I called Miele Service and a technician is coming over. Disappointing that such an expensive dishwasher breaks when it is used about once every 2 weeks.
Quiet, performs well, sturdy and looks good.
Broke down after 3 years.

Very satisfied with Miele G 1234 SC

I have owned this for some years now. It is very quiet, very reliable, we don't rinse any dishes as we live on rainwater. The layout and dish drawer are very good for all our dishes. I would strongly recommend this dishwasher. I have had good service for years now and hope to get many more years service.
Quiet, layout, reliable, good cleaning.
A little challenging cleaning filters etc.

Miele G 1243 SCI

We replaced our old Miele with a new one. Doesn't dry dishes. We have to wait several hours or hand dry dishes. Also need to clean every dish before cleaning in the Miele G 1243 SCI or it has no chance. Glasses and dishes have a soapy residue left on it after every clean. Highly disappointing and wouldn't recommend Miele after this experience..

Bad cleaning, Doesn't dry, residue after cleaning, glass holder not very efficient


Is so much better than my old westinghouse. It cleans without washing them first. It does what a dishwaher is supposed too.
Is so quiet, looks great.
dosen't dry to well

Questions & Answers

Can I purchase a new bottom basket for this dishwasher please? In fact seeing it has become discontinued can I purchase a top (not cutlery) and bottom basket and if so what price please?
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Hi Julie, if you call us on 1300 464 353 we will be able to assist you. Kind regards, Anna.

I have a Miele G1243-SC dishwasher. The F14 error code appeared. I cleaned filter and for the first time in over 9 years saw how to take the non return valve out thanks to on-line video clip. I could not find my manual. There had been fat stuck on the filter mesh but didn't see any around the valve. Put it back together but still problem then F70. The 'O' ring or washer on the non return valve was breaking up - squished down and fraying. Can I replace that washer or do I replace the complete valve?
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I’m sorry but I have absolutely no idea. My husband tried to fix ours (he is pretty handy) but couldn’t so we ended up calling Miele repairs, which cost $$$ and got another problem a few months laterI was given the suggestion of pouring hot water into the base and trying it again. I poured water straight out of the kettle and turned it on again. It took a little while to click over from starting and stopping the pump (I think) but then began washing and the timer count down. Fingers crossed it will work next time. An electrician told me once with an Asko machine problem we had similar problem to always run it on the longest and hottest cycle.

What is the problem with error code F14 on the below model?
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