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Mitsubishi Electric MR-EX562W-N-A (562L, Platinum Light)

Mitsubishi Electric MR-EX562W-N-A (562L, Platinum Light) Questions & Answers

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Hello, I am in queensland, I know this fridge is discontinued, but do you know of any store that might have one for sale?
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Hi All, Just got the EX-574-X-N-A multi-drawers. It's been plugged in since 8:30am - but still can't see any ice being made... I've press the panel and selected rapid ice making - YES - but still nothing... How long do I need to wait? Thanks
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Hi, It takes 4 to 5 hours after first starting operation for the refrigerator to cool and 24 hours or more in summer to make ice. Is the ice making setting for the ice making compartment set to “STOP”? Cancel the "STOP" ice making mode. See Page 17 If the ice making compartment is set to Power Saving Mode, cancel Power Saving Mode. Set to "REG" or "QCK" See page 24 of your manual. As it has been a few days, you should have ice by now. If not please get in touch with our Technical Support team on 1300 651 808. Regards, Mitsubishi Electric Australia SupportHi M.E Australia Support, All good! Thanks for getting back. Love the fridge. Cheers,

I am keen on the 574 L model after seeing positive reviews about the model 562 that the 574 has replaced). I have seen the fridge at retailers and like it. The issue is that my current fridge cavity can accomodate the fridge height (1696 + 25 clearance at top) but read that there is an adjustable support cover to be inserted at bottom of the fridge. I am not clear if this increases the overall height of the fridge? Can someone confirm how much height I should be looking at post installation?
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Hi Asehagl, Thank you for your considering our MR-EX574 refrigerator. The leg cover is just there to cover/hide the legs of the fridge, it doesn't affect the height of the fridge. Hope this helps!

The doors are not alarming. And the ice maker is not making ice. Any ideas?
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If it was working but now is not working then it might be that the ice is stacked high at the back where the ice height sensor is located. Try opening the drawer and bringing all the ice forward.

Hi I have a MR-EX562W for 6 months and most of the time in the fridge section the fresh food is not making its used by date. Also the food really is not cold enough. There is no colder dial to make is cooler. Please help? Thanks Regards Mitch
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Hi Mitch, Please give our Customer Care team a call on 1300 651 808 to discuss your refrigeration issue. Regards, Mitsubishi Electric Australia Support

had one for less then a month so far so good, living up to my high expectations based on reputation and$$ factor, one query though when fridge was installed they left a small foam sheet in bottom f ice tray is this just packing or is it supposed to be there i thought maybe its there to absorb the noise of ice falling not sure ?? if any can advise :)
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Hi bgs, You are correct, the sheet is there to minimise the noise of the ice cubes falling. (For reference see page 12 of the instruction manual) KevIt is just packaging. Throw away. Enjoy your fridge

Question about the ice maker. Is the ice making fully automated?. From every I have read it is, but the sales person @ E&S said you have manually flip the ice holders to get the ice into the bucket. Doesn't sound right but he said he had one of these fridges at home. Can anyone shed some light? Thx
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Hi Chris, Yes the ice maker is fully automated, you don't have to do anything apart from cleaning & filling the water container & turning the ice maker on. Ice cubes magically appear in the ice cube drawer. Hope this helps. KevHi Chris, The ice maker on this model and the larger 655-litre model is automatic as Kev has described. Just keep filling up the water jug and it will keep making ice cubes until the ice drawer is full. Regards, Mitsubishi Electric Australia Support

Can you stick magnets to the front of this fridge?
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Yes magnets do stick to the front of this model just like normal but i believe they dont stick to the larger coloured glass door 743l models.Yes, I can. But I have decided to only have a few on the side and keep the front clear.

I understand it entirely depends on each one's situation. But would you recommend a 562L model for a household of four?
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Hello, yes I would easily recommend this fridge for 4 people. At present we have a fluctuation between 4 to 6 adults.

Hi! Just wondering if anyone has trouble with vegetables freezing in the fruit/vege compartment? Also my soft freeze only seems to be a hard freeze. I've read the manual over and over and setting the fridge correctly but coming up against these issues. Thanks!
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Hi Zoe, when I first got this fridge I was unsure of what to place the veggie crisper on, so I chose medium . But after checking the carrots 2 days later there was ice in the bottom of the container. I changed the setting to low and have not had any problems since. As for soft freeze , it depends on the item frozen. But most things seem to be able to be pulled apart/cut etc. Hope this helpsZoe we never had frozen vegetables, setting as well on low.Hi Zoe, Please give us a call on 1300 651 808 and one of our technical support staff can talk to you about making fine adjustments to the temperature settings, and confirm setting the soft freeze function. Oh, and just on the off chance you might be putting the vegetables in the wrong drawer, the vegetable drawer is the very bottom one, not the second one up from the bottom. Kind regards, Mitsubishi Electric Australia Support

can you fit 2 litre milk cartons and/or soft drink bottles in the door?
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Yes we regularly store 2 to 3 two litre milk cartons , aswell as a wine bottle , soft drinks bottle and a couple of stubbies in the same lower shelf between both doors. Hope that helps.We find 2l plastic milk bottles DONT fit well in the larger door side as its too tight and when taking them out u tend to hit the shelf above it with the bottle as u pull it out. 2 will fit in the smaller door side(one behind the other)and is easy to access from there. We store all drinks on the highest shelve lying down with the shelve pushed back to half size and cans stay in the soft freeze draw at perfect drinking temp for me! Maybe trial it at the store first? Hope it works out for you either way :)We have not trouble to fit one 2 liter milk bottle in the big door at the wide section of the shelf.

I am looking at buying either the 562 or 655 and cannot decide. Love the energy rating, added freezer space compared with similar sized 2 door fridge. We are a family of 4 - will I regret the smaller model? Physical Size of fridge is not the issue, more the additional cost. Also I was surprised and disappointed that Harvey Norman will not price match online price ($1000 difference!). They only stock the larger Mahogany model at my local store. So it's hard to work out what the Platinum really looks like and do a size comparison on the 2 smaller models. They don't even tell you about the benefits of this fridge and pushed me toward other models. Any feedback and help would be appreciated.
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Hi, I bought the 562 platinum model, as I have a small space (apartment living). I didn't see the mahogany version. It's a very mod looking fridge, and almost everyone that's seen mine likes the look... I think it's beautiful I have the 655, great fridge. It is in the platinum, we looked at both the 655 and the larger size. You wont regret the larger size or 655 for family. Check with some other suppliers. We bought ours from leading edge saved a $1000+. Bing Lea are fairly cheap as well. Buy at end if month they want sales then if you go with HNorman.3 adults and I child family here. We got the 562 (as the 655 was a tad taller and did not fit in the dedicated fridge cabinet space in our kitchen). At first glance it looked much smaller than our old F&P 519 litre. But we were pleasantly surprised this was much more spacious! Because of the dedicated spaces for fruit/veg, ice, eggs, milk, juice, drinks , etc, it pretty much leaves the fridge section shelves empty for us. We find it has more than space for us. (although I still need to figure out how to use the versa drawer more effectively) Btw, we got Bing Lee to price match 2nds World over the phone. Also, if I had the space and didn't have to go over my budget, I would've bought the 655 as you never now when you might need the extra space :)

What's the best way to store fresh carrots to maintain their crispness? Loose or in a sealed bag or container? In the veggie drawer or the body of the fridge?
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My wife leaves them in the plastic bag. But if you cut them up put in a clip lock container or a self seal bag. Hope this helpsThanks, Grumps. In the veggie drawer?I've tried every available setting for the veggie drawer but still have problems with veggies wilting. Carrots go soft in just a couple of days, quicker than those left outside the fridge on the kitchen counter amd quicker than those kept in the body of the fridge. Am I doing something wrong or is a design flaw in the fridge?

Sandy above mentioned this/her fridge has "a turn table at the top of the fridge for condiments." None of the fridges I've looked at (smaller or larger) have this turntable. Does anyone know about this feature? Is it an optional extra?
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You are referring to an older model the MR-E62S,

I'm curious about people's fridge cavity. I've just had a new kitchen built, not taking into consideration the fridge size (not having a fridge), so my cavity is H1821xW1000xD600. I do have a 700mm wall on one side. I'm keen on buying this fridge because of the great reviews but worry that it is not the ideal size for my space. The height is fine but not enough depth and too much width. Would it look ridiculous? How does it sit in other people's kitchens?
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You would be better off with a fridge that fits.Hight or depth was not an issue for us although we had gap that won't fit most of big fridges, this one fits with issue and looks fine, it's relatively taller size doesn't compromise looksUp to how you want things to look. You could put it to one side and use the other for storage (broom, bin, etc). Put it in the middle with smaller gaps on each side. Grab some cardboard boxes and do a mock up and see how it looks. It's hard to go past this fridge.

What is the difference between the MR-EX562 and the 655?
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As far as I know just the size and colours available. The 562 (litres) is only available in Platinum Light which is a stainless steel style colour but the bigger 665 ( litres ) is also available in white - which a friend of mine has just bought.Size, number of shelves, space in the door pockets, special light in the vegetable compartment of the 655 that keeps the vegetables fresher for longer. The brochure from Mitsubishi which you can get online or at your local Harvey Norman has a table that compares the two models. If you have the space get the 655, if not then go for the 562. I believe they only come in one colour. It is the larger MR-WX743Y which comes in while or Dark Mahogany. We are loving our 655.My 562 also has the special light to keep veggies fresher longer. I think its standard on these two models.

How to stop the blue key symbol from flashing?
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Never seen it. Sounds like the child lock. Check your manual I'd say.Also never seen it. Check the manual or see if you can get an answer from Mitsubishi.Page 31 of manual - Cancel Child Safety Lock. Don't have fridge yet, reading reviews and researching.

Where do I put fresh vegetables?
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Vegetables and fruit go into the bottom drawer. There is a large section to the rear with a shallower shelf on top (perfect for fruit) which slides back to access the large area underneath. The front section is wide (L to R) and deep - great for celery and other long items. The second drawer from the bottom is the freezer, which is similar to the veg drawer including sliding shelf for small & flat items.

I am concerned the measurements seem odd for the size of the MR-EX562W is it really only 685mm wide and 1691 tall as how do they fit it? Can someone use a tape measure and report back. Frauke
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Yes, Frauke, the measurements are correct. I have limited space so this was important for me. This fridge is smaller in every outside dimension than my old fridge but holds more. It is perfect, silent and worth the extra dollars. I bought mine from Fridge and Washer City for a much better price than recommended retail. Very happy.

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