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Mirrabooka Protein

Mirrabooka Protein

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Salted caramel WPC

I think I have finally found my “whey” to mirrabooka protein for life.........very very happy with the product, it tastes cleaner than any protein powder I’ve ever had, mixes well into water and milk, you have a customer for life now. Thankyou so much, for making this beautiful natural product.

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Natural whey protein

Purchased Mirrabooka protein as recommended by my PT. Received the Natural Whey Protein - all I can say is MARVELOUS tasting product mixes well with A2 lite milk.

Extremely disappointing

Was very excited to try an Australian-made protein from grass-fed cows, with excellent macros, especially considering the excellent reviews found here and elsewhere. Ordered a kilo of vanilla and a kilo of chocolate. They were dispatched promptly and arrived quickly, and I tried them both immediately. I was disheartened to discover that even when double-scooped, these are two of the most flavourless, watery whey protein shakes I have ever encountered. Completely uninspiring and bland - a massive disappointment.

Great product.

I tried the natural first, and was really impressed. I couldn't wait to try the chocolate, only to discover it had stevia in it, and I don't tolerate stevia, :-( However, I still recommend it to people, and appreciate the fact the product is ao natural and healthy. Keep up the good work.
Natural and healthy.
I don't tolerate alot of the natural sweetners.

Very natural

An amazing taste and very natural whey powder from grass fed cows so nutritionally very good. Add it to your green smoothies!
You can buy it in a large container which will give you better value for money. I love the vanilla flavour but you can get it in chocolate.
taste and health value

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Hi Sofia, thanks so much for reviewing Mirrabooka Protein! We're so glad you like it, and thanks for sharing the tip to add it to your very healthy green smoothies! Mirrabooka Protein also comes in Natural (unflavoured) which also goes great with greens. Thanks again for supporting Mirrabooka Protein!

World's best natural protein!! Absolutely amazing!!! No words can describe it, go ahead buy it and t

As I said no words can describe it!! That is the most natural tasting out of all the other "natural, healthy" proteins I have tried. And I can tell you I have tried many. It is not just about the taste. No digestion problems at all. Great energy for five WOD's (CrossFit -Workout of the Day) per week!!

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Hi SAV, thanks so much for your review of Mirrabooka Protein! We are so pleased to hear that you love the taste of Vanilla Mirrabooka Protein and it helps you achieve all your WOD goals! We have just launched our natural Chocolate Mirrabooka Protein which is made from natural whey protein concentrate, natural cacao and naturally sweetened with stevia! We hope you love it as much as we do!

Mirrabooka Protein is a great Aussie brand

I really like this protein, I usually buy the multipacks online from the website and get quick next day delivery in Melbourne. I'm really happy to support a local product and Australian dairy especially because there's so many cheap American products on the market that really damage our economy. I think the product is great, it's good to see Australian companies still existing amongst all the imported stuff. If only more of us could support australian dairy!
Australian dairy, multipacks are really handy

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Thanks DanielHo, We're so glad you love Mirrabooka Protein! We're so proud to be 100% Australian made and owned! Thanks for your support of our local product!

Tastes great!

Mirrabooka is the best tasting protein on the market, I don't use anything else. Great for recovery after gym workouts, or long days at work. Thanks again for the quick online service, my order was shipped in no time at all. Will definitely be reordering Mirrabooka, and recommending to friends!

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Phoebe- We're glad you like the natural taste! Keep up the good work at the gym.

Great Protein. Made in Australia

This is a great way to get extra protein into my training diet. I take this blended with milk and berries/ bananas and it's really good. Some proteins can taste really chalky and chemical but this one is nice.
I have seen a good improvement in my energy and muscle recovery.
This is made of natural ingredients and important to me that it's low in fat, sugars and carbs. I also like that it's Made in Australia. We tend to think highly of Australian-made goods in Asia and consider the health and dairy goods to be some of the finest in the world.
I only found out about this brand when I was staying with a friend in Melbourne. I really hope they consider selling their product internationally or I'm going to have to beg visiting friends to bring some over when I run out. Mirrabooka, please consider international shipping/ stockists!
I also like the name - Mirrabooka. Not easy to say but sounds really cool.
Taste, Natural Ingredients. Australian product, low in fat, sugar, carbs.

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James - thank you for the support- one day Mirrabooka Protein hopes to be able to deliver to Asia!

100% natural & great tasting

Mirrabooka Protein powder has everything I need - 100% natural, low in fat & carbs, GM free and no artificial additives or sweeteners. Plus has a great taste. Mirrabooka is perfect for my lifestyle. Easy to order using the Mirrabooka Protein web site with speedy delivery. Would recommend this protein powder to everyone.
The fact that is 100% natural and is great tasting.

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Becky- thank you for your kind review of Mirrabooka Protein. We appreciate your support of our small Australian company. Michael- Mirrabooka Protein is 100% natural and contains no artificial additives, flavours or sweeteners. Mirrabooka Protein is produced in small batches and made with love.

Second to none!

Mirrabooka is the one and only protein powder for me. I exercise over 2 hours daily and this is the best product out there to help maintain my protein levels and leaves me feeling great each day. It has a fantastic vanilla taste and all natural ingredients. I highly recommend it!

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Todd- thanks for the great review, and we're glad you appreciate our all natural ingredients! Keep up the great exercise! Michael- Natural means free from chemicals, artificial sweeteners, flavours, colours and additives. Mirrabooka Protein is protein reinvented- protein minus all the toxic artificial additives!

The Best!

I absolutely love Mirrabooka protein powder. There are no cheap and nasty fillers, just the good stuff - and it doesn't leave me feeling bloated like all the other brands I have tried. I believe this is the best protein powder on the market and wish I'd come across it sooner.

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Jenna- Thank you for the kind review, we appreciate your support. Michael- Our protein is produced by a dedicated team of Australian dairy cows that digest grass around the clock to produce the protein rich milk that Mirrabooka Protein comes from.

Best protein for training

I really like this protein because its so natural and healthy. Gives me heaps of protein per serving and I can just add it to my normal food, like muesli and smoothies. Like the taste, low in fat and lean protein, no sugar or crap added to it like other protein. Good to take when training. Definitely recommend it.
good healthy product, good taste

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Gia- thank you for the kind review! Mirrabooka Protein is protein reinvented- simply protein minus all the toxic ingredients and artificial additives. Michael- thank you for pointing out Mirrabooka Protein has no sugar added! Mirrabooka Protein proudly comes from free-range, grass-fed Australian dairy cows. We are proud that Australia has the highest quality dairy standards and product in the world.

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