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Mimijumi Very Hungry

Mimijumi Very Hungry

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Average product

I bought this because my guzzling baby started to show a preference to bottles over breast feeding. I thought the controlled flow would help but every time she has the bottle she chokes! She hates it. When I contacted customer service I was told it would only help with bottle preference if they never had a bottle before which I wasn’t told before I purchased.

Didn't work for us

Spent 42 $ on this bottle but didn't work for us I was so sure after reading the blurb selling point for this bottle 100% fussy guaranteed she wouldn't even put it in her mouth for more than a second I tried walking and feeding when not hungry when asleep you name it I tired it.
So I decided to go with a cheaper bottle and it worked a charm.

Liked by our little one

We gave this to our baby (that had only been breastfed) as an option to start weening from breast, and it worked really well as a "realistic" alternative. I find it very easy to clean and she likes the feel of the texture and shape. It is lasting very well also, with no signs of wear and tear.

It's ok ...

It's an alright bottle however my baby didn't take to it!

I've read reviews where people have had success but no luck with bub on this.

It's very expensive but in saying that, it's a very stylish bottle.

You're better off buying a Pigeon bottle which is friendlier to the hip pocket!

The ONLY bottle that worked

My 6mth son refused bottle, dummy, anything foreign. I tried approximately 10 other bottles prior to mimijumi. Mimijumi saved our family!
My son took it first time & every time after, we never looked back.
Excellent quality product, washes very well.
Great online information, worthwhile.
Can not recommend Mimijumi enough.

It worked!

My 5 month old baby refused other bottles. We tried 3 other brands. Started to introduce bottle 6 weeks before returning to work. We gave this a go with 2 weeks left. We followed their program. Took a couple of weeks but worked! The money back guarantee was a great safety net.

Didn't work, same as other bottles

We can't feed the baby with any bottles not even with mimijumi, there is no difference with other cheaper bottles and despite that only with mimijumi baby's lips and chin gets red like it has allergy to mimijumi materials this doesn't happen with other brands we tried and were much cheaper. Waste of money.

My lil one won't take it

We brought the bottle after suggested by our local chemist and lots of research. She is fuzzy with bottles. She would get really upset when we try to bottle feed her. Mimijumi was our last resort as we already tried many different brands. We were very positive about mimijumi. Loved the design and anti skid bottom. She wouldn't take mimijumi but we kept trying persistently in the hope that she would take it. We finally gave up as there was no luck. We then decided to try the avent natural bottle again and she took it finally. So we thought we might give mimijumi a go but she kept refusing. It might work for some babies but not ours.

Worth the money

A bit pricey but definitely worth it. I tried every brand that is recommended for breastfed babies and Mimijumi was the only successful one. I had to go away for 7 nights and he latched straight onto this bottle before I left. Even when I got home he had no trouble latching straight back onto my Boobs. Only trouble was the red rubber part on the bottom fell off

Worked for others, not for my baby!

Was recommended this bottle by 2 people for my breastfed baby. Cute design, and the teat is very soft. But the nipple shape is strange and firm, but the area around it is too thin and collapses when baby tries to latch on. I don't find it like a breast at all. Baby hated it. I really wanted this to be the one, as it was so expensive, but it wasn't. She didn't drink at all

Not for my bub

She's willing take from other bottles but not this one! My little one chokes more often than other bottles that I've tried. She is only three months and she pushes away the bottle. Really disappointed and such a waste on my money since it's not cheap at all. But again it's just not for my bub.

He thinks it is the real thing

I've tried several bottles and this is the only one that my 4 month old baby has taken without too much fuss. They're easy to clean and I like how the teat is in one piece, my only gripe is that they're ridiculously expensive and difficult to find in the shops.

Not a fan

I breastfeed and was super excited to try a bottle that wouldn't choke my baby, as it says your baby controls the flow with their sucking. Every time I have tried to use this bottle for my little one she chokes on it way worse than a regular bottle. She now at four months takes every bottle but this one and for the price that's disappointing. It's a great concept and obviously others like it but it didn't work for me.

Absolute Life Saver!!

Finally a light at the end of the tunnel!! My 4 month old breastfed girl has taken bottles (and formula) previously....until the day I decided to go back to work of coarse. After more than a week of complete refusal to many different bottles and methods (don't stress, she did get fed when I got home) I finally convinced my husband that we are buying...yes another bottle! I didn't actually tell him the price of it but he was convinced that after the week he had with her screaming the house down, the only thing that she would take was boob. Getting to the point - first time she tried the mimijumi with EBM it was SUCCESS. I will admit that she didn't take an entire feed on it instantly and it still did take us a little while to get her used to the bottle but it's the only bottle teat actually "allowed" anywhere near her mouth. It's unfortunate that the bottle is only sold with the slow flow teat as it's no use to me with a 4month old who needs the faster flow one making it even more costly but hey! A girls gotta drink!! I don't write reviews on ANYTHING.. Like this is literally my first ever review and it deserves it!! Good Luck.

The only bottle my breastfed baby will drink

I had been so dead set against giving my baby a bottle as I had heard that introducing it too early can disrupt the breastfeeding relationship. Well imagine my surprise when at 2 months old I tried to give her one and she plain out right refused it. I tried different brands, different sizes, different teats, different times of the day. I tried everything and the only place that I got was a cupboard full of different bottles.

Then I stumbled across the Mimijumi Very Hungry Bottle and was immediately intrigued. This was a bottle that so very closely resembled a breast and it claimed that it was designed to improve the transition from breast to bottle feeding. I had to give it a try.

I’m not going to lie. When I first put the Mimijumi bottle into my baby’s mouth the look on her face was priceless. It was somewhere between amused and confused. She wanted to hold it and put her mouth around the teat but wasn’t sure how to “latch on”. We struggled for a little while and she began to get a little frustrated so I gave her a quick breastfeed and decided to try again.

This time I put the bottle in her mouth and she immediately began sucking and was getting milk. She didn’t cry, she didn’t squirm or fuss. She drunk away happily until the whole bottle was gone.

The next day I decided to try again and asked my husband if he would like to feed her. He was a bit skeptical as he had tried before with other bottles and had no luck. Well she began sucking straight away and for the first time in 6 months, in her whole entire short life, he was able to feed her. It was such a precious moment.

The bottles are available in 2 different sizes 120mL and 240mL. There are 3 teat flow rates available. My baby is 6 months old and we used the flow rate 1.

The nipple replicates the look and feel of mums breast which allows for a natural latch and helps baby to control the flow rate. This eases the transition from breast to bottle. It has a stable no-skid bottom and an ergonomic angle for comfortable feeding. A good bottle must be easy to clean and this one has a wide neck, is dishwasher and steriliser safe. Hands down very happy with this purchase and would recommend it to any mum wanting to combine breast and bottle feeding.

Great bottle - if it works for you, its well worth the money!

I have a very fussy 6 month old baby who absolutely refused to take a bottle. I tried so many different bottles and she wouldn't take any. I also tried a sippy cup, with limited success (she would drink if I took the non-spill valve out and poured the milk in her mouth bit-by-bit). I was getting extremely anxious because I'm due to go back to work shortly. I had avoided getting this bottle because its pretty expensive - I eventually got one as a last ditch effort to get her to take a bottle. Well, it was well worth the money I spent on it because she took to it straight away! The nipple is extremely soft, much softer than anything else I've tried and I think this made all the difference. If you have a fussy baby, I would highly recommend you buying one of these to try rather than spending a small fortune on a bunch of different bottles. I can see why they cost nearly $30 now that I have one - the quality is very high. I just wish they sold them in shops!
The biggest pro - my baby actually took this bottle!!! Very good quality, soft nipple.
I wish it wasn't so hard to buy one - I had to buy one online, I couldn't find them in shops anywhere.

Great for breastfed babies

Mimijumi are a nice looking bottle.. they are easy for baby to latch on to and very similar to a real breast.. the silicone is extra soft and they are great bottles for combining breast and bottle, they are pricey but usually if you are feeding both ways you will only need 1 or 2
Geat shape for bub
the red thing on the bottom kept falling off!

I love these bottles!

Thank God for these bottles. Mimijumi bottles meant that although I had very limited success with breast feeding at least I could still express and feed my son breast milk. The bottles are so well designed they really are the perfect compliment to breast feeding. Not only are they functional- they are also adorable. I am now expecting twins and I am confident that Mimijumi will help me through!
I love the way the bottle was designed to be just like breast feeding.

Best bottle ever!

My fourth born would only nurse, never bottles!! This was the 8th bottle we tried and it worked!! She’s now in daycare and I can continue to nurse when she’s at home with me!! We are so thankful for the Mimijumi!! Life saver! We’d still be exclusively nursing and miserable without this product!!
The fact that my baby took it! Also, the design is really cool.

Questions & Answers

I am breastefeeding till today. My son is 10 months old. I tried mimijumi but with no success. I feel excausted because he still wakes up 3 times during the night. I was so much hoping that mimijumi will help.....any suggestions? Eva
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Hi, I feel your pain :-(. My daughter only used the Mumijimi bottles while she was at childcare and had the breast at night until she was around 18 months old. I usually just put her in bed with me and dozed off (kind of half-asleep) while she was feeding. Your son is probably old enough to start using sippy cups. They are much easier to drink from than bottles. It may get a bit messy, though! I'll write back if I can think of anything else. I definitely think co-sleeping for part of the night helps because they really mostly want the closeness. It's not for everyone, though. I mainly do it because I value my sleep too much!

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