So so....

Bought this to replace our 15yo 420L Westinghouse, now keeping the Coopers Ale cold.
What's to like:
Great value for what we paid.
The size in a squat compact configuration; meant we were able to get a bigger fridge into our smallish kitchen.
Big freezer
Ice tray & bin arrangement
Ad medium freezer setting the three trays in about 20 minutes
Bigger veggie crisper. than we had
Deep door shelves

What's not to like:
Fridge is deeper than most, so protrudes a little more into the kitchen space
Lack of shelf adjustment; very poor design IMO-
- can't stand up stubbies or sauce bottles on any of the shelves without sacrificing significant storage space elsewhere
Because it's so deep you often need to bend down and into the fridge space to retrieve stuff from the back of the shelves.
When you do the above, watch yourself; I managed to knock myself out when my head collected the deepish freezer door above.

What worries me;
Other reviews here suggesting the mechanical side of the fridge might not be up to the standard we might expect from Mitsubishi. We shall see

What I won't do
Buy another like it.

Date PurchasedNov 2018

Prefer another brand

After purchasing found out fridge does not have light in freezer which was very disappointing considering our old Mitsubishi fridge had one.Door slams shut each time you use it. Seals are good. Vegetable crisper draw gets jammed. Seems very plastics. Positives are it is very quiet when operating and elegant stainless steel design. Okay for small family or couple. Not good value for money

Date PurchasedNov 2018

Very good Fridge

I have bought this fridge for about 2 Weeks now and I am very happy with its performance.
The Fridge design is very modern.
There is very minimum Noise, the Fridge and Freezer is cold. ( I only set the controller to MID on both).
The Vegetable and Fruits are very crisp and juicy and not soggy.
I can't be happier and recommend it to other people to buy this fridge and the warranty is 5 years.

Date PurchasedDec 2018

Great value

Ive had this fridge for 2.5 years now, and it has functioned perfectly. I love the large size. I particularly like the separate freezer compartment which has been essential with a small baby and for freezing extra meals and stocking up on meat. It also runs very quietly. Great value compared to the more expensive french door fridges out there.

Date PurchasedAug 2015

The worst fridge ever

This fridge was purchased 16 months ago.
It’s been repaired twice already, wait for the repair man once again. The fridge does not get cold enough. My food spoils , I am throwing milk out after 2 days, my cheese goes mouldy, my fruit and veg spoils.
I am over it , this is the worst fridge I have ever had.

Date PurchasedDec 2016


This fridge is amazing!!! It offers so much space and is super quiet. I have also noticed a huge drop in my electricity bill since buying this fridge. It looks amazing also and really compliments my kitchen. The freezer space is also huge!!! I can fit so much in which is perfect for a family.

Date PurchasedAug 2017

Best fridge I've owned yet!

Love the room in freezer and fridge. We are a family of 7 and it suits us perfect. The temperature control is great, we only have the fridge half way so I'd hate to see how cold it gets on full ball. When you first turn it on it's loud but once it's cooled and settled it's quiet as.

Date PurchasedFeb 2017

Very quiet fridge

Bought this MR560E last year and been using it for 10 months now. It's so quiet that you won't hear a sound even when the compressor is running. We do the cleaning roughly once in three months time and it's a simple task since the shelves can be easily removed. The 178 litre Freezer Compartment is large enough to store the meat for a week. Very happy with it.

Date PurchasedAug 2016

only a few things I would change

This is a very good looking fridge for a bargain price under $900 it was the last one on the floor at Harvey Norman .Its quite you can put a lot of stuff in the shelves on the door.It has one adjustable shelf that moves up and down with a lever in the fridge compartment , underneath this is a shelf that can be folded in half so you can put tall items in . The freezer compartment is very large . It cools down quickly and keeps everything nice and cold.To be perfect for me the freezer would be smaller and on the bottom and the lighting would be leds at the sides and not the back. We brought this on impulse due to the price ,our outdoor area fridge failed and when we were looking for a replacement we found this and could not resist it and brought 2 fridges ,sold our fisher and paykel from the kitchen, bloke who brought that is still happy

Date PurchasedDec 2015

Excellent choice

I needed second fridge as I cook on weekends for entire week, I bought this fridge and I am extremely happy with my decision it's a big fridge with lots of storage and excellent fridger with big and deep compartments.
It comes with 5 years manufactures warranty which is extra advantage apart from good price.

Date PurchasedSep 2015

Excellent value for money

After considerable research, including perusal of this site, we purchased a Mitsubishi 508L unit in white in May 2016, for the purchase price of around $1,050. The unit comes with a five (5) year warranty, not found in any of the other leading brands. This unit replaced a 300 litre fridge and a 280 litre non self defrosting freezer, both which were well over 20 years old. There are a lot of choices of fridge/freezer on the market which made a quick decision not possible. The attraction of the Mitsubishi apart from the warranty was its design, with built in sculptured door handles, castors on each corner allowing moving it to clean behind an easy task as well as grab handles at the top rear corners to also assist with this.

After some 9 months the unit has performed perfectly. Cleaning has proved to be a straightforward task with shelves easily movable and the drip tray at the bottom is easily accessible. With the unit set on its mid temperature settings, all food items within appear to be kept at the correct temperature. The freezer compartment was easily the largest in all the brands that we considered and is large enough for two people which includes many pre cooked food items. Although the electricity rating was not the most economical amongst the leading brands, it has proved cheaper to run than the separate units that we owned previously.

The unit can be slightly noisy when the compressor first kicks in, however this disappears after 10 seconds or so. Noise of fluids moving inside the unit is normal and is part of the cooling and condensing process. A light in the freezer compartment would be handy and a split vegetable/fruit drawer would make access and removal of them easier but these can not be considered faults, just improvements to be considered on forthcoming models.

There are many other units that may look more advanced and have additional features but costing up to $800 more than this unit. However if you wish to purchase a well constructed no frills product with the security of a 5 year warranty then the Mitsubishi will do the job for you with money left over to be spent on more pressing purchases.

Date PurchasedMay 2016

An average fridge, good for its price.

With 500 litre in volume, the fridge can keep some 2-3 days food that you don't have to go too often to supermarkets.
The chill room that keep fresh meat has a gap between the door and the bottom, so if you want to keep stuffs for more than 2 days, you have to set the cooling knob to the lowest, otherwise you end up to have them disposed of.
In general it serves me well without trouble.

Overall great , well made product

Decent large plain fridge with minimal flashy bits . Service from Mitsubishi when found cracked shelf first rate, decent large space in both fridge and freezer. Great manual ice cube maker. Only negative sometimes a little noisy. I would have no problem recommending this unit, originally bought through Harvey Norman,

Date PurchasedJun 2016

First couple of years....then

We were very happy with this fridge for about 4 years then we started to have temperature control problems. We contacted the service agent and eventually he came and had a look, decided the seal was US. We contacted him about 3 months later as the seal hadn't arrived, he came nad had another look and decided it wasn't the seal.

He placed a monitor in the freezer for a week and then downloaded the information. The results showed the freezer temp varied from about -4 to -20. The drops down to -4 were "relatively" brief. According to Mitsubishi this was perfectly good.

Some days we have soft icecream and other days we have rock hard icecream, it really is a lottery. The ambient temperature makes no difference.

We are looking for an alternative that is large capacity like the Mitsubishi and fits in the same space.

Date PurchasedOct 2011

Very Good Fridge..Only design could be improved a bit

I am using it for more than a month ..No Issue till now..Working perfrectly ... Just the design could be improved a little bit. Except that didn't find any other issue..Few people reported noise or vegetable tray freezing..We didn't find the noise that much to get our attention...and vegetable tray is completely fine

Mitsubishi. MR-508E -W-A top freezer fridge WHITE

Had this for just on 3 weeks now. Bought from local Harvey Norman $1248 delivered and old one taken away.
It is very quite. It is quite deep and I will have to get used to finding things right at the back.
The freezer area is quite large and freeze quite quickly and also has 3 ice container which empty easy with a twist into the clear container.
The doors in the fridge AND freezer are wide and hold quite a lot.
It has an area in the top of the FRIDGE area for keeping things a little colder than the fridge its self with a cover --this HAS to be pushed back B4 you close the door or it could break as it is clear light plastic.
The crisper is just a single draw (I would much rather have TWO) also not very deep from back to front.
You can split the self in the fridge area to make room for very tall things.
I have not cleaned it as yet.

Very Pleased

Bought this fridge from Harvey Norman after a lot of research. The outside of the fridge is brushed stainless steel and looks really good, The door handles run the full length of the fridge and are well constructed and sturdy. They look like they are made from an alloy metal. The fridge opens and closes nicely, some fridges can be really difficult to reopen if they have just been accessed due to the pressure change, however this fridge is good in that regard and you won't need to wait or pull excessively on the fridge door to reopen it. It seals really well. The handles are easy to keep clean.

The freezer is well designed and has an excellent capacity. It is a lot bigger than most freezers. There are three ice cube trays which are of good size and all of them are contained in a tray that can be slid out with ease and refilled as one unit. The ice comes out easily into a large container underneath and the trays all twist at the front. When the freezer is opened you can here the fan cut out immediately which is really good as it keeps most off the cold air in the freezer. It comes on again once closed. The only thing I found unusual was the freezer has no internal light when you open the door. I find there is plenty of room light anyway. The only time it might be annoying is for people who access the freezer late at night when room lights are all off.

The Fridge has a good capacity and I personally find the layout to be very user friendly. The capacity of the shelves is good and there is no problem fitting 2 litre bottles or milk cartons in the door. The plastic seems sturdy and good quality. There are 3 shelves and a chiller section at the top. The top shelf is a plastic shelf that can be adjusted with a slider. This shelf compliments the chiller section really well and is good to put all those items that are regularly used and relatively compact. The adjuster is handy as it makes the difference between certain items fitting in this area or not.

The middle shelf can not be raised or lowered however it can be folded in half to allow for tall or larger items to fit in and be placed on the lower shelf. The middle shelf is made of glass.

The lower shelf is also made of glass and is essentially the lid for the fruit and veg compartment. This is a plastic container which slides in and out. The container capacity is adequate for my family of 4. The container could probably be improved in regard to its smoothness when sliding in and out. Sometimes it can get slightly stuck if not aligned straight when sliding shut. Fairly minor though.

This Fridge is very quiet. Some fridges can be really loud when the compressor kicks in and out. I don't even here this fridge and as we have a small house in which sound travels we find it great.

Warranty is 5 years which I think will be hard to be beat from most companies.

If you have young kids or pets that are likely to cause scratches and dirty marks then I would probably steer clear of the stainless steel look as it will get scratched very easily and look terrible quickly. We have no pets and our kids know to use the handles so it still looks like new.
Overall design and layout, very quiet, looks stylish
Could use a light in freezer compartment and vegie compartment could be smoother.

Good Fridge, Strange Noise

I have done an extensive research on what to buy and it concluded to this fridge. It's a really good fridge with perfect cooling and freezing capacity and decent size but it makes a strange 'moaning' noise after couple of minutes of compressor running. Technician came and told me that it's the noise of gas traveling through the pipes and all of them is making this noise. It's pretty loud and annoying and got me really disappointed on my purchase.

Good fridge with annoying 'moaning' noise.

For once a positive fridge review!

This fridge replaced an aging 4 year old Kelvinator 520L that couldn't maintain a decent temperature in the Queensland climate. Firstly, the build quality on the Mitsubishi fridge is evident from the moment you receive the box; tightly packaged in layers of form and hard cardboard, it arrived undamaged and without any blemishes. Upon first inspection, the interior shelving is taped (no residue) and also has a thin foam to protect during transport.

The fridge is actually smaller than my last, yet it uses the space much more efficiently with well placed layout and smart, versatile shelves. The light is bright enough to easily see items on all shelves and door seals have a strong vacuum effect. Freezer section is larger than most and accommodates multiple level shelving with an ice-cube maker. Exterior of the fridge is simply and elegant with a extremely useful front door handle that reaches around the height and width of the door.

The fridge motor is very quiet to my ear, comparing to the previous Kelvinator and other family owned Electrolux and F&P models. While this fridge is not the most power efficient, it certainly uses that power efficiently; reaching set temperature quickly during a hot ~30c ambient day. The compressor rarely starts which is indicative of the fridge having good insulation.

Looking back, our last fridge was never this cold (even new) and it is funny how something as small as getting a truly cold drink from the fridge, gives you piece of mind in a good purchase.

I would say let's hope it lasts, but with a 5 year manufacturer parts, labor, compressor warranty; that shouldn't be a problem.

The only downsides worth noting for us were:
-Depth of the unit; make sure you have adequate airflow as per the instructions. This means (for us) it sticks out a little more than our last.
-Freezer section was a little bigger than we had initially wanted. As we have a tucker-box freezer, it wasn't essential in this purchase. But, we have actually grown to appreciate having it for ease of storage in the kitchen.

Hopefully this review will offer some insight for those considering a new fridge of this size.

Questions & Answers

How do I remove scratched from the brushed steel surface please?
1 answer
There are videos om youtube of how to remove scratches from stainless steel

The skirting board at the base of the fridge does not appear to be flush with the fridge. The right hand side is fine, not so the left. Can you give any info re this? The fridge is only 2 months old. I have been told by the retailer, that this is a common problem with all brands.
2 answers
Yes, I agree that the skirt at the base of the unit does not fit as closely on the left hand side in comparison to the right. The fact that the door swings from the right hand side does however impact upon this as the right side of the skirt is cut away to allow for the fitment of the door so when looking along both sides of the skirt at the same time you cannot compare them exactly because they are not really the same. I never originally noticed this issue if you can consider it one as it does not in any way affect the functionality of the fridge.Thanks Jimmy, much appreciated.

What are the difference between Mitsubishi MR-560CWA vs MR-560EWA vs MR-560U? I've heard only cosmetic difference, but no technical improvements. which one is the latest?
1 answer
To answer your question, I have no idea I only bought the fridge for personal use. You would have to ask the manufactors.


MR-508E-ST-A (508L, Stainless Steel)MR-508E-W-A (508L, White)MR-560E-ST-A (560L, Stainless Steel)MR-560E-W-A (560L, White)
Energy Rating2.5Stars2.5Stars2.5Stars2.5Stars
Freezer Capacity178L178L178L178L
Door OpeningRightRightRightRight
Price (RRP) $1499$1299$1799$1599
Fridge Capacity330L330L382L382L
Release dateDec 2011Dec 2011Dec 2011Dec 2011

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