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I am not a customer with Mint and here's why: When I rang and told them I wanted to sign up they were honest about the speeds my new property would likely get with a wired vs mobile internet at my new property, told me when I could expect NBN to my property and suggested I get back to them then but use an alternative in the meantime. Other companies have blatantly lied about the speeds I should expect/would get from them but Mint were refreshingly transparent even though it meant I didn't sign up with them today.

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Hi kj93, We focus on no surprises as we believe there is nothing worse than not being able to deliver to promises made. Some things are out of our control and we have no visibility or knowledge of, but where we can see and do know we want to ensure our customers are fully advised. We hope to welcome you to Mint once NBN is ready for your property. Cheers Michael

Wish I had found MINT TELECOM earlier.

After a horrible service with Commander our business switched to Mint 2 months ago. If you want a stress free company to deal with with no overseas call centre Mint is the only telecom business to work with. Their answers to questions ether by phone or email are speedy and dealing with an Australian call centre is their biggest asset. Will be highly recommending Mint to other businesses and friends.

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Hi Mark, Our aim is most certainly to ensure we are easy to reach and easy to deal with, so it's always fantastic to hear that shine though in feedback. Thank you for making the time to provide us with the feedback, it's always appreciated. Cheers Michael

Best service ever!

Very honest company. I can always talk to the same person who has amazing customer service. They actually called me to tell me my internet was running slow the last couple of days and gave me tips on how to get it running back at the usual speed - I didn't even notice until the called to tell me!

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Hi Emma, Great to hear that all the extra little things that we do are appreciated - we definitely focus on service and making sure our customers are getting the maximum speeds that their service is capable of. Thanks for taking the time to provide us with the feedback, its much appreciated. Cheers Michael

Dont bother with the big ones

Like Bunnings and Harvey Norman, the big companies waste your time and rip you off. Mint is small and gets on with the job. It DOES the job. Not like Optus and Telstra.

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Hi Joz, We definitely like to think of ourselves a little like the microbrew beer industry. There are always the giants, but there is also a lot of options within the smaller players to suit all manners of requirements. If service is important and you want a product that works when you require, that's what we work really hard to deliver. Great to hear that's important to you and is appreciated. Thanks for making the time to provide us with the feedback, its much appreciated. Cheers Michael

I'd say worth the wait, but there was no wait!

After hearing about Mint via an friend on Facebook who had their internet disrupted and somehow got an answer to why in less than 2 minutes I was shocked, I though "no way is there an ISP that can provide that level of service to their customers. Then I learnt that Mint was bassed in Hobart, in Tasmania, and I live up on the north west coast. I immediately started talking to Mint about fees and issues changing to them, and after about 3 weeks of thinking about it, I bit the bullet, not only am I paying almost half of what I was paying with iPrimus, it was 3 days for the internet to be switched over and 2 days for modem delivery. The modem (I paid $50 extra for an upgrade so when we get NBN in October we are set.) Is definately worth it.
When I called Kelvin he got all my details from our Facebook chat so I didn't have to repeat them, signing up took all but 10 minutes, they have a fantastic rewards program, especially for us as we cruise almost once a year when we can.
I could not recommend Mint anymore than I am. When we get NBN in October, I'll be even happier.
I think I've found my ISP for life.

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Hi Ryan, Great to hear the onboarding process was as smooth as we expect and that you have really noticed the difference our focus on service can make. The rewards program is also awesome, we are very lucky to have the ability to provide our customers with access to it and is just one small way of us being able to deliver something extra to our customers. Thanks for the comprehensive feedback, its very much appreciated. Cheers Michael

Six Star Service

Moved across to Mint about 6 months ago from an extinct flightless bird, and whilst my previous ISP's service was reasonable, Mint is in a league of their own!

From the day I decided to make the move, the dealings with Michael and his team at Mint has been nothing but smooth sailing. Recently I noticed some dropouts in my ADSL2 service (NBN is still a dream 2 years away) and before I had a chance to contact them, I surprisingly received a call from their Tasmanian-based Technical team advising that they had picked up a problem on their end. Impressive to say the least!! Whilst I am reasonably IT savvy, we worked together (including emails over the weekend) to isolate the issue to some equipment problem on my side.

The only regret I have is not moving across to Mint much earlier ....and not having NBN :-)

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Hi Geoff, We monitor drop outs on our customer base on a daily basis so that when we identify a potential problem we are able to get in front of it to try to fix as quickly as possible. These days internet is approaching being an essential service so its super frustrating when its not working to the best it can. And once NBN is ready for you we'll be able to get you upgraded straight away! Thanks for taking the time to provide us with the feedback, its much appreciated. Cheers Michael

First rate service - Other ISPs should send their staff to Mint Telecom for training

Moving to a beach house in a rural area with limited access on the NSW South Coast, Telstra owns all the infrastructure there - no Optus or TPG alternatives. Telstra wouldn't tell me what level of service they could provide unless I opened an account with them first. No thank you - I have no faith or trust in Telstra. So I checked this website and found Mint. They were just fantastic. Their call centre is in Hobart so no foreign accents on dodgy lines and long queues - they answered straight away and in language I could understand. They explained the situation that only ADSL ports were available at the exchange and answered in plain language all my questions. They didn't promise anything they couldn't deliver and were completely honest with me about what I could expect given the lack of ADSL2 ports at the exchange, the fact that NBN is 9 months away at this location and that Telstra would not be upgrading or expanding their infrastructure there to provide more ADSL2 ports. So I signed up at 10.00am on 24 July. The phone line at the house was activated and the modem was delivered the next morning (remember this is a rural area) and that afternoon I was on line - ie only 30 hours from opening my account with Mint. I wasn't sure how to set up the modem but the guy at their call centre answered the phone straight away (absolutely no waiting) and talked me through it in a couple of minutes. The service works perfectly - no dropouts and I was able to watch ABCiView that same night. I cannot recommend their service highly enough. I didn't know companies that provided this level of service still existed. Long may they prosper.

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Hi Doug, Thanks for the great review. We do think our years of experience in the industry makes a difference and you have articulated that difference very well indeed. We don't make promises on things outside of our control, we simply advise the process and then commit to doing everything we can within our control to deliver for you. Where we run into problems we will communicate the issues clearly with you so we both get the required resolution asap. Thanks for taking the time to provide the feedback, its very much appreciated. Cheers Michael

Reliable Internet Service & Great Customer Support

When Telstra decided to increase my monthly subscription, it was time to move as being a long standing loyal customer meant naught.
I read the reviews and was a bit skeptical but decided to take the plunge. Customer Service from Mint is excellent. Getting connected was simple and they kept me informed and I was connected in the time frame. Had a couple of small issues with joining but these were insignificant, especially since before I joined with Mint I had attempted to join Optus and the grief/anxiety they caused with a simple connection wasn't even imagineable.

I have now been with Mint for over 2 months and I couldn't be happier, especially since needing to be connected to internet is an extension of myself. Thank you Telstra for trying to increase my subscription and for Optus for stuffing me around, otherwise I would never have found Mint.

The customer service and the team at Mint are super and to speak to someone locally is an asset and to not wait hours on the phone to speak to a Telco - well priceless.

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Hi Felicia, Being viewed as "too good to be true" is certainly a good problem to have for us - definitely much better than the opposite end of the spectrum! We do also think operating from Hobart makes a big difference. We have a very experienced team and we are very easy to get hold of and to deal with as you have noted. Glad to hear the product is working as we both expect as well. Thank you for taking the time to provide the feedback, it is much appreciated. Cheers Michael

These Guys are Awesome!!!

Can I buy shares in Mint?? Customer service from Mint has been a 10/10. Their prompt feedback and great service should leave the other providers red faced.!!
Getting connected was a breeze and in the time frame quoted.
Had a couple of small drop outs, but before Id even had the chance to notice them Kelvin had contacted me with his troubleshooting guns out and emailed through the remedy.
Kelvin contacted me to let me know the nbn was now available to my house and Im now in the process of what will no doubt be an easy switch.
This is how a business should be run. Fingers crossed they dont get bought out!

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Hi Kobiachi, We're not for sale, so no worries there! Glad to hear you appreciate our proactive approach to service, we prefer to monitor and provide steps to fix where we see a service not working as we would both like. Awesome news re NBN as well, it's definitely worth upgrading once ready. Thanks for taking the time to provide us with the feedback, it's much appreciated. Cheers Michael

Note to Telstra.

After being with a rural Internet provider I was forced to find a new one. While looking at the big name providers I discovered Mint Telecom. after looking at the reviews I decided to give them a try. One phone call and it was transferred. Done. I had been 'negotiating' with Telstra about getting the account details changed on my land lines for over a month and still didn't have it sorted. SO, I shifted my landline to Mint Telecom as well. ONE phone call and it happened. Also got the bundle plan which meant it was not allot dearer.

When I first signed up the Representative told me about the 2 for 1 rewards program. said I wasn't interested and figured they charge you twice as much for the first fare so they can give you the second for free. We were planning a cruise, and just for the heck of it I decided to go on-line and prove my theory correct. Much to my surprise I was wrong. We have been able to book a cruise that is considerably cheaper than we could find the same or equivalent anywhere else!! This will pay for my phone accounts for about the next 10 years.
Have to be happy.

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Hi Jack, We work really hard to make the on boarding process as simple and as efficient as possible, so really pleased to hear that was what you experienced. Mostly though, it's great to hear that you did take the time to check out the My241 program. It's not a gimmick and offers exceptional value and we are very lucky to be able to provide 12 months complementary access to our customers. I hope you enjoy the cruise and don't forget to check out the deals on the hotels, resorts, wine and golf as well! Thanks for taking the time to provide us with the feedback, it's much appreciated. Cheers Michael

I chose to sign up with Mint Telecom due to Product Review (.com.au)

I chose to sign up with Mint Telecom due to Product Review (.com.au). Well worth it, including paying a bit more (previous TPG $59.99 --> $69.99)

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Hi MichMelb, Glad to hear it's been worth it and you appreciate the difference. We can't compete on price with those that operate from overseas, but we think the service out of Hobart really makes a difference. Thanks for the feedback, its much appreciated. Cheers Michael

Unbelievably Great Service.

Went to Mint because they had such terrific reviews. Pricing was pretty damned good and it is Aussie based. Tried to get NBN here but the wireless signal was so bad I opted to change ISP anyway to ADSL Mint. Happy chappy now. Their attention to detail and lightning speed customer service blows me away! Never had anything as good before and I am stoked. I was having a problem getting the ADSL up and running and they rang me to find out why I wasn't up on air yet! The problem was 100% self inflicted- my fault. Kelvin and all the other team members from the CEO down provide the fastest, best quality customer service I have ever encountered! I have already started giving my friends the heads up on this exceptional company.

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Hi Ric F, We are definitely focused on delivering the best possible service we can, its a big part of why we operate out of Hobart. Glad to hear its all working well and yes, we do monitor services to be proactive where its possible. Thanks for taking the time to provide the feedback. Cheers Michael

Very happy with the service

I found mint telecom on this site based on reviews, while I was with Dodo (horrible experience btw). From the start Mint had a fantastic service, very quick and easy, they answered all my questions, which allowed me to see if they suited my needs. And they did. Great prices, service at the start and throughout. I've been with Mint for over six months now. They go the extra mile - I get notified if there are any issues on my line, even before it affects me, to see if they could help, I had some questions outside of the scope of their work, they sent me some helpful info, there's never any "surprises" in the bills (I've used providers, who'd sneak in an unauthorized mystery charge here and there in the direct-debited accounts).
In Summary: very happy, highly recommend.

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Hi Ally, We do a few things a little differently than others with regard to trying, where possible, to be proactive when we notice things aren't working as either of us would like. After all we're on the same side and want the same outcome - an internet or phone service that works as its meant to. Really appreciate you taking the time to provide the feedback and the recommendation, its much appreciated. Cheers Michael

Great connection and service in inner city Sydney.

After battling through a year on a dodgy Optus ADSL2+ connection, with <2 mbps speeds and >500 ms ping on a regular basis, we switched to Mint in August after reading great reviews all over the internet. I was a bit doubtful at first, as the reviews seemed so consistently good, but my fears were unjustified. Set up took only a week from the date Optus advised our telephone line was disconnected, and I received multiple updates on the progress of the connection set up.

We have the Premium connection, meaning our data is capped at 500 gb, but we enjoy much faster and more reliable speeds. Ourconnection is now reliably above 5 mbps during peak hours, and usually at least 10 mbps with around 20 ms ping. We are a household of gamers, but have only experienced a handful of ping spikes while playing in the evening.

Michael, Mint's CEO, was the first staff member I spoke to and has been incredibly helpful throughout the process, offering ample information while I was only scoping out Mint as an option. He has been very available for questions, making it easy to suss out whether Mint was what we wanted.

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Hi Clara, It is an interesting point you flag in that because we focus so heavily on service and there are minimal poor reviews (there will always be some items we can't fix!), we do sometimes encounter the issue of its too good to be true! :-) It is becoming more common, particularly for NBN, that customers do much more research before committing to a provider (as they should as NBN experiences are very different between providers) - so hopefully our service and experience shines through. Thanks for taking the time to provide us with your feedback, its much appreciated. Cheers Michael

So happy with my switch!

I couldn't be happier with my recent switch to Mint Telecom. I came with a problem that my previous provider was not able to resolve in 3 months! Mint Telecom customer service had it isolated within a week! It is also a pleasure and relief that I consistently dealt with the same person, so we did not have to reinvent the wheel with every call. The quick and easily set up ADSL connection has a good speed with double the data allowance I had previously for the same price. If you are struggling with your current provider or simply looking for a reliable, efficient, friendly and helpful local company, I highly recommend Mint Telecom!

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Hi Akindomo, One of the big differences with us is you are never dealing with someone in an overseas call centre or with minimal experience. Whilst Mint is only a bit over 2 years old we have been doing this collectively for over 30 years and that experience means a lot when we are reviewing problems. Really pleased to have it sorted for you and that everything is now working as it should. Thanks for taking the time to provide the feedback, its much appreciated. Cheers Michael

Outstanding customer service

I had the ADSL connected yesterday and had trouble with MAC configurations (internal) phoned for help and a gentleman talked me through the process. The process was handled efficiently and I even got a SMS later that evening just to see if everything was working and if I was happy. The whole process from start to finish was handled with old fashion service. I am recommending to all my work colleagues.

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Hi Ming, We do think operating from Hobart is our secret. Nice and easy to reach and deal with, which when coupled with our years of experience makes the process as simple as possible. Glad to hear the MAC got sorted, they can be temperamental! Thanks for taking the time to provide us with the feedback and we look forward to helping lots of your work colleagues (make sure you tell them to say you referred them so you can both benefit from our refer a friend program - $50 thank you credit to you and $50 welcome credit to them!). Cheers Michael

Excellent customer service

Phoned and answered within three rings this morning, spoke to a gentleman who was very knowledgeable. I was treated with respect, not just a number. All my concerns were answered. I finished the call in a great mood. Thank you

August 29th 2018 Update: Customer service exceptional, couldn't be happier

I have an adsl connection and a land line. I experienced failure due to Telstra line fault. I got in contact with Mint Telecom and they were fantastic. The customer service is top shelf and the problem was solved in a short time frame, thus keeping the household calm. The overall package provided by Mint Telecom is the best I have ever experienced. Thank you

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Hi Ming, Our wait times are typically non existent, however on the odd occasion where there is a queue we do also provide the option to leave a message and we call you back (always within the hour, typically much faster). Glad to hear your experience today was aligned with the experience we always aim to deliver. Thanks for the feedback, it's much appreciated. Cheers Michael

Excellent communication

I had a chat with one of their tech team, he was very nice and friendly and honest, didn't try to push me to switch to their service. I don't have a service with them but I liked the way they treat people.

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Hi Khashayar, We do go out of our way to communicate as effectively as we can with our customers. Operating from Hobart is what sets us apart in our opinion. Definitely let us know if we can help out in the future. Cheers Michael

Best ISP ever

Brilliant isp best ever so good was the customer service that they never stopped trying to fix my internet speed and drop outs.

Connection TypeADSL/ADSL2+
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Hi Rob, One of the issues we tackle from time to time is problems on the network not directly related to the service that we are providing (particularly common on copper ADSL services). With our years of experience and commitment to our customers we are pretty tireless in chasing down results to ensure services work as they should. We know how frustrating it is when things don't work and will do everything we can to fix problems. Thanks for taking the time to provide the feedback. Cheers Michael

Seamless Customer Service

Switching over from other bigger named ISPs. Couldn't be happier with the service and customer care that Mint has employed. I'm used to waiting +3 weeks after moving into a new unit but Mint had my services up and running within a day of moving! ADSL modem is also NBN ready. I will be continuing on with their services for the foreseeable future.

February 15th 2019 Update: One Year later, still the same great service as day One

Connections issues resolved in a timely matter. Michael and the team are as responsive as ever and are always there to help when needed. This is definitely how any business should run - caring about the customers! Keep up the great work guys.

Value for Money
Customer Service
Start DateSeptember 2017
Adequate Speeds Yes
Standalone or BundledStandalone
Contract Type12-month contract
Data TypeCapped Data
Connection TypeWireless
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Hi Ted, The only waiting around with us is where we are restricted by network constraints, we know how important internet is for people these days so we do everything we can to get customers up and running as quickly as possible. It does help that we've been doing this for a long time so know the processes really well. All our modems are NBN Ready for all current types of NBN as we want to ensure any equipment we provide has the longest possible lifespan. Thanks for taking the time to provide the feedback, its much appreciated. Cheers Michael

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