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Mitsubishi Delica

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MK4 (1994-2007) and MK5 (2007-Present)
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My car is actually 1994 super exceed but I didn't think I needed to add another product.
Everything electrical and a lot of room to move around. You can take up to 7 ppl in comfort.
I like the auto light feature and looking down on ppl in other car(I obviously have self-esteem problem, lol). It's so spacious, we took out the back seat and made a bed and go camping and looked out the stars through crystal roof at night.
However, the dealers/importers put cheap tyres and batteries. Anything breaks, it can cost you fair amount of money and time to get parts. But it cost much less to buy comparing to similar featured 4wd and much lower km on it. Overall, it would still cost less after fixing the usual fault and you got the better car. I love the car and everyone in my family does. You can't get the better with the price.
Comportable, big, modern, safe and 4wd.
Being an imported car when things break down, it might cost you a bit and take a while to get parts. It doesn't hold the value much when you sell.

BadgeSuper Exceed


Most useful, comfortable, versatile car we've ever had. If only it came in a lowe more fuel efficient version.
Fits us, the grandparents and the three kids. With plenty of leg room for all. Excellent visibility. Good mileage on the highway.
Thirsty around town.Can't fit in to car parks with low clearance. 2100mm is as low as it can go.

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Hey any tips on how to convert my delica 1997 deisel turbo 2.8 auto convert to a v8? What v8 will fit
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so what do people think or have experienced with the gas engine models? DM 2002 Mitsubishi Delica
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Hello paul My delica 1996 2.8 deisel running and stop and re start a few time in a day running in city but hightway ok what is the issue? thanks
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