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Milwaukee M18BMT

Milwaukee M18BMT

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Another tough and reliable tool from Milwaukee

Fien invented the multitool. 37 seconds after their patent expired Bosch had on one the market. 16.218799seconds after that I bought one. I had it for a few years before the switch died. So I bought the Bosch professional jobby. Then I started my current job and needed a cordless one. The Bosch makes a very attractive garage ornamnent these days, not earning it's keep.
Like all of the Milwaukee tools I own, and I have a lot, it is a bit clunky design wise. It doesn't fit my hand all that well. It doesn't look as nice as the Bosch. With a 5 AH on it it is heavy and poorly balanced. But looks and hand feel are things that you only really notice at first. When you use the thing constantly, you notice other things. Like the fact that it can fall off a seven step ladder onto concrete and just keep working. Like the fact that the motor can breath grout dust hour after hour and suffer no apparent ill effects. Like the fact that the toolless change mechanism beats the crap out of having to find an allan key. That the blade keeping pins show no sign of wear. That Milwaukee in their wisdom include two blade keeping bolts because you will always loose one, not that I have, but it is a nice touch. At the end of the day, it is a damned tough and reliable tool.
I use mine to cut out grout on a regular basis. It gets used as a chisel at times, as a saw on others. It cuts and grinds concrete. Steel, aluminium, hardened screws, tiles, It gets an average of two solid hours a week use and it just works.
What don't I like? Loads. I think that the M18 battery retension mechanism is crap. Having to use a pinching grip to release the battery is clumsy. The size of the pinch tabs makes changing a bettery cumbersome, especially if there is a lot of dust around the battery which makse them bind. I have difficulty changing batteries on Milwaukee tools that I simply do not have on Makita, Panasonic, Paslode, Dremel or Hitachi. It is the worst of them all.
The speed dial is in just the wrong place. It is easy to rub agsinst and change speed. If you use it with two hands on the body rather than one on the grip and one on the battery, you will block the motor vents.
It is noisy, bit then all MT's are noisy. Wear ear muffs.
The shroud around the business end rattles, that said, it hasn't come off. The M18 form factor batteries affect the balance, it is weighted to the rear which means thst to balance it well, you hold it further back than you might like.
If you look at all of my complaints you will see that firstly, there are quite a few. Secondly, there are no deal breakers. What I want is that a tool I pay a fair price for, is relaiable and accurate within its scope. The complaints I have about all of the Milwaukee gear I have follow a similar pattern
Some are aesthetic, some are about my hands versus anyone elses, one is about the fact that other tool companies got the best battery retension mechanisms leaving Milwaukee to design the crappy one they have.
In every single case, the things that matter, the things that keep making you money and not heading back to the shop for repairs or replacements are there and there in spades.
Tough, check
Reliable, check
Accurate, check
Robust, check
Well made, check
Reasonably priced, check
Quite frankly, who cares if the scales on things with scales have been done in finger paint. What the hell does it matter if the colour is horrible? What matters is that you can pick it up, put it to work and go home with more money in your pocket than you left with.
The things that matter to me have me going back for more Milwaukee tools. I have 16, so stand by for further reviews.
This tool is better than either of the Bosch ones I have owned. It just works.

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