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Mitsubishi ASX XC XLS Automatic, Petrol

Mitsubishi ASX XC XLS Automatic, Petrol (2016-2018)

4.4 from 18 reviews

Extremely happy with my purchase choice! Love my ASX!

I have owned my auto ASX for just over 1 year now, it is an absolute dream to drive, great sound system, very fuel efficient and I love the size and height of the car. Would love if it had better towing capacity but what it’s built for in being a city SUV it’s fantastic! Reverse camera is a great feature however it doesn’t have the best quality camera. It also doesn’t have a built in GPS or Apple car play which is really outdated but I have not missed these features. Definitely a great purchase if you are looking for something with good safety standards, excellent after care and servicing and good fuel efficiency that looks nice and has good speed.

Engine Size2.0L Petrol
Date PurchasedJun 2017

Interior good quality

Love this car, had Peugeot 4008 basic which was written off due to tree falling on it in storm. Asx is identical to 4008 but with extras, leather seats,seat warmer,larger wheels,external mirrors closing to car, navigation system, I had basic Peugeot but replaced with top of range ASX at same price, both cars have.the Mitsubishi motor and the Interior is identical to look at but 8,000 extras with the Asx and same price as my basic Peugeot 4008.very pleased

Engine Size2.0L Petrol
Date PurchasedJul 2014

Good family car

We purchased the ASX because we needed a larger car to accommodate our family. It is comfortable, easy to drive and I found the reversing sensors have been fantastic as I am not used to driving such a large car.
We have the top of the line option which includes nice leather seats and the seat warmers have been lovely to use on the cold days.
The only negatives I have are the number of recalls we have received, it is very inconvenient to take the vehicle to a service center each time when we rely on it to taxi our family around (we can't go anywhere without our car seats). There is no interior light towards the back of the car so it makes attending to the children difficult at nigh and I have found the interior has gotten quite scratched from general everyday life (we don't transport anything out of the ordinary).
Apart from these few things, I really love the car and would consider purchasing another one in the future.

Engine Size2.0L Petrol
Date PurchasedDec 2015

Not used to lack of get up & go

Going from a 380 to the ASX is a big change obviously as it has little get up and go when i need it. Im not unhappy but i wish i looked further into it. Id have gone for a stronger exceleration result. I added ryno roof racks so it looks great all in black but over all i think i should bot have rushed un so my own fault. Think it's the xls bot 100% sure. I dont have all my details on ne but I'll find them. As i said I'm not unhappy just not thrilled either but thats life

BadgeIl have to check
Engine Size2.0L Petrol
Date PurchasedJan 2016


I love driving with this car. Soft, under control, low cost and with the same power on the road and the city. With enough space for the driver and the occupants. I'm pleased with the acceleration of this car and its dimensions are great for parking. I wish the camera had 360 degrees. I had driven 18,000 kilometers and had no small trouble.

Engine Size2.0L Petrol
Date PurchasedFeb 2017


Brought this car in 2015 and have not regretted my decision! Handles well, wonderful to drive, good on fuel, features are great, my favourite being the push to start button. Have had zero issues with this car. Only downfall sometimes can be the connectivity when plugging my phone in and the Bluetooth and showing shows properly on the screen, but that’s it. My partner and I used it for a weeks long worth trip into Kakadu and it managed to get us into places that were 4wd recommended. While I wouldn’t personally recommend doing it, we couldn’t fault it. We would of been disappointed if we had of spent over $1000 for a 4wd when I had a car capable of it.

Engine Size2.0L Petrol
Date PurchasedFeb 2015

Great Car

Fuel effecent, good road view, handles well, back seat can fit 2 baby seats and an adult with ease, good all-round performance and would buy again if give my time over again. Very little road noise. Seats are good but not great. You get quite a lot of car for your money.

Purchased in June 2017 for $24,999.00.

Build Quality
Value for Money
Cleaning & Maintenance
Noise Level
TransmissionContinuously Variable (CVT)
Acceleration / Power
Gear Shifting
Fuel Efficiency
Interior Design
Boot Size

ASX represents unbeatable value at price

ASX standard model is well appointed with reverse mirror, folding wing mirrors, quality steel wheel rims, warranty and free roadside assist - at $23,950 on road it's excellent value. Car drives well and is responsive around town and sufficiently powered for the open road. While the 2.0L engine is not overly powerful (less so than my wife's previous Nissan X Trail (with 2.5L) it is sufficient for most situations and fuel efficient. The engine and road-noise are more marked than my Toyota RAV though not major issues. Dashboard, legroom and general layout are all pleasingly well designed. The ASX provides good visibility and ample carrying capacity for most use.

Engine Size2.0L Petrol
Date PurchasedAug 2017

Love my ASX

I am a huge fan of my ASX! When I was originally reading reviews before I purchased it I was a little unsure, as a lot of people said that the seats were really uncomfortable and because I had planned on taking my ASX across the Nullabour that was playing on my mind. I haven't found any issues with the seats and it drove across the Nullabour like a dream! Probably the only thing I would like to see in future models is a little more go power. If you are looking for something that is a quick zippy car, this model probably isn't for you.

Engine Size2.0L Petrol
Date PurchasedNov 2016

Fantastic Small SUV!

I had previously driven an ASX as a rental and loved it for its fuel efficiency, spacious interiors and extra height it gave me when on the road. So much so, I purchased one! The variable transmission means that you save on fuel without hindering its overall performance on the road. Its a smooth quiet drive!

Interiors are simple, with a fold-out drinks tray from the central back seat. The model that I am currently driving includes a reverse camera as standard in addition to reverse sensors, which is perfect for those tight city carparks.

I have had no issues with the car so far, and has been very reliable given I drive around 2 hours to and from work each day.

For anyone considering purchasing an ASX, I highly recommend it. I've had friends who have recently purchased one themselves and have been delighted by its performance and reliability.

Engine Size2.0L Petrol
Date PurchasedJan 2017

Perfect amount of space for a growing family

What I love about my Mitsubishi ASX is that it has more space inside than most small SUVs and drives nicely on country roads, with a comfortable ride, good steering and plenty of power. It comes with a five-year warranty. There is good airbag coverage all around, and the standard rear parking sensors and reversing camera raise safety levels by giving a better understanding of what’s behind. The air-conditioning maintains a set temperature and it has heated front seats, which feels great in winter. The wheels are made from an aluminium alloy which makes it look nicer. Front fog lights double as daytime running lights makes the car more visible to others. The ASX offers the perfect amount of space for a growing family.

There is not enough light at the backseats though

Engine Size2.0L Petrol
Date PurchasedJul 2017

This is the purfect car

Excellent performance. Easy to handle. Very quiet. Interior is excellent, I like the cloth seats. Plenty of leg room. I love all the gadgets they are usable and not overwhelming. Very reliable and cheap to run. Easy to park and turns very easily. Has excellent power takes off quickly. I love it.

Engine Size2.0L Petrol
Date PurchasedJul 2016

Design flaws

-The car handles well but very noisy while driving. Acceleration sluggish and not responsive
-Glove box doesn't close properly and dealership tried to fix it but still an issue. Rear seat belt buckles are very hard to reach and nearly impossible to close by a child. \poor quality and design
- Fuel consumption 30% higher then advertised and shown at the brochure

After all the car does not full fill my expectations and I would never buy this again, not for this price anyway. Bad quality and over priced.

Engine Size2.0L Petrol
Date PurchasedSep 2015

Look Around

The SUV is small in inside and the boot very small. It is suited to about town, its pick up is ok. As for having a moon roof and black/grey leather seats do not leave it open when its parked in the sun or you will burn your back. These moon roofs while at night might look good, but when its a very hot day a waste of time. Do not get one, its looked very outdated inside, and there is up grade coming, as to what it will look like wait and see. The finish feels lacking

As for the ride its alright handles well but its not like the OUTLANDER, YES I KNOW THE outlander IS BIGGER but far more comfortable a ride and better to handle, the leg room is not great also not great for rear passengers (adults).
If you after an SUV on the smaller side this will suit you, parts are expensive, service is also.
Look around.

Engine Size2.0L Petrol
Date PurchasedOct 2016

Joined the SUV club

After owning just about every kind of car including sports, hard tops, soft tops, large and small sedans, a small 8 seater van and even a classic mini I bought the ASX. After my third Barina I decided to get something wth a little bit more presence on the road. Canberra drivers are pushy and tailgate generally speaking, and I was getting tired of it.
This part of my plan has worked well. With it's tough look enhanced by large alloy wheels and daytime driving lights, drivers are somewhat reluctant to dart out in front of me like they used to and I get tailgated less, and being higher up, it feels a lot safer.
Surprisingly, I have to put the driver's seat fully back, and the back seat would be cramped for anyone taller than me. I'm 178cm, which is 5 foot 10 in the USA. I guess it's one of those cars that is actually smaller than it looks so getting 4 average men into it, in reasonable comfort is admirable. I also tested a Lancer but noticed that the airconditioning stops when the car stops, a stupid idea. Surprisingly the ASXs air con works well despite no vents for rear seat passengers; not an issue in this case.
The boot is bigger than what I am accustomed to and I'm having fun with the moon roof. It's great because there is very litte for passengers to fiddle as only a cover opens and not the tinted glass roof. It's very quiet and you only hear the engine/transmission if you put your foot down to overtake, things then sound a little busy but it's only relative to the mostly peaceful progress.
Two complaints. The cruise control allows the car to slow by up to 10km/h on a hill and then gradually accellerates back to the set speed. This not only annoys me but the car behind me who must be wondering what the hell I'm up to. On hilly stretches of road you might be best to use the accellerator or cancel the cruise control. The other thing that bugs me is that the car is too loaded with technology. Just more to distract the driver and to go wrong in the long term.
I've driven from Canberra to the coast with was relaxing and smooth and I will add some more when I return from my trip to Yeppoon on the central queensland coast. I found the leather seats were more comfortable than they initially feel and set the lights and wipers to auto.

Engine Size2.0L Petrol
I'm now up to 5,000km and loved driving it up to Yeppoon. It has enough power to overtake safely and the air-conditioning/climate control works very efficiently. My partner and I spent one night sleeping in the back as the back seats fold flat, it's OK and it would be perfect for someone sleeping alone. Other motorists treat me with a lot more respect in comparison to my other car which is small. Love the car and glad I bought it.Up to 50,000kms now. I drove it to Melbourne down the Hume Highway from Canberra and it was the hottest day on record. We stayed cool as did the motor. The rear vision mirror fell off one day after a windscreen replacement (not done by the dealer) just before I had to drive to a funeral in Melbourne. This was fixed immediately by the service manager without an appointment and for no charge. There have been a few recall notices, but I'm glad to get them, so that I know my car is always in the safest condition possible. A lot of people don't like the CVT and I've driven other CVTs and I know why, the CVT in the ASX is quiet and flawless. I've owned 30 new and used cars and this is the best one, with the best after sales service to boot.

Really good vehicle

A really good Vehicles.
Really good on fuel on a city run and motor way traffic.
I really good looking vehicle.
Lot of internal space for a family of 4.
Good Bluetooth connection and this vehicle is great.
Easy to park on the road.
Small and compact.
Nice day running light.

Engine Size2.0L Petrol

Perfect size for a city SUV and comfort

This car drives better then our previous Lancer that we had, there is hardly any lag like we had before. The feeling for the road is much better and we feel more safer in this car. We purchased the XLS 2.0 Petrol, we found that having the glass roof top was not really a good thing as there is no map lighting for the rear only mood lighting lights which are not that bright. With this model where they improved the CVT the fuel efficiency is what it is claimed to be which is around the 7.4/100km, lower or higher depending on the drive. Has great space at the back to fit our dog as well as in the boot for our shopping. Even though the CX-3 Might look good it does not have the space like the ASX does. Setting up the GPS can be a bit of a bother though. As for service when buying the car , it took time as they didn't have our colour that we wanted and to push for price was hard until we said that we didn't want the car as at the time the price was a bit high. Other then that it's a great option between the Lancer and the Outlander.

Engine Size2.0L Petrol

Love that car -- but

Wanting something bigger than my Lancer, I looked at the Outlander but found it too big for my single person needs, however the 2015 ASX XLS 2WD 2.0L petrol with all the bells and whistles was ideal, and at a far better price than other crossover SUVs. I researched the vehicle road-tests on-line and once I test drove it (a cheaper LS model) I was hooked.

The downside was the dealer, Australian Motors, lack of attention to detail and arrogance in not divulging a delivery delay in excess of 7 weeks until after I signed the contract. Refusing a $50 deposit and demanding $500, possibly so I didn’t walk away. The Finance Manager got everything wrong then was rude, and I was berated by the salesman for daring to contact the Stock Controller to locate my car after several weeks. She apparently exists in a rarefied atmosphere and is unapproachable. Overall an underwhelming experience, worthy of zero stars and one I shall never repeat nor recommend.

Other negatives include --
Quoted labour rates of $110+/hour I thought were excessive and the need to chop a hole in the grill which looks awful, to fit a nudge bar, so I didn't bother
The stupid el-cheapo space-saver spare wheel in a compartment large enough to take a full sized wheel (sold as an accessory) and the foam packing ring atop the narrow spare so the floor doesn't sag
Poor vision out the rear window -- no wonder they fitted a reversing camera
Silly and unnecessary 'mood' lighting around the glass roof at the expense of better technical extras ie; front parking sensors or park assist etc
PLASTIC front mudguards, I never realised until after bringing it home -- The bonnet is the only metal panel in the front of the car
Buyers wanting Park assist, All around view, Blind spot warning, Lane departure and Object detection, 19” wheels, Front parking sensors etc would be better suited buying the Nissan Qashqai Ti about $7k dearer at $39.5K, but with other problems.
EDIT: After owning the car for 9 months and covering a mere 2500 Km, I have found it has the hardest, uncomfortable seats of any car I have owned. You sit ON the seats rather than sit IN them.
My back aches in less than an hours driving, so I will be hopefully getting rid of it soon.

EDIT : Just received a recall letter for my 2015 XB ASX XLS (petrol) about a CVT delay in acceleration problem in the software, which may cause an accident.
I was told by the service guy there are so many recalls with ASX and other cars with differing problems he was fully booked until Xmas and by then he was looking at bookings well into March '17
I didn’t realise there were so many recalls on Mitsubishi vehicles.
EDIT: Had a second recall because the rear hatch gas struts could fail allowing the(heavy) hatch to fall on ones head causing serious injury
Think I will go elsewhere next time.

Engine Size2.0L Petrol
Date PurchasedDec 2014

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ASX XC XLS Automatic, Petrol
Drive TypeFour Wheel Drive (4WD)
Fuel TypeDiesel
Wheels18" Alloy
ANCAP Safety Rating5 stars
Fuel Consumption6 L/100km
Fuel Tank Capacity 60 L
Engine4 Cylinder, 2.2L
Max Power110kW@3500rpm
Max Torque360Nm@1500-2750rpm
Country of ManufactureJapan
Manufacturer Warranty5 year(s)
Release dateJan 2016
Discontinuation dateDec 2018
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