Looks amazing, very quiet, love the ice maker, and the versa draw is handy, very unusual to have the vegetables at the bottom draw but getting used to it.
However you need a degree to be able to work it out, and keep it on the temperature you want, but the after sales support is good, they try.
It was expensive and for that sort of money, a light in the fridge/ freezer would have been nice !! I suppose we expected it to deliver the promises of the sales hype, which was a fridge that goes the extra mile, a fridge that it keeps the veg and fruit fresher than other fridges. We have thrown out more food in the past 18 months than we have in the past 18 years with our Samsung fridge.

Date PurchasedMay 2016

Beautiful and stylish

My sister just installed a new kitchen inspired by this beautiful fridge its the talking piece everytime Its quiet food looks fresher than ever and it practically cleans itself. She has made a great choice im inspired now to go and buy myself the same fridge for xmas cant wait

Date PurchasedOct 2017

Amazing Fridge

The look of the fridge is a little odd but functionality, space and performance are fabulous.
The fridge has a compartment for everything and when you adjust your practice and put things where they belong it works really well.
It's quiet and apart every now and then you hear the ice fall into the compartment that provides regular ice. You need to regularly fill a jug with water that sits in the main fridge compartment. An easy task.
The main compartment has french doors that each have double bottle compartments in the doors. The main body of the fridge allows for large pots and cakes to be placed within it and it has a push back shelf as well as an adjustable shelf that raises and lowers.
The freezer is located in the second bottom compartment so you don't need to bend down. You also have a double shelf within the freezer that makes locating items easy.
I love the vegetable crisper because it's large and has a second shelf as well as keeps food dry so they don't rot.
In the central compartment is a mini freezer section which is handy for foods that don't need to freeze rock hard.
The space I had to fit a fridge in wouldn't fit most large volume fridges but this fridge has a special cooling system that allows for less thick walls so it fit within the space I had rather than go down in capacity to a 400 ltr fridge. I highly recommend this fridge.

Date PurchasedAug 2015

Perfectly Designed Fridge. Fantastic after sales support

We looked at getting the best fridge at any price, looking to own the fridge for more than 10 years. Our prior fridge lasted 15 years. Out of all the difference models (Japanese, Korean, German, Chinese), this particular series of Mitsubishi was the best because of the thoughtfulness of its design, long warranty (10 year) and high reliability (All Japanese made) from the high volume of positive reviews. Post-purchase, the customer support has been fantastic.

I'll touch on the design and after sales support.

1. Thoughtful Design

More and more, our family seek products where the designers and engineers have thought carefully about how the product will be used and how it will make the customer happy in small ways every day. This is definitely one of those products where you can see the attention and care put in my the designers.

Although the fridge is small, it has highly efficiency volume utilisation. I knew this in theory before I bought the fridge, but still, was a little concerned that since it was smaller than our old fridge, we may run into issues. I was wrong. The 562l is accurate. We have a family of 4. The main fridge is never fully packed and the invariable 3 to 4 bottles of 2litre milk, juice etc. is able to be stored in the vegetable drawer - which should be set to the coldest setting (H) if used to store milk. The adjustable fridge trays seems like a small thing, but they enable dead shelf space to be eliminated. Very innovative.

The versa tray is able to freeze as normal, or slightly less frozen. It is meant to be used for storing meats for imminent use, but we use it for ice-cream - which is always ready to scoop. This means we can set the larger freezer drawer to a deep freeze for bulk meat purchases.

The fridge is very quiet as other reviewers have pointed out.

People have asked about the colour - it looked much wamer in the showroom than it does in my kitchen. In my kitchen it simply looks like a stainless steel appliances. It is coated, so does not pick up kids fingerprints.

2. After sales support

We bought the fridge on sale from Harvey Norman (display model). Some parts were missing on delivery and once we started using the fridge, we realised that the ice-maker was not working. On closer inspection, it was clear that there were missing parts in the ice making mechanism. On calling Mitsubishi customer care, Teresa in particular was helpful in sending out a technician to assess th problem. Missing parts were identified and Peter, from the WA Mitsubishi office was prompt in call me to advise that replacement parts for the fridge had been ordered. All in all, terrific support and very satisfied with their responsiveness.

I hope Mitsubishi continue to sell and support this premium series in Australia. In 15-20 years, if required, this fridge will be replaced by another Mitsubishi because of Thoughtful Design and Exceptional After Sales Care.

Date PurchasedSep 2017

100% Love this fridge - no regrets

This fridge is super quiet - you can't hear it running at all (I have it positioned in an open plan kitchen/living room and was really worried about noise after hearing an Electrolux plugged in at the store which had a high pitched squeal - the Mitsubishi is almost silent by comparison). The functionality of the fridge takes some getting used to in that there are a number of specialised compartments (you have to put your food in the drawer that's most suitable) but the up side to this is that your food will be kept in peak freshness for so much longer. The fridge is far more spacious than the outside reveals - the versa drawer is amazing for freezing food like meat and fruit etc without it getting freezer burn or that 'defrosted taste'. The vegetable compartment is excellent (I would suggest putting your carrots and similar up top in the main fridge section - they do better without the humidity of the bottom drawer). The ice machine is quick and easy - it uses a fully removable tank that can easily be sanitized (unlike permanent connected pipes and tanks which can't be cleaned once they get that 'plastic' 'mildewy' smell). The control panel is quick and easy to operate and the lighting inside is great. I would not buy another brand of fridge after having owned this fridge - it is truly worth the money.

Date PurchasedAug 2017

Spaces for everything.

We have had this fridge for 1.5yrs. Best decision purchasing this. Compartments for everything, The soft freezer is incredible, breads, meats all stay fresh & soft. It's quiet, easy to clean, multizoned chilling. Every drawer is functional, practical & fits a mammoth amount of food, (family of 6) looks classy in kitchen. I get compliments every time. I would buy this fridge again in a heartbeat.

Date PurchasedMay 2015

Love it!

This fridge is worth every cent! It's super quiet, even when making and emptying the ice tray due to the noise reducing mat in the ice drawer, and the temperature control for every compartment works amazingly. The touch panel is easy to use and the finish doesn't show up fingerprints and is easy to clean. Particularly love the verso freezer and completely separate drawer for fruit and veggies.

Date PurchasedJan 2017

I absolutely adore this fridge...

"I love this fridge" is a statement you can hear me uttering to myself almost daily. Just when you think you couldn't possibly fit in anything else, a quick (and I mean quick — like, seconds) rearrange of the shelving height and/or depth and voila!... it gobbles up a monstrous party platter and a three-tiered birthday cake. Fabulous for entertaining.

It is whisper quiet (wish I could say the same about my dishwasher) and is super energy efficient. The only time it ever makes a peep is when the ice drops into the ice drawer. I love the extra mini freezer drawer, too — great for quickly cooling a hot dish you want to pop in the fridge without bringing up the temperature and spoiling everything else around it. All the drawers and shelves easily pop out for a soapy clean.

I literally have nothing negative to say about this wondrous contraption — which is absolutely remarkable after nearly 4 years of ownership. One very happy chappy here.

Date PurchasedDec 2013

Premium product - we LOVE our fridge!!

We purchased this fridge almost 3 years ago so I feel it's definitely time for a review. We didn't even think of spending the money or considering Mitsubishi - but this is well worth the investment.

We have a small kitchen so we purchased the MR-EX562, and this fridge is unbelievably roomy, yet compact. It's well designed and so functional. There is a place for everything. The ice maker is a dream to use, and no need for plumbing - just refill the tank and you'll have ice in hours (or even shorter as there is a dedicated setting).

it's an extremely quiet fridge, something that took us awhile to get used to - you might only hear the ice being made it's comparable to a quiet knock :) It's an easy fridge to clean and I especially love the light in the fridge, it makes everything look so clean and crisp!

The soft freeze can be converted into a full freeze but we love having the option of putting things we plan on cooking later in the week in soft freeze so it frees up space in the main freezer.

I could go on and on (and it's just a fridge, but honestly!!), but t you DON'T want to scrimp on a fridge or have to deal with repairs. The reviews speak for themselves. Compare this to Samsung or any other brand and it's a no brainer. Spend the extra money and have a fridge that is reliable, energy efficient and ticks all the boxes. Just a note though - make sure if you are purchasing any Mitsubishi fridge, make sure you get the ones manufactured in Japan.

Date PurchasedDec 2014

Perfect Size

This fridge has an amazing capacity for storage and use. The temp control is great, the ice making is fantastic and actually works and the multi use soft freeze compartment can be used as additional freezing. Vegetables last longer in the crisper draw as well. Can't hear it working and is beautifully finished.

Date PurchasedJan 2017

This product is perfectly suitable for my new house.

This fridge is perfectly designed for not big area but can lodge a lot of stuff inside it I love it and it suits my new kitchen
I had the big side by side fridge before and it was too hard to locate in different houses and find enough space for that in kitchen.

Date PurchasedFeb 2017

Very clever design - wish I have bought it earlier

This is the only fridge I can find at this capacity with so many functional compartments that is under 1700mm tall to fit in my old fridge space in the kitchen. The vegetables drawer is spacious to hold weekly vegetables and fruits for a family of four and maintains their freshness and moisture. The front of the drawer can hold extra 2L fruit juices or milk when the top fridge runs out of space. The sliding trays in both the vegetables drawer and freezer drawer provide extra space for fruits, herbs and bread or frozen meals. Making ice is easy and can be rapidly made in less than 30 minutes. The soft freeze compartment is good for use to keep meat for tonight's dinner or set to provide extra freezer space. With all the above compartments in full use, it leaves much more rooms for me to store even a 4lb cake in the fridge. Soft cheese, yoghurt and butter are all safely separated from other items... Loving this fridge more everyday since I got it five months ago. It is more expensive than other similar capacity fridge in the market. However I have saved much from not wasting any food rotten in my fridge like before.

Date PurchasedFeb 2017


Quiet and performed better than expected. I'm one of those people that spends countless hours researching every purchase. This fridge came highly recommended. I went to a Harvey Norman and had a look. Just what we were after. They've thought of everything. The soft freeze is very handy for meats. Plenty of storage space. Temps are all adjustable and we've never had an issue with fluctuations.It was a lot more expensive than others on the market but it is definitely worth it. GET IT!!!

Date PurchasedAug 2014

best fridge ever

I love this fridge, although it is very expensive compare to other fridge, but it is easy to use and a lot of space to store. it is also easy to clean and the fridge is very quiet. And the vegetable and fruit can keep loner than my previous fridge.

Date PurchasedFeb 2015


Although it is very expensive for me but It's outstanding one,its appearance better than others.and it is big enough for a big family which is a couple and 3 children.the fruits and vegetables put in the fridge is very fresh and they could be hold a long time and not got bad.

Date PurchasedDec 2016

Really good fridge/freezer

It's a really nice fridge/freezer. A lot of much needed space. Really like the large vegetable compartments and the ability to customise separate compartment temperatures. Never had any issues with water leaks / ice forming in the fridge like I did with my previous fridge and has been very good at maintaining temperature. The fridge will actually beep a few times if you keep it open too long.

The fridge is very quiet, the doors also open and close silently.

One negative point; after a few months the ice from the ice dispenser started to have this slightly off taste, even after washing both the compartment and the ice cube tray + the water holder.

Date PurchasedJun 2016

This is the best fridge I have ever owned.

This fridge is so quiet you can not hear it operating. The temperatures in all compartments are exact. It is also easier than most to clean. The design is excellent with a combination of drawers and doors. I would without doubt buy this product again. Good warranty and that comfort of being made in Japan

Date PurchasedFeb 2017

Great price and does the job well

I wasn't sure about buying a Mitsubishi fridge as I've always had Kalvinator, but the price was brilliant and came with a 5 year warranty which couldn't be beaten. It's a nice quiet fridge and has never had an issue. I would recommend you have a look at one if you're in the market for a new fridge.

Date PurchasedFeb 2016

Mitsubishi make excellent fridges!

We bought this fridge after a great deal of research and procrastination due to the price but since having bought it we have had NO regrets. This is a very well designed and made fridge. It is very quiet, very efficient (has a very high efficiency rating), is versatile and easy to clean. I have used a thermometer in all compartments and found that it is very stable and good at keeping the correct temperature, even in our 42 degree summers. We love this fridge!

Date PurchasedAug 2016

Amazing design and efficiency

This is the best refrigerator/freezer I've ever purchased. Versatile in design, so many user friendly capabilities and very good on space. The fridge section at the top is small enough for day to day things and the big pull out drawer below offers more space for food and drinks.
the ice maker is THE BEST !!
So if you're looking for an amazing fridge packed with so much convenience - think no more!

Date PurchasedOct 2016

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warranty period for this unit
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Why is this fridge not able to stand up to high humity. The seals are weak and moisture comes out on the side resulting in the seals going black. I have had the fridge replaced once for this before bad design
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Hi! i was wondering if there is a warranty pertaining to the finish on my fridge? It is showing signs of rust and discolouration appearing under the finish, particularly around the edges of the drawers. thank you
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MR-EX655W-N-A (655L, Platinum Light)MR-EX562W-N-A (562L, Platinum Light)
Energy Rating3.5Stars3.5Stars
Fridge Capacity327L253L
Freezer Capacity131L118L
Price (RRP) $4299$3896

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