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Milwaukee M18 Impact Driver

Milwaukee M18 Impact Driver

2650-20, 2650-21, 2650-22 and C18 ID
4.2 from 6 reviews

Couldn't get much better

Small and lightweight but packs a punch. I have used solidly, most days for a few years and it's still holding up very well. Hasnt required any parts replacement, never had any problems.
Where most other impacts use rubber plastic surrounding the Chuck, this is solid steel so only suffers scratches, no bits falling off exposing screws etc.

Date PurchasedFeb 2016

Expensive but good for trade.

I use this driver for trade use. A lot of good features but at the cost, I would want them. Can insert new driving tool with out pulling chuck collar back. Plenty of power. Has four speed options as well as variable speed trigger control. One very annoying thing I found is the reverse switch sits flush with the case. It is difficult to operate with out changing your grip. A lot of times I may do this every few seconds. It drove me crazy. In the end I put a blob of acrylic resin on the switch ends to build them up. Epoxy resin would probably do the same. I had a Hitachi equivalent before this and this one beats it hands down. Batteries easy to remove after applying some silicone spray. Lots of grunt for doing roofing. It is a bit shorter than some but also a bit heavier. The fuel gauge in the batteries is handy. It actually works good enough to be of use. The high cost is questionable.

Date PurchasedJan 2016

Milwaukee impact driver

Sorry. One of the worst drivers I've had. Regularly overheats and stops working, trigger also seems to just stop working randomly and needs a jiggle to get it to go again. Not sever enough a problem to warrant putting in for repair but at $589 the set, missing my old panasonic.

Date PurchasedSep 2015

Best tools out

I have owned this for about 1.5 years and it gets pretty much daily use. I was a bit skeptical about going with Milwaukee tools at first but did my research and decided to give it a go and I'm glad I did. After using this one I purchased other Milwaukee 'Fuel' cordless range including an impact driver, circular saw and 12v multi tool and will be adding the planer and grinder to the collection next. I am using the 4 AH batteries.

Review on Milwaukee

I've owned that meny different drills from metabo hitachi Mikita dewalt Panasonic and then I want out and brought a Milwaukee 10 out of 10 best drill I have ever brought I highly recommend looking at the Milwaukee fuel range extremely tough I work in the metal work industry I have 18 volt drill grinder calking gun tech gun all at work and at home I have a 12 v tech gun and drill amazing

Gutsy lil bugger

I've owned a lot of power tools over the years but as soon as I found this and your drill in a kit, i had to try them i'm lookig forward to see more. Cheers.
I don't think you'll need another..ever
Touch on the pricey side, don't pull the trigger in tour eyes the light is bright.

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