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Amazing customer service, efficiency & speed. How ISP's should be

Decided on Mint Telecom after hours of research on review sites, had never heard of them before so was a bit unsure as to how they would be.

Any worries I had were unfounded. I requested that the service be switched on on the date that I was to move into a new rental. This has been impossible before (according to other ISP's) so I wasn't sure how accurate the promise would be. I had no reason to fear, the line was re-activated, the ADSL2+ service was connected, and the new modem arrived, all before move in date, all within 7 working days of my initial service request.

2 weeks in, and the connection is amazing, I'm experiencing the best connection quality and speeds I've ever had. I've only had to contact support the once, and that was at set-up; I'd chosen a new password when setting up my account, and the modem had come pre-loaded with the automatically generated password. Despite it being after-hours (Saturday morning) I left a message on the support line, and was over the moon to receive a call back in less than 20 minutes, from an Australian-based support officer no less! Within 10 minutes of troubleshooting, my internet connection was up and running, and I haven't experienced any drop-outs or drops in download speeds.

Beyond happy, after continuous disappointments by every other ISP I've used, Mint Telecom have exceeded my already very high standards of customer service and technical support. Mint will be the only ISP I recommend to friends and family.

Connection TypeADSL/ADSL2+
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Hi Brendan, Whilst the business has only been around for a bit over 2 years, we have years of experience in the industry (well over 30+ years combined) which we think makes a big difference with regard to our service and our products. Really pleased to hear that our service is operating as we expect it to and glad to hear you are looking at recommending us (make sure you tell them to tell us that you referred so you can both take advantage of our refer a friend program - details are on the front page of your invoice!). Thanks for taking the time to provide the feedback, its much appreciated. Cheers Michael

Wow what service!!

Mint from the start have been personal, professional and completely trustworthy. Thanks Kelvin who makes me feel that there is never a silly question. Well done!!

Connection TypeADSL/ADSL2+
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Hi Tracey, We believe that operating from Hobart does allow us to offer a much more personal service and we definitely appreciate that NBN, in particular, can be quite daunting and confusing for many people. We try to keep things simple and are always happy to explain and answer any questions, so it's great to hear that come through in your experience. Thanks for taking the time to provide us with the feedback. Cheers Michael

It was an amazing service

Nothing better to get the experiences with Mint telecom, especially with Mr. Kelvin - the Mint'ss customer care manager from every single email, question, requirement...
After longtime could not get the internet and phone, I found Mint, and he processed very fast, clear, great communication and effectiveness. After 2 weeks, everything settle down, and if I keep the last same company, may be next 2 months can not get.
Now I enjoy to use the internet service, and I learn a lot of management, communication, solution and It makes sinificant result
Thanks again Kelvin and his team

Connection TypeADSL/ADSL2+
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Hi Bill, Very pleased to hear your service is up and running correctly. We do collectively have over 30 years experience in the industry which we think makes a big difference in our ability to get a result for our customers. Thanks for taking the time to provide us with the feedback, its certainly appreciated. Cheers Michael

Proceed with caution!

I have to agree with another reviewer who said 'they found it strange that this business had so many positive reviews!'

Having had a bad experience with Telstra, I made the decision that I would try an Australian company, I chose Mint Telecom.

My request was to have an ADSL connected to my apartment and that I didn't need a phone. All the checks were done, I was told it was possible and an initial fee of $70.80 was charged to my card. Correspondence from Mint confirmed my activation date. Two days after the activation date with no service and no contact from Mint, I called them only to be told that there was an issue with my connection. After they investigated further they informed me that Telstra needed to come out and connect the line with an expected cost from $70-$150. Since I'd only disconnected with Telstra several days earlier, I was perplexed as to why I needed to be charged again for a line that I knew was already connected? I delayed the connection by a day until I spoke to Telstra.

Telstra were uncertain as to why I was being charged, although Mint told me that the issue was with another part of Telstra so the area I rang wouldn't have known about the fault. So after consideration I decided to continue with the connection as I was informed by Mint that the costs would apply regardless of who I went with but at least it would eventuate in an active service.

Once again, I was given an activation date and still nothing so once more I contacted Mint only to be told that I couldn't have the service after all and that all the lines had been taken.

The consultant told me that I'd still be charged due to the fact that it wasn't their fault and that they were able to provide me with a telephone line (which I'd clearly stated that I didn't need), regardless of the fact that I had NOTHING to show for approximately $220. After a lengthy discussion I was informed that I could continue to stay with Mint, paying a monthly fee for the telephone line (that I didn't need) and wait for a line to become available for the ADSL or they would terminate my contract, HOWEVER, I'd still have to pay for the technician. I told them that I was unhappy with the result and I wanted the night to think it over, it was at this stage I was informed that they'd go halves with technicians fee ONLY and they were going to cancel my contract - end of story! I then proceeded to tell them that they could not deduct money from my account and that I wasn't authorizing them to do so - THEY DID IT ANYWAY! The bank informed me that they could block the company from accessing my account again however because they used a third party - Ezi Debit they couldn't block this business from debiting my account!

This forced me to directly contact the owner who had a less-than-amazing ability to dance around the issue. The excuses provided were, 'it's Telstra's fault', 'it's your fault' and then 'we're ONLY a small business and can't afford to pay this'.The rationale used in order for them to keep my money was truly astounding. I was then directed that I needed to send back the modem and ONLY then, would they reimburse me for the cost of postage. The result was that I was now approximately $140 poorer and with nothing to show for this, plus having to pay more to send the modem back. It was apparent that I wasn't going to be able to negotiate with this person therefore I had no choice but to employ the services of the Telecommunication Ombudsman.

End result:
Mint Telecom were instructed that no unauthorized funds were to be taken from my account.
The business had to provide a prepaid envelope for the return of their modem.
Mint had to return the $70.80 that they had 'IN ERROR' debited from my account.
The Telecommunications Ombudsman determined that Telstra had been largely at fault, therefore I made the decision to pay half of the technicians cost of $70.80.

This business doesn't have enough clout to offer what the larger telecommunication companies are being able to deliver nor does it have a strong customer focus (near enough is good enough philosophy) however what is more terrifying than anything else is that someone can determine how much they want to take from your account and 'IN ERROR' follow through!

I have since gone through Vividwireless and the experience has been amazing!!! EASY, no contracts and lovely consultants!!

Connection TypeADSL/ADSL2+
Hi Carrie, I can assure you the reviews on this site are from real customers and are unprompted. And yes, your experience was not the outcome either of us were looking for, we definitely agree. As you know, we don't operate our own network and facilitate connections onto the Telstra network (ADSL) or NBN Network. Sometimes events are simply outside of our control and even with our years of experience we are simply unable to get the outcome that either party is after, I do have 100% confidence that your outcome would not have been any different with any other telco in the country though, you simply can't connect a service when there is definitively no connections available. The problem for you (and us) is that pair gains problems are not visible (to anyone) until a tech attends and attempts the connection, so even though you authorised a tech visit and a charge of $150 we bore the majority of that cost and waived all line rental charges as well. We definitely emphasised with your problem as we hate it when our customers can't get the outcome they are after. We were and are on our customers side, even when you clearly are not happy with us. I appreciate that you couldn't get the outcome you required, however the TIO did actually agree with us (when all details were provided so they had the full view - pair gains issues are so uncommon that we had to educate the TIO on what it meant, how it operates and why it had caused the problem, as whilst our experience meant we understood, it unfortunately didn't help fix) and what we provided you with regard to credits of valid charges and waiving of early termination fees, was exactly what we offered immediately and without their involvement. I am really pleased to hear you have got an alternate solution as I know you were incredibly frustrated that in disconnecting your ADSL service with Telstra it was unfortunately unable to be reconnected (in simple terms, someone else took your connection), Vivid obviously deliver a wireless solution unrelated to ADSL and that is not a product type we offer. Thanks for providing us with further feedback, we certainly appreciate your frustration, and whilst we did everything in our power to get you a connection we know that doesn't and didn't provide any comfort and can only apologise for the experience as it was definitely not what we had hoped for you and what we aim to provide to all our customers. Cheers MichaelYour summary: sounds plausible, although is not entirely accurate/truthful but thank you for taking the time to respond! All the best for the future.

Truly awesome services

We would highly recommend Mint Telecom. In the current ISP market they truly stand out and the outstanding reviews and ratings on this site accurately reflect our experience. From first contact the customer service has been outstanding. The local customer service and support is friendly, timely and knowledgeable, even better than iinet before TPG takeover. Our ADSL changeover at two locations was painless and seamless. Since leaving TPG's iinet and Tangerine our connection speed and reliability have increased considerably.

Connection TypeADSL/ADSL2+
Hi Mungo, We definitely focus very hard on customer service and think that our point of difference is operating out of Hobart (which certainly helps considering we love living here!). Very pleased to hear that you appreciate this and all is working for you as it should. Thanks for taking the time to provide the feedback. Cheers MichaelKelvin was truly awesome

Need more business like this

Had my ADSL transferred from Iinet, MINT was fast and honest, informing me the speed i will be getting and the time it take to transfer over. Message them on facebook in the middle of the night and get a reply. Fantastic service keep it up and will recommend to my friend and family

Connection TypeADSL/ADSL2+
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Hi Mel, Our preferred contact out of hours is via private message on facebook as the chat program makes it easy to troubleshoot problems or answer questions. We aren't technically "open" but we will respond if we are awake as we do want to help where we can. If you are recommending to your friends make sure you get them to tell us if they call up as we do have a very successful refer a friend program that is of benefit to both of you. Thanks for taking the time to provide the feedback. Cheers Michael

Thank goodness for Mint Telecom

Who would have thought having ADSL connected in the 21st century could be this hard! I've never experienced more ineptness, terrible customer service and confusion from one of the biggest telcos in Australia and this continued for 5 weeks. Along comes Mint Telecom and saved my sanity. They managed to connect me in a week from my first contact with them and the connection is perfect. The team at Mint were so customer focused, did what they said they were going to do In the time frame promised. Thank you Mint Telecom!!!

Connection TypeADSL/ADSL2+
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Hi Kez, Unfortunately we all rely on one big provider for the core adsl network which can make things challenging at times. We do have direct access to their systems though and that combined with a fair bit of experience means we typically can get things fixed faster. Thanks for taking the time to provide us with the feedback and glad it's all sorted for you. Cheers Michael

Excellent customer service!

I saw the many positive reviews and, despite taking review sites with a grain of salt, thought I'd give Mint Telecom a try.

I'm on the Mint Nude ADSL2+ plan, swapping from Exetel who I had been with for a number of years. Moved due to the restrictive ADSL2+ plans they now offer - particularly for those who are considered 'regional'.

The process to move to Mint was really quick. Mint took care of the swap via churn which was done smoothly and with no extra cost - always a bonus. Note to others: don't cancel your contract with your current ISP, let your new one (in this case Mint) do this otherwise you'll be slugged with connection fees courtesy of the network provider.

I did have a few issues at first with connectivity/speed however Kelvin, who had been helping me from the start, was able to sort these out really quickly and since then have had nothing but good results. I have now been using Mint for just over a month and couldn't be happier.

Again, like many others on here, I'd like to thank Kelvin for his help throughout this process. A happy (real) customer here.

Connection TypeADSL/ADSL2+
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Hi Paul, Great tip with regard to how ADSL and phone services transfer between providers. You definitely don't want to cancel as that prevents us from moving the service and means we have to activate brand new services (which generates unnecessary additional fees). Glad it all worked well and especially pleased that you let us know of the initial issues so that we could help to fix them for you. Thanks for taking the time to provide the feedback. Cheers Michael

Amazing service at a good price, can't fault them.

I am on ADSL2+, swapping over from exetel to them took 2 days, phone line from telstra took 3 days.
90% of other providers told me they could not provide the service due to the fact that my property is serviced by a tophat rim (old pair gain modification), Mint looked into it and had no issues providing me both phone line rental and broadband.

I also had an issue on my line causing low sync speeds, they had a telstra tech out in less than 2 days, who sorted out the problem, and the follow up from Mint customer service was exceptional, personally interested in the fault.
Credit where credits due the telstra tech was spot on, very knowledgeable and fixed the issue very quickly (which required multiple trips to the exchange).

Big thank you to Kelvin, who I dealt with for most of the process, great job :D

To be honest I didn't think service like this still existed in an ISP/telephone provider. One absolutely happy customer here, you won't find a better provider.

Connection TypeADSL/ADSL2+
Hi Dan, Pretty good result all around it seems. Telstra weren't initially keen to send a tech but luckily you were happy to push ahead so we were able to ensure they did send a tech as all indications (despite the computers automated results) were that a fault did exist. Thanks for taking the time to provide us with the feedback. Cheers MichaelThanks for your help too, I forgot your name, as I said fantastic all round result.

Exceptional customer service.

I recently moved house, and tried to move my connection with me (under iinet). Unfortunately the switch did not go smoothly, and when I tried to rectify this matter with Iinet, I felt badly let down by the level of service i received in general. So, I had a look around, and was encouraged with the reviews I had read regarding Mint telecom.

I decided to give them a call, and got through to Grant. Straight away I was impressed with the time taken to understand and look into my problem, all prior to me even saying I would sign up. So I decided to take the plunge and connect my home service via them. We ran into the same problems with connection (ADSL) that I had with Iinet, however Grant quickly identified the problem, and was very proactive in sorting it out. He kept me informed all the way through the connection process, and got me connected within about a week, where I had spent 2-3 weeks with Iinet getting nowhere.

I spoke to another couple of guys at the Mint office, Kelvin and Michael, who were both very helpful as well.
My recommendation to anyone out there who is looking to change service, look strongly at Mint for exceptional customer service. I don't think you will be disappointed.

Connection TypeADSL/ADSL2+
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Hi Graham, Very glad to hear all is up and running. Certainly not the usual onboarding experience, however whilst Mint is relatively new (circa 2 years now) we have all been doing this for a very long time so know our way around getting you connected and all the pitfalls that it can entail. Thanks for taking the time to provide the feedback. Cheers Michael

Amazing service

I got ADSL connected 2 months ago and it was very quick, only a couple of days. That was after being told by other providers that there wasn't even a spare port available to get connected. Connection is great, no problems whatsoever, with really quick turnaround time from any querys.

Connection TypeADSL/ADSL2+
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Hi Ozworld, Strange that others advised they couldn't connect you. We do have direct access into Telstra's systems for orders and faults, so that does enable us to provide you with accurate information (as much as Telstra can be relied upon anyway!). Thanks for taking the time to provide the feedback, glad to hear all is good. Cheers Michael

Awesome, friendly and efficient

This company may be small, but it's the best internet provider service I've had - friendly, helpful support and customer first attitude.

Connection TypeADSL/ADSL2+
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Hi Sebastien, We certainly focus very heavily on our customer service and support, so its pleasing to see that you appreciate our efforts. Thank you for taking the time to provide the feedback for us. Cheers Michael

Best Service!

After being stranded from another provider as a new customer, just enquired with Mint on what options existed. The consultant who helped initially gave out detailed info not even ask instilling more confidence if having to choose them. Next day decided to talk more and within minutes Kelvin helped in answering most questions, fantastic attitude! Signed up with them knowing there was not much chance of getting the product and would need to get basic adsl only but Kelvin surprised with gaining the adsl2+ port (only one available then) for us and got all the other things sorted in no time. Had our internet up and running before we even moved in and setting up was a breeze. He even checked if everything was going ok, what more could you ask for! Warm, efficient and helpful people!!

Connection TypeADSL/ADSL2+
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Hi Anie, We do like to check all the options at your address as much as we can before we order anything, as for new adsl connections it's unfortunately not as simple as placing an order to get the product. Great outcome for you to get an adsl2 port though! Glad to hear the move was effortless and thank you for taking the time to provide us with the feedback. Cheers Michael

Service that it second to none

I swapped from Telstra to Mint after reading reviews here and on other forums. Telstra offered me zero for loyalty over years and when moving to a new address wanted to charge for pretty much everything and anything they could. Considering any issue had with Telstra results in lengthy waits, ambiguous 'fixes' and second rate service, I was ready to jump ship. I have not looked back with Mint - we had a small line issue (not Mints fault) and was emailed before I realised our internet was down asking if everything was ok as Mint noticed we were offline. I then had realtime messaging until 11:30pm and had plenty of followup messages to assist. When the line was fixed of course I got a message from Mint to tell me that it was up and running. Its this kind of service that is unique in ANY business nowadays, and for that I am happy to recommend Mint to everyone. Well done Michael and Kelvin on a top notch business - wishing you future success!

Connection TypeADSL/ADSL2+
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Hi SG3, We do like to be proactive and make sure our customers services are working as we both expect. Sometimes its outside of our control, but our experience does often help us to get things fixed as quickly as possible. After being in the industry for so long we think we know what customers like and that's what we strive for, however it is very pleasing to get feedback that indicates we are certainly on the right track. Thanks for taking the time to let us know how we are performing, it is certainly appreciated. Cheers Michael

Excellent product and service

Everyone has a horror story of bad service from a telco. The team at Mint Telecom are different. They actually called me before the problem occurred and had it fixed! If you're fed up with overseas call centres and want to talk with people in Australia who actually help, then give Mint a go.

Connection TypeADSL/ADSL2+
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Hi badbuffalo, We do monitor drops of our customers services on a daily basis and proactively contact you where we see a problem. We know faults can occur and we want to make sure your service works as we both expect it to, we also appreciate the frustration of something not working so try to be on the front foot for you. Operating 100% from Hobart we think is our distinct difference, so it's great to hear you appreciate that as well. Thank you for taking the time to provide us with some feedback. Cheers Michael

One step back, is two steps forward.

With a year of Telstra 4G outrageous false billing behind me, it was time to dump this morally bankrupt telco after being with them for over 14 years. Portability is now handled by an iPad with prepaid Sim card.
Through Kelvin, I joined one day and was connected to ADSL2+. The modem arrived from Sydney to Country Victoria the very next day by courier and I was up and running before lunch.
The speed is actually better than 4G as the house is wrapped in foil and the 4G reception was only 1 - 2 bars, without an exterior antenna.
There have been no dropouts or buffering so I am delighted with that, as I thought taking a step back in technology
may have been a bad move. My wife is also delighted with her favourite Melbourne Breakfast Radio via the Internet.

Connection TypeADSL/ADSL2+
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Hi Ken, Glad to hear that we made the long term change of providers so effortless for you. Adsl is often not as fast as 4G but it is sufficient for most people's requirements at home and far more cost effective. Thanks for taking the time to provide the feedback for us. Cheers Michael

One of the best customer service

Mint Telecom could have one of the best customer service I have encountered. Very helpful and friendly and treats you like a person (unlike other providers)

Connection TypeADSL/ADSL2+
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Hi unk, We purposefully operate from Hobart for this very reason, we think it makes a difference. Could we be the best at customer service? That is a lofty goal, but certainly something we aspire towards and will always keep working on improving. Thanks for the great feedback. Cheers Michael

Excellent customer service

Didn't have to wait ages on hold, consultant helps every step of the way. Even gave a tip that increased download speed ten-fold.
Certainly recommend mint telecom

Connection TypeADSL/ADSL2+
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Hi J.D, Fantastic to hear the tip helped for your speed. Wifi congestion is awfully common these days with so many devices conflicting with each other. We work hard to minimise wait times, but should you ever get caught in a queue you always have the option to leave a message and we will definitely call you back (we know how frustrating it is to wait in long queues). Thanks again for taking the time to provide the feedback. Cheers Michael


I've been in Oz for over 30 years and its the first time i've encountered a truly great service from a telecom company! I am so pleased I found this service provider! As true blue aussie service should be.. been telling my mates already! Thank u so much!!!

Connection TypeADSL/ADSL2+
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Hi Maryann, Thank you for the feedback. Don't forget our refer a friend program when you tell your mates! Cheers Michael

Amazing service

I can not fault Mint Telecom. Their customer service is second to none. I have never experienced such helpful friendly and timely service. They deserve every success.

Connection TypeADSL/ADSL2+
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Hi Katemont, Thank you for taking the time to give us such great feedback. We focus really hard on our service so it's fantastic to hear how much it is appreciated and that we are getting it right. Cheers Michael

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