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4.5 from 26 reviews

Good quality product - well designed fit for a refillable cartridge

Recently purchased two sets of cartridges, one from MIR-AUS and another from a competitor. Not having used these before, i wanted to see how the different designs worked. MIR-AUS one won hands down for one big (damn important) reason in that the cartridge themselves were almost exactly the same dimensions of the genuine epson. This means when inserted into the cartridge bay, there was no play in them that meant the smart chips on the cartridges failed to make contact with the printer. If there is any play, and the contact is lost, the printer will let you know right away that the cartridge cannot be recognised.

The result of the MIR-AUS ones meant not one instance of 'cartridge not recognised' from the Epson.

I cannot speak for all of MIR-AUS cartridges, but whoever did the A+B cartridge system has done their homework with regards to Epson design... 10/10

CISS For Epson and Brother

"Save up to 95%" This statement is true. I purchased the MIR AUS CISS system about 4 Years ago for our Epson and Brothers printers. It has saved us a large fortune in ink costs. the installation is easy. working with it is easy. We print high resolution pictures everyday with this system without any problem. Their service is outstanding which I can highly recommend. Good on you guys.
Quality & Service

Mir Aus Continuous ink supply system means saving Money with the top quality product

I bought CISS from Mir Aus for my business. I print more than 100 pages every day without any issue, it is easy to use, the quality of ink is perfect and the colours are brights and sharps. Once and for all we got rid of expensive cartridges. Highly Recommended.
Easy to use, nice colours, awesome service

CISS Product Review

I have been purchasing often times their products and have no problem so far. Customer service is excellent as they help me everything to all my questions. Very reliable and I am happy to have them as my supplier. Planning to purchase more products from them in the future. Great Products and Excellent Customer Service.
Very Reliable and Helpful

A perfect system I couldn't do without it

First class friendly service second to none. Total satisfaction with the product and the faultless function. Should I have a query it is explained and resolved with a very short time measured in a few minutes. I whole heatedly recommend dealing with Mir-Aus without hesitation. I do quite a lot of colour work namely pictures, greeting cards an User Guide. It is fantastic that I can say that I endorse and recommend the personnel and product to give you 100% on all counts


Quality Product and Service Excellence

I recently purchased refill ink for my CIS system previously purchased from MIR-AUS not only do they provide a quality product their service is outstanding, having ordered from their NSW office via the web at 4:45pm and to have it arrive at Country Victoria at 1:15pm the following day is not only a good job by Aust. Post but it is a real treat to receive emails stating your order is being processed and your order is shipped that are really factual. It is hard to find gratifying customer service these days and these guys need a pat on the back I reckon.

Absolutely nothing

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Can any other printers use an Epson WF-2510 CISS system?
1 answer
Any printer which use 200/200xl cartridge code with the same colour sequence