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Miele G 975 PLUS

Miele G 975 PLUS

4.2 from 12 reviews

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The best dishwasher.

We had a Miele dishwasher for 10 years, fantastic, family of 6 was working constantly. Would have loved to have taken it with me when we sold the house. After we moved we renovated the kitchen and put in a Miele dishwasher and it’s still going strong.
One thing to note use the powder not the tablets the tablets are not recommended for Miele dishwashers.
We use a heaped teaspoon of powder in the wash and it doesn’t remove patterns or gold/ silver rims from our crockery or glassware. AAA+

Date PurchasedJul 2008

Quiet but didn't last.

Great dishwasher and very quiet...until it breaks down after only 7 years of modest use. The electronic unit burnt out due to a faulty wire connector. On top of the $160 service fee Miele charged me to identify the problem, they then quoted another $510 to fix it! I've bought a replacement electronic unit for only $280, which takes only 5 minutes to install with nothing but a screwdriver, however trying to find replacement wire connectors to replace the burnt out ones seems to be harder than finding the lost city of Atlantis! I'll keep trying but I'm close to giving up, which will be such a waste.

Great Product- love it

Have had this dishwasher for many many years now. No problems at all mechanically. Washes even the worst lasagne and grill trays perfectly.
The only problem I have is purchasing the salt cheaply. Every 6 months I have to chase around for suppliers of it, just means I am organised and start chasing before I run out. Without the salt the clean is definitely inferior in Brisbane water

I never rinse anything just scrape off the lumps, lasagne pans and all and my stuff comes out clean as long as It has salt in the resevoir.

Not reliable at all and not a great wash either

We bought this 7 years ago based on reviews of reliability of Miele. It had several service calls to fix the Turbothermodryer which every 18 months or so makes a noise and dribbles water everywhere requiring a service call to fix it. Was given different remedies each time which I did but to no avail, it still happened. The last 2 were at least covered by Miele, but I paid for at least 2, then it stopped working and made a funny noise so I was not prepared to pay for another service call. So pulled it out and bought a cheaper dishwasher which washes actually better than this one as well and I can use Bicarb soda as dishwashing powder, as I use to with my first dishwasher which lasted 18 years + and was not a Miele either.
it was quiet
It broke down too many times, very unreliable

Best Dishwasher we ever had by a long shot.

We thought our LG was good but this is the first dishwasher we have ever had that hardly ever has a dirty plate and always dries properly. Even the same cups that used to come out of the LG a little wet in the scoop at the top always come out dry. Plastics also dry very well. Not perfect but very well. So far no problems in 3 years. We had two LG's prior, one was a lemon and LG finally replaced it. The second one was very good. But didnt clean or dry like this one does. LG customer service was top notch though. Not sure on this as no problems to tell.
Dries and cleans perfectly, very quiet

OK. But n not the best

OK dishwasher, but below pa given price and Miele brand. If dishes have not been pre rinsed by hand there is a good chance dishes will not come out clean, even on most intense setting. Does not dry dishes particularly well, especially plastic containers. However, it has lasted so far without breaking down
Cleaning is not as good as it could be


an ok dishwasher, but not outstanding for a european brand, my old dishlex performed better. i would expect a better product from miele
washes well
very dissapointed that turbothermic drying is not working after 2 years, just out of warranty. i expected better performance from this brand, would not be loyal to this brand over others

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Yes I had the same problem with the turbothermic drying, clogging up at regular intervals and requiring a service call at $150 a time. I was recommended it because of the reliability of the brand but it has become a very expensive dishwasher and now it won't work at all (new problem) I'm cutting my losses after 5 service calls and getting rid of it. so much for the reputation of Miele, I won't touch them again.


We looked in person and online at literally hundreds of dishwashers. This is the model that every retail outlet recommended for our $1000-ish budget. That made us realise that it wasn't just sales puffery.
It cleans far better than any other dishwasher I have ever owned or see. I also love it!
This dishwasher is fantastic! Every item comes out crystal clean, glasses are 100% streak and stain free, and most items are bone dry. It's very quiet (I have to put my ear to it to hear whether it's on!), and it's the model that every store we went to recommended.
It retails for $1,149.00 and this price appears to be non-negotiable. (However, I personally think that it's worth every cent of this price!)


Fantastic dishwasher and I would buy one for myself again but I replaced it in my tenanted house for a much cheaper one.
I was extremely satisfied with this dishwasher in terms of its efficiency in washing dishes and quietness.
The circulation pump failed before 3 1/2 years and the part costs $495 and a total of $750 including labour. To be fair, this could have been the fault of a negligent tenant in the house for the last 2 years who broke a few other appliances.


This would have to be the best dishwasher I have ever owned, Super quiet and cleans the dishes extremely well. I could not fault this product in any way
Everything about this machine


Do yourself a favour and invest in a decent product like this one, there is a lot of crap out there.
European companies know how to build dish washers. This is an excellent example


best dishwasher I have ever bought,previously owned Kleenmaid bad quality
and over priced. Meile excellent value for money and a beautifully built
great looking I have the stainless steel model. Super quiet, love the deep racks
for tall glasses, washes everything sparkling clean.

Questions & Answers

Yea I have a g 975 plus and my programme selector has snapped of
1 answer
Hi Johnny, if you contact us on 1300 464 353 we will be able to assist you with fixing this. Kind regards, Anna.

My inlet drain light and salt light is on, what could be the problem?
2 answers
The salt light comes on when your dishwasher needs more salt. Fill the dispenser and see if that helpsHi Phillip Thank you for your question. Please refer to your Operating Instructions. THey can be found here: https://www.miele.com.au/professional/inactivem-user-manuals-177.htm If the problem persists, we recommend you book a service call. You can do so by calling 1300 464 353 or making a service booking here https://www.servicebooking.miele.com.au/ Kind regards, Anna

Drying fan squealing with high pitched noise at end of cycle, fan lubricated and turns properly, some calcium in fan and drain tube, not a lot but cleaned out anyway, squeal still there only lesser noise, is there some other cause, does the fan have a open and close shutter or something similar? Rob.L
3 answers
I have not had this problem with my G975 Plus, so I would not be in a position to advise. The fan does have an open/close shutter on it but that does not operate continuously to cause such a noise. The fan should be a relatively easy unit to replace and should be an available spare from Miele.No I always had to get the Miele man in to fix it, it was always the tube blocked but they have to remove the inside door cover to so it!as I suspect, there is something, a shutter partialy opening may be causing the noise, probably has some calcite in it, watch this space for future info as there seems to be no other. regards Rob.L


Miele G 975 PLUS
CategoryBuilt-in Dishwashers
FeaturesChild Lock
Number of Place Settings 12
Water Consumption13 L/wash
Control Panel Position Front
Maximum Noise Level51 db
Number of Programs6
Colour / Finish White fascia
Release dateFeb 2007

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