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Miele K 12820 SD
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The best of the Best

My old fridge-freezer died of old age. I already had a stand=alone Freezer (different brand). My Miele is superb, All food seems to keep much better than before. Vegetables keep particularly well
Price? Surprisingly this fridge was no more expensive than many other Premium Brands on the market. It is completely silent which, initially, was a bit disconcerting for with previous refrigerators you could always tell when they switched to Defrost and, over time, when just operating.
I would recommend this fridge to all

Date PurchasedApr 2016

Same problem 2nd time round

I have the same problem only our handle has been replaced before under warranty and it broke again. Our purchase was in Dec 12 so I am now wondering if this is a continuing problem. I have been told the replacement will now cost us $175.00 which I'm not happy about. Subsequently I got back in contact with customer service 2 days later to follow up my problem to find out that they had already approved a replacement free of charge and it was on the way. The consultant explained that the seal is very strong and the opening action should be in 2 steps.
1 lever the handle to brake the seal
2 open the door

This was never explained to us at any time prior and seems a little complicated process for opening a door but we will try. I can say our family has been very careful with all our products but this action seems a bit of an over kill. We see if this handle last more than 18 months.

Full marks for Miele customer seervice.

Date PurchasedDec 2012

What a Disappointment!

We bought Fridge/Freezer Water dripping from fridge/not draining within fridge is an ongoing problem. The handle has split on the edge of the fridge - poor design. Our pair are differing shades of white - we were advised they are made at different factories. Suggested we (at our own expense) have them sprayed in enamel that matches.

Handle/Ice Issue

As per half of the review at the time of writing I have an issue with the handle on my fridge. It has been touchy for a bit and broke off completely over the weekend. I purchased in Nov 2012 but didn't start using the fridge til 2013. We are a family of four, children are older, we use the fridge responsibly and gently so the issue is not the result of poor treatment of the product. Called the agent where we purchased the product and they phoned me back with the quote for the replacement. I immediately told them it wasn't on, my old fridge of 20 years is still going strong in the garage having never been services. I call the Miele Service Dept who agreed to replace the handle free of charge for me to fit. the back panel of my fridge is constantly iced up and things always stick to it if pushed onto the panel, the fridge is running at the recommended temperature.

I splurged and purchased a number of Miele products for my new home three years ago and have been extremely disappointed. No longer are Miele cream of the crop, their quality has declined. You can spend a lot less and get better.

meile fridge is just an illusion

Same as Rita, my fridge also is always wet and water does come out of the fridge if it isn't wiped down constantly. This is very annoying. Today my fridge door handle broke as well. Almost a year after I bought it the dairy cover on the door compartment broke and came of. I called meile who after so many questions finally agreed to send me another cover free of charge. The fridge hadn't reached its warranty yet!!!! So many other things annoys me about it. Its size...it looks big but this is an illusion can hardly fit food enough for 4. Had I known so many problems with this fridge I wouldn't have chosen it. Looks aren't everything.

Exemplary partner to the Miele FN 12827 S, Reliable, great looking, and perfect!

So I wrote a review for this great fridge some time ago but it was never published, so apologies for the lengthy delay in catching up on my reviews.

This fridge is the perfect match for the Miele FN 12827 S.

I will make this one not as long, because to be honest everything I said in the review of the matching freezer is true about this fridge. While not the top of the line Mastercool, it honestly does its job, and does it well. This pigeon pair was bought to replace a 1-2 year old LG bottom mount fridge/freezer. And you'd thing from going from a combined 306l to two separate fridge and freezer with a combined total of very usable 800l of space, one would obviously think energy consumption would at least increase some, being only 2.5 stars versus the LG's 2.5 as well, but having TWO appliances instead of one. But to our surprise Origin bill came in shockingly low for the quarter. And this was Spring/Summer. So on that front absolutely amazed that Almaty tripling the storage space, the energy usage actually dropped. Typical German efficiency.

The shelves are extremely strong and are infinitely adjustable. The wine rack the same. The door bins can be easily washed in the dishwasher or simply wiped with a damp sponge.

All in all a wonderful fridge that I'd recommend to anyone.

A few small qualms however, but, they are similar to the freezers "cons".

The shelves are no spill proof as in the glass is flat and of something were to spill it would leak to other shelves below. And to be honest, I'd have to say that's about all, and that digging for a con.

It does have few "normal functions" I had never seen before. Water often gather on the rear inside of the back wall of the fridge, usually ice and then melts with its self defrost cycle which drains out a small hole and out to the top of the compressor where it evaporates. Odd at first, but after reading, completely normal operation.

All in all food lasts longer than any fridge prior including the former LG. it has a wonderful LED light which diffuses the light to reach every nook and cranny. So I'll put a short pros and cons list for comparison, as I said the freezer review is extremely similar.

Astonishingly efficient
Build quality
Even temperatures throughout
Extremely quiet
Heaps of space (quite hard to actual fill)
Great LED light
Strong shelves
Infinite adjustibility
"Dynacooling" a fan circulates air throughout for even temps
Strong easy to clean and adjust shelves
Brilliant white matches all other Miele white appliances
Easily joined to make "one" large built-in look fridge freezer
Door handles that make opening so easy

Lack of "spill proof" shelves
Non adjustable crisper bins (temp and humidity)
No door alarm as the freezer has
Lack of the "soft close" hinges

So overall a must look at if you budget and space allow. But overall an amazing pair for $4k. Don't think I could have made a better choice. Similar, and I mean almost exact (as the Mieles are made by Liebherr) but cheaper. No reliability issues on either to note to date on either, a good sign this far. Customer service is stellar as usual, and recently was invited to join Miele 4 Life. I honestly can't fault the fridge in anyway, other than the few, at which I was grasping for in the first place. And I have to say, absolutely nothing wrong with the KFN 14842 SD ed/cs which was the other option we looked at, but for the price, and having the space for 800l of fridge and freezer, I don't regret not getting the other one bit. Both great products and although not made by Miele, and many peoples complaints of Liebherrs less than stellar reliability, I doubt Miele would rock their name for a product that is truly horrible. And, touch wood, there have been zero problems what-so-ever.

So if you budget is $4-$5k and you have the space for 1.2 metres of width, or even space to have them separately, go for it. I wouldn't hesitate once second. With the volume to price ratio, it's hard to beat.

If you have any questions on either the fridge or freezer, don't hesitate to ask, I plan on keeping up my reviews as 2016 rolls around. And Miele truly build, and stand by their motto "Immer Besser"!

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****Update**** Nearly a year in and nothing has gone wrong (touch wood). No bin issues, no handle issues. They have cut our energy bill by approximately 29%. Which is a lot, seeing as two appliances took the place of a very small 306l total fridge/freezer by LG. It's not only that the bill was $$, but far less kwh. The bill has dropped every quarter since we bought them. Couldn't have asked for a better appliance. Next purchase, the new Blizzard bagless!!

the most beautiful fridge/freezer combo

After a decade of loving F&P I was tempted over to Miele (begrudgingly, as I don't like other Miele products) by this gorgeous matte white set, which goes beautifully in my dark grey country kitchen. I thought the white might look dirtier but this is not the case, as you actually tend to wipe off small marks more often than you do on a SS fridge.

+ looks fabulous! i'm so over SS and this matte white and minimalist retro design is timeless.
+ works great, adjustable shelves etc, no complaints. the third door shelf has a very shallow lip, about 1", and 3 times we've had glass bottles fall and smash. eventually we will learn to only use plastic there. I'd also suggest to open the door gently!
+ not sure why, but the fridge and freezer are so easy to move that I can vacuum and mop behind them regularly.
+ really like that you can remove drawers in the freezer and just use shelves, so the top shelf now stores our various ice cube moulds, and many bottles of alcohol.
+ fridge door opens 180º and beyond, although having a stopper on it would be handy (not sure if this is an available feature as the manual is a bit hopeless)
+ the wine shelf is a gimmick we don't need - who drinks only half a bottle?? :) we have a cellar for wine storage. (again, in warmer climates I'm sure this is useful) It's also not unique to Miele, have had one in my F&P fridge for years. Currently I've removed it to make room for taller items.
+ i've not had any items freeze up if pushed to the back, which has happened in other fridges. So far it's all just worked without any fuss.

- whilst not having water/ice making wasn't a deal breaker (as our plumber forgot to install a water tap when we reno'd the kitchen, doh) I find it so odd that Miele doesn't offer this at all. Luckily for us we are in love with the new shaped ice cube trays, and prefer large cubes/balls. If I still lived in Qld I might be more annoyed, but here in SA our need for cold water is only short lived, our farm water is usually very cold all year round.
- as mentioned the handles are a problem. the freezer one has been bent (by an impatient male!) so we are all aware to take it easy and be patient.
- we have no idea how to connect the two units together, the documentation on how to do it is hopeless. If we ever have any problems we will have the repair guy do it. (The manual is quite hilarious, advising us to not store certain fruits/veg in the fridge. I'm sure those who live anywhere north of Brisbane would have a great chuckle at that advice.)

How classy do these look as a pigeon pair.

Refrigerator: Haven't had anything go wrong with this model at all (touch wood). Have had our pigeon pair 12 months now. Just be careful with the handle (read previous reviews) - don't open straight away after you have just closed the door as it sets up a seal. Wait just a minute, then try and don't put any force on trying to open it. I have my fridge chock-a-block full and it works fantastically. Easy to keep clean, and great for laying down bottles on the wine rack. Good storage in the door for milk and condiments. I pack all my vegies and fruit in their compartments and they keep really well. Easy to pull out these compartments, stack in your fresh purchases on the kitchen bench, then back into the bottom of the fridge.

Dripping back wall b- constantly wet. Food doesn't stay fresh

Beautiful looking appliance but doesn't perform well.

Purchased this German made what is good because it looked beautiful and I assume that it would be built to an exceptional quality.

Disappointed my food doesn't stay fresh. The back wall of the fridge is constantly dripping and wet with water. Service man came out in April of this year to review and I was told that this is how Miele fridges operate. They are constantly wet.

Just cleaned out my fridge this evening throughout palmers and cheese that has another three weeks on the use by label and it's full of mould. Also threw out a block of cheese that was an open and growing mould at an alarming rate.

My Fisher and Paykel fridge freezer that I purchased 12 years ago worked much better than this Miele fridge.

Do yourself a favour and buy a different brand. They don't tell you that these fridges are wet and your food gets rotten quickly.

For the same price you could buy a bigger and dry fridge.

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I'm not sure, as Colliedog indicates, I'd be getting onto the Miele support staff in the service centre and talking to them about it. Agree with Colliedog that you need to be open the door wide to be able to get the vegie bins out. My fridge/fridge combo are in an alcove in my cabinetry - I've worried that if it continues to open that the door will be dented by the Victorian skirting boards. I've put those little plastic stick down buttons that cabinet makers put on their work to stop doors making banging noises - to try and prevent damage to the freezer and fridge doors. I have been back in the house for about a year now and I've found them to work and no damage on the doors.....

K 12820 Broken handle

Matching Fridge and Freezer pair. Run great however as per others handle on fridge broke after 2.5 years use (Family of 4) Spare parts $203 for replacement handle (June 2015 price) I went back to Cust Service who agreed to replace Free of Charge. Cust Service top notch however obviously a design fault with the Handles and I expect Freezer will also fail in time. Certainly glad I asked the Question after reading these reviews.

Issues with Fridge Handle. We

We had a similar problem with the Door handle as it too broke off as described in a previous review. We were charged $308 to replace the handle and have it fitted. I complained to Miele Service Section and after I explained the problem and the fact the product was only out of warranty by three weeks they agreed to refund the $300. Brad from their Service Section was very good and while I am disappointed the handle broke I cannot fault their service.


We purchased a Miele K12820 fridge and believe there is a design flaw with the lever handle mounting bracket. Whenever the handle is pulled it puts a lot of stress on the bracket near the mounting screws and ours has broken off across the line of the screw holes. It is out of warranty and Miele don't accept it is a poor design and want to sell us a whole new handle assembly for $134. I will not buy a new bracket when it will no doubt break again in a short time. Very disappointed with their customer service.
Update: I have had further contact with Miele and they have supplied a new handle. The design is slightly different and time will tell whether it will prevent it failing.
They have however done the right thing as far as Customer Service. Well done.
Temperature control, wine rack.
Faulty jandle bracket design breaks.

Great Fridge/Freezer Combo

We bought the above fridge/freezer combo in September, 2013 and are very happy with both. The freezer drawers are excellent and roomy, so easy to find things in them, and the fridge shelves are deep and we have not had trouble fitting platters of food in there. The wine rack is a great feature, and the crispers are large. No complaints with them and I would highly recommend them. The drawers are all removable with the door open at 90 degrees, important as we don't have the room to be able to swing the doors out more than that.
Drawers open with the door open at 90 degrees.

OK but not great

I've had Fisher and Paykel pigeon pairs (fridge/freezer) for years but thought that I would buy Miele for our new kitchen as all of our other appliances are Miele. The fridge has disappointed me as I have discovered that it does not have the alarm which sounds when the fridge door is left open. I realise that this is my fault for not checking before buying, but assumed that such a high quality brand as Miele would have at least the same attributes as F&P and even more. With children who are now teenagers, the fridge door is regularly not closed properly and having the alarm on previous fridge/freezer combinations was a godsend.

Items on the internal shelves have to be carefully placed to allow the door to shut which means that not all of a shelf on the RHS can be used. I've tried moving shelves on the door but the same problem persists.

The freezer does have the alarm which is great.
Miele brand
No visual or acoustic alarm for the refrigerator, smaller capacity than a comparable Fisher and Paykel model

Ecellent features and size for the price. Great internal lighting, Double dekker crisper units.

Excellent unit for the "budget" Miele purchaser. Miele was for us the perfect choice as we required a spacious fridge and 300L freezer because we just hate shopping every week. The build quality is excellent and the unit and the companion freezer fits in our wall cavity perfectly.

Unfortunately for us, the Miele recommended companion freezer unit is not the same colour which has cheesed us off. The Freezer is much whiter (arctic white) and the fridge is grey white. We really wanted a white set to match the rest of our kitchen and may just have to stick with it.
volume, fits into our "european" wall cavity space
Colour does not match the FN 12827 S which is the Miele partner freezer unit. colour is 10% off white.

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Questions & Answers

I am having trouble with water not draining away through the little drain yet I can't seem to reach anything that may be blocking it...any ideas? Have tried to use a straw.
No answers

Has anyone dropped a shelf? Beware shatters like a crystal glass shards everywhere and NOT SAFETY GLASS found out the hard way 6 cuts on feet from flying shards.
1 answer
I had one explode on me when I was washing it.very scary I had no cuts but was very challenging.

My refrigerator is 5y old. I had this kind of noises since the beginning but recently they became much more loud. One noise is kind of LOUD BANG - as if somebody hit the refrigerator body with a hammer. Initially it was not as loud. When I made inquiry with the Miele service they said that it is nothing wrong. Maybe it is not but because it has became rather too loud I am concerned. The other noise that is more noticeable than earlier is the noise as if it was a fluid bubbling into a container. Anybody has any comment on these noises? Should I contact Miele specialists? Joe
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Hi Joe Bubbling is normal, usually the coolant shuffling about. Our has always made some dripping noises et cetera, as the back wall defrosts and water runs down the hole and out to the container on the compressor to evaporate. Usually louder banging sounds are metal pipes expanding and/or contracting slightly. However a really loud bang could indicate an issue. As it would be even past its extended warranty if bought, as long as it's still working, I wouldn't worry. Cheers


K 12820 SD EDT/CS (Stainless Steel)K 12820 SD (White)
Price (RRP) $2,799$2,199
Dimensions 1850 x 600 x 630 mm1850 x 600 x 630 mm
Energy Rating2 star(s)2 star(s)
Household Size 3-4 people3-4 people
FeaturesFrost Free and Wine RackFrost Free and Wine Rack
Colour / Finish Stainless SteelWhite
Handle Type External External
Smart Fridge NoNo
Shelf MaterialGlassGlass
Number of Shelves55
Number of Fruit & Vegetable Bins 22
Weight75.3 kg
Manufacturer Warranty2 year(s)2 year(s)
Total Capacity 405 L405 L
Release dateApr 2011Apr 2011

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