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Mint Telecom494 reviews
Taylah Honeman
Taylah Honeman
  NBN 50/20

Good product

The set up was easy, speeds are as advertised, and no drop outs. Customer service is fantastic Show details ·  1
  NBN 25/5

So happy to be with a local company

Cannot fault the service, the range of plans and the helpfulness when setting up my internet, plus great advice on purchasing the right router. Totally happy Show details ·  1
Crocodile D
Crocodile DSAMetropolitan Adelaide, SA3 posts
  NBN 100/20
Andrew B.
Andrew B.TASNorth-West & West coast, TAS
  NBN 50/20

Friendly service and reliable connection

The customer care has been the highlight so far. Frequently checking in during the initial setup stage.
I have used mint over the past 2 years and we've had no issues with our connection to date so I didn't hesitate to use them again with my new home.
I had some issues with the router I acquired initially which was incompatible with the network but all has been as expected since. Show details ·  1
Value for Money
Customer Service
AmandaTASHobart, TAS2 posts
  NBN 25/5

Fabulous service, terrific pricing, local company - very happy

In the couple of months we have had Mint, we have had no problems whatsoever (no dropouts or issues).
We switched to Mint because they have a very good selection of plans and great pricing.
Mint offers excellent customer service and customer care and great follow-up.
With Mint being a local company, we can contact them easily by phone without long delays.
Thank you, Mint! Show details ·  2
Rob5 posts
  NBN 100/20

Read the bad reviews as I should have

Expensive service for nothing different but the disconnection had to happen after dealing with the general manager [Name Removed] who has no people skills. Show details
Mint Telecom
Mint Telecom   DM   
Hai Y.
Hai Y.NSWHunter Region, NSW3 posts
  NBN 50/20

Prompt feedback and support and reliable connection

I had enough with my previous service provider and decided to make a change. High rating for Mint Telecom on Product Review led me to make an initial inquiry. I received prompt and professional feedback. Michael and his team answered my questions and addressed my concerns in detail and very quickly. This convinced me to make up my mind and joined Mint with a standard plan to have a go. Now it is almost one month and I am really happy with even this standard plan. Their services are excellent and reliable. I understand the pains with bad internet and service so I thought is good to share my personal experience. I know it was just one month but before I made a change, I got frequent dropouts. But they were gone after I changed to Mint. Show details ·  1
David John A.
David John A.3 posts
  NBN 50/20

Easy Set Up

Just Changed back to Mint after around 18 months, They have the easiest setup for someone like me (providing you put correct details in) Michael helped me through this and now up & running with great speed. Show details ·  1
DavidVICGreater Melbourne (Outer), VIC
  NBN 100/40

First class service and top notch customer care

The best telco by a country mile. I've been with Mint for years and I can testify to the fact that they are by far the best telco in Australia. I've had terrible experience with other telcos and Mint saved my business a few years ago and I'm always amazed how pro-active and polite/professional they are. Put simply, Mint Delivers! Show reply
  NBN 100/20

A++ customer service

We have been experiencing internet drops for so long which prompted me to replaced the modem as my previous provider was unable to resolve the issue. When I moved to Mint, I mentioned the reason of my move. I'm impressed with their customer service because after porting over to them, they proactively monitor my network connection and internet drops and reached out to me first when they noticed that the drops issue had recurred. Now our internet connection is stable and faster and everyone in our household is happier. Thank you Kelvin and team! Show details ·  1
Kristine M
Kristine MVICGreater Melbourne (Inner), VIC3 posts
  NBN 50/20

Tip Top

We used Mint in Adelaide and then when I moved to Melbourne, I chose them again. Excellent and reliable service. Customer care and support was amazing in helping me set up the connection speedily and they were extremely patient. Have had no problems since installation. And their follow-up is regular. Show details ·  1
Kyla M.
Kyla M.QLDSouth East Queensland, QLD
  NBN 50/20

Mint customer service always exceed expectations!

Mint customer service is so amazing that they called me about our intermittent connection (rusty copper cable) before I had a chance to call them. They always exceed my expectations. Show details ·  1
Debbie2 posts
  NBN 25/5

I'm so happy with service

Right from the first conversation, I have been very happy with advice & talking me through the set up.
Ive never had any problem with internet drop out & its been reliable. Show details ·  2
  Verified NBN 100/40

Very stable, good support

I have my business connection and home connection through Mint. Both connections have been up and running without dropout since they were setup 79 days ago.
I have also used Mint Telecom to supply internet and VOIP services to multiple clients, all without issue and Mint have provided great service to many of our customers.
Getting support is very easy, getting through on the phone always takes less than 5 minutes.
Many ISP's will not provide good assistance when it comes to complex phone number ports. Mint have completed a number of complex phone ports for our customers when they had unsuccessfully tried with various other ISP's. Show details ·  1
DarrenTASHobart, TAS2 posts
  NBN 50/20
Kate Y.
Kate Y.TASHobart, TAS
  NBN 100/20

The best customer service ever!!!!

I have only recently connection to the NBN and these guys have been amazing!! Nothing was an issue and they went above and beyond to help me get everything ready to go. Super easy set up! Couldn't be happier. Show details ·  1
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SammiVICGreater Melbourne (Outer), VIC
  NBN 25/5

Incomparably Excellent Customer Service

The customer service I've received from Mint is second to none. They far exceed any other company when it comes to communication. They follow up promptly, reach out when they notice an issue, are diligent with retrieving answers and patient when it came to me asking questions. Very friendly, very helpful. Highly recommend! Show details ·  1
Laurie delaveaux
Laurie delaveaux3 posts
  NBN 50/20

Seamless smooth to deal with

Had bad experience with reception then Mint came along and everything has been great .Would recommend to anybody looking to upgrade to faster service. MINT are very helpful with set as well.. Show details ·  1
crowdywendyNSWMid North Coast, NSW3 posts
  NBN 25/5
Franky654 posts
  NBN 50/20

NBN internet connection

Switched to Mint Telecom after having enormous difficulties and zero service with our previous provider.
The transition was smooth, and the service has been outstanding with follow up emails to ensure we are satisfied and immediate responses with any concerns via messenger.
Thank you Mint. Show details ·  1
KellyTASHobart, TAS
  NBN 100/20

Everything is easy!

We moved business premises and with that we moved NBN and phone lines to MINT. So uncomplicated, so friendly and easy. About to move our home connections as well. Amazing service to start and their follow up as well. Show details ·  1
NathanTASHobart, TAS
  Verified NBN 25/5

After years with the big providers, happy to be here

Spent years with the popular providers, which was fine until it wasn’t. Changed to Mint a couple of months ago and am happy to say that I will not be going back. The fact you can pick up the phone and get onto someone within seconds that is sitting in an office in Salamanca is worth the few dollars a month difference. That, and it’s great to support local business. Show details ·  1
Josephine S.
Josephine S.SAMetropolitan Adelaide, SA2 posts
  NBN 25/5

Amazing consistent customer service

I have three separate accounts with mint telecom two for restaurants and a personal Internet package. My experience with mint has been exemplary there are never long wait times to call for support and the support that is received is highly detailed very efficient and consistent. I generally end up speaking to the same people and they care about the service and they make sure that you have your enquiry resolved 100%. I have had no issues with my service and that is the reason I have three different accounts with them because they are far better than any other service I've had to date would recommend to anyone and do Show details ·  1
  NBN 100/20

Internet that doesn't feel corporate

I moved to Mint recently after a disappointing experience with another large-scale provider, and I got exactly what I was looking for - a company that doesn't feel like it is run like a corporation.
Not only did I speak to a person with 15 seconds, I was able to get connected within the day, and the support person I spoke with (Kelvin) pitched their service to me at exactly the right technical-level (I like details).
Mint feels more like an ISP of the old days of the internet (in a good way) - like Netspace before they were bought out by iiNet. Show details ·  1
Value for Money
Customer Service
NipsirchTASHobart, TAS
  Verified NBN 50/20

Splendid service and a great product

Chose MINT because of their reviews and they are based locally to me - I have been delighted with my decision. Had Mint for about a month now and the connection is super reliable for us (two users, usual email stuff, web surfing and stream films/TV and live sport). The great service started before we were customers: I wasn't sure which router to get and was really grateful for their advice. Then - bearing in mind I am from Generation Dinosaur - I had difficulty setting up the system. I spoke to Josh who was amazingly patient and guided me through the process (thanks Josh!). I am totally confident that anybody choosing MINT will be equally pleased with their decision. Show details ·  1
georgiedm74TASHobart, TAS2 posts
  NBN 100/20
Value for Money
Customer Service
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C Huynh
C HuynhNSWSydney, NSW7 posts
  NBN 50/20

Exceptional customer service and technical support!!!

I upgraded the firmware of my modem, there was a glitch and resulted in unstable and slow connection. I emailed Mint for support and resolved the problem late night and early next morning. The customer support is professional and knowledgeable. Show details ·  1
Matt H.
Matt H.TASHobart, TAS
  Verified NBN 50/20

Never found better

Mint have never let me down.
From simple enquiries to complicated requests they always treat you like a valued customer without seeming like they 'have' to.
I recommend Mint Telecom to all family and friends without hesitation. Show details ·  1
Value for Money
Customer Service
JaydeeTASLaunceston, TAS7 posts
  Mint Telecom

Mint, making is easy!

We have had multiple providers throughout the last 18 months to assist with out office phones. We just wanted a simple system and none of the bells and whistles advertised by providers.
Mint was easy to deal with. Being a local company, you spoke to a person in a matter of minutes! They listened to what I wanted and kept me up to date with the process while completing the setup.
Our NBN is reliable and Mint notifies us if there will be an outage.
Our main man Alex responds within minutes of sending an email and was available to assist out of hours. Can't speak highly enough about this crew! Show details ·  1
AlessandroVICGreater Melbourne (Inner), VIC
  Verified NBN 50/20

Great company to sign up with

I've had Mint for about a week, so review is mostly about the company than the connection itself (which has been stable and working fine, by the way).
Company though has been super helpful in setting up everything - an easy operation, recommending me to switch Modem as, apparently, mine was a bit outdated - they've checked in with me after a couple of days and gave tips as on how to improve the connection throughout the house.
So a great experience overall! Show details ·  1
JenniferNSWSydney, NSW4 posts
  NBN 50/20

Highly recommended

I’ve been with Mint for about a month now and I’ve been so happy with everything. It was really easy to get my service set up, and the support staff were so helpful and responsive with all my questions during set up. The plan I selected is working well for me, with no dropouts or any issues at all. I’m confident that if I ever encounter an issue it will be resolved as quickly as possible. The staff are genuinely outstanding. Show details ·  1
  NBN 100/20

Best internet

Connection is exactly what I hoped for! No drop out issues. Customer service is excellent. Very happy with the service I have received. I have recommended mint to family and friends! Show details ·  1
Nik Stone
Nik Stone
  NBN 50/20

Excellent customer service

Excellent customer service and promptly attending to any issues that may arise. First connection was very simple and well explained by the customer service team. I definitely recommend connecting with Mint Telecom! Show details ·  1
Ron4 posts
  NBN 50/20

Great service

Connection is extremely reliable, it's rock solid for multi-attendee zoom. Plus they are nice people to deal with. It was a super-quick switch over from Telstra! They do it all. Show details ·  1
Eugen Babics
Eugen Babics2 posts
  NBN 100/20
James L.
James L.TASHobart, TAS
  NBN 100/20

Moved from Telstra to Mint and totally satisfied

The connection is exactly as we hoped, fast, reliable, perfect. No problems at all.
The set up was easy and the staff at Mint Telecom are super friendly and helpful.
I rate them 10/10 Show details ·  1
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Vincent S.
Vincent S.NSWSydney Surrounds, NSW2 posts
  NBN 50/20

Customer service sets a bench mark no other telco's could ever meet

Mint Telecoms support over the last 12 months has been exceptional, my service has been deteriorating measurably over the last two months. Mint Telecom has monitored the issues, supplied technical help and advice and have been very proactive with raising jobs with NBN when there was no improvement. They have shown that they not only take there customers seriously, but actually care about the quality of service they provide. Which has resulted in the benchmark that the other Telco's have no chance of matching. Show details ·  1
KarlVICGreater Melbourne (Outer), VIC2 posts
  NBN 50/20

Mint fixed my poor audio quality and no drop outs now. Thanks

Mint fixed my poor audio quality and no drop outs now. im happy with the service i recieve. Much better than the other service from the last company Thanks mint! Show details ·  1
Value for Money
Customer Service
BrittneyQLDSouth East Queensland, QLD2 posts
  NBN 25/5

Outstanding Customer Service

The NBN service is good, I haven’t had any issues with the connection and had no issues with the set up. Kelvin is easy to get a hold of, responsive, and goes above and beyond to make sure there are no issues. Would highly recommend this service. Show details ·  1
haydn2 posts
  NBN 250/25

Unbelievable Customer Service

Unreal levels of efficiency and customer service. I've never spent longer than 10 minutes in chat or on the phone with Mint, because my queries are resolved that quickly. 10/10 Show details ·  1
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