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Mitsubishi Electric MR-EX562W-N-A (562L, Platinum Light)

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4.7 from 69 reviews

This is the best fridge I have ever owned.

This fridge is so quiet you can not hear it operating. The temperatures in all compartments are exact. It is also easier than most to clean. The design is excellent with a combination of drawers and doors. I would without doubt buy this product again. Good warranty and that comfort of being made in Japan

Date PurchasedFeb 2017

Great price and does the job well

I wasn't sure about buying a Mitsubishi fridge as I've always had Kalvinator, but the price was brilliant and came with a 5 year warranty which couldn't be beaten. It's a nice quiet fridge and has never had an issue. I would recommend you have a look at one if you're in the market for a new fridge.

Date PurchasedFeb 2016

Amazing design and efficiency

This is the best refrigerator/freezer I've ever purchased. Versatile in design, so many user friendly capabilities and very good on space. The fridge section at the top is small enough for day to day things and the big pull out drawer below offers more space for food and drinks.
the ice maker is THE BEST !!
So if you're looking for an amazing fridge packed with so much convenience - think no more!

Date PurchasedOct 2016

Absolutely best fridge freezer I have ever had. Pay more and get so much more than other comparable

I had to find a fridge to fit the space of our previous Westinghouse 2 door 606lt model fridge. New model was much bigger in external size and would not fit cavity space. Doing my research I found the Mitsubishi 562 lt model. It does everything it's specifications says and also other reviewers have found. My husband was sceptical on paying so much more than our previous budget ( $1500-1800) but now would not give it up. Loves the ice cube maker, which has no need to be plumbed in. A big plus. Have gotten use to the freezer and vege drawer. Just meant we had to pack differently. Easy to use adjustments on front door panel digital controls. Motor is very quiet. I cannot tell when it is running. Our Westinghouse use to wheeze and rattle when turning off, and also could not maintain fridge temps. My meat now lasts so much longer in its meat drawer. Especially chicken which is easy to go off if not maintained at a low temp. Having the milk and bottle in the door means less cool air escaping. Very strong hinges on fridge doors means weight in doors is not an issue. RRP at most large retailers is $3200-3400 without delivery. However I got online for price quotes and found most cheaper prices were in Sydney and Melbourne. We live in a country town an hour from Brisbane CBD, so delivery and removal of our annoying crappy Westinghouse was a necessity. Up pops RT Edwards with a price if $1800 plus a small delivery fee and removal of old fridge. Bought it online, had a phone call within 24 hours to say it was currently not in stock in Brisbane as it was a new product line. Advised it would be 7 days and the would keep us informed. Yes they did follow up exactly as promised and delivered as promised at the appointed time with a phone call an hour before hand. Old fridge taken away. Plugged in our new beautiful fridge and never looked back. Only issue is I put 4 cans of coke in small freezer drawer and forgot them!!! Crash, bang in middle of night and when I realised the next day it was a long clean up. Actually easy to clean inside as seamless casing and the coke had frozen so easier to remove than wet coke. So freezer drawer does what it says and is adjustable in temps if you want to use it for a different purpose. Great for chilling drink cans, wine, beer or cooling food. Easy wipe down outside surface with warm soapy water and towel dry. Absolutely best investment we have ever made. Oh, walls on the fridge are thinner than other fridges so you get more inside space than comparable products for the cavity space. So pay the extra, and smile at the best fridge I have had. Can recommend RT Edwards also for price and excellent customer service.

Date PurchasedNov 2016
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Oops, just re-read my review and realised I made a typo error in price. Got it for $2800 (not $1800) plus delivery. My apologies.

So far....So good....

This really is some Fridge....It is so quiet, almost silent.
All the different compartments are functioning as they are supposed to.
I have the Mahogany colour, which is set with a mirror reflection, so, if I need to find a negative, here it is...It holds the smudges and finger prints on the main French doors. A small issue, which can be wiped occasionally away.
An EXCELLENT purchase.
Well designed, made in Japan.
A quality product, with a 5 year warranty.
A VERY easy 5 Star rating.
YES.....I am a VERY happy customer, to date.

Date PurchasedFeb 2017

The design really makes sense

Didn't have a great impression of the Mitsubishi brand because of a very random personal reason, but this fridge changed me.
Got this fridge when we moved into our new place as our old fridge didn't fit, so we really wasn't looking for something this 'high end'. When I first saw this fridge, I laughed at it as there are 4 drawers and looked like a Transformer, but the salesperson at Seconds World was very informative and explain IN DETAILS on why this fridge is good and we really didn't regret getting it.
The design is amazing and every part of it made sense. This fridge comes in 3 sizes, I would consider the small one (which I have now) or the biggest one, which from memory is 7xxL. If you have enough space, get the big one, the shelves would be glass instead of plastic.

Date PurchasedNov 2015

perfect choice

It took a while to finally decide on the purchase of this fridge; it appeared to be quite expensive for the size however it was one of only a few which would fit into our existing space within the kitchen. After much shopping around for the best price, a purchase was made and it was a fantastic decision! The sections within the fridge are perfect. Everything fits well and it must be the must efficient use of space ever. I love having a large crisper with easy access to fruit and vegetables. There is much less wastage than before as all spaces within the fridge can easily be seen and food is less likely to be forgotten. The fridge is a very quiet unit, I really never notice any noise from it. It looks modern and is very easy to keep clean. The one section of the fridge which I doubted we would ever use was the ice compartment..... it has never stopped being used! Such a useful section especially during a hot summer.
For our family of two adults and two teenagers, this fridge has made a perfect purchase.

Date PurchasedDec 2016

Very Quiet Fridge.

You pay for what you get.
I doubt this fridge sells many units, but it would be one of the best fridges you can get.
It is ideal for an apartment because it is so quiet. The hum of my apartment AC is louder than this machine.
If you have an obsession with quiet machines (e.g.: washing/dryer and air conditioners), consider this machine.

Really appreciate the design, it has seperate compartments for fruit/veges, frozen items and meat.
It can keep a banana fresher than I would consider normal.
It does not "freeze" vegetables when they are in the vegetable cabinet.

The shelfs are nicely sized.
Shelf are adjustable in height and very high quality.
562L model is more than enough for 2 people.
Plumbing free ice maker (which I use surprisingly often).
5 year warranty - Don't think many fridges offers this kind of support, would be interesting to see when the years role by what Mitsubishi offers on support.

Expensive, you would be paying a pretty penny for this one.
Computer can be a little slow when selecting the modes, maybe a little to many modes to choose from (e.g: to many 'clicks' to select a setting).

Date PurchasedApr 2016

Excellent Fridge

Replaced 29 year old Fisher Pykel when it gave up the ghost. Was not intending to spend this much on a replacement , however once I took Hubby with me and he wanted to look at all the fridges this was his preferred choice. I love the ice maker and quick chill , no need to have water plumbed to fridge so that is a bonus. Vegetable compartment is excellent and large keeps food fresh. Fridge maintains excellent temperature this stay fresh long after best before dates . Very quite and excellent energy efficiency . Huge advancements in energy efficiency in 29 years . I don't freeze a lot of food cook fresh so could be only downside for someone looking to freeze a lot of food, otherwise cant fault it

Date PurchasedDec 2014

Great fridge

makes ice like a breeze; much better option than chilled water as it chills easily twice as much. The fridge is quiet, like a silent sentinel watching over my kitchen. All the separate compartments are terrific and space effective; the veggies are always crisp and fresh. There are so, so many pro's and I can't think of one negative

Date PurchasedNov 2016

Good fridge

Had for almost a year no problem. The drawer structure is good, ice tray really convenient. It could be a little small for a family but for me it's perfect. Only problem is getting a case of beer into it, you end up using the crisper. It does easily take a large pizza box though. Otherwise quiet and good build quality.

Date PurchasedJun 2016

the best fridge i have ever had

good temperature in all compartments. very good organisation. very good space efficiency. can barely hear any noise. the versatile compartment is so useful that i can keep food there and cook them whenever i want with no need to defrost like i used to do before. the icemaker is awesome too. fruits and veggies are kept fresh in the freezer for a long period of time.

Date PurchasedFeb 2017

We fell in love with this refrigerator!

We have limited size cavity for the refrigerator, but we wanted a 2 doors one and this refrigerator appeared like a magical solution: it is 562L capacity and fits freely into the place for it because it has thinner walls due to the new technology. It has digital control panel with many adjustments including economy regime ( It has 3.5 stars energy consumption level by default), internal ice maker (no need for extra plumbing), deep freezer drawer and additional light freezer, which can be adjusted to become a deep freezer too if needed. Vegetable compartment keeps vegetable moist, so they last longer. It has 5 years warranty. Although we exceeded our planned expence by about 1/3, no regrets, we are happy every time we come to use it.

Date PurchasedDec 2016

So far so good

We bought the MREX562 fridge 2weeks ago & so far, are very happy with it. It is quiet, it keeps temperatures accurately (my fridge thermometer has never had it so good). It's ice maker is an unexpected pleasure: we have a water filter so we're happy not to have to plumb water to the fridge. The freezer is smaller than my old one, but the versa drawer makes up for it. The French doors are thick & take a bit of getting used to, with double thickness shelves which only fit a 2 or 3L milk bottle behind other jars.

We don't like the colour, would prefer white or s/steel, but in the small size it only comes in the brownish Platinum. Ourbuilt-in cupboard space is only 1710mm high, so we didn't have a lot of choice in fridges anyway.

The old upside down Westinghouse was 410L & still working fine (gone to friends holiday house). We wanted something energy efficient & interesting: French doors, freezer drawers & if possible, a bit bigger. the Mitsi is 3.5 stars & 560L, it offers what we were after in a compact & efficient package.

April 7th, 2017 Update: Veg Drawer disappointing

Further to my earlier review, we are happy with the ice maker, fridge space (although 2litre milk carton is tight squeeze behind a double shelf in the door) It's quiet, easy to clean but the veg drawer should be where the freezer drawer is & definitely the engineering needs to be improved to keep fruit & veg Fresh!!

Date PurchasedFeb 2017
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To update my earlier review, the Vegetable drawer is very disappointing. Certain veg go soft within days (carrots zucchini etc). Storing loosely in plastic bags is messy & unreliable. The designers need to totally rethink the veg drawer & swap its location with the freezer drawer which gets less use. Till this issue is resolved, 2 2.5 stars.

After 2 years ownership

I'm still impressed with the overall quality of the build. It is not a finger print magnet. Very quiet although I can hear it murmuring away as I type! Ice maker works well and is easy to refill. The fridge is very easy to keep clean - much easier than the traditional 2 door fridges I've previously owned.

Typically my freezer and versa drawers are 90 - 95 % full, the veggie drawers are 35 % full, the door shelves are 75 % full. The fridge compartment is usually 70 % empty.

If the fridge compartment was 20% smaller and the freezer capacity increased whilst keeping the overall 562 L then I would award 6 stars rather than 5.

My cousin recently bought the 655 L model. She freezes a lot of home grown fruit and is not happy with the freezer size but is otherwise very pleased with her purchase. Being vertically challenged she can't use the top shelf of the fridge so that is reserved for her husband's use.

Date PurchasedFeb 2015

Terrible Cooling, sending food rotten, non existent customer service from Mitsubishi.

I am an extremely unhappy customer, as the fridge is not even 6 months old! I have been trying to contact and get a straight answer out of Mitsubishi 5 times by email and once by phone, they have only called on one occasion and promised to call back...still waiting over a day later! Mitsubishi customer service is non existent from what I have encountered, which is appalling! After 5 emails and one phone call to Mitsubishi, and 1 email and 45 phone calls to and from the Retailer, if I wanted to get the fridge serviced it would take at least a week and several phone calls to even manage that. DO NOT BUY THIS FRIDGE if you live in a warm climate whatsoever like Far North Queensland, as it does not cool adequately whatsoever and I don't think it would even cope with Victoria's odd 30 to 40 degree days. I have lost over $80 worth of meat alone in the last fortnight, not including all the fruit and vegetables, cream, cheese, milk and other condiments such as salad dressing, or the other meat I have found rancid in the past 5 months. Just found the whipping cream with mould in it yet again, and this is the second time in just over a week, yet cream is still within use by date? Does not cool adequately enough even on highest (H) settings for entire fridge. Freezer and versa draw is the only thing that works ok. Vegetables are not really cold, full of condensation/water, and go mouldy within 2 days, yet fridge is not set to moisture setting and set on high yet again. I have found Black Mould inside the water container for the icemaker, even though it only gets lifted out and filled with bottled spring-water and immediately replaced within seconds. Needless to say Fridge is not at all power saving when it has to be set to high, and still does not keep icy cold, only barely chilled. I have found at least 5 bad reviews on this model, 4 of which involve cooling problems, I just wish I had of seen the other reviews BEFORE purchasing :( I would consider another model, but not this one!!!

Date PurchasedAug 2016
That should have read 4 to 5 phone calls to and from the Retailer, not 45!! I have since had 1 email from Mitsubishi, and thankfully we have a fair, honest and helpful Manager at the Retailer we bought from....we will wait and see. Looks like we will have to spend extra money yet again, and have it swapped to the much larger and hopefully much more powerful and cooler 743l which appears to have excellent reviews....just wish we had of seen the bad reviews on this particular model first. We would never have considered buying a fridge that may have cooling problems when we live in a tropical area. Mitsubishi really do need to look at rectifying this model, as it gives ALL of these fridges a bad name. When I added up the Food Wastage of Meats, Dairy, Fruits and Vegetables it came to over $180 in the last fortnight, so our mistake in buying this fridge has cost us thousands of dollars in waste food in the past 5 months, and being retired due to disability this is money that we can least afford. We are still very disappointed and angry about Mitsubishi's lack of Customer Service, lack of care and follow up, if it weren't for the Retailer we would be buying another brand entirely.Finally I am writing an update as I wanted to ensure that we are happy with the cooling of the new fridge we purchased. Mitsubishi themselves showed us no customer service whatsoever, luckily our retailer Betta Electrical Tully did the right thing by us. We paid the extra money and purchased the Mitsubishi Electric MR-WX743Y instead and are so much happier with the cooling and even the design as the meat tray is a blessing and the ice cube dispenser is also better in this model. I will put a further review about the 743l model as it is 100% better than this model and I would happily recommend the Mitsubishi Electric MR-WX743Y and Betta Electrical Tully.

What's a fridge for?

I thought I knew! Just needs to keep stuff cool.
This fridge changed that idea. It's about storage,access and variable temperature, oh and the convenience of having ice on demand.
The 3 sectors of this fridge include a top shelf standard door with two drawers for easy access.
The door fridge keeps stuff cool and more, it gives a range of shelf configurations to maximise visibility and storage. It's easy to alter to take your latest purchases. No size can't be accommodated. The drawer can be used to store discrete or alternative temperature goods. I use mine
For meat and short term storage.
The seperate vegetable drawer has 2 compartments to seperate fruit and veg keeping each in its preferred temperature zone for maximum length
of storage.
The Frezer drawer is not large but has enough room nod with the included hideaway drawer enough access to make this freezer a practical and easily accessible storage.
With the ice block maker providing a luxurious addition you can have unlimited ice for those long hot summers that are becoming more prevalent.
Yep . I didnt know shit about fridges until my friend insisted on it coz he wanted a red one.
I hope he doesn't want a new car soon. Probably want a red Ferrari.

Date PurchasedDec 2016


Purchased the fridge 2 weeks ago and am very happy with it so far. Even though the size is smaller than our previous fridge we are able to fit much more into the fridge due to the efficient design. Ice making drawer is particularly handy. Able to store extra milk in vegetable drawer as the door isn't large enough to hold more than one 3 litre bottle. Very quiet. Overall, would recommend the Mitusubish MR-EX562.

Date PurchasedJan 2017

Energy Efficiency

I don't normally take time to write reviews unless it's a complaint...:),
I've had this fridge for just under 12 months and no problems or complaints yet.
Looks great and the surface is Very Easy to clean (messy little fingers ) on the outside and to keep food neat inside due to separate compartments. Was the best option for us: modern fridge that fits space originally designed for old model smaller fridge. (Not much on the market) The size however is deceptive as it is deep and can fit a lot! yet keep everything within reach and organized.
You can program each compartment with a digital panel that lights up/ appears on the door: you have an option to 'cool off the shopping' make ice rapidly, convert a section of a freezer to soft-freeze compartment or st a temperature to a desired level in any of the compartments.
This fridge is made in Japan, so hopefully will last ...

Date PurchasedApr 2016

Nice fridge

It's a nice fridge and even like the ice maker as well as the small side freezer but the fridge could do with more shelves. Overall the fridge is quite and the adjustable shelve is great. It maintains temperature but the crisper could keep the fruit longer but maybe we are still trying to get used to the fridge

Date PurchasedOct 2016

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Questions & Answers

Hello, I am in queensland, I know this fridge is discontinued, but do you know of any store that might have one for sale?
No answers

Hi All, Just got the EX-574-X-N-A multi-drawers. It's been plugged in since 8:30am - but still can't see any ice being made... I've press the panel and selected rapid ice making - YES - but still nothing... How long do I need to wait? Thanks
2 answers
Hi, It takes 4 to 5 hours after first starting operation for the refrigerator to cool and 24 hours or more in summer to make ice. Is the ice making setting for the ice making compartment set to “STOP”? Cancel the "STOP" ice making mode. See Page 17 If the ice making compartment is set to Power Saving Mode, cancel Power Saving Mode. Set to "REG" or "QCK" See page 24 of your manual. As it has been a few days, you should have ice by now. If not please get in touch with our Technical Support team on 1300 651 808. Regards, Mitsubishi Electric Australia SupportHi M.E Australia Support, All good! Thanks for getting back. Love the fridge. Cheers,

I am keen on the 574 L model after seeing positive reviews about the model 562 that the 574 has replaced). I have seen the fridge at retailers and like it. The issue is that my current fridge cavity can accomodate the fridge height (1696 + 25 clearance at top) but read that there is an adjustable support cover to be inserted at bottom of the fridge. I am not clear if this increases the overall height of the fridge? Can someone confirm how much height I should be looking at post installation?
1 answer
Hi Asehagl, Thank you for your considering our MR-EX574 refrigerator. The leg cover is just there to cover/hide the legs of the fridge, it doesn't affect the height of the fridge. Hope this helps!


MR-EX562W-N-A (562L, Platinum Light)
Price (RRP) $3896
Energy Rating3.5Stars
Fridge Capacity253L
Freezer Capacity118L
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