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Mitsubishi 420L Top Mount

Mitsubishi 420L Top Mount

MR-FX420EP, MR-420E and MR-420EK
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Very Quiet Running - Doing The Job

Purchased the Mitsubishi because of good reviews on rating sites, and the quietness of the inverter system. It certainly runs quietly. Doing all the cooling correctly - though it hasn't faced a Queensland summer yet. Trays are glass - so easy to clean. Good options to set up shelves and door shelves - though the design is pretty standard. Not sure if the crisper will last the distance. It gets jammed and skewed - even with only a few items in it.
Internal lights are pretty poor - they are really low power, and these old eyes can't make out the contents at night. This could be corrected pretty easily.
Opens and closes OK now - after correcting the job by the delivery/installer guys from the retailer. They wer in and out in no time - guess they are all the same, and under time pressure. Another time though I will hold them back a bit to make sure all is good.
Overall happy with the Stainless from panels - and textures vinyl (leather type) covering of the sides. Again - will have to see how it reacts to mould in our humid summers here on the Sunshine Coast.
It was good value - if it has a long and healthy life that is!

Purchased in June 2019.

Build Quality
Value for Money
Ease of Use
Cleaning & Maintenance
Noise Level
Internal Layout
Household Size 2 person(s)

Very Quiet

I bought the Mitsubishi fridge after the faulty Samsung one. My kids said its been downgraded, cause the interior and exterior look isn't as fasionable as the Samsung ones, but its all good, all compartments are working perfectly, very quiet and reliable, no hassle, and cost less than Samsung. Highly recommended.

Date PurchasedOct 2018

Poor quality fridge do not buy

Got it last week from Harvey Norman. They charge 50 for delivery and 15 extra for unpacking (great). Nightmare started with the driver who rushed to unpack and leave within 3 minutes. Forcing me to sign off the customer delivery docket and run away. After 1 hour I noticed the top door skin is loose and it's like a paper attached to the door. You press the skin, it goes inward and bounce back. I've never seen a fridge like this before. It's like a heavy iron rubbish. The compressor isn't as quiet as it was described. Very loud when running and running quite frequently. I have got an empty fridge so there's no storage inside. Calling Harvey Norman right away and they rejected my return request. They arrange the service from Mitsutibishi to come along for an assessment which I haven't heard back yet. Great luck, first day purchase from Harvey Norman, a brand new fridge, now the manufacture needs to repair it on Day 1!! What a quality.

By the way, Harvey Norman has got really poor attitude of after sales service. I've got problem with JB Hifi white goods before but they took away the machine and refund me immediately. Communication is also way better than Harvery Norman's sales and after-sales. They were just very rudely telling you by customer law they won't return the fridge unless it's major fault!!! The guy I spoke to on the phone told me the fact skin nearly felling off from the door is just a "cosmetic" issue and you can still "use" the fridge! What a great response to customer. If you spend $1,000 to purchase a new phone and got scratch or shelling coming off but you can still make phone call and text message, it's not a big deal is that what he is trying to tell me? I'll never buy anything ever from HN again.

Date PurchasedNov 2018

Very quiet

I bought this last week - so far so good. All compartments working (freezer freezes, fridge keeps stuff cold, not frozen). What I have noted is that it is very very quiet - and this is noticeable in a house that echoes. After reading Choice magazine and noting that the best value for money fridges are top mounted (freezer at the top), with about 5 cm on all sides so it has airflow to maintain temperature without working too hard (and therefore being less efficient), I am happy this 4-out-of-5-star energy efficient fridge, as well as being one of the very few fridges that could fit in the recess of my new kitchen (moved in recently). Haven't got around to cleaning actual dirt/grime/food of it yet.

Date PurchasedJun 2018

Love this fridge

Brilliant! The fruits and vegies kept alot longer.
Unusually spacious. Freezer component is as perfect in that even my garlic is still fresh after almost 3 months
No more frost burns and vegie rot!
There is a slight comment on the sound it nakes as I was told due to the inverter technology, it periodically makes a sound like a plane gently taking off. No dramas!

Date PurchasedDec 2017

Good overall and very energy efficient

Pro: Very low noise when operating. Ambient temperature does not seem to rise much. Easy to clean in general. The ice maker is wonderful.

Con: often the fridge compartment is too cold that vegetables will freeze and become inedible. And the door at times will be very hard to open. It seems like the magnetic force might be too strong?

Date PurchasedMar 2017

quite and cold

Hi, we purchased this fridge as a replacement for our old admiral fridge ( made by hover) , the old fridge was 22 years old and never had a problem with it until recently it started to not hold items cold in fridge section any more (note freezer section still worked fine) because of it's age we decided to put repair cost towards a new fridge . We have had this fridge for about 2 months and the fist thing I noticed or should I say didn't notice was any noise coming from the compressor while it is working on cycle. Well ok you can hear it working but you have got to be literally with your ear glued to it , it is the quietest fridge I have ever heard , the ice try is a nice touch as is the slide out meat /chesse storage draw . individual controls for fridge and freezer make it easy to adjust temperatures, adjustable self heights in fridge and freezer are very handy . door seals are very firm ( sometimes to firm you really have to pull on handle to open ) as for door handles rather than separate handles Mitsubishi has made the handles full length of the doors a very nice looking design. Overall we are very happy with the performance and look of this fridge . Yes also the full 5 year Warranty from Mitsubishi is a bonus.

Date PurchasedDec 2017

Just love our New Fridge

Not too many fridges around today are rated with 4stars & have an INVERTER, which is a great bonus in today's high cost of power, and it is a welcome new addition to our household.
It is so super quiet, you wouldn't even know it was on, and so very easy to keep clean, inside and out.
No messy metal grilled shelves, that take a little extra time to clean, it has easy to clean tempered glass shelving, which wipes easily, with very little effort.
Unique styling of the door handles, keeps finger prints on the front panel to a minimum.
The large temperature controlled slide compartment is wonderful for those small items that are easily lost in a fridge, butter, cheese etc, and the egg compartment in the door holds 24 eggs, which makes them easy to access.
A flip ice cube maker in the freezer is a bonus, and takes up little room inside the freezer
Our only negative was the Vegetable draw was hard to slide in and out, but a little spray of silicon on piece of paper towel and wiped on the slide area, and that problem was solved.
This fridge is great value for money!

Date PurchasedNov 2017

Elegant fridge

Elegant fridge. Had an initial shock with smells on delivery and the big bold print chlorohexane warning.
Seems to function fairly well.
Door seals very tight which is great! I love this fridge especially the top fridge door shelving for lots of eggs!
I was hesitating initially whether to take this or the 402L Samsung but decided to pay more despite drawers and shelves didn't look as nice.
There's a little mark like a drop of varnish on the top trim of the fridge door and that was disappointing. Being brand new I expect it to be very much flawless. If it is a defect, I hope Mitsubishi would make good by way of part refund as swapping could be a nightmare.
In terms of Customer Support, they basically run a business day week so if you have trouble on weekends or after hours and public holidays, it would be quite a wait.
It would be great if the feet cover comes as a single piece rather than two flimsy pieces which I could not figure out what they were for initially.

Date PurchasedDec 2017

Fabulous and reliable

We have had this fridge for 6 years now with no issues at all. It was one of the cheapest in the store at the time with stainless steel look and we are very pleased. It came with 5 years warranty which is part of why we bought it but we have not need to use it.

Date PurchasedDec 2011

An excellent fridge

Maintains constant even temperature no matter the season. No service problems to date. Generally speaking is an excellent fridge. I have had several other brands over time but this one stands out from the rest.
Is so quite it cannot be heard when running
Easy to clean.
Would purchase again

Date PurchasedMar 2016

Exellent Fridge!!

I didn't know you could buy Mitsubishi Fridges until I went to buy a fridge, I hummed and harrred over it as I didn't know what to expect with this otherwise well known brand, though not well known in the Electrical/white goods side of things for me, however a known brand all the same, but I took a chance, and I love it, I'm glad I bought it.

I've had it for about a year or so now and so far so good, it's Temp is great and consistant, it's not noisy, just on off standard running noise however it's not "noisy", it has a low noise level. Anything that has a motor is bound to have some, noise, it's expected to, some are just more noisy than others that's all, and this one isn't one of the noisy ones, thankfully.

I love the eye level ice tray, it's so much easier to put the tray in after refilling, my other fridge tray was set high. I think the only drawback is probably no options to choose a shelf level height. Apart from the bottom shelf on the crisper, their are only two other shelves and only those level slots that they're in, it would be good to be able to lower or heighten a shelf if I needed to, however I haven't need to yet but to have that option would be good incase but really this is no biggy and not a good reason to not buy it, it's no issue at the end of the day to lay things down instead, if you don't have room in the door. And the two half size door pocket shelves that are below the egg trays are adjustable, so that's pretty good too to have if need.

All up, I love this fridge, it's done me right so far, from MY experience with this Mitsubishi Whitegood, I highly recommend it, it's an excellent fridge. :-)

Date PurchasedJan 2016

Working now

We've had problems with this fridge from the beginning. Firstly, nothing would stay cold and we had to get the service people in to change the thermometer. First service guy broke the light cover and the second they sent had never serviced a fridge! He managed to mangle the polystyrene packing around the back while installing the thermometer. This all took a month or so. The fridge worked a little better but we have to turn it up almost the whole way to get a decent mid temperature but any cheese in the dairy shelf goes mouldy fast and the temperature is unreliable. Wish I had never purchased. Otherwise its easy to clean.

To the credit of Mitsubishi they sent a service person again who this time knew what he was doing and the fridge is finally working properly.

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Hi, Glad to hear we were able to resolve the issue with your refrigerator. Kind regards, Mitsubishi Electric Australia Support.

Good Fridge But Seems Half Finished. Mitsubishi Hiding Something.

Good build and good cooling.

I am disappointed to see that others state they have the identical model that I have and claim their fridges are completely sealed at the back with a covered compressor and mine has an open compressor.

Mitsubishi Australia was not helpful in my enquiry regarding this. Whilst Mitsubishi NZ was far more helpful in my enquiry as to why some models are uncovered it does lead to suspicions that some models were released in Australia on purpose without covers and Mitsubishi Australia simply wishes to remain silent on this matter. As the cost to retrofit all models would be cost prohibitive. Seems strange to be left like this as its an opening for insects. The multi draw models are covered at the back so strange that this model is open at the back.

Since my former 20-year-old kelvinator had a back cover no reason all models should not be covered.

Fantastic fridge

Now let's clear up a few things I see mentioned in previous reviews which I don't agree with and I sometimes wonder if we are reviewing the same product.
The first thing is noise levels.
Someone mentioned noise levels 'my fridge is noisy"?
No, it's not a noisy fridge.
I did a decibel reading and most of the time the decibel reading is 0 because well, it lust sits there doing it's job.
When the motor does kick in the decibel reading is 27 to 29 decibels now that is below a quiet whisper in a public library at 3 feet or one metre (30) decibels.

Now for the minuses.
As in all products design and innovation does not often work and the gripe I have here is not only with Mitsubishi but with many manufacturers (dare I mention Samsung dishwashers).

Anyway its obvious its geared for the USA market or those who just love ice.
I don't use ice and unfortunately the freezer has an ice tray concoction which takes up a lot of space.
You can remove the drop bin to reclaim that space but the two trays and frame I regret to say you are stuck with.

The shelving system.

Aaaarghhh!!! Shelf adjustable into two positions just does not give you enough head room to stand wine bottles up right so your bottles will end up in the door. Sure you can move the top shelf up but then I am not sure what you can stick on it, its so narrow.
Those damn egg racks.
Why do they do it?
An egg rack? For what? You take the eggs out of the carton and stick them into the individual egg compartments on the door. A week later you look at those eggs and wonder how old they are.
I removed this and just managed to fit a 12 box of eggs into this space a much better idea because the carton not only protects the eggs but it is date stamped.
The good.
Centre shelf in fridge door is continuous, much better than individual separated racks as it gives you more storage space.
Meat tray.
I like this, it's under the freezer, tucked away nicely and you can drag down the meat from the freezer and stick it here for a few days until you use it.
It keeps the meat a lot colder than just dumping it onto a shelf in the fridge.
It's been seven months since I have had the fridge and now its June 2016 so time for me to update.
I gave it an extra star because so far its faultless.
I see someone mentioned it does not keep the food cold.
Well, there are two temperature dials at the back of the fridge you can adjust the temperature there.
I checked mine and I have have the freezer on the lowest setting and it freezes fast and fine.
The fridge area I have turned down because things were getting too cold for my taste, so once again it appears that some may have faulty fridges and to be honest I have never had a fridge that does not keep things cold.
Not much else I can say about this fridge, it works and does what it is supposed to do and does it quietly.
Comes with a really nice warranty as well, I just wish my dishwasher had the same 5 year warranty.

good drinks fridge

The fridge great cold fridge - especially for drinks cold icy cans all the time.
The freezer makes ice cubed quickly! No build up of ice in the freezer at all. The lights in the fridge could be better a light globe gone already -- purchased brand new in May this year - fruit and vegetables all keep well in the crisper stainless easy to clean

Warrinty USELESS Fridge OK for 11 months only.

When I bought the fridge the biggest selling point was the 5-year warrinty or so I thought. For 11-months I could not fault the fridge but then as it sometimes happens something went wrong, the freezer stopped working and the fridge started sounding like a helicoptor gun ship, LOUD!!
I rang Both Mitsubishi and their service agent on several occasions to no avail. They say the right things but NOTHING HAPPENS!!!
Yes the fridge is in warrinty but they have to order a part supposidly 1-week ago, yesterday the part was still not even ordered. I have been without a working fridge for over one week now so what exactly is the warrinty good for, NOTHING!!
At the end of the day you can only accuratly rate a company and their product by the way they perform when something does go wrong. A good company does not lie about helping and then do nothing. Since all I have to show for an 11-month old fridge is empty promises and melted rancid ice-cream I would strongly advise you to NOT BUY MITSUBISHI.

Can't fault it

22-Jan-2015::: Just bought a second one of these fridges last week because the previous one we bought over a year ago is going well and we can't fault it.

Besides these two Mitsu's, we have another older Mitsubishi and a new Fisher & Paykel 420L (new = 1-2 years old). All of these run well, and am happy with all, but decided to buy the Mitsubishi purely because of it's 5 year warranty....but let's hope we don't need it. This fridge replaces another brand which lasted 20+ years, traveled to the east coast and back, and moved through 10 properties...so it has some living up to do!

The MR420EWA cools and freezes well and we haven't had any freezing of vegies in the crisper so far (touch plastic). The only thing you need to consider is that to get the bottom crisper/vegie box out completely, the door needs to be opened wider than 90°. This is because it has a low bottle rack on the door. There is no issue with normal use of opening the drawer. It's only if you want to completely remove it. Completely removing it is also no problem if you can open the door more than 90° in your location. The fridge only comes with a right hand hinge, so if you put it against a right hand side wall, make sure there is sufficient space to have it away from the wall by a good 150mm or more so you can open the door wider.
4-June-2016:: Just an update, since I got asked a question by a reader. Still no problems (touch plastic) with any of the three Mitsu's (two of which are the MR420EWA). I would happily buy another one again at this stage.

Tenambit offers some points to look for in the cosmetic sense. So it may be best to look, and look again, at the features - "before" you choose a fridge. Each one is different, because we are all different, and our preferences are all different.
I agree with his points on performance, quietness, coldness, continuous shelving space and meat tray....so basically all of the good ones. Can't beat facts!

The price is now $600 for EOFY? Hmmmmm.. where can I fit another fridge?

Questions & Answers

We had liquid leak between glass and plastic of shelves and cannot see how to separate to clean. Is this possible
No answers

I purchased my Mitsubishi MR420EKWA on the 15th May 2019 and it sounds as if it is running all the time now.. At first it seemed to be shutting off but in the last 48 hours it seems that it is continuing to run for hours at a time.. There seems to be no vacuum when you shut the freezer door and when you close the refrigerator door it looks as if the freezer door bounces open so i have to check that it's shut..At this point the refrigerator has been running non stop for hours..What could be the problem?..
3 answers
I had the same thing with the doors. What I had to do was make sure the fridge door is 'slammed tight'. Then I make sure the freezer door is reshut. It sounds unusual to be hearing the noise all the time. Mine tends to come on at night for maybe a minute or two and then stops. Perhaps you should contact Mitsubishi.Hi Rex, sorry to hear you are having an issue with your refrigerator. Feel free to give us a call on 1300 651 808 or lodge a support request via http://www.mitsubishielectric.com.au/service-request-for-consumers.html We would like to get this sorted out for you. Best regards, Mitsubishi Electric Australia SupportA question for Mitsubishi. Could you do something with the freezer door? It doesn't have the sort of grip like the fridge door, hence the 'bounce' open effect whenever you shut the fridge door.

I am having difficulty reattaching the right side rack of the icecube tray.
No answers


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Household Size 3-4 people3-4 people3-4 people
FeaturesDoor Alarm Door Alarm Door Alarm
Colour / Finish Stainless SteelWhiteBlack
Handle Type RecessedRecessedRecessed
Smart Fridge NoNoNo
Shelf MaterialGlassGlassGlass
Number of Shelves333
Number of Fruit & Vegetable Bins 111
Weight79 kg79 kg79 kg
Door Hinge RightRightRight
Manufacturer Warranty5 year(s)5 year(s)5 year(s)5 year(s)5 year(s)5 year(s)5 year(s)5 year(s)
Total Capacity 420 L420 L420 L
Fridge Capacity 296 L296 L296 L
Freezer Capacity 124 L124 L124 L
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