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Totally useless

I tried different nursing positions with this pillow and none of them worked for me. The pillow doesn’t have a strap to wrap around your waist so it’s difficult to keep it in place while you have a wriggling baby. They said one end of the pillow is higher than the other so it will reduce the reflux. but I found that the height on both ends are exactly the same! I was going to return the pillow but my baby already spew on it so now I’m stuck with this useless product.

Overrated for an expensive pillow/cushion

I can’t use the product since day one because the padding is too much. It makes the pillow too high and do not serve the design purpose of one side being low, the other being high. The product I got only have one height and it is way too high.

Couldn't cope without it!!

I was unsure about buying as there is a lot of items marketed at new mums that are just not worth it. But I am so glad I did. I am not tied to using a particular chair to feed in; I comfortably feed in bed, on the lounge, in the kitchen and out of the house. People say it's expensive, but it's cheaper than a breast feeding chair that is stuck in one room. It has saved me getting a sore back and neck. I bought the twin pillow, even though I don't have twins. I recommend doing this. It is great how it straps around you, meaning I can move a bit (eg to give something to my toddler, grab phone/remote)and not have to reposition the pillow.

Absolutely perfect, I cannot live without it.

When I was pregnant, I was determined to breastfeed which led me to reading and researching countless brands of breastfeeding pillows where I stumbled upon Milkbar pillows by Fertile Mind. After reading up on comparisons between Milkbar vs other brands (Ergo/Mombo/My Breast Friend) I decided on Milkbar.

At first when my son was born (3.8kg & 51cm) he was light enough that I could support his weight just on my arms alone but he rapidly gained weight (just from breastfeeding!) and I started using everyday from his 1 week check up at 4.3kg. I take it with me where ever I go!

I could go on and on about how much I love it to be honest! I absolutely recommend this to any new mums/parents looking to save the strain on their neck, shoulders, arms & back! Absolute lifesaver and I cannot live without it!

Love the milkbar

After having not used a breast feeding pillow for the first 5 weeks, I went to a friends house for dinner and she passed it to me to make myself comfy while I fed there and I loved it immediately. My baby was at the perfect height and fell asleep for hours on it the two times I fed there. Usually she won't sleep like that without it or propped on regular pillows. I felt like I had my arm free and while she was snoozing I had both arms free; I still like to have one arm under her head while I feed. She doesn't need it there but does help prop her that little bit more and also I feel like I should touch her a bit because breast feeding is so bonding I want her to still feel like she's being held. My friend takes this to cafes and to mums and bubs movie sessions, which I know I'll now do coz its always awkward to get her in a position without one. It's light and small so can be take. Anywhere easily and I can't wait to bring it around. I've just gotten my own after thinking I didn't need one, I really love it and even though my baby is really tall (off the charts..dads genes) I think she'll be able to use it for a while even if half her body hangs off it. I like the angle its on as well. Overall I recommend it! But know it won't suit all body types etc. I'm 5ft7 if that helps, it would work if I was a bit shorter or talked but super tall could be tricky and maybe super short.

Great product

I found this product extremely helpful. I have quite a long back and found that leaning forward all the time, or holding baby up to the breast, was creating a huge strain on my back, neck and shoulders. Initially, bub was so light she felt like she would just bounce off the pillow; in fact, I was a little annoyed that the Milk Bar wasn't as effective as I thought it would be. But by about 8 weeks she had gained enough weight that she was starting to sink into it beautifully and feeding became increasingly comfortable and- dare I say it- a nice break! I would also use this pillow when I took her to Mums and Bubs screenings at the movies, where she would sleep on the pillow in my arms. Have also used it on flights.
I used this product solidly for a year. Have now passed it on to friends with a newborn. Totally plan to use it again, should we be blessed with another.
P.S I also made an extra open-ended cover out of thick flannel, to easily slip on/slip off Milk Bar when spewed upon.
Really helped with back and shoulder strain. Early on, other aspects of feeding were tricky, so it was nice not to have to worry about my back and shoulders as much.
Would be good if it came with an additional thicker, easily removable and washable cover (it does come with a zip up cover). Babies spew a lot for the first few months, so the cover needs to be washed all the time and the spew can leak through the thin fabric of the cover onto the actual pillow.

Hinders more than helps

I was hoping this would help save my back but it's actually made it worse. It's not high enough for a newborn (bub is now 6 weeks and it's still not useable) so you still have to hold bub while resting your arm on the pillow which you could do with your standard inexpensive pillow, it slips away from you so you constantly have to readjust it, it doesn't follow the curve of your body so part of baby hangs off it.
Not one thing!
Everything!! To low, slips away from you, not ergonomic, doesn't fit a baby on it properly, expebsive


I was on the verge of giving up feeding! I have large/heavy breasts & my baby was getting colic from bad latch & swallowing too much air, I had painful nipples, neck & back. I could not feed discretely either! Thanks to this wonderful design colic went, nipples repaired like in 2 days and I take it with me everywhere & I feed almost anywhere. My favourite baby product!
The shape, height, portability & durability. Excellent for feeding in car!
It was expensive but has paid for itself more than enough! I do feel sorry for women that truely cant afford it.

Can't complain

I bought this because I thought if I don't use it as a feeding pillow it will at least be good as a pregnancy pillow. I've found the opposite - it was useless as a pregnancy pillow because my knees still came together or it would slip in the wrong direction. When my baby was newborn, the pillow was not helpful for breastfeeding. But now, at about 7 weeks, it is great, because he is getting too heavy to hold in my arms and he just lays on the pillow and I can feed him without (mostly) having to hold him - I just keep an arm on the pillow to make sure he doesn't roll off. I can read books on my phone whilst he feeds. It would be nice to have a pillow that goes right around my waist, but I appreciate that this is more compact.
Compact and I like that it is thicker on one side than the other
Not good as a pregnancy pillow, as a breastfeeding pillow it does slip away from me a bit

Ok but I find myself wanting more...

Pre-purchase in my head this pillow would save my back from my terrible posture - and it definitely has helped my slouching. However now my baby is older, heavier and longer at two months old, I feel she has already outgrown it and I find myself wanting a firmer pillow to cope with her weight and one that straps around my back to cope with her size in general as I am constantly pulling it in towards me and holding her to prevent her from rolling back off it. I'm flying internationally in two weeks and am considering taking it as the baby can then sleep on it on me on the plane, but the strap is small so I am trying to figure out how to make it easier to carry, e.g. By adding a strap.
All up it definitely helps having this pillow and I miss it when I'm out and don't have it, but I do find myself online alot looking for the next step up.
Good size for a newborn, provides coverage for discrete feeding, is comfy for baby to rest on or against
Baby feels like she is going to roll off, has outgrown it at 2 months, needs a better strap

Good for travel

I bought the milkbar pillow as I found my little boy was sinking into the softer horseshoe cushion I was using. I found it good for chest to chest hold but on one side I use the football hold to feed, and I find he kind of slips off the back of the pillow and I don't feel he's that secure. It is nice and firm though and its compact so great for when I go to other peoples houses. I ended up going back to my horseshoe cushion as I feel he's more secure and it gives my arms more to rest on. I leave the milkbar in the plastic case it comes in and leave it in the car so I can use it when we're out - good to rest on if feeding in the car or at the in-laws house etc.
Compact, firm, carry case makes it convenient to take with you
A bit small, feels like baby falling off it

Did not help at all

Breastfeeding is not that easy and I had sore nipples at the beginning. I thought it was because of the position of my baby. After reading geat reviews about the milk bar I bought one. It did not help at all and made things worse. It's way too high and I could not even hold my baby myself, he was just lying on the pillow. It might depend on your body shape and so on, but for me it was a bad investment. I actually do not use a pillow at all and I have no problem anymore!
Not too big. Easy to carry. Nice colours
Expensive. Too high

No good for me...

Ok product, but the thickness was no good for me as I am an E-F cup and it simply meant my baby would be swamped under the breast and not be able to drink properly. So I would not recommend it for large breasted women. I did like the quality though.
Well manufactured, quality matches price.
Not suitable for larger breasted women

This was our life saver

I had a lot of problems getting comfortable breastfeeding until finding this pillow. I am quite tall and the number of bed pillows or sofa cushions required to keep my elbow supported and my babies shoulders (and body initially) at the right level was ridiculous and they kept slipping away. I bought a rival feeding pillow that had great reviews and found it too bulky and limited in positions of use.
The firm filling meant that once we were in a good position we stayed there. Soft sofa cushions/bed pillows/v pillows just meant we sank in and over the feed grew more and more uncomfortable. Easy to remove cover and wash. Subtle colours. The shape of it, initially we used large end under my elbow but later the smaller end. Can be manipulated in a variety of ways to get comfortable. I did not find it ever slipped out from under my elbow. Small size meant easily transportable too. We've been using it for 6 months and expect it will do us until we stop feeding be it in another 6 months or later.
nothing, although some would consider it costly it more than returns its value once you take into account the 3-4h a day you use it, and the physio/massage bills I dont need to foot now!

Must have item for new mums

Like alot of other new mums I thought breast feeding would come easily and I would be able to use any of the cushions I already had lying around at home.

I was so wrong!

After struggling for 3 months and never feeling truly comfortable I bought a Milkbar feeding pillow.

What a relief. I now feel so much more confident and comfortable with my breast feeding and take the pillow where ever we go.

Great product and worth every cent.
Firm supportive cushion. Contoured shape. Washable cover. Good size. Nice colours. Spare covers available.

Milkbar was a revelation for me

After a month of struggling with ordinary pillows and neither of us really getting comfortable, I was thrilled when hubby brought home a Milkbar. I find that I can rest my arms and it just puts little Amy in the right position. She attaches well and then goes into that blissed-out-baby state most of the time. I've washed the cover several times, and it comes out like new. And it isn't as bulky as some other pillows I saw in shops. I'm a fan!
Comfortable for me and baby, tasteful colours, good value.


After fluffing around with pillows from home, I had finally sucked it up and bought a double Milk Bar. I thought the single would pretty much be like using another pillow from home. It was a very good height for me and my baby but he has now kinda of outgrown it. He became too big at 4 months. However, I still occasionally use it to prop him up. I love how it's so versatile and can be used to seat him up and to feed him. It's got a removable case for easy washing. The belt is good as it keeps it stationary but it comes loose very easily and it's not super easy to buckle. Hard to explain. I have to turn it around so I can buckle in front of me and then turn it back around. Too much time fussing around the buckle and bubs isn't usually very patient to wait! Overall a great investment though! I'm sure I can use it as a body pillow when I decide to get pregnant again.
easy on my back, good height for a long time and eased tension in my back, versatile, removable case, can be used to prop bub up and as body pillow.
expensive but usually can find good deals, loose belt and hard to buckle, became too big for my bub when he turned 4 months

If I had my time again I would have used a Milkbar Nursing Pillow with my first baby

Everyone, including me, thinks that ordinary pillows will be fine for breast feeding. Wrong! I fluffed about with regular pillows and body pillows for 7 months of breast feeding and it was a nightmare. Not to mention how sore and stiff my neck and shoulders etc would get.

So when I became pregnant with our second child I told my husband that I was not going to make the same mistake again and that I HAD to get a feeding pillow. The Milkbar was my top choice and it performed terrifically. The pillow didn't squash down like regular pillows and provided that support your body and baby needs.

Cover is easily removed for washing. Small enough to take to family and friends houses to make feeding there easy too.

Also great for bottle feeding.

I also used this pillow for my sons physio exercises to encourage him into the crawl position and also for regular tummy time.
Easy to use, Nice colours, Performs great, Excellent support for Mum and Bub, Cover easily removed for washing


I have been using my Milkbar for 3 weeks with my newborn and I love it. We have had a few messes so the removable cover has been good to wash. I like being able to have both hands free to keep myself occupied while bub has long feeds. Best is this is most comfortable position for bub to feed in - he is always blissed out at the end of a feed. Only bad thing is I find it difficult to pick bub up off pillow at end of feed without disturbing him. I dont bother using the clip in belt. I use Milkbar in bed and on lounge.
Comfy for bub, removable cover, hands free.
Hard to pick up bub at end of feed without disturbing.

Not a bad feeding pillow

This was not a bad feeding pillow - it was recommended from a friend. It's quite compact and easy to store compared to others on the market. It is also easy to get the cover off to wash, (you'll need this function!!) The only thing is you'll need to ensure your legs are at right angles and your back straight (which they should be anyway!) because it's too high otherwise. I found it long enough as I really only needed it while I was learning to feed.
Compact, good looking, easy to wash

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