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Miele Online Shop

Miele Online Shop

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Amazing appliances, bad online shop

Same experience as everyone else here, was an error with my shipping details, getting it resolved was a right pain. No communication about my order, very slow to actually ship the item despite showing item in stock and order complete. But at the end of the day, I just put it down to the pain I must endure to have their truly amazing appliances in my home. If these issues bother you maybe you should consider buying through an agent like HN.

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Hi Brendan, we do apologise for the inconvenience with the address error you experienced with our Online Shop. Are you able to send us an email to prsupport@miele.com.au with your full name, home address and the product you purchased as we would like to send you a care package as an apology for the inconvenience of the matter? Kind regards, Anna.

Similar Despatch issue

Similar experience to everyone else. Long wait to get through on phone. "Item will be despatched tomorrow" after waiting 3 weeks post order and receiving confirmation email on a 5 to 7 day delivery period.
For larger items suggest you go through an agent (any of the big elec retailers) prices are the same because Miele keep a tight reign on prices then the agent has to deal with Miele not you.

Online Shop Terrible Service Beware

Ordered an expensive new vacuum cleaner using online shop, a week goes by and the system shows order completed. I ring, wait about 20 minutes on hold only to be told that my order “slipped through the cracks” !! I was assured that my vacuum would be sent the next day using Aus Post and I’d get a tracking number. A week later I call again, wait another 20 minutes plus and then a lady apologises that the vacuum still had not left the warehouse !!

Same experience as Lee J

Ordered an upright freezer via Miele Online, but had pretty much the same experience as Lee J. Took time off work and waited the entire day the order said it would be delivered only for a no show. Called the support line at the end of the day to be told the date on the order for non-Metro areas was "when it would arrive at the local warehouse"... (checked the order and there is no mention of this at all on any of the provided documentation), and that the delivery company would call me in 2-3 business days to arrange a day and time... The next business day I get a call at work to say the freezer was going to be dropped off in 30 minutes and that I needed to be there (I work 35 minutes away from my home)...

Would definitely not recommend going direct to Miele... visit your local electrical retailer instead!!!

Don't ignore the other reviews. After sales service is disgraceful.

When it was time to replace my old dishwasher I did a lot of research and although Miele were coming up as a superior product, online reviews and colleagues all warned about dreadful after sales service. I should have paid more credence to those reviews but decided to go with Miele and hope I would never need after sales service. Big mistake. The day before my delivery was due I called to see if I could get a rough idea of whether the delivery would be morning or afternoon. Time off work would need to be organised.

Waited on hold for 22 minutes the first time before I hung up. The second time I was lucky enough to get an answer after only 15 minutes. That was when I was told that despite receiving an order confirmation that specified a delivery date, it was misleading. This is only the date the warehouse transfers the stock to an external courier company. Miele are unable to tell me when the item will actually be delivered. All they could confirm is that it will not be on the day organised. This is a high end product with a price tag to match. The lack of service is simply mystifying. Don't ignore the warnings. Go with ASKO or Bosch.

Ordering online from Miele ... never again ... in fact it might even be Miele never again

Ordered a vacuum cleaner online, but month after the order and vacuum cleaner has not arrived. I received a text message a week or so after the order from Miele apologising for the delay and that they will ship it very soon ... called them a week ago. They told me it's in the warehouse marked for dispatch. Called today again and I got exactly the same answer ... it's in the warehouse marked for dispatch !!!
I have a feeling that I'll call them again next week and the item will still be in the warehouse, marked for dispatch.

I certainly hope that the vacuum cleaner is better than their online shopping experience ...

Further to my comments stated above, just called Miele to check if they posted the package (they are not even courteous enough to send notification), after 20min wait for someone to answer the phone they told me that they dispatched the package but to what is a wrong address... and then after another 10 min on hold they tell me that they can only offer a refund as they don't have that product in stock anymore and they are not prepared to offer similar product as a replacement (newer model vacuum cleaner). Horrendous customer service ... If it's the same in their service department ... good luck having to get anything sorted through warranty And the saga continues. 10 days after my last post and 2 phone calls to Miele later still no vacuum cleaner or refund. 'Great' customer service !It's done, I ended up getting my refund after lodging a PayPal dispute.

Miele Shop

Very well laid out shop with all the models on display, staff are helpful and knowledgable. Delivery and installation were easy to arrange and very prompt. Other products were on display that could be used with the dishwasher such as salt and dishwasher tablets, plus accessories that fitted into the dishwasher.
Knowledgeable helpful staff, good range on display

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