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if i were to sign up with mint on nbn Q1 can you get foxtel,fetch or netflix Q2 can you get a phone line Q3 can you use a telstra adsl 2+ as your nbn modem
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Hi Midge, Best to contact us directly to cover, but in simple terms: 1. Yes - you can get all these services directly from each provider. 2. Yes - plan details are on website (bundles section). 3. For some types of NBN you can use. But you can never use for voice as telstra lock the settings. Cheers Michaelthanks for the quick response,how long does it take to get up and running,i move into a new apartment in two weeks and it has nbn.If it's already installed then we can activate same day. Best to contact us well in advance though as we can get it all ready and schedule to activate whenever required. Cheers Michael

I live at 1047 Nubeena Road Premaydena 7185. Is the NBN available here. Regards Faylene
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Hi Faylene, Yes. The coverage maps show that you are within Fixed Wireless coverage. However, NBN are flagging the service is down for Satellite (which is the one type of NBN we don't support). Unless you (or a previous tenant) have tried to get NBN Fixed Wireless and were unable to due to line of sight problems to the tower it should be possible for us to get the address re-classified for you to Fixed Wireless. For more information or to sign up then give us a call or jump on chat on our website. Cheers Michael

Hi there, after decades with Optus in Melbourne and an optnetnet.com.au email address, I moved to Mint Telecom when I came to live in Hobart. Great service, by the way. However without Optus broadband I lost the Optus email address and moved to Gmail just prior to moving to Tasmania. Problem is now I plan to visit China and China it appears has banned Google (and Gmail). I see from previous posts that you do not offer Mint email addresses, so looking for an option. Incidentally, Optusnet.com.au can be accessed in China so a cheap broadband (mobile) Plan is I think one option, and I can use again my old Optusnet email address if I go with Optus. Have you any suggestions. Thanks Ross (Howrah)
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Hi Ross, Interesting one. It looks like there are two simple options. 1. You can use a VPN so as to access Gmail (A quick google of how to use gmail in China will provide details); OR 2. Setup a different free email account that you can use temporarily. I.e. Hotmail appears to work in China and oyu could simply setup a rule to fwd emails from gmail to your Hotmail acct for that period. Cheers MichaelThanks Michael, for the very prompt reply - could not read your 2nd option though. Google search reveals that China banned VPN in 2018, although commentators suggest they are more interested in their own citizens’ use and may not enforce visitor use - tread your own path. For a short 14 day tip may go cold turkey, however I will investigate a cheap Optus etc. Mobile broadband prepaid plan for 39 days and hook onto their email offerings (optusnet .com.au) which China does appear to allow. Thanks again.Hi Michael, can read your option 2 - looks promising, so will investigate. Good service.

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Hi Joe, All plan details are on our website. Cheers Michael

We previously has Optus ADSL and want to use NBN. There is a small Optus box connection at the front of the house with a cable going across the roof to back of the house for the internet connection. To use nbn would this be deemed a new connection with a $300 charge. Do you have a NBN25 0r NBN50 plan with 100GB download limit? If so what would the cost be?
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Hi Michael, As part of reviewing the best plan for you we would check your address to see if a new connection fee would apply. What you are describing wouldn't be a new connection though - that is purely for new builds post April 2016. For NBN25/NBN50 we only have unlimited with the plans on the website. We do have a 100GB plan but that's only for 12/1 speed. Cheers MichaelThank you for your prompt reply

Can I use my Telstra nbn modem for mint Telecom if I switch over or do I have to buy a new modem?
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Hi Melissa, A telstra modem will work for fibre to the premise or fixed wireless but not for any other nbn types or voice as telstra lock settings that need changing. Cheers Michael

If I were to sign up with you and I had trouble technically or with billing, would I be speaking to someone in Australia when I rang up about it? Pat
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I believe, they don't have an offshore call center. All operations are based out of Tasmania.Hi Pat, You will only ever speak or deal with someone in Hobart, Tasmania. Cheers MichaelThank you. Would there be any cost to signing up with you. We already have a D-Link router and a Uniden telephone system, and are connected to the NBN.

I need to change over from ADSL+ to NBN eventually, but after chatting to numerous ISP's, I just can't seem to get a straight answer regarding the major hidden fee regarding the $300 New Development Charge. It seems that whoever signs up first, at a given address, gets hit with this fee, and yet if I move out, and the next tenant moves in, they don't get hit with this fee. I should mention, my apartment block does have NBN. I'm only on an age pension [now], after transferring from a disability support pension after I turned 65 recently, and collectively, it all adds up to the point where as I just can't afford to have the internet [or even a phone] anymore. So I'll have to be without. Not really fair. Anyway, most ISP's have said it's the NBN and the NBN have said it's the ISP's that I have to pay the $300 to, and up front. So where does Mint stand regarding this issue, please? Sincerely, bobbysdad
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Hi bobbysdad, NBN are a wholesale only business so your interaction is with a Retail Service Provider (RSP) like Mint. For the New Development Fee - the way it works is NBN Co charge the RSP and the RSP charges the customers. So if that fee is applicable and you signed up with Mint you would pay us the fee (which would flow through from us to NBN Co). Cheers MichaelAs far as I'm aware it is the owner of a new building that pays the New Development Charge. If you are a tenant you don't pay it, the landlord does. You can contact the TIO (Telecommunication Industry Ombudsman) for clarification about this.Well, Michael from Mint, why don't you mention ANYTHING about the New Development Fee ANYWHERE on your web site? I feel it is your responsibility to make potential customers aware of this. $300 is a lot of money to just spring onto someone after the horse has bolted. Very unfair.... Meanwhile, thanks Spud for your addition to the answer.

My daughter is in Dame Phyllis Frost prison in I would like to find out how I can get her cheaper rates to be able to ring myself and her three children
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Hi Christine, You could maybe try getting her a calling card that she can use from the prison? Not something we can help with as we don't offer calling cards and outside of that the call charges are determined by the prison so can't see any easy options. Cheers Michael

I at villa 118 Edgewater Village Bli Bli. NBN is still not connected. Should have been on AM27/March, any idea why? Edgar.
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Hi Edgar, NBN Co manage and perform installations for all providers. If you were our customer we would already be reviewing and trying to find out why it was not completed, but we have no visibility when you are not a customer. If you want us to help, then contact us via 1300586468 and once you have signed up as a customer we can commence the process to connect you. Cheers Michael

Hi there, do you supply email addresses with your plans ?
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Hi, No we don't. The reason is that email addresses from an ISP are not transferable so we don't think they are a good idea. Google (gmail) and Microsoft (Outlook) provide free services that are better than any ISP email service and accordingly that's what we recommend. Or for a business there are plenty of specialised businesses that are set up for this, it's not really an ISP service any more. Cheers Michael

Hi, I have recently discovered the unreliability of the FTTN NBN. I have 5 days with no internet. Shoddy NBN techs. So I am curious if you offer a 4G backup like Telstra? Thanks, hydraflexx
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Hi Hydraflexx, Sorry to hear about your problems. We don't offer any mobile backups, albeit you can set these items up yourself - it just depends on what the impact is if there is no internet. I.e. a business should have redundancy in place whereas a consumer may or may not require. In general, once connected, the NBN network is quite reliable and outages to the extent you are advising are quite rare in our experience. Cheers Michael

Hey i'm with Optus trying to fight my way out of our contract due to really slow speeds with nbn fixed wireless (we get around 4mbps download and 4mbps upload when we are paying for 25/5) I am wondering if i was to choose a small company like mint and no one within my area is with mint (everyone is with optus) would my speeds be better?
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Hi Jet, We set our products up to work so would expect a much better performance. That said, if there is a capacity problem on the tower the performance won't change no matter which provider you choose. We'll definitely be easier to deal with to work that out though and per above, if you can't get the speed we'll be working with you to log a fault to Nbn Co to fix for you. Cheers MichaelHi Jet, You may be interested in looking at discussions on Whirlpool :- http://forums.whirlpool.net.au/archive/2674625 Whilst the following discussion concerns Aussie Broadband the details about NBN FW problems make interesting reading. But basically speed comes down to two things, the NB congestion as Michael mentions, or the backhaul of the ISP or both if your unlucky. Have you checked your modem to see what the attainable speed is? SImon

How can I get on this? Am on the Gold Coast. The provider I have was good but now its like dial up to get onto anything. Am 80. Mainly use for emails and facebook to keep in touch with family.
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Hi Pamsiwamsie, Thanks for considering us. To sign up or if you want to discuss further, just give us a call on 1300586468. Cheers MichaelMichael of Mint Telecom has given you their number 1300 586 468 which is at local call cost. They have email admin@minttelecom.net.au They answer calls promptly by staff who are very knowledgeable. I am an 81 year old very happy with their service. Hope it all goes well for you.Thankyou.

Hi, I’m currently with Telstra on NBN and I’m paying for the 100mb/s but am being ripped off and lucky to get up to 30mb/s the majority of times. I’m aware of peak and off peak and that the speeds are a lot better in off peak periods but that’s not very useful to the majority of the population as the bulk of the off peak period is well into the night. Sleep time. I doubt any ISP can gaurentee full speeds 100% of the time, however can you guys offer any guarantees of at least 50 to 75% of the advertised ‘up to 100mb/s’ for the majority of the time? No one wants to pay for something they’re not getting which I’m sure you can understand. I also have an unused landline that I no longer wish to keep. Do you guys do plans for NBN without the requirement for a landline?
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Hi Alex, I'm not sure anyone can properly offer a guarantee on speeds based upon how NBN Co currently charges. However, whilst we don't guarantee, we work very hard to deliver you the speed you pay for at the vast majority of the time - its in our interest to do so as we don't have long term contracts, just 6 months, and our cancellation fees are also low, just $99 per service. So our interests are definitely aligned - its why we don't offer unlimited services as its very hard to deliver that much data AND the speed based upon the current NBN Co pricing construct. Re landline, its optional on NBN. We have plans without, plans with a landline for no cost and you pay for calls or plans with included calls. Cheers Michael

Why is it that mint.telecom can't offer 200Gb and 500Gb downloads when almost every other ISP can?
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Hi Scrivener, we do have a 200GB option available on FTTP and FW, just not available for all types of NBN. Otherwise, the price difference between the differing inclusions is negligible yet the legal requirements to provide additional plans is large (multiple differ plans requires a lot of setting up and managing). In fact, many ISP's only offer unlimited these days and don't bother with the range that Mint does. So, very simply, we choose to keep things very simple and make sure what we do we do well. Cheers MichaelLet me rephrase the question then... Why is it that Mint Telecom can't offer 20Gb and 500Gb to users on FttN? Other ISP do as far as I can tell. If not, why not? This will decide my continuing with Mint.

Hi, I live in Southport, Queensland, 4215 and I have been your costumer for 2 months , I got an unlimited broadband ADSL I have never been able to do a backup of my iPhone due to the slow speed. How can I ask support about that? thank you
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Hi Frederica, Yes, you just need to contact us directly to advise what your specific problem is and we can see how we can help. Note, adsl upload speeds are only a maximum of 1Mbps so is slow by design. Additionally, adsl download speeds are largely determined by distance from the exchange (further away the slower it gets) and quality of your copper. Either way, please contact us directly (call or email us) and we can review for you. Cheers Michael

I want to know if i switch from my old plan to mint do i keep my old phone number?
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Hi Ruby, Yes, if you move to Mint we can move your existing phone number across for you. Cheers Michael

I'm in Western Australia and have found my current ISP to be completely useless as far as support is concerned. This is because they work from 8:30am EST - 6:30am WST to 2:30pm WST - this stops me being able to get help as I'm at work. Do you have 24 hr support and do you go through a message bank before getting back to your customers?
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Hi MickP14, We don't offer 24 hour support. I'm not too sure if anyone offers that in Australia from an Australian based service centre (we operate from Hobart). Also, the network providers are not open after hours for faults - they monitor large network outages 24/7 365 but for individual faults its purely mon to fri bus hours. Out of hours we are contactable via email, voicemail and facebook private messages, but all we can do at those times is help with any local setup issues which are also issues typically able to be done by customers themselves (we provide guides, etc on all the common issues). Cheers Michael

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